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it is wherever he iswhateverelse he may be up
are committed to challenging racismwhateverform it takes and wherever
boy he s smiling stillwhateverit is wherever he is
to they were going towhateverschool whatever wherever they were
will find wherever you knowwhatevertheir environment is f963: mm
were going to whatever schoolwhateverwherever they were nearest f963:
a difference to your lifewhateveryou do and wherever you
has been given that forwhateverreason a citizen should not
source decided to disappear forwhateverreason as police informants might
of robert burns which forwhateverreason has not yet been
that s a m605: forwhateverreason m741: like you get
s a shame m605: forwhateverreason so i mean i
put under surveillance wrongly forwhateverreason they should be told
substantial amount of results forwhateverreason we made the situation
down on the job forwhateverreason who will decide any
think i m back beaumontwhateverreason you hae i beg
to the second half ofwhatevera division or scottish cup
f606: yeah m845: diptheria orwhateveran i remember goin f606:
shawlands or the toon orwhateveran i wis f631: mmhm
selling pots and pans orwhateverand are impervious to what
how are you scottish orwhateverand background and so on
hour or an hour orwhateverand erm it s it
was a qualified engineer orwhateverand he came here and
americans or irish americans orwhateverand m762: they are aren
to change a plug orwhateverand teach boys how to
be four or five orwhateverand the kid instead of
whatever they were uncles orwhateveraunties f1041: your aunties or
the number of commissioners orwhateverbeyond the undertaking that i
or m741: yeah m605: orwhateverbut m741: mm m605: but
could be english irish orwhateverbut that would not reflect
minute for barnardos or forwhatevercharity they happen to be
it cleaning tidying dressing orwhateverdod ma georgie to audience
wis for the sharks orwhateverdreadful beasts that live under
f1043: sex any gender orwhatevereh aye f1040: that s
every night some translation orwhatevererm f746: mm f745: and
f66: is pulling it orwhatevererm if people are open
local eh eh word orwhateverf1001: no m999: i wouldnae
said pe- peely wally orwhateverf1018: yeah yeah m1022: yeah
a skirt or dress orwhateverf1025: i think it is
example with mumps chickenpox orwhateverf1025: mm f1023: so yes
o that close [laugh] orwhateverf1054: [inaudible] f1023: close sometimes
bad day at work orwhateverf1151: mmhm f1150: and you
like mothers against metal orwhateverf718: mmhm m734: who were
king so and so orwhateverf746: right mm f978: well
come from social services orwhateverf963: mm f965: to do
because he was embarrassed orwhateverf963: yeah but to me
or over the phone orwhateverfee agreed with boosey hawkes
with c a s orwhateverfrom aberdeen who were commuting
it s really small orwhateverhave you seen everything there
wire with 33 days orwhateverhaving taken evidence the committee
part of the archipelago orwhateverhe d have given a
it s scots or englishwhateverhis grammar he has these
sort o wine mix orwhateveri don t know what
was [laugh] you know orwhateveri was i was kind
a game of cards orwhateveri was miserable but i
favourite accent or dialect orwhateverin scotland where you d
narrative or explanatory writing orwhateverin the context of real
passively smoking during bambi orwhateverin the nineties suddenly smoking
their sense of humour orwhatever[inhale] and another thing [laugh]
you ve been saved orwhateverinstead there will be a
regime the sheep regime orwhateveris dependent on the regulation
out of a machine orwhateveris to use the card
side the water side orwhateverit did not go absolutely
gujarati m608: mmhm m1174: orwhateverit happens to be they
daughter of bramwell [laugh] orwhateverit helps that my dad
my husband or my manwhateverit is but it s
f1155: and the ecdl orwhateverit is european computer driving
the eighty nine percent orwhateverit is f832: i know
the two three hours orwhateverit is that they you
just like granny or nanawhateverit is that you ve
word like a table orwhateverit s just the kinna
filling in your passport orwhateverit s like british f835:
good with kind regards orwhateverit s something like that
us about their holidays orwhateverit s to complain about
wear on a sunday orwhateverit used tae be m999:
of the penguin parade orwhateverit was called and erm
or i m pregnant anywaywhateverit was didn t help
a penny or what tuppencewhateverit was f638: but nowadays
say well lassie or laddiewhateverit was i d only
she did her university orwhateverit was in drama there
senseless intervention of fate orwhateverit was it seemed outrageous
on aisle twenty three orwhateverit was m1048: yeah f1049:
shop or a pub orwhateverit was m608: uh huh
went every six months orwhateverit was you know for
were shouting against you orwhateverit wis you know or
or a dog or awhateverit would be whereas the
every sunday or you knowwhateverit you know watched it
