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wee tribute to the ladieswhasecontribution to the weel daeing
tide sae warned the bardwhasewords wi pride ye ve
an the late charles darwinwhasepouers o observation are respeckit
includin the viking harald blacktoothwhasebanes an orrals are bein
wi the banes o menwhasetalents if poverty hadna repressed
blissin on a peerie tingwhasefirst braeth reincarnates da stoor
wha laucht at ither menwhasecaa ti airms wis ti
near de ed o frichtwhasehert a race wi palpitations
won the rare cresseid shewhaseflichterin hairt felt delicat as
a group o hormonal adolescentswhaseain libidos are scantlins contained
cast doun cronies a copywriterwhasewife has dee d o
o kind sancts the walewhasetask is tae help tae
in education an culture bairnswhasefirst tongue is no english
sense o belangin o bairnswhasefirst leid is a community
liltit owre oor heids shewhasequick muivement in guidin me
dreidit sicht o the kinrikwhasepuir king hochled his lane
wis screivit bi shao yaofuwhasehalie name wis maister puritas
me what kin o lifewhasestandarts she ll no see
at the sacrit crag uponwhasebrou oor forefowk biggit the
puil there splashed a fishwhaselike he d niver seen
turn them usin hur bladewhasebane haunle had lang syne
realms of their maisters behindswhaseanswer tae aa thing things
out ti speir at himwhasehous wad ye be frae

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