See this word as a collocate cloud

general housing needs one reasonwhya good many people present
that there was no reasonwhya licence should not be
there is no commercial reasonwhyall farmers should not be
reason so i thought wellwhyare people more reluctant here
hospitals nhs trust one reasonwhycancer waiting times in tayside
see a perfectly good reasonwhycivil servants might seek to
that there is no reasonwhycouncils in turn should not
college setting out the reasonwhyeach failed and the amount
london which was one reasonwhyhe liked to go there
out that the whole reasonwhyhe throws the parties and
doesn t know the reasonwhyhe wants to stop silence
no that s the reasonwhyhibs are able to quite
which is the principal reasonwhyi am not going to
of part of the reasonwhyi believe that it is
mean that s one reasonwhyi don t want to
the that s the reasonwhyi i ve got a
make mistakes exactly the reasonwhyi like them the others
man there was no reasonwhyi shouldn t come home
that s the main reasonwhyi wouldn t cause that
an annulment is the reasonwhyif we are to have
estate there is no reasonwhyin private session members cannot
and there is no reasonwhyit cannot continue to be
suppose there s a reasonwhyit s er a pre
and there is no reasonwhyit should not be seen
for the debate one reasonwhymany of us are in
that there s a reasonwhynobody ever comes here f606:
and that is one reasonwhyother kinds of drinks were
i can see no reasonwhyour government in scotland should
that there was no reasonwhyprivate sector verifiers should not
status and is the reasonwhyprogress has been made on
there is no good reasonwhyscots on stage should not
with her and the reasonwhyshe needed a f- a
have provided one good reasonwhysuch flexibility was needed i
ltd they saw no reasonwhysuch properties if they were
believes is there any reasonwhythat has not been made
and there s nae reasonwhythat should be so f785:
be considered but the reasonwhythe bill is vital is
just had is one reasonwhythe bill should have been
fabrics there is no reasonwhythe borders could not develop
in particular the important reasonwhythe eu was established to
there might a good reasonwhythe executive did not support
first minister perhaps one reasonwhythe executive does not want
the committee and the reasonwhythe executive had to proceed
designate the area the reasonwhythe issue has been submitted
on 19 june the reasonwhythe issue is still pending
might have been one reasonwhythe landlady s daughter at
categories if necessary one reasonwhythe law has been reformed
approaching bristow muldoon the reasonwhythe petition is more broadly
one can give any reasonwhythe provision should be included
matter of expectations the reasonwhythe reaction to yesterday s
conviction is yet another reasonwhythe united states of america
likely to go one reasonwhythere is an exception for
sponsorship that is one reasonwhythere will probably be a
situation this year the reasonwhythey have not had a
that inferiority be a reasonwhythey should be treated wi
there is no logical reasonwhythings should be set in
however there is no reasonwhythis sonnet should not be
good example of the reasonwhytommy wants this bill to
that is the fundamental reasonwhywe all wanted the parliament
long term care the reasonwhywe are debating the motion
or tax the only reasonwhywe are not allowed to
until april 2000 one reasonwhywe ask for the drug
reason i don t knowwhywe got to this congregational
ministers that is one reasonwhywe have opted for the
involves huge sensitivities the reasonwhywe know so little about
term there is no reasonwhywe should not welcome it
but i see no reasonwhywe would want to reduce
is not the real reasonwhywendy alexander resigned the fact
that there is no reasonwhywhen it is clearly discovered
for no apparent reason becausewhywould i just because it-
erm there s no reasonwhyyou can t er write
information there is no reasonwhyyoung children cannot begin to
jigsaw f1107: uh huh m1108: whyan- f1107: on the back
need the ginger though m1108: whyare we needing ginger f1107:
f1107: okay m1108: [child noise] mamwhyare you making that ones
take off yer [?]backpack[/?] m1108: whybut i m hot f1107:
m1108: yum f1107: you kenwhycause raw eggs are nae
splash oot the sink m1108: whydinna f1107: because m1108: i
i love that song m1108: whydo you do you never
to kill the wolf m1108: whyf1107: because he wants to
the pocket look two m1108: whyf1107: because i see them
pan very carefully now m1108: whyf1107: because if you spill
s a bad cat m1108: whyf1107: because jess spilled th-
some f1107: not yet m1108: whyf1107: because we have to
canna touch the gas m1108: whyf1107: cause i dinna want
get it on ye m1108: whyf1107: cause i m nae
s swimming lessons tomorrow m1108: whyf1107: cause it is m1108:
gang to melt it m1108: whyf1107: cause that s fitt
are all running out m1108: whyf1107: cause they are cause
o that raw stuff m1108: whyf1107: cause you ll get
airms oot o it m1108: whyf1107: cause you ll just
right watch yer bum m1108: whyf1107: cause your breekies ll
sing it good though m1108: whyf1107: fitt ither ain do
drive tomorrow to elgin m1108: whyf1107: for swimming m1108: look
off yer bum again m1108: whyf1107: gently m1108: why gently
hiding under the bed m1108: whyf1107: [inhale] look but his
re in the oven m1108: whyf1107: once these gingerbreads are
giant in this one m1108: whyf1107: right well let s
and [censored: forename] s going m1108: whyf1107: well cause it s
m1108: why f1107: gently m1108: whygently can i play crash
s gonna eat grandma m1108: whyhe is f1107: he s
cause you nicked it m1108: whyi did f1107: cause ye
ve got aa stuff m1108: why[inaudible] can i get up
gobble her all up m1108: whyis he eated them f1107:
sugar f1107: oh mmhm m1108: whyis it soft f1107: cause
postman pat s cat m1108: whyis jess looking at the
ye m1108: [?]pooper knicks![/?] f1107: [?]pooper knicks[/?]whym1108: cause we- i m
i m getting [?]that stool[/?] f1107: whym1108: to shine at the
s bad for yer m1108: whynae too much throat f1107:
there s the handle m1108: whys he nee- why s
got syrup on it m1108: whys it got s- syrup
this f1107: do ye m1108: whys it nae got eggs
m1108: why s he nee-whys the snowman wearing a
i do this bit m1108: whys this got a hole
m1108: pour that in therewhywe f1107: no we need
we need a bowl m1108: whywe need a bowl f1107:
need a suppie milk m1108: whywe need a suppie milk
ll need the scales m1108: whywe needing the f1107: we
mum ll cut it m1108: whywill we cut it in
[whistle] [inaudible] m1094: [inaudible] f1093: whyare you whispering m1094: [inaudible]
