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by restricting the extent towhichan arrestment attaches to monies
important is the extent towhichan income question can validate
in deciding the extent towhichan individual s privacy is
will review the extent towhichany public funding should be
depend on the extent towhichany regulations reduced demand for
a synonym group all wordswhichare interchangeable to the extent
if so to what extentwhichaspects of the decisions will
more about the extent towhichassessments of the competitive offering
carefully considered the extent towhichconvictions elsewhere in the united
was that the extent towhichfour characteristic north east scots
as follows the extent towhichfour characteristic north east scots
relates to the extent towhichhe has anglicised his work
card and the extent towhichindividual bodies or authorities are
to consider the extent towhichit could play a role
justify formally the extent towhichit does or does not
depending on the extent towhichit has been anglicised by
clear about the extent towhichit is being done in
centred around the extent towhichit was perceived that the
remissions and the extent towhichlivestock exports from orkney and
fashionable although the extent towhichmany haiku currently published in
extent of alterations made motionswhichmembers wish to be considered
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extent of alterations made motionswhichmembers wish to be considered
extent of alterations made motionswhichmembers wish to be considered
extent of alterations made motionswhichmembers wish to be considered
extent of alterations made motionswhichmembers wish to be considered
depend on the extent towhichopportunities were seen to be
authorities about the extent towhichparents of a disabled child
reliably estimate the extent towhichparticipation in such events generates
polls show the extent towhichpeople do not feel well
it reflects the extent towhichpoliticians expect to be involved
the extent if any towhichrecords of things done for
relatively insignificant the extent towhichrestrictions on certain methods of
that is the extent towhichstates have discretion in the
convicted b the extent towhichthat conduct is or was
we understand the extent towhichthat has been successful in
and in the extent towhichthat is feasible some authorities
notion of the extent towhichthat revenue cost is understated
this is the extent towhichthe advice the virtually unanimous
further on the extent towhichthe european parliament should be
refers to the extent towhichthe executive is collating data
parliament and the extent towhichthe executive is not just
critical of the extent towhichthe housing world which probably
view on the extent towhichthe right to buy should
and iii the extent towhichthe title to the land
sure about the extent towhichthe wool is pulled over
that shows the extent towhichthere is a market for
refer to the extent towhichthere is discretion for signatory
aberdeen demonstrates the extent towhichthere is frustration about congestion
the eu the extent towhichthese guidelines have been implemented
indication of the extent towhichthese will be created in
decision making the extent towhichthey became a social group
account of the extent towhichthey involve local people if
wider constituency the extent towhichthey participated in decision making
main respects the extent towhichthey were accountable to a
are and the extent towhichturnover affects the situation the
conclusively demonstrated the extent towhichurqhuart relied on cotgrave s
conclusively demonstrated the extent towhichurquhart relied on cotgrave s
relates to the extent towhichwriting is included as a
favourable than the way inwhicha person who is not
a way of overcoming itwhichandy am i writing about
along the narrow panamerican highwaywhichapparently goes all the way
we have a system inwhichassessments get in the way
changes to the way inwhichbenefits are paid are to
because of the way inwhichbills have been referred we
points to the way inwhichburns has been able to
forward to the way inwhichburns s poetry was received
way responsible for the algaewhichcause amnesic shellfish poisoning asp
sequence in the way inwhichchildren begin to use grammatical
because of the way inwhichchomsky saw grammatical elements being
legislation given the way inwhichclause 4 2 is framed
eye on the way inwhichcommittees deal with petitions the
wider way forward and onewhichcould enlist support from scots
the way the legal systemwhichcurrently fails to protect adequately
more transparent the way inwhichdecisions are made irene oldfather
freshness the specific way inwhichdelight in the garden s
due to the way inwhichdirect labour organisations use staff
interesting for the way inwhicheducation and literary influences from
must act in a waywhichencourages equal opportunities and observe
us about the way inwhichenglish is used in the
outlines a typical way inwhichenglish lessons develop it might
fascinated by the way inwhicherm people erm related to
due to the way inwhichexisting data are collected i
was about the way inwhichexpenditure has to be accounted
variation concerns the way inwhichfeatures of the language used
improvement in the way inwhichfunctions are exercised includes an
improvement in the way inwhichfunctions are exercised is to
improvement in the way inwhichfunctions mentioned in subsection 2
system and the way inwhichfunding is allocated concern has
opposed to the way inwhichgaelic is funded gaelic is
the way to philly airportwhichgave me a chance to
as deer seals and badgerswhichgave way to the conservation
dried corn on the cobwhichhad come all the way
or by updating factual informationwhichhas changed in a way
implications for the way inwhichhe learns through language in
must examine the way inwhichhistoric scotland approaches the question
that is the way inwhichi ask the committee to
there was no way inwhichi could express my feelings
hope that the way inwhichi structure that spending will
commonsense way of addressing overcrowdingwhichi would expect the rail
and lower language in edinburghwhichin a way you certainly
what is happening in scotlandwhichin his opinion is way
be set for local governmentwhichin its own way must
to consider the way inwhichindividual offices operate members will
commend the reasoned way inwhichirene mcgugan spoke about the
referred to access to informationwhichis a two way exercise
and rights of way billwhichis currently being considered at
and rights of way billwhichis currently being considered at
now by the way [inhale]whichis good legendary m819: aye
the minister for her statementwhichis in the way of
we should accept our humanitywhichis maybe a funny way
any way threatened or questionedwhichis obviously very important the
way round but er jekyllwhichis the bad one jekyll
with the convener s proposalwhichis the best way forward
monsters of books potentially [laugh]whichis the way i do
edge towards the third waywhichis to take a partnership
to detail his annual salarywhichis way in excess of
of the precise way inwhichit calculates the number of
arrangement and the way inwhichit compares with comparable expenditure
