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an loose it blew oorwheelieben the hoose it slaistered
snufflin dugs makk puils atwheeliebins a trawl o taxis
poem to be whispered behindwheeliebins the penance of greyfriar
refuse bags into the greenwheeliebins and close the lids
people now park beside thewheeliebins and just kinda f826:
building this would house thewheeliebins and keep the area
true filled up aberdeen withwheeliebins and stopped seagulls coming
aberdeen to not have anywheeliebins f826: what by refusing
it m827: no it haswheeliebins instead f826: oh right
have been given 12 greenwheeliebins which are sited between
the right hand side thewheeliebins will be kept along
the rubbish is in thewheeliebin so she sits at
f1135: put it in thewheeliebin f1136: can you hold
the ground f1135: no thewheeliebin s there f1136: huh
f1136: can you hold thewheelief1135: you ve got chocolate

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