like our roof now m1094: whybalam- wouldn t you like
for their lessons m1094: whywhydo they do their lessons
down the stairs m1094: whywhydownstairs but i ll be
manage to them tootie m1094: whyf1093: cause they re awful
pour out the water m1094: whyf1093: cause we re all
on monday remember m1094: whywhyf1093: go and have a
to the work tomorrow m1094: whyf1093: he doesna go to
a flag f1093: yes m1094: whyf1093: i like our roof
sit there sheet first m1094: whyf1093: [inaudible] m1094: what bittie
big for that window m1094: whyf1093: isn t she m1094:
in the bucket now m1094: whyf1093: it s all done
here f1093: just [inaudible] m1094: whyf1093: it s nice and
he s still there m1094: whyf1093: look m1094: [inaudible] f1093:
one eh m1094: yes whywhyf1093: make a nice big
t we f1093: [?]back on here.[/?] m1094: whyf1093: okay m1094: yes f1093:
take off your jumper m1094: whyf1093: over here who s
on your back [inaudible] m1094: whyf1093: pop it on your
your bed first m1094: [?]or what[/?]whyf1093: so it gives your
to take everything out m1094: whyf1093: start putting these back
up at the top m1094: whyf1093: that s it m1094:
pop it down there m1094: whyf1093: that s it now
his work on saturday m1094: whyf1093: the office isn t
cleaning out the fridge m1094: whyf1093: well it s dirty
your jammies on m1094: whywhyf1093: you going to get
to the toddlers yay m1094: whyf1093: you like going to
need to do now m1094: whynot a big bit f1093:
big bit f1093: mm m1094: whynot a big bit f1093:
play the game m1094: whywhynot do it again f1093:
of the bits m1094: whywhynot f1093: cause then you
don t get lost m1094: whynot f1093: well we dinna
after christmas m1094: why notwhynot go yet f1093: well
to playgroup after christmas m1094: whynot why not go yet
m1094: blue f1093: blue m1094: whys it blue f1093: mm
the door m1094: why whywhyto keep the heat in
give me your microphone m1094: whywhat for f1093: cause that
a nice big house m1094: whywho for whose house is
put it out already m1094: whywho s taked it out
in for their lessons m1094: whywhy do they do their
go down the stairs m1094: whywhy downstairs but i ll
playgroup on monday remember m1094: whywhy f1093: go and have
this one eh m1094: yeswhywhy f1093: make a nice
put your jammies on m1094: whywhy f1093: you going to
to play the game m1094: whywhy not do it again
any of the bits m1094: whywhy not f1093: cause then
close the door m1094: whywhywhy to keep the heat
f1093: close the door m1094: whywhy why to keep the
why is there an agreementwhya certain tense must be
yull tak orders fi zebwhyah ll tell yi why
pet bugbears is is iswhyare p- why are people
is is why are p-whyare people fat because they
you start to think wellwhyare you know why is
about why aren t theywhyaren t f814: yeah m811:
s loads of police aboutwhyaren t they why aren
day [censored: forename] m1090: why f1089: whybecause they are needing cut
on two prior questions iwhybother with literature ii why
why bother with literature iiwhybother with scottish literature literature
why not f1112: [inaudible] f1111: whycan t you lose your
why ah ll tell yiwhycause he s yur real
allowed on there f1122: whywhycause there s a sign
they do for me 3whycontact a committee 4 why
they did oh aye m608: whydid the american why did
m608: why did the americanwhydid the americans come to
was just curious f965: whywhydo you ask m964: because
strained due to current legislationwhydo you believe that why
maggie s here to agneswhydo you do that why
night right m818: what whywhydo you hate it so
t they m805: mm m804: whydo you know why you
why do you believe thatwhydo you think it is
t go why you meanwhydo you want it for
go in that hole whywhydoes this so a mess
why do you do thatwhydon t you apply don
i mean you know whywhyerm why po- english lit
nails the day [censored: forename] m1090: whyf1089: why because they are
stupid m1092: cause that swhyf1091: cause that s why
bath why f1111: mm f1112: whyf1111: it was maybe a
didna like in the bathwhyf1111: mm f1112: why f1111:
something will we f1112: whywhyf1111: would that be nice
grass in there f1122: whywhyf1121: cause there might be
creeping f1121: [inaudible] f1122: whywhyf1121: it s away [?]oh[/?]
why have you got thiswhyhave you got this out
f1089: yes m1090: [scribbling noise] [rustling noise]whyhave you got this why
hide i m like whywhyhide it s just rain
and you think but whywhyi mean i know you
why one of the reasonswhyi ve not been that
is eeyore s birthday butwhyis he so sad why
well why are you knowwhyis is there a division
[laugh] [inaudible] m941: is thatwhyis that why you ve
why is the vennel doonwhyis the m1015: what aboot
yeah yeah m1015: [laugh] m1016: whyis the vennel doon why
questions of the students aswhyis there an agreement why
the gym enter pat patwhyjilly why yi daein this
why f1091: cause that swhym1092: uh huh f1091: that
no i can t f1111: whynot f1112: [inaudible] f1111: why
that s to an extentwhyone of the reasons why
why there is resentment andwhypeople are saying this is
you know why why ermwhypo- english lit and politics
why is he so sadwhys he sad m1092: cause
gate s locked f1122: whywhys it locked f1121: to
f950: well yes but whywhyshould it be english the
you know other than englishwhyshould it be french why
why should it be frenchwhyshould it be german m865,:
why contact a committee 4whysubmit a petition 5 how
is why we cannot understandwhysubsection 2 of amendment 11
m605: yeah m741: er whywhythat is i don t
why we are here andwhythe petition is before the
the old scots why therewhythere because it just happens
is not hard to seewhythere is resentment and why
ll find the old scotswhythere why there because it
would like briefly to outlinewhywe are here and why
already covered it that iswhywe cannot understand why subsection
nae allowed on there f1122: whywhy cause there s a
i was just curious f965: whywhy do you ask m964:
at night right m818: whatwhywhy do you hate it
gonna go in that holewhywhy does this so a
then i mean you knowwhywhy erm why po- english
or something will we f1112: whywhy f1111: would that be
long grass in there f1122: whywhy f1121: cause there might
bird creeping f1121: [inaudible] f1122: whywhy f1121: it s away
to hide i m likewhywhy hide it s just
huh and you think butwhywhy i mean i know
that gate s locked f1122: whywhy s it locked f1121:
mmhm f950: well yes butwhywhy should it be english
it m605: yeah m741: erwhywhy that is i don
litter and things f1037: andwhywhy why would you stick
year eh m1128: no f1127: whywhy will we nae dress
and things f1037: and whywhywhy would you stick your
eh m1128: no f1127: whywhywill we nae dress you