agenda and the way inwhichit is done at westminster
advances in the way inwhichit is laid out i
referring to the way inwhichit is organised rather than
scotland and the way inwhichit operates i hope that
of the distinctive way inwhichit views experience however and
the proper statutory way inwhichits activities can be covered
that is the way inwhichlabour and liberal democrat members
of the way of thinkingwhichlay behind these legal distinctions
in an earth bound waywhichlimits its potential to transcend
guidance on the way inwhichlocal authorities and rsls may
to improve the way inwhichlocal authorities and the nhs
regard to the way inwhichlocal authorities approach the provision
to reform the way inwhichlocal authorities are able to
concerned about the way inwhichlocal authorities can set aside
is about the way inwhichlocal authorities interpret a scottish
business and the way inwhichlocal enterprise companies operate continuing
is about the way inwhichlocal government deals with petitions
simply not the way inwhichlocal government operates we would
comment about the way inwhichlocal organisations constantly innovate that
fabric of the way inwhichmany people live their lives
time pressure the way inwhichmarkers were recruited or the
28 should the way inwhichmembers of the european parliament
interesting for the way inwhichnairne transforms the melody of
forces and the way inwhichofficers are deployed between office
aware of any way inwhichone could compare what happens
clinicians on the way inwhichosteoporosis is diagnosed and treated
reform of the way inwhichour financing is done that
cabinet office the way inwhichour system operates is somewhat
twice in the same waywhichpattern do they teach their
example of the way inwhichpeople could be very nice
by th- the way inwhichpeople from m- my background
act in the way inwhichpeople perceive it should have
registration given the way inwhichpeople s appearances can change
could change the way inwhichpeople use pharmacies shona robison
bill entirely the way inwhichpeople want to live means
to intent the way inwhichpeople would set up such
encouraged by the way inwhichpharmacists and the general public
is merely one way inwhichproject work could be incorporated
mcmillan said the way inwhichprojects are financed affects the
overhaul of the way inwhichpublic services are delivered in
valid and entertaining contexts inwhichpupils can experience the way
their work in a waywhichrelates it to that of
given as the way inwhichscots is funded as opposed
way using a spiral approachwhichseems to mirror recent views
by the terrorism act 2000whichset out a way of
poems is the way inwhichshe controls the discourse by
i admire the way inwhichshe has pursued the issue
by the dignified way inwhichsir david has undertaken his
is the traditional way inwhichsuch matters are settled we
expand on the way inwhichsuch powers might be used
suspicion of the way inwhichsurveillance is undertaken i regret
budget and the way inwhichthat can be improved i
examination of the way inwhichthat can move forward simply
mean by the way inwhichthe activity was set up
followed closely the way inwhichthe agency has developed and
work out the way inwhichthe amendment can be slotted
briefly examine the way inwhichthe amsterdam treaty attempts to
legislation about the way inwhichthe arbiter would be appointed
that is the way inwhichthe bill should proceed stewart
concerns about the way inwhichthe bill was rushed through
links with the way inwhichthe city is governed must
such as the way inwhichthe commission has managed its
and of the way inwhichthe committee allows individuals particularly
contrast between the way inwhichthe committees of the scottish
open and transparent way inwhichthe convention is operating is
read in a way inwhichthe defences for the retailer
concerns about the way inwhichthe eu operates and the
all legitimising the way inwhichthe european union carries out
change in the way inwhichthe european union conducts its
has addressed the way inwhichthe european union is moving
proceed in the way inwhichthe executive is suggesting dorothy
youth work the way inwhichthe figures are presented means
that is the way inwhichthe figures have always been
improvement in the way inwhichthe function is exercised if
careful about the way inwhichthe industry spreads in particular
result of the way inwhichthe legislation has had to
improvement in the way inwhichthe local authority s functions
because of the way inwhichthe market is constructed it
clear about the way inwhichthe market is divided and
cleanliness and the way inwhichthe men kept their cells
caution from the way inwhichthe minister has presented this
nature of the way inwhichthe money is spent however
apparent between the way inwhichthe mother tongue is acquired
to improve the way inwhichthe police keep track of
especially over the way inwhichthe policy was introduced without
concern over the way inwhichthe prosecution process is currently
indication of the way inwhichthe public body proposes to
details of the way inwhichthe public body proposes to
details of the way inwhichthe public body will respond
changes in the way inwhichthe scheme has been operated
concern about the way inwhichthe scottish executive local authorities
that regulate the way inwhichthe scottish executive may act
obstacle is the way inwhichthe scottish executive s public
gained through the way inwhichthe sip has worked can
trend in the way inwhichthe social justice committee and
to use in any waywhichthe spcb decides is helpful
must examine the way inwhichthe sps operates the convener
impact of the way inwhichthe sqa responded to the
there is no way inwhichthe sqa s functions could
discuss it the way inwhichthe system works and how
conflicted with the way inwhichthe term working days is
strands indicate the way inwhichthe topics should be developed
communicated and the way inwhichthe traditional trope of summer
difference to the way inwhichthe tribunal operates or that
refinement of the way inwhichthe union deals with the
relation to the way inwhichthe use of languages other
background of the way inwhichtheatre is presently organised in
improvement in the way inwhichtheir functions are exercised and
because of the way inwhichthey are funded there is
discretion in the way inwhichthey choose to ratify the
me for the way inwhichthey decide or do not
sips and the way inwhichthey operate i have yet
meaning by the way inwhichthey present their text visually
guidance on the way inwhichthey should treat information from
because of the way inwhichthey talk as well as
pace and the way inwhichthey were handled was not
harm and the way inwhichthey were psychologically damaged as
appreciation of the way inwhichthey were used taking the
critical of the way inwhichthings are done there but
against the pragmatic way inwhichthis is being suggested but
know that the way inwhichthose funds are administered is
state the best way inwhichto bring europe closer to
the most appropriate way inwhichto do that stewart stevenson
groups the best way inwhichto facilitate that process the
