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reeshle o hymn buiks thewhiffo peppermints pitten inno moos
sickly light the air conditionedwhiffof wheeling blades i pay
bedding and the flurry andwhiffof resident martins under the
o him sends her skewwhiffzeb him bible s king
enterteenin international veesitors wi awhiffo the true scotia ae
kinno notions they d thewhiffo the heathen aboot them
catching a last glimpse andwhiffof andy still sitting on
tories an there isnae awhiffo irony i this at
says then he catches awhiffman ye re mingin ye
but when ah caught awhiffa thum ah remarked tae
breathing huskily i caught awhiffof bo pot pourri and
against pollution guns suggest awhiffof revolution this is a
1875 bible carried an unmistakablewhiffof heresy first detected by
a pollock painting pop awhiffof garlic a feast of
the water and the occasionalwhifffrom the changing rooms got
running i have caught awhiffof beer and cigarette smoke
meet fox an get awhiffo fresh air i micht
of sandals and ice creamwhiffo wacky baccy high and

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