went outdoors f1089: mmhm m1090: whywill you go out why
why would that ever happenwhywould sharp and lauderdale and
come back to trial butwhywould that ever happen why
about it why would theywhywould they have called the
if you think about itwhywould they why would they
things f1037: and why whywhywould you stick your gum
enter pat pat why jillywhyyi daein this jilly stops
why will you go outwhyyou go outdoors [paper rustling] babies
m804: why do you knowwhyyou like them would you
if ye don t gowhyyou mean why do you
is that why is thatwhyyou ve got so many
back in m1128: aye f1127: whyand was the water hot
on m1128: glasses f1127: andwhydo they need to wear
doesn t it m1128: ayewhyf1127: and fitt s that
did ye no m1128: nowhyf1127: can use that bittie
top o it m1128: ayewhyf1127: cause aabody kens it
i- up a rope m1128: whyf1127: cause he can cause
spiderman t shirt m1128: erwhyf1127: cause he has colour
up in the sky m1128: whyf1127: cause it does it
the breadbin there okay m1128: whyf1127: cause it s dan-
f1127: dinna kick there m1128: whyf1127: oh look i think
the icing can we m1128: whyf1127: right i ll put
knife like that see m1128: whyf1127: to see if they
turn roond a minute m1128: whyf1127: we ve got to
[censored: forename] f1127: [censored: forename] m1128: ayewhyher got a hoosie f1127:
garage f1127: a different garagewhym1128: aye i would like
new page m1128: aye f1127: whym1128: i d like a
argos book m1128: no f1127: whym1128: write santa s list
i ll sit here m1128: whymummy mummy f1127: and wait
toys m1128: no f1127: nowhynae m1128: i m nae
to mam m1128: no f1127: whyoh you ve stuck a
put f1127: dear santa m1128: whys it dear santa there
s ain m1128: aye f1127: whys that grannie s ain
toys aye m1128: no f1127: whywill [censored: forename] nae get toys
a [?]day[/?] m1128: aye f1127: whyye wanting a [?]day[/?] m1128:
this got a hole f1107: whycause it s a ventilated
is like [censored: forename] s f1107: whywas [censored: forename] like that before
make that bittie bigger [?]want to[/?]whyis there a window f1093:
it is difficult to understandwhya power should be granted
104 bruce crawford i understandwhyamendment 104 which is a
contentious i do not understandwhyan organisation that represents people
claim although we can understandwhyan outside narrator might what
and more difficult to understandwhydon t you adopt something
could i don t understandwhydon t you go to
heifers f1001: an we wonderwhyfolk dinna understand agriculture that
i can now understand betterwhyhe gets so passionate his
feet i can t understandwhyhe ran eh oh he
mr davidson you will understandwhyi asked that question mr
frank mcaveety you will understandwhyi need the inspiration i
the accident trying to understandwhyit had happened appalled by
it although one can understandwhyit might be appropriate to
that she can t understandwhymallorcans keep insisting that catalina
has taken time to understandwhymany people speak french here
with one i can understandwhymembers with constituency problems of
took part you will understandwhymr [censored: surname] felt the need
way i do not understandwhyseafarers should be excluded from
see her i cannot understandwhyshe did not have the
work i do not understandwhythat is so difficult especially
edgy i don t understandwhythe attempts are interrupted by
of me i cannot understandwhythe executive could not consider
i understand it that iswhythe measures failed will the
my colleague can t understandwhythe teaching of me and
so on pronunciation but understandwhythe- and how they check
understand that i just wonderwhythose discussions are always in
find it difficult to seewhyunderstand should have become the
trust that he will understandwhywe cannot support the bill
another bruce crawford i understandwhywe might want to do
all the same i understandwhywe must do something now
that i do not understandwhywe need a statutory instrument
f1112: cause i am f1111: whyare you scared f1112: i
bad bad people ah kenwhycause ah m bad an
cause i think that swhycause i think you put
just cause it s m819: whycause it s so m818:
m734: i don t knowwhyer cause i don t
on the window m1090: butwhyf1089: cause we just bought
in the bucket remember m1090: whyf1089: cause you broke it
i think m1090: [rustling noise] nowhyf1089: well cause then [inaudible]
re not having that f1112: whyf1111: cause we re not
all this things oot f1111: whyf1112: cause he s wantin
cause i m scared f1111: whyf1112: cause i am f1111:
broken f1112: uh huh f1111: whyf1112: cause the mummy one
ll hold onto you f1122: whyf1121: cause it s too
there you silly billy f1122: whyf1121: cause the golfers are
go under your bed f1122: whyf1121: cause there s no
in the water today f1122: whyf1121: cause you don t
f1121: no not today f1122: whyf1121: cause you havenae got
to cross there darling f1122: whyf1121: cause you re not
back next week then f1122: whyf1121: no cause you don
don t like hens f1121: whyf1122: cause i m afraid
but tell me again f1130: whyf1129: cause i mean if
pinch a cheddar no f1130: whyf1129: cause it ll stop
wig didn t i f1130: whyf1129: cause it was fun
listen to us speaking f1130: whyf1129: cause we ve got
dinna hear her speaking f1130: whyf1129: cause you dinna she
though f1129: dinnae it fi-whyf1130: cause i don t
home next wednesday f1155: hmwhyf1154: till sunday erm cause
floppy disks f807: oh yeahwhyf806: cause i d rather
f1104: yeah cause that swhyi love ye f1103: aye
no it s nae stupidwhyis it stupid m1092: cause
t f1103: are they naewhyno f1104: no cause they
f1118: i can t f1117: whyno f1118: cause all black
her in my hoose f1117: whyno f1118: cause i didn
bath m1092: no thanks f1091: whyno m1092: cause i me
m1092: [inaudible] my one f1091: whyno m1092: cause [inaudible] my
m1092: no helps you f1091: whyno m1092: cause you do
no nae just noo m1090: whynot f1089: cause i really
cause that s a m1090: whynot f1089: present tae you
granny s just now f1104: whynot f1103: cause mummy ll
the day f1103: no f1104: whynot f1103: cause we re
tinkerbell oot in that f1104: whynot f1103: cause you canna
t ride up here f1135: whynot f1136: cause they can
he s fast asleep f1104: whys he sleeping f1103: cause
go to the dentist f1111: whys that f1112: cause i
cause i reckon that swhywe all had good teeth
up and convinced masel causewhywould she hae i d
and then the milk f1130: whyyou need milk f1129: cause
hall i don t seewhya decent church going girl
m1161: i don t knowwhyactually i m no sure
i really don t knowwhybecause people would assume that
f950: i don t knowwhybut if it had been
biscuits i don t knowwhybut they were belgian biscuits
