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iron tracks wauchts o winterwheechfrae the jeelin sea the
an skyty wauchts o winterwheechfrae the jeelin sea wytin
the lift doon doon doonwheechhe s coupit tapsalteerie in
the lift doon doon doonwheechhe s coupit tapsalteerie in
jink like blaik confetti awheecho ambulances stappit fu o
the waiter ca d eilrigwheechmairched wi howpasley ferm on
wey stands ae biggish bigginwheechwis the howpasley schuil an
the len o ae torchwheechwei lent um hei hed
wur economic rewairds tae buitwheechwis tae awbodies benefit wei
o ye gie scotland awheecho inspiration that is sair
turnt intil ae waitter reservoirwheechfleudit oot o sicht the
ligs athort the yill waitterwheechhappens tae bei the mairch
dazing it [inhale] and thenwheechan throwing it onto the
yew tree tak their partnerswheechan birl voodoo viper cat
yeir nou an craik sheilwheechnou a m telt is
kirkpatrick o chaipel hill fermwheechmairches wi the chisholm estate
walk past a shelf andwheechsumpn intae her pocket afore
the royal anenst dirthope burnwheechrins doun intil the borth
your lap and we llwheechit through he puts a
o oor best comrades taewheechthe kids intae the youth
guts barrel she makes awheechnoise as she pretends to
like a rocket they aawheechawa pranny s hair streamin
ma cairtie ay we llwheechawa thegither we ll bigg
awa like lichtnin they aawheechtill they re ower the
life is ower a nochtiewheecho stramash an stoor late
or clachan faith ye cudwheechfrae lonach tae embro in
the grun far arctic breezeswheechbi tenements far doos convene
fornenst meadshaw herd s hoosewheechstaunds on the ither side
that wins ll wheep anwheechcassies splattered wi dug keech
caunle inno t ooto thewheechan sough o the snell
a music specialist sae iwheechscots in wi the guitar

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