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ll need to get thewhiskare you going to whisk
cool lightly beat egg yolkswhiskdouble cream till thick whisk
whisk whites to soft peakswhiskin c sugar till glossy
whisk whites till stiff graduallywhiskin sugar whip cream add
right have a go myselfwhiskit myself f1125: you whisk
whisk it myself f1125: youwhiskit then and then mummy
whisk are you going towhiskthe day f1112: that s
whisk yolks till light creamywhiskwhites till stiff gradually whisk
whisk double cream till thickwhiskwhites to soft peaks whisk
cream ½ pt 250ml doublewhiskyolks till light creamy whisk
a time stir in brandywhiskegg whites till stiff fold
mix fold in almonds flourwhiskegg whites till stiff fold
meringue 2 tblsp caster sugarwhiskcream add brandy sugar meringue
chopped almonds lightly toasted toppingwhisk4 egg yolks with 4
2 mins remove from heatwhiskin egg yolks lemon remaining
buses visit the necropolis fourwhisktailed horses pull a glory
an eagle s wing fourwhisktailed horses pull a glory
ham in lightly greased panwhiskeggs with soy sauce salt
we need a electric handwhiskhave we got an electric
we got an electric handwhiskmm i don t know
i canna find the electricwhiskwe ll just have to
it is not possible towhiskthem away nevertheless questions arise
the eggs with the peaswhisktogether then fry in a
no be easier yaisin thewhiskcarolanne eh the door was
mm f1125: right need awhiskf1126: right i ll put
[laugh] f1125: keep it hardwhiskit hard f1126: [whisking] [laugh]
now i dinna need awhiskafter all f1126: [?]i look[/?] is
you goin to put thewhiskinto the dishwasher for mum
but you dinna use thewhiskdarlin you want a taste
to watch a plough horsewhiskaway a gnat from its
clamped to the table awhiskladle graters metal sieves and

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