is the best way inwhichto make progress the question
is the best way inwhichto meet the challenges that
is a reasonable way inwhichto proceed fiona hyslop on
it is a way inwhichto proceed if we accept
be the sensible way inwhichto proceed it is relevant
is a fair way inwhichto proceed members can read
the most effective way inwhichto pursue the drug dealers
such a demoralising way inwhichto raise money they also
not the perfect way inwhichto regulate a body this
and an unacceptable way inwhichto speak in many submissions
that is no way inwhichto treat the elderly population
the most productive way inwhichto view it is as
way before that eh andwhichtodie- today survives in a
comment about the way inwhichvoluntary organisations should contribute to
movement to stimulate school competitionswhichwas already well under way
that way so you knowwhichwas l- looking back that
to legislate in a waywhichwas significantly different to the
to legislate in a waywhichwas significantly different to the
other way was broughty ferrywhichwas where my mum and
go and get it thenwhichway are we going f1136:
the road f1136: [note: thirty seconds of silence] f1135: whichway are we going now
[inaudible] that s two rightwhichway do you want to
[child noises] [child noises] no f1125: nowhichway do you want to
no turn it roon f1104: whichway f1103: the only way
like going that way f1136: whichway f1135: backwards make your
go down the way f1135: whichway f1136: that f1135: that
we go that way f1135: whichway f1136: that way f1135:
[inaudible] language [inaudible] m608: inwhichway [inaudible] primary or is
decide which way you knowwhichway round to see it
other way that way f1104: whichway that way that way
future christine grahame i knewwhichway the wind would blow
f1125: now f1126: mm f1125: whichway will we go f1126:
is quite hard to decidewhichway you know which way
change in the way inwhichwe allocate nhs resources across
hugh henry the way inwhichwe are approaching the issue
i said one way inwhichwe are pursuing savings is
enforcement in a way withwhichwe can all be comfortable
committee the only way inwhichwe can decide on the
is the only way inwhichwe can ever hope to
not the only way inwhichwe can promote the scots
is the only way inwhichwe can tackle the culture
could see a way forwardwhichwe can there would not
because of the way inwhichwe control conventionally farmed foods
there was no way inwhichwe could know the detail
standards in the way inwhichwe develop the regulations which
part of the way inwhichwe do that the list
because of the way inwhichwe have structured the system
to suggest a way inwhichwe in scotland can take
memorandum dictated the way inwhichwe presented the figures the
to improve the way inwhichwe provide and finance facilities
reflected in the way inwhichwe take forward guidance however
examine seriously the way inwhichwe train our nurses and
must upgrade the way inwhichwe treat burns in line
have debated the way inwhichwe want the oversight of
david elliot the way inwhichwe were managing the organisation
way to the guest roomswhichwere fine we shared a
pilot schemes were under waywhichwere investigating different models of
to say in a waywhichwould not normally apply for
convener for the way inwhichyou have conducted proceedings you
mark of the way inwhichyou have developed that post
dignified and distinguished way inwhichyou have discharged your duties
parliament admires the way inwhichyou have persisted often in
grips with the way inwhichyou see the system operating
for the clear way inwhichyou supported your petition you
year within that programme ofwhich10 per cent go directly
of the international context withinwhicha devolved scotland must operate
within the constituency region fromwhicha member was returned 2
may specify the period withinwhicha registered social landlord should
replace it with a systemwhichallows the revenue collected within
the state s population butwhichalthough traditionally used within the
within the united kingdom governmentwhichappears to have already accepted
subtler distinctions within english tenseswhichare dependent upon the context
often means writing about eventswhichare within the child s
wallace on 2 december 2002whichbudgets within the scottish prison
opportunity and security for allwhichcan only happen within a
or areas within fields inwhichcrops are growing if those
working atmosphere within the classroomwhichencourages them to draw upon
arrangements with each nhs bodywhichexercises within the authority s
within the housing scotland billwhichextend the scope of the
within the housing scotland billwhichextend the scope of the
school and pre school educationwhichfall within the responsibility of
to environment and natural heritagewhichfall within the responsibility of
the arts culture and sportwhichfall within the responsibility of
on matters relating to transportwhichfall within the responsibility of
relating to local government andwhichfall within the responsibility of
function or the legal contentwhichfalls within the remit of
involved within the political systemwhichhas a direct effect on
of that council regulation andwhichhas been land within paragraph
any functions within its responsibilitywhichhave been contracted out since
base within the area forwhichhe or she was returned
base within the area fromwhichhe or she was returned
and b the period withinwhichi a requirement may be
matters forward the issues towhichi referred would fall within
his subjects he sought answerswhichidentified their place within the
but within performance rights legislationwhichis actually getting worse and
putting themselves forward for licensingwhichis an enforcement issue within
communities of the european unionwhichis published within the euromosaic
and in his marble memorialwhichis secreted within the private
within the landscape er wh-whichis there in holy places
its functions in a mannerwhichis within the power conferred
make a point about transparencywhichis within the terms of
are within devolved competence andwhichit is proposed should extend
are within devolved competence andwhichit is proposed to extend
above or the period withinwhichit is to be prepared
them or the period withinwhichit is to be prepared
areas within their boundaries insidewhichit would be legal to
clear that the ways inwhichlanguage is treated within education
within a poem all qualitieswhichled eventually to her performance
to ask the scottish executivewhichlocal authorities within greater glasgow
to ask the scottish executivewhichlocal authorities within the greater
certainly within this parliamentary sessionwhichmeans that it has complied
sets out the minimum detailwhichmust be contained within a
which parliamentary constituencies fall withinwhichnew deal units of delivery
end of the period withinwhichnotice of appeal to the
to ask the scottish executivewhichparliamentary constituencies fall within which
b health boards fall withinwhichparliamentary constituencies s1w 12259 margaret
year a reasonable time withinwhichpeople must take a complaint
within the housing scotland billwhichrequire scottish ministers and local
within the housing scotland billwhichrequire scottish ministers and local
