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causie a cawin john waynewhitlikhes he ti craw about
nae the juidge axed mewhitlikill daein a bene arreistit
burn gurlin hyne ablo nouwhitliksuid a dae he axed
in a glisk mirren explenedwhitlikhappenit neist as the mament
thocht grannie roddenberrie a kenwhitlikcums neist cheptir nyne the
at a freinlie ingine ewhitlika suid dae he leuched
he s in the jylewhitliksuid a dae ti mak
haud the pace he speiredwhitliksuid we dae gin we
thair ain pasports wiout kenninwhitlikthai duin at the scotch
wi tammas grunstane an consitherwhitlikti dae nixt as thai
the waws it disna maitterwhitliktim o day or nicht
hairm sae he didna shiffilwhitliks stroublin ye mirren he
modren warl john cuidna jalousewhitlikwes the mensefu commend ti
ferlie nane o thaim kentwhitlikwes the mot juste in
the wark o perfidious albionwhitlikis thon speired junipere at
ye wun ower ti fyfewhitlikwul ye finnd thare at
says richt ma wie manniewhitlikdae ye cry yeirsell an
i fak thai didna kenwhitlikti say aither the lave
on froggit sacerdott shae fandwhitlikshae wes sekin at the
hiz craig ruth didna kenwhitlikti say whan the twasum

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