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fine leather wheel nave tiwheelnave see the gullie men
an jacks o fine leatherwheelnave ti wheel nave see
city rather than reinvent thewheelalan fraser the project has
always have to reinvent thewheelmany projects and organisations out
organisations persistently to reinvent thewheelwe must be clear the
not continue to reinvent thewheelwe must stimulate or help
not need to reinvent thewheelwe need to support projects
celebrate eilidh leaves her spinningwheeland goes out muttering to
she leapt from her spinningwheelat the other end of
works vigorously at her spinningwheelcurtain act 1 scene 2
down again at her spinningwheeleilidh we r no gaun
her finger on a spinningwheelf1103: that s right that
working fitfully at her spinningwheelit is early march in
back sitting at her spinningwheelmoula who is with her
ti sit at a spinninwheelagain aweill whan the waddin
the discipline a the spinninwheelan loom they hae tholed
hame there was the spinninwheelbirlin awa like a mad
waste it owre the spinninwheelfor fear ye turn lang
sittin kempin at hir spinninwheelsae whan hir mither saw
hir a braw new spinninwheelwrocht in ebony that haed
this ma mither s spinninwheelwul can chynge ti gowd
ago right you spin thewheelagain six one with six
s you to spin thewheelf1104: no f1103: spin the
it s you spin thewheelfirst f1104: and you made
you have to spin thewheelfirst f1104: i m no
f1104: no f1103: spin thewheelfirst f1104: mm i think
you have to spin thewheelfirst though you re cheating
here we go spin thewheelone oh you spin again
you lit up my catherinewheeland we are naming the
no sign of a catherinewheelat all i wrenched away
the brake on my catherinewheelbut it s still fizzling
long pause while my catherinewheelfizzed and sparkled would you
t even speak the catherinewheelhad died you told him
so smashing that my catherinewheellit up again and i
said setting alight a catherinewheelof fierce joy inside me
other kisses and my catherinewheelstarted fizzing again i took
and i thought the catherinewheelwas going to sputter when
slae stanza with its bobwheelconclusion there are a few
stanza lends a bob andwheeleffect to the verse as
complex stanza form with bobwheelending short lines change of
arms were off the steeringwheeland flapping all about the
was jammed under the steeringwheelthe man reached further inside
baskervilles he grips the steeringwheelwith whitening knuckles he is
that s like a tyrewheela wheel mark isn t
o e paper wid wheelwheelaboot yer heid till ye
like a tyre wheel awheelmark isn t it f1112:
win o e paper widwheelwheel aboot yer heid till
poetic medium the bob andwheelverse form which came into
wake of waterfowl the millwheelbobbin purls water from the
helped him construct a millwheelto run the mill from
is a ruin the millwheelwas removed in the mid
3136 royal opening of millenniumwheelfalkirk lodged on 20 may
3136 royal opening of millenniumwheelfalkirk lodged on 20 may
3136 royal opening of millenniumwheelfalkirk lodged on 20 may
e inside o a cairtwheelsyne ye vrocht it up
red inside there was awheelto regulate the pressure so
and m608: no m642: thewheelran along the kerb and
of souls whirling along likewheelspokes shaking their golden manes
creaking cog in a rustywheelthe security guard fretted along
aboot e collar e frontwheelo e byke ay span
broken it and the frontwheelsnapped and i d tae
that s right your frontwheelwould maybe miss it but
you asked meaning change awheelof course stick i replied
ok on return change brusheswheelrefit in car brush 10
one hand and change thewheelwith the other but we
us can you change awheelyou asked i ve never
wheels aye like a bikewheelcould be a circle isn
hert whan she saw thewheelan heard thir wurds an
saw you sitting at thewheelgazing straight ahead with your
innovation and reinvention of thewheeltowards sustaining successful organisations the
etc check car offside rearwheellow in pressure thursday 3
river like a burst carwheelneat laces tied in bows