a community development zone withinwhichsettlements economic activity and services
to ask the scottish executivewhichspecialisms within general medical and
in england within 90 dayswhichtakes us up to the
told a the period withinwhichthe authorisation had effect and
mechanism within the bill bywhichthe courts could resolve any
financial and operational framework withinwhichthe fund operates especially in
authentic materials the contexts withinwhichthe language learning will take
contexts at all levels withinwhichthe language learning will take
more clearly the contexts withinwhichthe language skills should be
a pair of handles withinwhichthe mannie walked and a
however the time scale withinwhichthe markers had to mark
within the constituency region fromwhichthe member was returned c
and b the period withinwhichthe occupants must remove from
and adverbs the contexts withinwhichthese points will be encountered
each language the contexts withinwhichthese points would be encountered
give them a framework withinwhichthey could operate dr jackson
grammatical within the contexts inwhichthey have evolved in other
other tenants within the buildingwhichthey live in being drug
is the management structure withinwhichthey operate s1w 9 phil
1 every public body towhichthis act applies must within
the specialities or areas withinwhichthose nurses classified as other
will have 21 days withinwhichto appeal and the court
a very short time withinwhichto do a great deal
provides the best framework withinwhichto identify the needs of
provides the best framework withinwhichto identify the needs of
provide an appropriate framework withinwhichto take local decisions mr
walked back to the nurserywhichwas within walkin distance of
wider policy making framework withinwhichwe address the issue like
explain the time scale withinwhichwe are operating the oft
as providing a framework withinwhichwe can better secure equality
more framework decision making withinwhichwe can devise legislation that
that answer within the bunkerwhichwe know will contain mr
a dilemma the rules withinwhichwe operate say that members
relate to the culture withinwhichwe operated in scottish education
and blair atholl all ofwhichwere recommended for inclusion within
and blair atholl all ofwhichwere recommended for inclusion within
lay a revised draft orderwhichwill include within particulars to
which would affect an areawhichwill lie within the loch
mentioned in subsection 2 onwhichwithin 10 years after the
agreed improvements within a timescalewhichwould allow stranraer and cairnryan
regional minority language within scotlandwhichwould be recognised under the
to ask the scottish executivewhichairports are located in areas
focus away from areas inwhichapplications have been taken to
some areas of health improvementwhichare important elements in improving
may be used and thosewhichare prohibited the areas on
achieving policy objectives 22 forwhichareas of competence are open
to the petitioner informing himwhichareas of his petition refer
understand scots nowadays and inwhichareas the language is strongest
approval was not in placewhichcaused conflict in some areas
areas by a formal interviewwhichcontained a brief oral test
areas and into licensed premiseswhichcould be properly regulated further
main areas of activity projectswhichenhance local networking such as
the world into areas inwhichequality matters or does not
a situation similar to thatwhichexists in some areas particularly
last year the areas inwhichexpenditure increased are management advertising
areas they ve covered ehmwhichgoes with them or starts
targets relate to areas inwhichgovernment could make the difference
areas such as local governmentwhichhad a very raw deal
between upland and lowland areaswhichhas resulted from a purely
think tank including any aspectswhichhave been implemented areas outstanding
and tourism in rural areaswhichhave been severely disadvantaged by
voluntary sector in rural areaswhichhave their own problems with
certainly in the areas withwhichi am familiar are all
areas in east ayrshire withwhichi am familiar there is
attention to two areas onwhichi ask for reassurance under
exclusion in rural areas andwhichi see for myself aberdeenshire
a series of topic areaswhichin turn provide opportunities to
i am addressing another issuewhichis exclusion in rural areas
largest of the areas andwhichis in my constituency the
demographic data for small areaswhichis not available from other
areas the rural development regulationwhichis now known as the
main areas the first ofwhichis the declining financial health
health care in areas inwhichit has been rolled out
in areas such as thatwhichjohann lamont represents george reid
to ask the scottish executivewhichlocal authority areas do not
ask the scottish executive inwhichlocal authority areas pupils who
housing benefit claims and inwhichlocal authority areas s1w 3617
the convention applies to salmonwhichmigrate beyond coastal areas above
expenditure in the areas towhichmike rumbles referred would be
those are the areas inwhichmost people think that we
to ask the scottish executivewhichnhs board areas offer first
authority areas will be coveredwhichorganisations will carry out such
are areas that lack claritywhichother witnesses have mentioned if
those are the very areaswhichpolicies that are based on
and jobs in areas inwhichposts have traditionally gone to
to specify the areas inwhichregulations could be made but
this afternoon in areas forwhichshe is responsible we have
in areas particularly rural oneswhichstruggle to maintain an adequate
the hill areas of scotlandwhichsuffer from inherent disadvantages of
areas with industries like forestrywhichsupports over 10 000 jobs
her patch in areas inwhichthat was a problem a
of the key areas towhichthe committee will want to
the number of areas inwhichthe european parliament has co
areas of european action inwhichthe european parliament has no
outlined 10 areas of supportwhichthe forum has been considering
down by the key areaswhichthe fund covers in the
are many different areas inwhichthe gnp and all the
new english troy series forwhichthe proper areas of application
to detail the areas inwhichthe regions are involved their
but there are areas inwhichthe scheme does not work
mrs smith in areas inwhichthe scottish executive has the
taken of the areas inwhichthe services operate and we
sector cannot the areas inwhichthe voluntary sector is engaged
confine ourselves to areas onwhichthere have been concerns consult
more popular in areas inwhichthere is a general surplus
to examine the areas inwhichthere is further work to
nature of the areas forwhichthey are responsible support a
of ideas about areas inwhichthey want local services to
individual areas of work inwhichthey were involved we were
taken of the areas inwhichthose services operate jackie baillie
describe more clearly than formerlywhichtopic areas are most important
those areas in respect ofwhichvalid derogations have been granted
remote areas but in lothianwhichwas mentioned in evidence taking
of meetings the purpose ofwhichwas to examine specific areas