and either french or germanwhateverlanguage you d been doing
to go to uni orwhatever[laugh] f958: she has left
you do your shopping orwhatever[laugh] without thinking about it
muslims or asians or indianswhateverliving in in scotland m608:
journalism or media studies orwhateverm608: mmhm m1174: it happens
issue er sporting news orwhateverm608: mmhm m1174: we would
f965: or extremely exhausted orwhateverm964: cause to me a
or chapter or article orwhatevernot as a quiz but
private investigations into fraud orwhateverofficial report justice and home
point buildin a hotel orwhateveron a big hunk o
to introduce further legislation orwhateverother guidance is required as
we are all of uswhateverour colour culture or creed
have lunch or dinner orwhateverpeople have a snack you
she s not happy withwhatevers goin on or something
muck or any sand orwhatevers on us from o-
of my own mistakes orwhateverso fair enough that i
care or nursing care orwhateversome people will still be
capital assets ships aircraft orwhateverthe agencies figures reflect the
to make the coffee orwhateverthe convener moving from speculation
a petition in hindi orwhateverthe correct language is and
half price tennis lessons orwhateverthe flavour of the month
yes yes so jimmy orwhateverthe guy s name was
the chance to maybe addresswhateverthe perceived weaknesses or gaps
within reading or maths orwhatevertheir parents are familiar with
sector the retail sector orwhateverthere are mainstream initiatives that
moved up from england orwhateverthey did you know f963:
area to higher education orwhateverthey do not get them
get some [inaudible] plecs orwhateverthey re called for your
the city of books orwhateverthey re goin to cry
kids are called jason orwhateverthey re no called wullie
been in the army orwhateverthey speak a mair englified
big cre- creole earrings orwhateverthey were called uh huh
f1040: no just cousins orwhateverthey were uncles or whatever
as you know scottish orwhateverthey were you know and
his petition in eskimo orwhateverto make a political or
top of a coggie orwhatevervessel the sowens were being
the brewin or bakin orwhateverwas on the go an
or for more serious offenceswhateverwas required from the police
schools if a pupil orwhateverwas to have quite a
more than 25 houses orwhateverwe decide on at present
corner but your hospital orwhateverwill be miles away you
for animals or flowers orwhateverwithin a time limit then
the voice of authority orwhateveryeah mm mm m762: peoples
it called uisge beatha orwhateveryou call it that place
actually be typing away orwhateveryou do you know f963:
biology or art or musicwhateveryou f1149: uh huh mm
it after the garage orwhateveryou know and like you
shopping in the town orwhateveryou know f1038: yeah f1037:
[laugh] beat you up orwhateveryou know f745: [laugh] f746:
parkhead or your easterhouse orwhateveryou know it s it
speech at a weddin orwhateveryou know m865: sorry a
at records later on orwhateveryou know th- they would
f1143: oh right f1054: justwhateveryou or your family or
immediately erm green lighted orwhateveryou say erm four more
or a scottish degree orwhateveryou want to call it
the biggest idiot or heidbangerwhateveryou want to call them
either a bachelor or masterwhateveryou want to regardless f806:
point yes mrs scott orwhateveryour name is i d
right m762: erm you knowwhateverso f963: mm m762: there
true yeah mm mmhm m762: whateverthat was because they w-
mm mm m762: metropolises metropoliwhateverthey re ca- [laugh] me-
in f963: mmhm yeah m762: whateverthey went in as you
yeah m762: loud you knowwhateverthey were er as well
mmhm yeah m762: you knowwhateveryou know and we re
we would have called uponwhatevergovernment was in power to
the normal like travel classwhateverthey re called erm were
makars through the romantic enlightenmentwhateverwe want to call it
literary training if you likewhateveryou want to call it
comes naturally if i didwhatevercame out on to the
the minister assure us thatwhatevercomes out of her negotiations
get ready to engage becausewhatevercomes out whenever it comes
much hope it comes throughwhateveri do next year i
you know f963: mmhm f965: whateverand then you could run
l-l- layered quality to scottishnesswhateverit is f963: mmhm yeah
radio luxembourg which broadcast inwhateverthey talk luxemburgish f963: mm
mm f1054: mmhm m1021: erwhateverbut er we er in
uh huh f689: mm wellwhateverbut some o [censored: forename] s
f1155: has- mm f1154: erwhateverf1155: mmhm f1154: so we
religious m741: mm m605: ethnicwhateverkind of communities you know
various you know grandchildren andwhateverelse so she was really
at least i know thatwhateveri do want to end
i don t know ev-whateverpossessed me but i applied
having run twenty six pointwhateverit is miles m642: aye
officer i have no knowledgewhateverof the point that the
making no judgment on itwhateverwe should point out that
the news is local sowhatevers m608: mmhm m1174: happening