holsters thon auld prams widwheelthe aboot tae be mairrit
green fairie kempin at hirwheelan singin lyke onie precentor
held and you took thewheeloff and i fitted the
ingine took an e flywheelspokes wis blurrin roon an
fingers on the driver swheeltill we wan tae stranraer
fae gettin scuttert wi ewheelfin it wis loadit an
wi eez han on ewheeli geed roon be e
a gey fyow gallons anwheelt doon e road a
an wind doon e drivinwheelwi its slantin flanges usin
huge sweep of the binderwheelalongside her chair it was
and would die at thewheelif not in her bed
her place at her ownwheelthe room was dark except
even helps him onto herwheelthis dream leaves the dreamer
the house her mother swheelwas clacking away as ever
f958: kind of the bigwheelan that against like the
might be bagged the bigwheelhad a closely grooved surface
let us on the bigwheelwhich inched slowly and creakily
hobby horse homemade with awheelat the end they were
made with an iron cartwheelon the end of a
gaed on an borraed awheelbarrae frae the g nome
s driven bi ae waitterwheelthe waitter cumin frae ae
motion frae the cawin wattirwheeltil the yird s gret
don t we loosen thewheelnuts first i was sure
operational with its characteristic overhangingwheeland chain which allows pails
a daily burst on itswheelcan power a whole episode
cairt turns easy on itswheelmormaer o mar the broon
it does is birl itswheelwee legs paidlin fur hours
put your head on thewheeland gripped it with white
wiped your hands after thewheelchanging who is going to
f812: it s that ferriswheelkerry with your mate on
can rig your gerbil swheelup so that exercise time
aw she sat at thewheelaw day an never aince
this barrae an ah lwheelye aw the road hame
to break him on thewheelif he could have him
clacks like a turning prayerwheelthe day falls like a
the english bein wright likewheelwright ehm m1000: aye aye
the point of reinventing thewheelor re- repeating what other
mother hardly pausing at thewheelas if half blind and
owre or aneth the pitwheelat gaed pouer tae dreive
d fallen asleep at thewheelbecause see if yo- if
to go on the ferriswheelwith me cause she hates
was it was it wonkywheelor something but you could
arm as it began towheeland twist as if it
in through and puts thewheelback on and bent the
i went on the ferriswheeli totally i had to
got in so tight thewheelkicked up on f643: [click]
was a sort of squarewheelon it f718: mm m1078:
why have ye stuck awheelon the dog m1128: i
oh you ve stuck awheelon the dog why have
you she returns to thewheeldiv ye ken whit they
hit that wi a weewheel[laugh] f643: you ll break
them some had a fixedwheelwhich you had to keep
f963: right yeah m762: fourwheeldrives and the whole thing
wi this f1116: and thewheels all dirty and it
redding up she tries towheelherself towards the table but
driving is she behind thatwheelm1108: a- aye f1107: [inhale]
very much they can justwheelme into the piano and
1913 as was the waterwheeland lade arch middleton remembers
cancels and the numbered cogwheelcancellations the display was arranged
to be used by fourwheeldrive vehicles which is likely
the birrin o a lintwheelan a vyce liltin a
talked about not reinventing thewheeland not interruption it would
of the reinvention of thewheeland sometimes of job creation
the blacksmiths but a bicyclewheeldid the same job it
the duntin o a tractorwheelhis howkit oot a dubby
yur usually it the steerinwheelin chargo ed mibi he
the pin come oot thewheelm608: oof f637: well we
outside in the gardens awheelof fortune raffle and bottle
shaking foundations the eighth thewheelof the wagon and the
yeah shakespeare f829: yeah m830: wheelout shakespeare despite the fact
annoyed this is the lastwheelthen to throw something f1027:
steel and the flash ofwheelthundering forward roars the train
he came round and thewheelwent onto the kerbing he
freeze addition brakes adjusted clutchwheelstuds ok but renewal necessary
i ken bit karma swheelbirl better fin helped bi
here m1092: that scoop swheeluh huh f1091: scoop s

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