mentioned there are areas inwhichwe are doing more than
and therefore the areas intowhichwe ought to be directing
there are many areas inwhichwe want to improve the
first identify the areas inwhichwe want to take further
the councils for voluntary servicewhichwere better funded in areas
treatment directive 91 271 eecwhichwere sought for areas of
transport and other priority areaswhichwill support older people in
transport and other priority areaswhichwill support older people in
transport and other priority areaswhichwill support older people in
formula for identifying those areaswhichwould enable resources to be
employment in their own areaswhichwould naturally make them reluctant
item or a meeting atwhicha language other than english
an item or meeting atwhicha language other than english
is acquired and that inwhicha modern language is learned
a scots language week inwhicha number of features have
on the scots language inwhicha number of references were
for himself a language systemwhichaccords reasonably well with that
scotland the language policy paperwhichaddresses that issue is to
the scots language society ehwhichappints an editor eh who
currently supports community language classeswhichare held at weekends or
use language and those functionswhichare normally required in school
of my language i thinkwhichare still quite irish in
the kinds of language featurewhichare to be expected in
language planning for modern usagewhicharose out of a conference
speak my own native languagewhichas a highlander would have
or the whole class inwhichaspects of language patterning can
called the sapir whorf hypothesiswhichattempts to formulate the language
have identified previously learned languagewhichcan be recycled in this
that like an artificial languagewhichcan be used all over
a closed variety of languagewhichcertain close knit groups prisoners
contains few of the featureswhichcharacterise the language and appears
in school the language inwhichconcepts are explained may be
including a bill of rightswhichcontains language rights scotland has
language features has created effectswhichcontribute to that meaning for
it is a philosophical languagewhichcreates certain barriers if one
was recognised as a languagewhichcrosses international boundaries peer pressure
being related to language changewhichdepends crucially on the interaction
other approaches to language teachingwhichdeveloped in the 1960s became
by nationals of the statewhichdiffer from the language or
development of the scots languagewhichdoes not require a census
set forth clear principles onwhicheffective teaching of both language
the language in use materialswhichemerged involve pupils in investigations
the production of education resourceswhichencourage language diversity and learning
area the body of literaturewhichexists in this language is
and the floers o edinburghwhichexplores the language problems in
to use similar terminology andwhichfocuses on language learning skills
language of interaction with peerswhichfor most children is likely
than as a national languagewhichhad been independently derived from
become a global technological languagewhichhad lost contact with its
bianco claims that a countrywhichhas no specific language policy
to speak in a languagewhichhas nothing to do with
complete language that they hadwhichhelped to you know ke-ke-
latest issue of scottish languagewhichhit the mailbox earlier this
and they are fundamentally euroscepticwhichin normal language means anti
perfect conditions for language learningwhichinclude the almost undivided attention
of my ancestry and heritagewhichincludes a language heritage as
senior moderator for each languagewhichindicate the mark awarded and
un uniform language this scotswhichintersects with english could not
been instrumental in producing cysillwhichis a welsh language spelling
mmhm m017: as a languagewhichis associated with a f718:
a2 qualification in english languagewhichis available in england and
based on speech [inhale] onewhichis based on language contact
language 10 information on petitioningwhichis currently available in english
of linguistic quality of languagewhichis independent of social evaluation
linguists such as michael hallidaywhichis influencing the school language
language is a value judgmentwhichis inseparable from its social
is an intimate social languagewhichis much less concerned with
about language requires a methodologywhichis not transmissive and teacher
a suitable language for poetrywhichis properly concerned with the
language called gaelic is spokenwhichis quite different from english
the patterned nature of languagewhichis required if the pupil
and major quota cuts andwhichis talking the language of
language that angels speak th-whichis the m608: mm m078:
of british sign language bslwhichis the natural first language
no longer a language inwhichit s possible to write
leads to a focus onwhichlanguage features are appropriate in
t hear anyone speak scotswhichlanguage is spoken in your
on them m608: mmhm andwhichlanguage or languages do you
the social context often dictatedwhichlanguage would be used fasold
and how do you decidewhichlanguage you re gonna write
there are many other topicswhichmight be considered language acquisition
verbs vocabulary and language structureswhichmight include some of the
literary scots the language inwhichmost writing in scots is
english is the language inwhichmuch broadcasting takes place and
must mention the scots languagewhichmy colleagues have discussed already
used for private conversation inwhichof the following language situations
used for private conversation inwhichof the following language situations
used for private conversation inwhichof the following language situations
used for private conversation inwhichof the following language situations
about language as a strandwhichpermeates all of the four
a selection of language gameswhichprovide valid and entertaining contexts
each language is an anchorwhichprovides linguistic continuity a standard
modern language in schools inwhichqualifications could be obtained as
performance are likely be thosewhichrelate to accuracy and language
of work and economic lifewhichremains an overwhelmingly english language
the encumbrance of a languagewhichseems to follow no particular
conceits in our german languagewhichshe believes cannot be pleasing
acceptable consistent modern prose languagewhichshould be readily understandable to
on the philosophy of languagewhichshould be useful and today
nasty outdated and embarrassing languagewhichshould have no place in
to ask questions about languagewhichso many take for granted
to ask questions about languagewhichso many take for granted
any european language but englishwhichsomehow she ever managed to
and attitudes to language learningwhichteachers could reinforce in their
of a national language ermwhichthat i mean everyone s
and the logical sequence inwhichthe different language activities will
of the cultural context inwhichthe foreign language exists cultural
of the cultural context inwhichthe foreign language exists cultural
usually predetermined the order inwhichthe language elements of texts