to m608: uh huh m1174: whateversixteen seventeen could phone in
eh m608: [inaudible] m194: tookwhateverye could cry any scrap
want see s that m1042: whateverobject you want see s
them and you can dowhateveryou want and don t
operate pragmatically we will dowhatevergives the best safeguards to
the minister ensure that inwhateverhe and the executive do
f1023: if i hadnae donewhateveri was supposed to do
the convener we will dowhateveris required we will have
we do not think thatwhateverits merits a private peer
someone else s view howeverwhateverour views we do not
prepared to give the policewhateverthey require to do the
lettin their kids do wh-whateverthey wanted like wander about
that we continue to dowhateverwe can to end it
unions we make sure thatwhateverwe do particularly if it
am telling myself don twhateveryou do forget the salt
first and and then dowhateveryou need to do to
up to me and saywhateveryou say do you think
wife look does that saywhateverand she will say aye
an an mak sure thatwhateveri say is is like
to a nationwide scheme andwhateverthe snp has to say
wanna say to you thatwhateverway it works for you
ma faither is no deidwhateverye say l macduff ay
say you ve been abroadwhateveryou went in there if
subjects and p e andwhateverelse b- mmhm f718: this
f1025: a dog mmhm f1026: whateverf1054: does that tend to
mmhm nope nope nope f1026: whateveryou don t wear slacks
an like they bought anwhatevercloth they wanted what hat
said gets you goin greasewhateverhits the spot as they
time the interconnected nature ofwhateverlanguages they then go on
for members to push forwhateverlevel of strict controls they
a predominantly co ordinating rolewhatevermodel is adopted they suggest
she borrow from her friendswhateverpubes they could spare and
drop the the the relati-whateverrelation they were tae ye
business of smuggling tobacco productswhateverthe official figures are they
to protect bervie bridge withwhateverthey could lay their hands
rose above and left behindwhateverthey d all be pissed
on whether its proposed provisionswhateverthey may be will be
pizza they have a sandwichwhateverwhy would you not teach
eh given tae the a-whateverarea you re in m865,:
scots language for gaelic forwhateverareas you are interested in
beaumont aye aye aye makewhateverarrangements you hae in mind
to the latch margaret macdonaldwhateverbrings you back here come
alsatian he s growling whywhatevergave you that idea madam
you re wantin somethin flashierwhateverjust go into one o
robb and you ll losewhatevermuscularity your narrative has keep
around yeah f965: but anywaywhatevers bad about it you
our best support us inwhateverway you can for more
ll start the conversation withwhateverwords you thought oh i
put forward coherent proposals forwhateveryou think would be the
go about your day doinwhateverit s day an night
but to remain intact essentiallywhateveryour experiences may be therefore
at the talent on showwhateveryour involvement in sport the
to pe to music towhateverer but the main language
bug i suppose a viruswhatevera galair is eh m1007:
s any speech variety ofwhateversort eh in scotland that
wae ammunition and goo- ehwhateversupplies and all that and
would like to give scotswhateverthat is eh a greater
seductive young women were concernedwhateverthe dangers so the local
were the work of womenwhateverthe truth of this the
pregnancy the kindergarten nursery schoolwhateverwas closed so we were
wait till my granda tastedwhateverwe were eatin an he
language spoken in the homewhateversize the sample the census
their babble is the samewhateverthe language it takes a
we should strike down bywhatevermeans are available to us
we l dae ma lordwhateverye tell us til 1st
of the means by whichwhateverwe re putting out will
about yer trousers yer shirtwhateverye re everythin ye re
members will get their waywhateveri think all the comments
their time of trial butwhatevershe said it was never
in scotland at all levelswhatevertheir ability sport is integral
residing in the member stateswhatevertheir age background social situation
and 3rd in another sowhatevertheir being fed on it
medicinar and ane leche andwhatevertheir skills in treating illness
speaker s low opinion ofwhatevermay be under discussion and
would be most welcome jamiewhateverrobert burns s politics may
prepare yourself my dear forwhateverthe lord may have in
golden earring would pay forwhateverit cost to put them
the end of the daywhateverpeople put on that piece
between free nhs care andwhateversystem will be put in
will to live had outwittedwhateverforce had tried to bring
parliament passes the bill inwhateverform local authorities will react
that will clarify the matterwhateverhappens we have to go
will pay for the gapwhateverit is dorothy grace elder
into account in the studywhateverits results this study will
which will be presented towhateverset of ministers occupies the
the demand on the schemeswhateverthe cost there will be
