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note o the bamboo fluitwhaschairm we wad mak oor
a fluit at loyang fraewhashouss airts the soun o
nevir be fruschit tae shawwhaswe are and wham we
v was wha pron whowhaspron whose whan adv when
v was whan adv whenwhaspron whose whatlyke pron what
no that ill for menwhasherts is fauss ti shaw
hill glens whaur fowk bydeswhasherts is saikless blyth lyke
at the lang wearie oorswhasherts ken naither joy or
wee bittie feart o deeinwhasno heeze up yer herts
lord god o israel aneathwhasfedders ye hae come for
tae be roy in israelwhasoutgaens hae been frae auld
man whas virr ye arewhashert yer law hauds strang
sang blithe is the manwhasvirr ye are whas hert
crane as the springtyme saurwhasflauchter the silken skirts haes
is aw ane wi manwhasbirzin hert haes kent the
the nicht an the brydewhashert wes fair set on
speirt at his stibble rigwhaslass ist she s a
lass handfastit tae a manwhasname was joseph o the
an she named the quynewhaswaddin it wes but that
gaed owre til the neiborwhasdochter haed been mairrit the
owre thare the auldest dochterwhasname wes mysie wesna verra
canna fecht wi sairie kernswhasairms is fee d wi
a heartell duncan s sonwhasthrone this man haes stown
weill be true this teirantwhasverra name birsils ma tongue
he dee d a manwhasdaith wes weill rehearsit as
o whatna sort is manwhasmindit sae by ye o
was oe tae a manwhasmither was a gentile waesucks
on a nor east craftiewhasanely buiks war the poems
ti the stout auld butlerwhasmessages he ran nou the
sae askit a littil leddiewhasgreen goun wes the culor
the sun gaes doun merciewhasheid is yon keikin ower
a hantil freins atwein uswhaslealtie a maun hae the
the universe wi outlin sphereswhasorbits lests a thousan years
in haund seekin oot flouerswhasparfume fills ma sleeves but

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