m804: i don t knowwhydid the skeleton go to
m804: i don t knowwhydid the stick go to
don t deserve our biscuitwhydidn t she wave messy
don t like them f1122: whydo you don t like
[laugh] f943: oh [laugh] [laugh]whydo you m944: i don
[child noises] f1111: watch watch f1112: whydon t f1111: careful it
back to festering stagnation againwhydon t i break out
didna [inaudible] [inaudible] on herwhydon t i put it
that one just now f1122: whydon t want f1121: i
m disappearin again ed lookwhydon t we all get
i ll be like yeahwhydon t we and things
and they ll come upwhydon t we do this
has a rest f1112: [?]maybe[/?]whydon t we go to
the class as a wholewhydon t we just clean
eh would that be betterwhydon t we persuade her
that s lucy and shelleywhydon t we play that
they love us stew dimpswhydon t we take five
you didn t want towhydon t we take that
other than the national theatrewhydon t we use it
ago do you remember f1071: whydon t [?]wow, machine[/?] what did
which is true f806: wellwhydon t you check it
were bored f963: [laugh] f965: whydon t you go and
the rest of them rowlandwhydon t you go to
are funny clauses into sentenceswhydon t you join us
last player still alive inwhydon t you join us
of coke f813: but thenwhydon t you just buy
exactly alone with ali gonewhydon t you just declare
eat it all anyway sowhydon t you just eat
said for god s sakewhydon t you just go
oops [censored: forename] breaks rock m942: whydon t you just have
so upset about the debtwhydon t you just pay
issue him with weekly rationwhydon t you just tell
go on [laugh] m1055: [laugh]whydon t you [laugh] f1009:
design what s that mummywhydon t you make that
m goin tae f1102: mmwhydon t you put that
another way i tell youwhydon t you take a
of ironing see portable carolannewhydon t you then sadie
off i don t knowwhydressed you look like a
i can don t knowwhyer mhm f718: do you
a drunk don t knowwhyf1054: mmhm m1004: i have
had to go away m1092: whyf1091: because i don t
don t like them f1122: whyf1121: because i don t
m845: i don t knowwhyf606: depends what age they
f638: i don t knowwhyf637: good tae ye she
i don t really knowwhyf806: mm f807: [inhale] it
people on f809: six peoplewhyf810: uh huh don t
but i don t knowwhyi call it sheep s
this i don t knowwhyi did it to this
and i don t knowwhyi did this i don
the academy don t knowwhyi didn t make new
year but don t knowwhyi didn t think it
eh i don t knowwhyi dinnae ca them it
school [laugh] it s probablywhyi don t eat any
gonna say that that swhyi don t go that
is k- which is probablywhyi don t have like
f958: i don t knowwhyi don t know if
f1122: mummy do you knowwhyi don t like f1121:
lot i don t knowwhyi pick up beastie and
parents used it that swhyi use it f1025: don
no i don t knowwhyi wanted braces and glasses
universe i don t knowwhyit s a compulsion at
f689: ehm don t knowwhyit s almonds though [laugh]
[laugh] don t really knowwhyit was alright it was
and i don t knowwhyit was either that or
i i don t knowwhyit was so hard to
f689: i don t knowwhy[laugh] aye it s like
[censored: surname] i don t knowwhy[laugh] she normally f1154: no
is i don t knowwhymost people have more [laugh]
beastie i don t knowwhymy daddy horse cuddles her
not going to bother andwhynot because i don t
the full time m608: nowhynot m1163: i don t
don t take prisoners carolannewhynot they do maggie oh
m959: i don t seewhypeople bother with it to
thing i don t knowwhypeople want f746: [cough] f745:
snooker table don t youwhys aa the balls in
f810: i don t knowwhyshe d want to go
so i don t knowwhyshe wants to stay in
liar liar kill the slimewhythe fuck don t we
excellent i don t knowwhythey changed the po- i
just i don t knowwhythey let this women deal
hand i don t knowwhythey they had a thing
but i don t knowwhythey were different [laugh] yeah
handed i don t knowwhywhere it come from but
i don t know m964: whywould they include unlucky charms
rose don t ask mewhyyou are andrew stuart macphail
men i don t knowwhyyou know they get a
quick an don t knowwhyyou wanted it in the
else will i draw f1112: whyare you not going away
for me drink up f1111: whyare you plouterin f1112: i
do f1112: ah [inaudible] f1111: whyare you taking that off
your head f1112: eh f1111: whycan t you us- lose
s f1112: i did f1111: whydid you not want a
it ll keep rolling f1112: whydoesn t it roll down
field beside your mummy f1112: whyf1111: because the mummy sheep
bear with her because f1112: whyf1111: i can remember when
no not just now f1112: whyf1111: you can maybe do
muscles look f1111: getting muscleswhyf1112: uh huh f1111: has
f1112: uh huh that swhyi m taking all this
me to do her oxterswhy[laugh] is she smelly f1112:
vest and pants yes f1112: whymm no her going to
friends tonight f1112: no f1111: whynot they re normally your
f1111: this is grass f1112: whys not going away f1111:
mummy one broke it f1111: whywas she too heavy f1112:
f1111: oh f1112: that swhywe can take off my
be there last week f1112: whyyou supposed splash splash splash
needs mair time dimps sowhyd did he git ed
life enter jilly jilly leewhydid dad die the wae
therefore you have to askwhydid f963: mm mm m762:
hen i know his kindwhydid fiona leave me what
that those inaccuracies be correctedwhydid he allow so many
leave bj stops her patwhydid he dae it lee
ever and ever f1104: nowhydid he nae wanna grow
would be making the decisionwhydid he not discuss that
assurance it made him uneasywhydid he not have the
absolutely f963: [inaudible] [laugh] f965: whydid he not want to
composition of verse in scotswhydid he write it what
wouldn t know about tankiewhydid i ask her has
looking out of the windowwhydid i ever think never
especially this evening oh lilianwhydid i no recognise you
i would never have startedwhydid i start surely i
each other today or tomorrowwhydid i suggest the registrar
didn t ye f1104: yeahwhydid i take a stoomie
be honest fiona but andywhydid i tell mournful you
range did it cover andwhydid it stop being written
through the hoose silence loriwhydid it tak the auld
a substantial amount of wordingwhydid it take so long
to lodge the amendments andwhydid it take so long
sacked him he s m608: whydid m642: too old m608:
to the minister given thatwhydid mr galbraith say the
the manner that she didwhydid she decide to resign
that there is a problemwhydid she go ahead and
noo dinnae be daft gordonwhydid she look at me
that information for four monthswhydid she make it public
were there that evening beaumontwhydid that drouthy skellum hae
there was a major breakthroughwhydid that organisation use that
although interesting are not urgentwhydid the chairman not use
