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seivin lenth up on thewhytesaunds he did that an
the sie slaistert onti thewhytesaunds he haed nae ship
a green knowe abuin thewhytesaunds o the forelaund an
an douks wi the breinginwhytehorses thay play thair fluits
greener springs langsyne the snawwhyteskinkil in the breingin linn
the snaw on the benswhyteas a muin atwein the
o coral that wes aswhyteas a snaw flake wi
masell macbeth micht kyth aswhyteas snaw asyde me the
sair jaggie thorns sherp anwhytebuson throu the snaw the
9 sang o the snawwhyteheids cho wen chun 1st
century sang o the snawwhyteheids oor luiv wes saikless
turnt the shop ruifs intiwhytejade an the snaw in
runkilt an hir hair weswhytelyke the snaw he shuik
snaw wes fliein lik thewhytesauch cotton this year the
mak awbodie feart what sojerswhytechowks servant the inglish airmie
yeir chowks whan mynes turnswhytewi dreid ross what sichts
the yallae springs whan thewhytesun gaed doun i the
bens doucelie ah steir awhytefeather fan wi an open
braw burds frae the benswhytefethers lyke the glisterin silk
this prince rydin a weewhytepownie wes a leddie unco
leddie i the touer whytewhytesittin bi the winnok bonnie
the leddie i the touerwhytewhyte sittin bi the winnok
jaiket ah maun finnd awhytefeather an a green leaf
the fulyerie it haed awhytefeather in its weing that
innit whyte and mackay m819: whyteand mackay [inaudible] m818: aye
that s hibs sponsor innitwhyteand mackay m819: whyte and
ilkane sittin on a mukkilwhytecolladie stane aw spinnin awa
gied ilkane o us awhyteserk ti pit on thorfinn
finnd echt months freist wundwhytean lael til the lest
the back end wund blawswhyteclouds aboot the lift the
wattir i the teimin rainwhytehorses skiffin afore the wund
what gars ye luik saewhyteaboot the gills servant maister
in a boat wi gretwhytesails an abuin me the
abuin i the lift twawhyteswans floats on the stream
out ah maun finnd awhytefether an a green leaf
meinits ye ve turnt fairwhyteaboot the gills enter natasha
decent corporate entertainment fac- facilitieswhyteand mackay in scotland have
ti save ye frae thewhytechrist gunlöd in desperation ay
yit wul ye deny thewhytechrist gunlöd never wul ah
hir door opent on thewhytewattir nearhaund the shakkin timmer
the north o the wawswhytewattir rinkin aboot thaim here
is kenspekkil unco strecht thonwhyteroad til the new berricks
o coral rosie or snawflakewhyteaw war gaen in a
me ma haffets haes gaenwhytewhit hae ah ti growe
the muinlicht leims cauld onwhytebanes from the chinese of
heich on a bouster owhytecloud from the chinese of
hir or hir hair iswhytefrom the chinese of wei
consumer council and dr grahamewhyteproposed by the institute of
consumer council and dr grahamewhyteproposed by the institute of
the cauld lift o septemberwhytefreist wyes doun the fulyerie
1209 the courtesan pink anwhytehaunds lik roses an rice
simmer s end a wheinwhytehairs haes kythed areddies on
the streets is happit wiwhytenae cairt wheels haes fylt
thare but a egg aswhyteas a snawflake an quick
north o the waw thewhyteesps thare hou they reishil
byde thare an alang thewhytefaemin landbrist at rowed in
cauld aw thair lane wiwhytebaerds an stiff banes an
auld ochone ochone for mawhytehairs thay hae cum ti
o weirin reid skirts anwhytemutches lyke afore thay war
day daws on runkils anwhytehair the taikens o the
langsyne ye gied til awhytehaired chiel the present o
hir siller hair an thewhytenutch wi the freil she
throu the mesks drifts thewhytebraith o dancers kikaku 1661
lyke an ye r weirinwhytean lookin fair bonnie sae
wure nae cleidin on hirwhytebodie but hir gowden broun
shouthers wes a blek anwhytechekkit shawl an on hir
in green aw but awhyteshort aipron an a blek
war hunkert doun on thairwhytechuckie stanes eydent wurkin but
doun for timmer in thewhyteesps the dowf wunds souch
she said it wes jenniewhytepeiticoat an said she wad
it wes ti see wiwhytesails set an reddie for
left but a haep owhyteaiss bi the tree ruit
is dernit bi a milkwhytescreen the imperial ceitie is
her hands tenderly ma weewhyteburdikin irena ye ken whan
in the rocks thole thewhyteocean this gray laund play
ah wantit ti daut yeirwhytelocks an gar ye forget
her fae the manager owhytes one o oor best
ti shaw a hert saewhytethere is again a sound
v whisper whyles adv sometimeswhytea white wi pron with
days an gurlie wi thewhytefaem clashin agin the craigs
even mairrie an auld dottiltwhyteheidit man irena here a
the wutch lookit at thewhytefether an syne at the
an leeve thegither in thewhytehouss whaur callum nou bade
carnival i know that chriswhytelectures to you on the
university of glasgow and billwhytedirector criminal justice social work

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