of the primary context inwhichthe language is being delivered
terms of the purposes forwhichthe language is used although
perhaps the only sense inwhichthe language of macdiarmid s
and yet the language inwhichthe letter is written will
there are three principles aroundwhichthe overarching language policy for
petitioners in the language inwhichthe petition was submitted but
petitioner in the language inwhichthe petition was submitted the
training in the gaelic languagewhichthe public body will provide
migrants 18 the territory inwhichthe regional or minority language
language of migrants territory inwhichthe regional or minority language
to the geographical area inwhichthe said language is the
means the geographical area inwhichthe said language is the
be a powerful resource fromwhichthe standard language can continually
second language so phase onewhichtheir first target was it
the complexity of the languagewhichthey are expected to understand
of a language feature towhichthey have been introduced and
there is a school languagewhichthey may already be familiar
notified in the language inwhichthey submitted the petition donald
academic language of school learningwhichthey termed cognitive academic language
mismatch between the functions forwhichthey typically use language and
details of the language inwhichthey wish to speak and
to use the terminology inwhichthinking about language takes place
in mind investigating ways inwhichto support and develop language
has found a language bywhichto thematize the very unspeakability
has found a language bywhichto thematize the very unspeakability
the scots language resource centrewhichtotals 135 000 in the
move forward in the paperwhichtreats the language as any
an english language programme inwhichtwo painfully stilted presenters showed
grammatical rules and their terminologywhichunderpin all of our language
british university at that timewhichused modern methods of language
of grammar in language teachingwhichwas essentially to be advocated
second language esl the termwhichwas formerly applied to such
er the the the languagewhichwas originally the state language
kind of scots a languagewhichwas syntactically english laced with
the idealised form of languagewhichwe all know and refer
now at the moment scotswhichwe define as the language
misuses of language this afternoonwhichwe should not be surprised
of one language over anotherwhichwe stated happens even in
an emphasis on transactional languagewhichwill enable the pupil to
language education for our childrenwhichwill ensure that they can
a strategy for the languagewhichwould be of interest to
language of the country inwhichyou re inhabiting so i
on the land being activitywhicha is likely to be
small boat the coble fromwhicha length of netting is
arrest with a situation inwhicha person has committed is
amendments the last day onwhichamendments may be lodged is
the european communities act 1972whichapplies to scotland is to
is that they describe situationswhichare clearly not static and
business but to the standardswhichare only recommendations and is
or she is eligible butwhichare utilised by staff or
most important the birthday presentswhicharrived yesterday the scarf is
come up with some recommendationswhichas i say is is
restrictions related to the environmentwhichas you know is of
is projected to be spentwhichbudget the money comes from
of very useful anthologies inwhichburns is imbedded in a
is careless and reckless behaviourwhichcan be dealt with in
produce a gaelic translation inwhichcase the official report is
powerful too is the imagerywhichcommunicates the intensity of the
is defined as a vesselwhichcontains a particular number of
something should be changed andwhichcontains a proposal it is
which we now embrace andwhichcontinues to develop it is
the committee the other positionwhichcould address both views is
afore f1104: [laugh] [throat] mumwhichday is it the day
the level of responsibility atwhichdecisions are made that is
table the five languages forwhichdemand is highest in the
is an extremely moving bookwhichdescribed vividly the hardships and
reasons or criteria according towhicheach route is or is
juist five year in lerwickwhichf960: oh f961: is been
verbs this is another gamewhichfocuses on the nature of
the unit of work decidewhichgenre is most appropriate to
examples of scottish writing inwhichgod is represented as a
maastricht treaty is co operationwhichhad again been going on
two wheeled horse drawn cartwhichhad side facing seats is
first there is traditional huntingwhichhas been discussed and where
is why local pay bargainingwhichhas been suggested by the
part in any activities aboutwhichhe seems reluctant it is
looking at introducing that elementwhichi agree is important the
is a highly addictive poisonwhichi am legally allowed to
is more sloppy thinking forwhichi aught to apologise but
probably talk about the lavatorywhichi believe is the the
to in the bill butwhichi believe is touched on
rosemary grows around the buildingwhichi discovered later is one
her to get past herwhichi feel is rude i
about independence in europe withwhichi fully agree it is
used the word criminals againwhichi think is misleading the
nor that the voice inwhichi write about epistemology is
nor that the voice inwhichi write about epistemology is
one which is better knownwhichi- was called ekskybalauron and
poetry and it is onewhichignores the irony with which
sector funding is 2 millionwhichincludes 1 2 million of
however that is the rulewhichindividual members must take on
knowledge text and various balladswhichira is working on on
working age people in scotlandwhichis 73 per cent we
out for the friday peoplewhichis a a sort of
and english code switching ehwhichis a bit hard to
of companies the proposed thresholdwhichis a compromise between the
16 300 to 15 150whichis a decline of 1
availability of free personal carewhichis a disgrace the amount
pleased that european languages daywhichis a european year of
you know an the chantywrastlerswhichis a great word much
to the schengen information systemwhichis a large computer database
primarily through the european committeewhichis a mandatory committee the
museum of itself and anotherwhichis a museum of the
consideration of ssi 2002 88whichis a negative instrument i
the burden of excessive regulationwhichis a particular concern of
relates to hostel type accommodationwhichis a particular issue in
the dialogue in the passagewhichis a phonological aspect of
of a single housing budgetwhichis a positive measure in
about labour and skill shortageswhichis a positive reflection of
now we ve got rebuswhichis a puzzle ehm and
is they re obviously wrongwhichis a real problem and
bad scots er which iswhichis a real shame i
the convention on driving disqualificationwhichis a reserved issue a
essay me and my shadowwhichis a response tae an
40 million to 50 millionwhichis a small amount of
play bondagers by sue gloverwhichis a social commentary on
uses for an attractive malewhichis a t m which
and hospitals and so onwhichis a theme to which
pe59 from mr frank harveywhichis about passenger safety on