fishermen to gain some marketswhydid the industry have to
that is in the actwhydid the minister for children
got another one m805: sowhydid the stick go to
always fraught with risk butwhydid the young salvador adopt
one and only john m608: whydid they give that to
m941: [laugh] f940: [laugh] sowhydid they no just live
in camouflage gear another storywhydid this aristocrat one of
cost neutral to local authoritieswhydid we go down the
simply note it dennis canavanwhydid we not receive the
ye took yer jimmies fitwhydid ye tak yer jimmies
ll stae this time jillywhydid yi dae it ma
forgive yi long silence jillywhydid yi let it happen
hus ti be strong jillywhydid yi noh help him
stands up grabs doll dimpswhydid yis noh tell somebody
problem with markers was continuouswhydid you accept the reassurances
to get your ain backwhydid you come back here
with me from the beginningwhydid you decide to come
my balloon it f1121: wellwhydid you do that f1122:
f606: did they yeah f828: whydid you drag us tae
didn t smack her f1117: whydid you hit her on
if you can beaumont lilianwhydid you no dae this
mrs beaumont james listen beaumontwhydid you no keep an
hauf an hour beaumont butwhydid you no tell me
daddy wis right aside yiwhydid you noh kill um
rowland is he in therewhydid you not say i
should be funded at universitieswhydid you single out msc
them f1117: atween smackin [censored: forename]whydid you smack her f1118:
b- brown f1103: mmhm f1104: whydid you [?]straight[/?] it back
it back f1103: eh f1104: whydid you [?]straight[/?] it back
f1103: turned it doon f1104: whydid you turn it doon
were called uh huh f814: whydid you want a gold
conversations took a lighter turnwhydid your friend robert spell
been f1027: mmhm yeah f1054: whydid your parents use that
with the tender documentation andwhyeach such bid did not
did you start going andwhyf640: er i started going
me did you notice f835: whyf833: she was like oh
explain to people in scotlandwhyhe did not cut his
rabbie burns did that iswhyhe is our national poet
the auditor general for scotlandwhyholyrood project management did not
that and grammar that swhyi did the dissertation f746:
the original question and explainwhyit did not do so
gray on 26 march 2002whyit did not give its
to ask the scottish executivewhyit did not issue a
we will ask the executivewhyit did not proceed in
and if it did notwhyit did not seek a
officers concerned could tell uswhyit was necessary officers did
pan a five minute wonderwhyon earth did she stay
committee for sir stewart sutherlandwhyon earth did the first
to work too hard georgewhyon earth did you agree
think well yeah we knowwhythat is but they did
berna gave birth to mewhythat was all she did
to the committee to investigatewhythe committee did not receive
we should ask the ministerwhythe executive did not support
putting fish in to cookwhythe hell did he not
4 45 a m andywhythe hell did you try
knew the names of everythingwhythen did she have to
like that i did wonderwhythey d put a very
this is a bit strangewhythey did that and then
did he bade yi daewhyti tak robby fur mah
you put it on [clicks switch]whyyou did put it on
brushing butterscotch f1103: mmhm f1104: whyare you brushing her f1103:
mm mm mm f1103: [inaudible]whyare you makkin a funny
might get a sweetie f1103: whyare you whispering f1104: because
swim in the sea f1103: whydo you ayeways hae to
f1103: aye aye f1104: da-whydoes daddy need a lot
grumble f1104: yeah mr grumblewhydoes mr grumble shout f1103:
f1103: nae the noo f1104: whyf1103: [censored: forename] must be goin
i go to work f1104: whyf1103: [inaudible] f1104: fitt div
pond f1103: eh no f1104: whyf1103: no just move it
shooders mummy f1103: no f1104: whynot f1103: because you re
watch it the day f1104: whynot f1103: we re gaun
disney game f1103: no f1104: whynot f1103: we re makkin
jasper f1103: mmhm [inaudible] f1104: whys ja- f1103: they were
dinna mark the picture f1104: whys she inside f1103: mm
she inside f1103: mm f1104: whys she inside f1103: well
nice flowers because that swhyshe s spring fever f1103:
and gave some answers towhya question on income should
however we should find outwhyand how that comes about
and he said to mewhyare you home you should
lecturer s sense of humourwhydear boy should we not
inno flitters afore ma eenwhyever should you of all
leaving promptly members may wonderwhyi say that i should
ye know [click] that swhyi say you you should
morag the little clype thoughwhyi should need a cover
should be complacent which iswhyi support the inclusion of
that extent and that swhyi think crime fiction should
mcgugan has done which iswhyi think that we should
well he should tell youwhy[inaudible] m1015: that s no
campbell we should also askwhyit has been made as
for bail i states reasonswhyit should be granted and
shank it isn t clearwhyknitting should be called weaving
pages i could not seewhymy cynthia and roderick should
argument that that is preciselywhypost devolution the legislation should
at his mother and wonderingwhyshe should be speaking with
that one is taken abackwhyshould a wandering minstrel who
if not set for battlewhyshould davidson use the line
be heid o the kirkwhyshould he an his bishops
parliament and to the publicwhyshould i bother with this
to today s debate butwhyshould i break the afternoon
contents scottish democracy in actionwhyshould i get involved 1
12 scottish democracy in actionwhyshould i get involved the
rumours spread about him butwhyshould i grumble about that
england and the forth ahwhyshould isis only see thee
state an naebody is helpinwhyshould it be ma cruel
applies to the person chargedwhyshould it be proved on
us tae respect it butwhyshould mr knight care a
while their parents keep themwhyshould not someone keep me
costs will be reduced butwhyshould not the degree get
1 saved before tax furthermorewhyshould people save at all
makes her quite old sowhyshould people want to celebrate
douglas also supports this viewwhyshould scottish standard english enjoy
damaskings of dark old goldwhyshould starlings wear leg armour
with the minister mr munrowhyshould the border rivers be
doesn t sink beaumont sinkwhyshould the indian girl sink
toe bones crushed fingers arthriticwhyshould the one be celebrated
and its budgets for examplewhyshould the parliament be charged
wherever he or she wisheswhyshould there be a seemly
restricted to their particular expertisewhyshould there be licences local
legislation should people be toldwhyshould they be told what
fussed over that but lostwhyshould they have bothered the
levy to the labour partywhyshould they pay a levy
