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tale o the stranded spermwhalehe tuik colin an gary
in vinegary limbo a spermwhaleswings in its chains a
the church like waves thewhalein the boatie a gale
the gale deed doon thewhalelooked roon an a passin
rowe we will takk thewhaleroad the gale road the
frae the wame o awhaleo lord you set thir
frae the wame o thewhalethree hebrews frae the brennin
chocolate an treacle passin thewhalejaw banes elemental rites fae
paper bessie you spiled thatwhaleday gladys gladys fit bessie
re nae gan through thewhalething are ye gladys got
him he was miserable thewhaletime gladys it wisna fine
a we had a killerwhaleapparently out in the clyde
because you took ower thewhaleplace at cat wants mair
keenin the dirge o thewhaleswift rins the boat wi
be watching the sky thewhaletime in case there was
trainin raise up like awhalefrae the deep he d
belles filles and then thewhalecaboodle jined this chorus meant
st louis it s awhaleof a holiday still i
in the company o awhaleproletariat of the future bathing
the priest s having awhaleof a time to himself
kept this hoose spotless oorwhalemerrit life ye ve never
want tae face hitler swhalearmy single handed but ae
comin in and drappin awhaleline o bombs een landed
twad gey near float awhalethen clarty weans frae heid
in the charts or awhaleor a cross toed gorgonzola
believe that ye ken mywhaleadult life working mairryin ha
brocht you up here mywhalelife is in this building
50 years they lost thewhalepoint o their lives in
mither here has left thewhalejing bang to smelly aul
stomach like a sad beachedwhalea hockey puck came bouncing
wunnert he is this awhalethen luikin again at his
a bog like a biblicalwhalehashin an dashin it s
is mighty finner is awhalelike a rorqual birlin is
unlock my door said thewhaleas the harpoon tapped at
the adder the eagle thewhalean tae gie them their

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