boards contain a nursing directorwhichis absolutely critical if we
of of of the dominicanswhichis actually radically different and
with the scottish national dictionarywhichis also being directed by
authority for the approval processwhichis also referred to as
on the fish processing industrywhichis an aberdeen issue and
itself can end fuel povertywhichis an aim that we
national services through one cardwhichis an important development we
committee on amnesic shellfish poisoningwhichis an important issue as
before that f606: yeah f889: whichis annoyin eh so i
the minister aware that greecewhichis another contender for the
the form of a letterwhichis apparently being sent to
smoking f813: yeah f814: nutmegwhichis apparently meant to have
spent more money on preventionwhichis at the heart of
alberto manguel sense fantastical literaturewhichis basically surreal literature where
it should specify the conductwhichis being complained about and
tobacco advertising and promotion billwhichis being considered by the
with a dark grey greatcoatwhichis blotched with blobs of
has a fascinating gaelic heritagewhichis borne out today in
approach the ideal of inclusivitywhichis cherished by all of
size of a customary bollwhichis considerably bigger than the
working group that she chairswhichis considering the role of
scotland s schools act 2000whichis defined as follows to
support for the storysack initiativewhichis designed to stimulate and
and erm a specific vocabularywhichis different from english i
getting beyond the usual suspectswhichis difficult however there are
the scottish agricultural college sacwhichis directly funded by the
produce mature poetry of qualitywhichis diverse in theme and
unrelated to the wider problemwhichis driven by changes in
by the social justice committeewhichis examining the work of
29 at end insert informationwhichis exempt by virtue of
than giving them core fundingwhichis far more important we
years the soul enriching voyagewhichis fast becoming the event
the uk national reference laboratorywhichis fisheries research services in
it is the noble familywhichis found to be in
that and with petition pe370whichis from lydia reid on
handed to the law societywhichis generally recognised as the
an interest in my workwhichis going reasonably well and
lots of people coming inwhichis good f606: so the
end of the school curriculumwhichis good however it is
the school concerned has attendancewhichis greater than 80 of
spelling fiona s secret namewhichis greek only he and
now come to amendment 1whichis grouped with amendment 2
information shown in table 7whichis headed precognition workload case
1a above is one awhichis held by one of
will go home to bungalowswhichis hindustani and have a
grannie used to say a-whichis i m afraid the
has generally been accepted andwhichis important complied with by
deal later with that issuewhichis important in considering the
their training here in scotlandwhichis important to all of
such as glasgow caledonian universitywhichis in the constituency of
f812: oh right okay f814: whichis [inaudible] f812: i can
thing called enviral cephalitis encephalitiswhichis inflammation of the the
with the part of speechwhichis itself a substitution the
of them well m1055: ayewhichis kind of equivalent to
dancing ehm a shetland reelwhichis kind of well in
full explanations create an orientationwhichis less in touch with
primary seven since i ehmwhichis like age ten an
by four wheel drive vehicleswhichis likely to lead to
yeah f1037: from the supermarketwhichis loaded with salts and
served on the lomé assemblywhichis made up of the
hit bedrock f963: mm m762: whichis maybe a paradox and
question a any function iwhichis mentioned in paragraph a
to a non state pensionwhichis milestone 20 of the
there s the guns issuewhichis mm m964: you are
rationale for a citizens cardwhichis more about enabling the
patient all information and supportwhichis necessary to enable the
of a local area networkwhichis not accessible outside the
ongoing economic and social problemwhichis not addressed by a
worldwide sir david s experiencewhichis not always remembered by
realms of the franchise agreementwhichis not reserved when we
efficiency or security problems butwhichis not so bad as
any further order being necessarywhichis not the case with
aspects of the same problemwhichis not the setting of
market erm and the dockswhichis now referred to as
are on the snp cdwhichis now remaindered but still
is pe400 from clare mccannwhichis on behalf of the
move on to section 8whichis on general conduct and
will turn to page 3whichis on other rules and
on chronic pain management serviceswhichis on page 10 of
consideration of agenda item 4whichis on petitions if we
final chapter of the thesiswhichis on schedule ann is
the question in paragraph 24whichis on the means of
on to agenda item 3whichis on the office of
scrutiny of the health budgetwhichis one third of the
your work for the communitywhichis open for all to
residents paying their annual subscriptionswhichis our only source of
means but passion and spontaneitywhichis perhaps lacking now but
excusing and disqualification of judgeswhichis perhaps not quite as
hermit in a later passagewhichis perhaps one of the
speech and particularly aberdonian speechwhichis possibly low german or
require to exercise its jurisdictionwhichis pretty all encompassing as
aye [laugh] m819: which iswhichis quite good cause we
aff us roon oor weywhichis quite middle class an
have the dost corpus ermwhichis reflected qualitatively in and
provision for scottish older peoplewhichis reserved to westminster is
had a minor injuries clinicwhichis run by nurses i
for marking the former ofwhichis scandalous for example i
review is now in processwhichis seeking to improve the
in defining one s identitywhichis significant in itself i
the purpose of the billwhichis simple to end the
got all my luggage toowhichis something indeed anyway the
sometimes referred to as transitwhichis somewhat confusing because of
displaced the kind of historywhichis still saga full of
the uk government s aimwhichis strongly supported by the
1700 to the present timewhichis surprisingly consistent linguistically and
enjoy the access to shopswhichis taken for granted by
frae the the town mottowhichis teribus y teriodin which
i am about to saywhichis that i agree with
accounted for in financial termswhichis that they have to
supports richard simpson s positionwhichis that we write a
part of argyll and butewhichis the area of the
part of argyll and butewhichis the area of the
openness and opportunities for dialoguewhichis the conclusion that we
the achievement of that visionwhichis the creation of the
ministers attention to directive 492whichis the directive that we
can be done about osteoporosiswhichis the exact opposite of
example of the scottish executivewhichis the first item on
i want to touch onwhichis the importance to the
the more difficult in middlefieldwhichis the largest of the
at next week s meetingwhichis the last at which
een s the quine andwhichis the loon morgan or
it was tasty as wellwhichis the main thing in
to the printer to decidewhichis the most suitable of