t want to be honestwhyshould they they re adults
promised things wouldn t changewhyshould they we ll get
question to ask immediately iswhyshould this be [click] [inhale]
application should emerge later 1whyshould we bother with burns
[laugh] [third person in room laughs] because i meanwhyshould we decide that it
paper that analyses the reasonswhysomething should be changed and
minister i do not seewhythat should be ms white
minister we should ask herwhythat was not picked up
yes and we should askwhythe matter was not brought
matter i do not seewhythe sga should not be
ms white we should askwhythe situation was not noticed
behave in a civilised mainnerwhythen should a puir strang
life through childhood into adulthoodwhythen should learning about the
whether people should be toldwhythey had been under surveillance
mcgrigor there are various reasonswhythey should be treated separately
her colleagues were already wonderingwhythey should bother arranging private
it successfully they will askwhythey should bother to relicense
are writing in to askwhythey should invest in nicotine
the view expressed as towhythis should be so was
that there are good reasonswhythose should be implemented in
we should write to askwhywe should ask for an
the scottish executive that iswhywe should draw your comments
on the minister should knowwhywe should progress and how
as a result that iswhywe should remove the arbitrary
grahame i do not seewhywe should string this out
the oil companies that iswhywe should take item 6
s hardly needful to explainwhywe should thank the healing
an excellent presentation you askedwhyyou should bother i have
s crying can t thinkwhyafter the things she said
him i can t thinkwhyand i stepped in and
t hear the story sowhyare you drinking out the
these days where is shewhyask me you didn t
had a coupla days affwhycan t i have a
that roundabout f1135: [inaudible] f1136: whycan t i have a
44 for christ s sakewhycan t i smoke pot
said thinking oh dear heartwhycan t i tell you
hasn t got a thingiewhycan t she be a
baxter gave a derisive sniffwhycan t these foreigners use
spoke the more he heardwhycan t we all be
liar andy maybe i amwhycan t you go home
me a fresco like leonardowhycouldn t you draw me
fire as a feather scissorswhycouldn t you paint me
faut bit i feel guiltywhydidn t i smash their
park your car god damnwhydidn t someone say something
no sympathy [laugh] m1048: wellwhydidn t they take like
i love you saturday andywhydidn t you just shut
someone to see you ehwhydidn t you tell me
you can do the thingswhydivn t you i can
she wasn t a girlwhydoes she have to be
about things you feel aboutwhydoesn t everyone else there
he said next of kinwhydoesn t he come writing
few bubbles which quickly disappearwhydoesn t his pee make
his hands and arms aboutwhydoesn t the english language
can t go now f1122: whyf1121: we ll have to
all got cancelled ehm f809: whyf810: well i didn t
it isn t which iswhygorbachov s calling in the
late juan march in catalanwhyhadn t the librarian been
lock s not paralysed anymorewhyhasn t hurley lost any
long gone carolanne to agneswhyhaven t you been re
in the past that swhyi can t figure out
the whole m941: this iswhyi couldn t be a
yeah that s that swhyi didn t do any
that was so that swhyi didn t go to
him in half that swhyi didn t want to
wouldn t it and explainwhyi feel so bad grampa
in there and erm wonderedwhyi wasn t with [censored: forename]
protestant households didn t f718: whyis that is it because
fitzgerald instead too right grampawhyisn t her voice filling
f806: which which amazes mewhyit wouldn t work to
t matter and that swhymany students are a bit
shirt you know that swhymummy doesn t like your
no i couldn t sadiewhyno agnes sadie ll be
haven t got it sadiewhyno gordon i can t
doesn t look good f1091: whys that nae look very
yet isn t it f1122: whysanta f1121: mm f1122: where
go down the metro escalatorswhyshouldn t they monitor the
haven t quite worked outwhyso i wrote off to
harry yeuch yeuch lilian yeuchwhysurely it isn t is
couldn t think think thinkwhythat bloody photocopier was on
didn t ask our guidewhythen we went 500 feet
it weren t for mewhythere would be no robby
[censored: forename] s at school m1090: whywas he wasn t there
letter the other day askingwhywe didn t choose much
aware none were invited sowhywere you i wasn t
oanythin bit read it zebwhywon t she read it
m944: no she doesn twhywould she want to listen
m605: difference what is thewhywouldn t irvine welsh adopt
so you didn t saywhyyou didn t say no
neil how would i knowwhyyou didn t use it
didn t you is thatwhyyou ve got fat cheeks
hold on a second f1122: whyare we going can i
f1121: there you go f1122: whyare we going over to
fell again f1122: mum mumwhyare we going up here
look can you manage f1122: whyare we up this stones
up this way [inaudible] f1122: whyf1121: caravans f1122: no mum
allowed in there darling f1122: whyf1121: it s just for
cut across here darling f1122: whyf1121: look at that mannie
it s a bunker f1122: whyhas it got a rake
a bunker f1121: mmhm f1122: whys it called a bunker
mmhm f1122: aye green f1121: why[toy says 'let's play'] f1122: can we do
letter from the dominie askingwhya child was not at
could not be imposed andwhya pso could not be
name s not andrew eitherwhyam i here holden never
addictive unlike tobacco or alcoholwhyam i not allowed to
years i am not surewhyan additional 60 million is
not allowed to take ecstasywhyare the millions of britons
be closed [laugh] f1049: ohwhyare things not open twenty
months might not be appropriatewhyare you going down that
rowland deana deana yes rowlandwhyare you not coming outside
you nor the rain decaywhyare you not ecstatic the
no [laugh] no f943: [laugh]whyare you not pretty enough
substantial part of the boardwhyare you not seeking to
having an effect f943: [laugh]whybecause you re not inflicting
would like further information onwhyben wallace does not think
upwards we do not knowwhybut estimates for highers have
figures are coming out tomorrowwhycan the minister not give
do not fill it inwhycan we not do the
are faced with a banwhycan we not take away
need 15 health boards andwhydo not those health boards
that are already in commissionwhydo not we ensure that
to think about in futurewhydo we not invest in
gillian baxendine absolutely the convenerwhydo we not just include
problem of retaining trained peoplewhydo we not retain people
from people in aberdeen sayinwhydo you not like aberdeen
of it all lilian thenwhydo you not start telling
beyond our purview dr jacksonwhydo you not want to