we will work the schemewhateverthe final form of the
i assume that no relaxationswhateverwill be allowed in the
department how innovative is thatwhateverwill the minister for finance
happy to go along withwhateverarrangements are decided although i
me and i was likewhateverf814: what like a total
better to savour the revelationwhateverit was however like a
like oh right aye [laugh]whateverlike i m interested a-
road signs should be inwhatever[cough] ken if if it
that we should recognise needswhateverdefinition is used the children
important and should be sustainedwhateverthe outcome of this and
the scottish parliament to takewhateveraction it considers to be
one can only hope thatwhateverform of assessment replaces it
might be different from m959: whateverit is i m sure
work at it and acceptwhateverit it throws up at
at it writing all thatwhateverit was about has calmed
only got one small toywhateverit was and a a
into the bald bits butwhateverit was it rose it
at with that policy butwhateverthat policy is it ought
brush here a brush therewhateverthe employer supplied it all
to the committee to attachwhateverweight it judges appropriate to
also christ [censored: surname] who produceswhateverfood we ask for whenever
with the executive and takingwhateverother action we deemed fit
hope that we can movewhateverproposals we produce on to
to engage with organisations inwhateverway we can and that
o rourke i hope thatwhateverwe bring forward this year
the death of enric miralleswhateverwe feel about the management
beef f718: [cough] m1078: chickenwhateverwe had had over the
of nationalism in recent yearswhateverwe secure for the future
described being unwell suffering fromwhateverparticular illness was going around
visit to the distillery onwhateverpretext was cycling home reaching
butter was to be madewhateverthe type of wooden churn
in a protestant line 8whateverwas being proposed for the
i was going along withwhateverwould save me from a
out again and he didwhateverhe did to the tooth
have not heard any argumentwhateverto suggest that scots is
wonderful mid- f1026: flies andwhateverf1023: [laugh] f1025: good middens
this scottish dictionary words [laugh]whateverthat f832: [laugh] f833: [laugh]
be picked up again bywhatevercommittee has transport within its
be supported and substantiated bywhateverevidence is available the convener
chaotic forces might be unleashedwhateverthe finer details of amigo
ti be oor guest banquowhateveryeir hieness wulls ye ken
road which is then underwhateveragreement paid by the scottish
give out no core fundingwhateveralthough snh is allocated 40
where sub paragraph 9 applieswhateveramount of the allowance is
to the campaign and providewhateverassistance is necessary to increase
field and move back towhateverconcrete field is suggested most
reamin fou wi richteous ragewhateverhe is he s lost
for that at the conventionwhatevermechanism is established and i
the sewage i thought apprehensivelywhatevernext keeping quiet is the
qualifies as a step changewhateverthat is george lyon mentioned
a ban on driving butwhateverthe application is in the
maybe somebody that belongs taewhateverarea in in scotland would
assessed with probably moderation andwhateverfrom sqa but what there
sarah boyack said that 3whateveroption the key stakeholders in
first minister said on mondaywhateverthe outcome of those discussions
to get that done todaywhateverthe focus of the inquiry
the masters in one yearwhateverhappens next i think i
board discusses that and makeswhateveradjustments are appropriate part of
at westminster to ensure thatwhateverdecisions are reached at westminster
the united nations to takewhateversteps are necessary to provide
apparition fades bewaur macduff macbethwhateverye are a m mukkil
annihilated by a nuclear warheadwhateveri m doing now crazily
my relationship with joe forwhateverhappens he isn t one
a head a self portraitwhateverfor i haven t handled
labour manifesto commitment yet forwhateverreasons and i accept that
does mr sheridan agree thatwhateverthe figure for potential job
a cup of tea towhateveri believe that the code
as a whole and takewhatevermeasures necessary to ensure that
cook a pot of mincewhateveranyway that s one [?]as i say[/?]
macbeth kneeling banquo follows suitwhateverservice a can dae yeir
members of the public andwhateveraffords the strongest possible measures
s jilly ah love leewhateverbeej enter pat lee where
them quicquid mali finxerit linguawhateverevil the tongue composes conscience
anything beyond dividing by 10whatevergordon brown announces on spending
squad as defined in sectionwhateverof the police scotland act
man defending his property rightswhateverone s view of slavery
no factual proof of thiswhateverthe cause the centres of
design of a building 15whateverthe merits of the exhibition
the woman s voice wantedwhateverunknown promises the wee wifie

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