s availability on 6 januarywhichis the only date on
their children but the authoritywhichis the provider and is
a daft wee erm projectwhichis the same one as
the msp for east lothianwhichis the source of one
line 1 after condition insertwhichis the subject of an
detail with strengthening existing monitoringwhichis the subject of this
the passage north to armaghwhichis the the the third
get a slightly gooey liquidwhichis then left for a
to duty on monday morningwhichis this morning in a
without bitterness rancour or nastinesswhichis to be commended in
signatures it is the motionwhichis to be debated on
union countries and applicant stateswhichis to be held in
plan a key aim ofwhichis to build efficient and
do what it does bestwhichis to organise locally and
or without limit of timewhichis to take effect on
have thought that the executivewhichis trying to promote an
my answer will be shortwhichis unusual for me i
scotland this is a resourcewhichis urgently needed if we
a in reading and writingwhichis usually about two and
is there in writing somethingwhichis utterly unintelligible to which
good at shoving as swedeswhichis very good when the
education campaign the ccc roadshowwhichis visiting 16 towns and
referred to in article 8whichis war crimes when a
war that started this habitwhichis well known now still
and your health board areawhichis wendy harris fife the
be examined case by casewhichis what has happened in
is about the economic impactwhichis what the enterprise and
about and stop you bitingwhichis what you want to
blossom especially in our schoolswhichis where policy should be
the basis of the billwhichis whether foxes can be
the committee on this issuewhichis whether the committee is
yep yeah m605: which iswhichis which is the case
s general point is correctwhichis why brand sharing is
that we should be complacentwhichis why i support the
f963: mm mmhm yeah m762: whichis why it s a
was recognised from the beginningwhichis why there is a
pre empt consultation on thatwhichis why there is no
direct or global grants schemewhichis worth roughly 11m or
was placed beneath the stagewhichit is hoped will be
date of the next censuswhichit is proposed should be
second relates to situations inwhichit is proposed that a
it or any bodies fromwhichit is taking advice have
it or any bodies fromwhichit is taking advice have
it or any bodies fromwhichit is taking advice have
it or any bodies fromwhichit is taking advice have
s1 s4 the ways inwhichit is taught pupils and
structure and the purposes forwhichit is used grammatical and
structure and the purposes forwhichit is used grammatical and
on the feeling of apprehensionwhichitself is soon to be
mysie walsh s suicide inwhichjanie is inadvertently involved and
is an under resourced areawhichjim wallace has still to
this is the day onwhichlabour in scotland will be
order there is defective draftingwhichmakes an unusual use of
is the final meeting atwhichmark macpherson will be with
as external factors some ofwhichmay be unpredictable it is
is a computer cataloguing systemwhichmeans if i want to
amendments at the committee stagewhichmeans that there is no
scottish intercollegiate guidelines network towhichmembers have referred is in
each meeting will be heldwhichminister is to attend and
one of the ways bywhichmoney can be raised is
with a handsome music centrewhichmrs [censored: surname] tells me is
is inserted b impose preconditionswhichmust be fulfilled if the
previously isolated communities like deesidewhichnow is composed of a
notice is lodged and recommendwhichof these motions will be
being undertaken to find outwhichof those isomers is the
qualification that the proceedings withwhichone is concerned have to
f1104: no mam fitt ainwhichone is there making the
to ask the scottish executivewhichorganisation is or will be
group is the holding companywhichowns royal mail parcelforce and
of that act circumstances inwhichperson who has accommodation is
horse gallop of an airwhichprecludes sentiment the ludicrous is
is a party to arrangementswhichqualify under section 2 of
definition of minority languages towhichreference is routinely made in
range vigour and vitality ofwhichscots prose is capable and
there is a peace movementwhichseeks a just settlement of
the bankruptcy scotland act 1985whichsets out property that is
one of the committees ofwhichshe is a member is
point at a hopping gamewhichshe is embarassed to be
serves communities throughout scotland wellwhichside of the argument is
prefixed by the letters xxxwhichsignify that the vessel is
with the latest date onwhichsuch intimation is given 4
is open up forums inwhichsuch issues can be discussed
the tenant c the effectwhichthat conduct has had is
order to locate a foxwhichthat person reasonably believes is
or locate a wild mammalwhichthat person reasonably believes is
favour of the property ofwhichthe applicant is owner or
months from the date onwhichthe case is raised and
to prescribe the date onwhichthe census is to be
a play called pygmalion inwhichthe central character who is
the broad health agenda towhichthe executive is committed on
believe that the route uponwhichthe executive is intent is
is the shifting context intowhichthe glasgow international festival of
people might serve their sentenceswhichthe icc will decide is
bids from private companies towhichthe minister is about to
a of the 2002 actwhichthe ombudsman is entitled to
particular a the ground underwhichthe order is sought and
funding is an issue towhichthe parliament will have to
managers of the hospital inwhichthe patient is detained and
managers of the hospital inwhichthe patient is detained and
managers of the hospital inwhichthe patient is to be
the industry working group ofwhichthe scottish crofting foundation is
any code or other documentwhichthe scottish ministers direct is
is subject to regulation inwhichthe scottish parliament will have
specify a the date bywhichthe strategy is to be
examine the sexual offences billwhichthe united kingdom parliament is
urdu and other languages forwhichthere is a demand in
the council on issues onwhichthere is no unanimity and
aware of the terms underwhichthey are working that is
rather than the date atwhichthey did apply that is
wonderful centre which is ofwhichthis building is part which
a very difficult issue onwhichto comment it is a
writes a quiet delicate poetrywhichunder its feminine surface is
in the scottish health budgetwhichwas 135 million it is
perth in 1206 the chancelwhichwas dedicated in 1242 is
that is called can cyclewhichwas the brainchild of a
to support people stopping smokingwhichwe are doing it is
there is one area inwhichwe could do so the
is the ultimate destination onwhichwe differ there is a
is an important issue onwhichwe have received two or
although it is one forwhichwe in scotland could be
some kind of secretive clubwhichwe know is not the
ensure that the legislation towhichwe sign up is in
mention that the age atwhichwe start teaching languages is
skills from the local authoritieswhichwill further undermine what is
two hours of quality pewhichyou mentioned nobody is in

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