not be the final versionwhydo you think that regulations
no then ben wallace nowhydoes labour not consider taking
has lost the argument sowhydoes not she quit while
having gone to that lengthwhydoes not she take the
a chick you said indistinctlywhyever not i snuffled for
and and and and andwhyever not the difference is
milk f1114: no no f1113: whyf1114: not yet f1113: no
think so not today f1136: whyf1135: it s a bit
the running of our affairswhyhas he not cut the
businesses south of the borderwhyhas he not given our
ingram south of scotland snpwhyhas the executive not allocated
s i am not surewhyhe is not here surely
what is this not obtainablewhyhe not obtainable you tell
minister for justice had saidwhyhe thinks we do not
does not exist that iswhyi believe it is not
related ppp scheme that iswhyi do not think it
must still addressed that iswhyi have not come back
fountains of tears not knowingwhyi know now i hope
[laugh] m944: that s notwhyi m saying going to
beaumont however that s notwhyi reproach myself this evening
m still not quite surewhyi thought engineering was for
is not hard to seewhyin his book on william
per cent is justifiable nowwhyis it not justifiable in
not move towards our positionwhyis the minister being so
of money is the problemwhyis the recommendation not being
to ask the scottish executivewhyit has not yet prepared
ferguson on 21 january 2003whyit is its policy not
to ask the scottish executivewhyit is not introducing a
this is not a requirementwhyit is not s1w 7687
pointed out a few reasonswhyit might not be a
and somebody explains to themwhyit s not as grim
no sure you might knowwhyit s not there but
stephen on 3 april 2002whyits education department does not
the amendments the question iswhyjoined up thinking was not
it not muesli mesli m942: whym941: because she was a
have not quite worked outwhymy party managers put me
you ll break it f1104: whyno but it s not
a leonard perry perhaps andwhynot a hairstyle to influence
in this respect the convenerwhynot ask it not only
weapons are simply collectors pieceswhynot ban all such sorts
wondering where he had gonewhynot billy slumped off to
an emotional charge as wellwhynot chat it over with
ways to deal with thatwhynot consider the money for
her as a human catapultwhynot dae that wi her
be seen with me jackwhynot deana you re an
and leiden i just thoughtwhynot dip into the scottish
stuffed it into her pocketwhynot eat it lena since
we re not quite surewhynot erm because i think
am i not the winnerwhynot f1118: erm no you
school f640: mmhm f641: nowhynot f639: [suck] i just
know i just i f806: whynot f807: yeah i just
vouchers for free i meanwhynot f810: but [laugh] iit
agree f951: no m865: okaywhynot f951: that s just
to 25 or 30 sowhynot go back to a
rises with her lilian surewhynot i ll lend a
chat it over with himwhynot indeed i wrote the
is going to detach itwhynot just put it in
keep talking about lead partnerswhynot just say do it
you have the opportunity thenwhynot [laugh] f978: you know
smart and progressive outlook thenwhynot let sports and cultural
yeah f643: uh huh f641: whynot mm f643: yeah i
packets of dotheboys doggie chewitswhynot purchase one on your
not asking for such paymentswhynot robin harper again that
this time and if notwhynot ron tuck the computer
november 2000 and if notwhynot s1w 2602 mr kenneth
december 1999 and if notwhynot s1w 3402 mr kenneth
agreed to and if notwhynot s1w 3438 mr keith
and whisky and if notwhynot s1w 4785 fergus ewing
such regulations and if notwhynot s1w 4786 fergus ewing
and revised and if notwhynot s1w 4812 fergus ewing
to local authorities if notwhynot tim ellis the provisions
in terms of information gatheringwhynot use the most comprehensive
their own purposes that iswhynot without reluctance and with
relaxation in our back courtwhynot work with us we
to have bilingual road signswhyon earth can we not
to ask the scottish executivewhyorganic egg production is not
write yet again to askwhypixc is not applied to
f1114: no [?]mummy's[/?] happy f1113: whys he not happy f1114:
put them under that swhysailors wore not not necessarily
i have not heard yetwhyscotland is such a special
finnie on 17 april 2001whyseparate figures are not available
credit when she told uswhyshe would not give us
police not your concern madamewhyspoil your holiday see shop
now not being silly preciselywhystill a virgin realised it
has not told the groupwhythat happened the letter that
recorded perhaps you could saywhythe amendment was not accepted
anything there are many reasonswhythe cairo trip might not
not gonna use it butwhythe hell would they m741:
gray on 26 march 2002whythe information requested is not
not a public health hazardwhythe nationalists want to revisit
raised with it we askedwhythe regulations do not prescribe
be made on demand andwhythe request was not made
of the rebate that iswhythe scots people do not
we also need to knowwhythe water commissioner is not
that one of the reasonswhythere has not been as
to make the concessions andwhythey do not appear anywhere
yeah m605: that s notwhythey re tryin to do
tendering process and i askwhythey were not raised during
offers of financial assistance andwhythis information was not provided
to be a swear wordwhywas helly not considered a
held things up miss goldiewhywas the loganair assessment not
but not the full distancewhywas the minister for health
about a tiered testing systemwhywas the question not asked
old lady might not knowwhywe are developing such a
useful to ask jim wallacewhywe are not following the
that are involved that iswhywe are not prepared to
not have to tell youwhywe are turning down your
petition i do not seewhywe cannot accept petitions in
commissioner is not included andwhywe cannot include service as
such an arrangement which iswhywe have not produced detailed
not enter it that iswhywe need an approach that
is one of the reasonswhywe need not only legislation
so i do not seewhywe need the amendment ben
wheeper in came to seewhywe were not at school
the census i cannot seewhywe would not do so
within a clear policy frameworkwhywill he not decide now
reviews and all the examinationswhywill he not make a
if it is that smallwhywill the executive not move
they have a sandwich whateverwhywould you not teach somebody
form m741: mmhm m605: sowhywrite this way and not
refused i am not surewhyyou have presented your petition
people coming and asking youwhyyou re not there [laugh]
overview and that that waswhyyou were not able to
philp i am not clearwhyyou would wish to have
which other students routinely dowhyare they expected to survive
