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hauflin whaever he wes anwhiteverhe haed duin he haed
us whitever wul fowk saywhiteverwul thay think an whaever
us whitever wul fowk thinkwhiteverwul they say an whaever
toun leave him alane mashawhiteverit s a richt skunner
ye r a richt skunnerwhiteverye ir nance now tries
a douce lilt til twhiteverit means aweill whitever shona
t whitever it means aweillwhitevershona haes peyed hir dues
a puddok mercie on uswhiteverwul fowk say whitever wul
a puddok mercie on uswhiteverwul fowk think whitever wul
a sowp o cauld wattirwhiteverwad fowk think but the
a sowp o cauld wattirwhiteverwad fowk thuink mebbe morag
valgerd she l cum dounwhitevervalgerd ye dinna mean that
enters unnoticed valgerd almichtie godwhiteverye micht be richt cawed
dochter greetin her een ootwhitevers the maitter wi ye
simply a maitter o propertywhiteverthe defender may claim but
i and thinks to mewhitevercan a duck race be
described which every man owhiteverrace ought tae enjoy the
fou it maks nae oddswhiteverah weir ah never feel
ti git fou the nichtwhiteverbefaws lat s hae anither
ah mean ti finnd ootwhiteverah hae ti dae it
again ah l finnd ootwhiteverit is never you fear
mortals thinks ye can daewhiteverye lyke syne strampin hir
it wes lyke afore onieweywhiteverthey say masha is a
mairrit til the puddok butwhiteverye dae dinna lat him
saw hir dae it moulawhiteverye dae eilidh dinna lat
wurfs seemed ti ken anwhiteverairt he taen thay follaed
issa flies swairmin aw owrewhiteverdae thay want wi thir
wark for thay kent thatwhitevershe turnt hir haud til
he micht want ti daewhiteverit micht be morag ah
nor she wes yestrein moragwhitevershe s no weill at
rich lilian jack can haewhiteverhe wants lilian oh yes
oniewhaur in the castel butwhiteverhe wes cauld an wabbitie
yungest lassie thocht til hirsellwhiteverma sisters drave awa the
pit oot ma lassie atwhiteverye see in this haudin
the wee smaw oors nansewhiteverdae ye mean mither queen
rin awa frae thaim butwhiteverhe ettilt ti dae the
beatrix sweir an aith thatwhitevershe saw hir dae or
said ah im a grupperwhiteverah grup a haud o
hameless wi you ach wummanwhiteverye re sayin a cannae
to lend a hand wiwhitevers on the go jack
ye r fair deleirit mitherwhiteverir ye on aboot queen
cuid she wesh it ootwhitevershe did the merk wes
ti turn his haund tiwhiteverwes needfu ae day his
for donald street gorebrig craigleithwhiteverscotland s doun anaith this
tuith for him ti kenwhiteverhe needit ti ken sae
gled ti see it againwhiteverhe s been sair missin
mynd ti be tentie inwhiteverhe said or did in
wid sound like a cuckoowhiteverah tell ye ah ll
ah wunner whit ails mewhiteverwi aw the monie wycelyke
jist mad aboot sufferin saffronwhiteverbilly examined his fingernails hello
notion o justice is jistwhiteverwill keep them fat and
the truth he ll saywhiteverwill win carolanne he can
can i get to bewhiteveri want beaumont aye johnny
the sweit o his brouwhitevercless he belangs an that
in front of his eyeswhiteverit is yir seein it
mihail potopych or ivanych orwhiteverit is it is best
in the warld thegither anwhiteverthe tane sal wun the

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