in fine art art schmartwhydo artists models take their
the increasingly cluttered cyber universewhydo i bother adding my
campaign using uk national titleswhydo i need to bother
i kept a low profilewhydo i use clich├ęs and
with your own chairs sowhydo it it s like
is a plaster saint andwhydo mallorcans as well as
flexible hours that they needwhydo many qualified nurses choose
simple man modest and sincerewhydo people continue to whitewash
so embarrassed [inaudible] he waswhydo people wet f812: [laugh]
edinburgh chambers aitchison j 1994whydo purists grumble so much
is necessary for language changewhydo purists grumble so much
i told ye you rememberwhydo pussycats lick themselves f1124:
a decent standard of livingwhydo qualified nurses face often
no one has complained sowhydo so many people grumble
whose estimates i would backwhydo the liberal democrats believe
term care of the elderlywhydo the press know that
they always ask you knowwhydo they go to the
so deserving of his lovewhydo they hate catholics so
those applying for income supportwhydo they have to subject
who might require protection andwhydo they need it it
beauty of our aberdeenshire doricwhydo we despise the doric
a lot of unnecessary tradewhydo we export as many
of scotland officially m952: wellwhydo we hae [inaudible] they
there are no shakespeare supperswhydo we have the burns
taken in private ms whitewhydo we have to take
teaching hospitals throughout the countrywhydo we need 15 health
begin with a general questionwhydo we need a year
to everybody on the panelwhydo we need a year
the public values nurses highlywhydo we reward nurses with
local democracy against that backgroundwhydo we so often fail
will be reduced brian adamwhydo you believe that the
five m865: no i meanwhydo you call it primary
mrs beaumont begins to crywhydo you hae to be
caul f1129: a minute f1130: whydo you have to wash
it wereny for you rowlandwhydo you like to be
me a dream like fragonardwhydo you make each picture
chops [?]this morning?[/?] f963: [laugh] f965: whydo you need a takeaway
about with that daft whigmaleeriewhydo you no get yoursel
erm rebus hates aberdeen ehmwhydo you no like glasgow
put the light on f1089: whydo you put the light
is a nervous yes butwhydo you really want to
it is m805: yeah m804: whydo you think he s
loved you once truly lilianwhydo you think i m
effect seems to be dwhydo you think so many
estimate have advantaged their childrenwhydo you think that alex
getting some executive action furthermorewhydo you think that given
f1187: mmhm f66: yeah f1187: whydo you think that is
which is perfectly fair butwhydo you think that it
for a pot of coffeewhydo you think they love
a publisher in scotland ehmwhydo you think this was
text so it s m608: whydo you use that if
where you came from orwhydo you want this or
interview they said you knowwhydo you want to leave
what do you think andwhyfilleter i the fish have
far f1001: far aboot iswhyfit do ye mean m999:
emerging young writer was unboundingwhyhe kept asking do they
going to write about [exhale]whyin what ways do words
s okay that s finewhyis that do you think
m skint mmhm f1054: yeswhyis that do you think
to signify f631: i wonderwhyit s almonds eh do
phones no do you knowwhy[laugh] no no no no
do with pay that iswhylocal pay bargaining which has
ago but do you knowwhynow what s what s
to form a relationship withwhyon earth do you want
terrier make do i saywhys it only shark with
you go to your bedwhys that where do you
place clean peggy oh mawhyshe s paid to do
to do it that iswhythe solicitors were allowed to
bloody harder do you knowwhythere was a hell of
head do you think m1092: whyuh huh f1091: aw shame
cannot do that that iswhywe will implement the sutherland
sadie no ye didnae carolannewhywould i do it if
to play a jigsaw f1125: whyyou do one then f1126:
to do it that swhyyou ve got to say
he says well that swhyyou ve to do it
a position to tell youwhyall i can say is
no i couldnae tell yewhyaye just just exactly m999:
if so since especially inwhyexplanations instructions tell someone how
you can tell your motherwhyi gave you the strap
well i ll tell youwhyi m called nelson i
like to tell this poemwhyi write this paper i
happened ti dad tell mewhylee lee him low life
show leaves or blossoms tesswhynoh tell mi mithir you
were misleading and tell uswhyso that we could consider
an yur gonnae tell uswhystew come oan guy s
will the minister tell mewhythe less favoured area support
have received and tell uswhythe member is just in
chamber can he tell uswhythe press knew about half
efforts can she tell uswhythere is no signposting whatsoever
juist tell a deein manwhyweemin aye suffer less my
earth cammy jist tell uswhyyur frightenin stew doll just
so ed gonnae tell uswhyyur frightnin stew dimps holds
ah cannae help but wonderwhyah wis so graced does
spread of expenditure and saywhyam i doing this does
about a skeleton joke m805: whydoes a skeleton go to
there like that m1090: mmwhydoes appear like that [scratching noise]
than muckle and muckle luvandwhydoes drummond use english on
s [?]it[/?] when asked [laugh]whydoes he always talk about
has noticed she always noticeswhydoes he have to sit
he is a stranger otherwisewhydoes he need to be
makes him stripey f809: [exhale]whydoes he want a sunbed
four hours before bedtime thoughwhydoes it make such a
simply have relayed that factwhydoes it need to bother
different from other local authoritieswhydoes its scheme cost so
water f1105: mmhm m1106: mumwhydoes my favourite boat gets
troubled me quite a whilewhydoes nobody worship me i
to be a girl andwhydoes she have to be
majorica the largest island andwhydoes the church bell ring
the first time ben wallacewhydoes the eu feel that
own production source been calculatedwhydoes the executive believe that
is sometimes called for examplewhydoes the teacher suggest that
care for their elderly parentswhydoes the westminster government choose
ve been working f1104: wellwhydoes this doesna stay back
of page boy after allwhydoes titania show such resistance
the festive season and beyondwhydoes winding down for christmas
down we wanted to knowwhyhe was saying that what
m762: you know that swhyi made them drive by
the connotations and you knowwhyis black associated with death
be f835: i know sowhyis it made out to
i would like to knowwhythe private health sector is
rage who needed to knowwhywe had cut off her
person s position which iswhywe must know the truth
good as well that swhyyou know it s stoatin
an try and find outwhyyou know take an example

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