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alang wi that a videowia a different games he
wi thir the nicht alangwia bit breid says she
scots tung quaich competeetion alangwia copy o particularities o
certeeficate written in scots alangwia copy o the scots
he sweeps up addy alangwia fair collection o deed
haircuts bare roon e eesinswia heich mane alang e
back o e kitchen alangwia smaa roomie at hid
the lorry wis piled highwiairn pailins alang wi airn
high wi airn pailins alangwiairn yetts an aw an
as a main verb alangwianither modal verb this double
his ain efficient wey alangwibrither tam an ian mccron
you saw somebody walkin alangwicheap trendy clothes the day
studios in belmont street alangwicurly mckay an john mearns
tunes hoop dat s okwidee bring alang onybody else
giein hit up this alangwidirect interventions frae our narrators
on till e cairt alangwie aal hey an e
s buchan bothy ballads alangwiford s vagabond songs and
tae france for safety alangwifower ither noble quines aa
they wir govin an dumfounertwifricht alang wi the number
sailin alang in a boatwigret whyte sails an abuin
hawk an his hound alangwihim an gaed back inti
askit davie tae came alangwihim he hud kent his
fleance wha l be alangwihim is putten doun anaw
oniebodie brocht sic ferlies alangwihim the streinger leuch an
wad send ma prayers alangwihim they leave curtain end
cairrie the houss dure alangwihir on hir back ti
cameron whae hed muved alangwihir sister mrs paxton intil
up inti the tree alangwihir thay warna lang up
princess bad fergal cum alangwihir ti the laich kintrie
ken if donalbain is alangwihis brither lennox a m
bides in a box alangwihis cartridges he took me
his hert aye beirit alangwihis deid queen but the
mr mitchell an him alangwihis faimlie flitted i july
aw he didna loue hirwihis hert aye beirit alang
m plaesed t gying alangwihit evin if dis program
hurlin alang in yer motorwihunners o thochts gaun throu
be taught eh in alangwiinglis and you would hate
would be taught in alangwiinglis because if you re
jist ha e gan alangwiit jist like her da
tae sing his sangs alangwiither scots sangs a wad
the panser rummilt alang anwiiverrie myle tammas s sirkent
leid mair virr 83 alangwimakkin traditional materials in welsh
wes ti bring you alangwime ah think she wad
anfisa juist you cum alangwime ferapont spiridonych ma dearie
nou an ma sairvant alangwime shuirlie ye can dae
ye care ti cum alangwime sumwhar or ither ah
finn wul ye cum alangwime whaurever ah maun gae
the wulton i hawick alangwimonie ither ootbye focks whae
keingryke o fyfe at alangwipairth wes knawn as frie
ceilidh we hid thegither alangwis brither in law ross
up in the pairlament alangwiscots leitratur an leuk again
an sax stellates celestial alangwiseiventy an thrie stellates terrestial
richt in the scuils alangwisiller for trainin teachers in
abbeymaister an the priests alangwisindrie o the wardens an
but i m meltit dreepinwisweat he ll be alang
siller fell out an alangwit there fell out a
yow awa an aa alangwithaim bease ay yin hes
clivver philosophers ir fliein alangwithaim lat thaim theorise as
his mukkil takketie buits alangwithaim lauchin an skirlin an
he sang an daunced alangwithaim the rest o the
soud hae dee d alangwithaim ye mump owre things
o time an fowk alangwithair consaits gits aulder an
thair foremasts set up alangwithair liverin derricks it makit
a a tae himsel alangwithat a video wi a
if the byllies come alangwithat wee gem o information
him bi auld jude alangwithe antrin sang an tale
yet buchan sweeps ye alangwithe auld farrant verve o
we d tae get alangwithe barrae and get the
pit in the honey alangwithe bilin waater an wis
convent o st mary alangwithe fauch faced sisters that
whalps in asyde thaim alangwithe gowden baw an the
smell o caller fish alangwithe guff o paraffin fae
doun at the brod alangwithe ither guests whan the
gae intil the hatchery alangwithe lave o the human
an dumfounert wi fricht alangwithe number twae o the
haa an they gaed alangwithe officiars ti the chaumers
thair bam bam bam alangwithe rat tat tat tat
syne she laid it alangwithe reikin gullie in beatrix
knyfe an laid it alangwithe reikin gullie in moula
hung up on crosses alangwithe son o god but
the tour o lunnon alangwithe stane o skoun the
feinish he gae hame alangwithe twa dochters whaur he
juist hae ti mak daewithir the nicht alang wi
an she s cum alangwius for ti see if
craws an tak thaim alangwius mebbe the wul be
a lassie alang wir streetwiwee short legs an muckle
doun on the fluir alangwiye ah m owre auld
doun ti the grund housswiye an yeir sisters alang
hae sworn ti dee alangwiye as is oor auld
afterthought is fleance gaun alangwiye banquo ay yeir hieness
said ah l cum alangwiye brither for we hae
this poke o aipils alangwiye morag brocht thaim in
ye an yeir sisters alangwiye pit intil the thrie
no be expekkin me alangwiye ye d better gang
reek kythed roond the planewia crack efter thaim noo
a braw rid stame tractourwia generatour ti pouer thaim
bathers me for landin thaimwia mither lyke hir ai
ettil for ti mairrie thaimwia mukkil bul for a
use thaim unless he wiswia real boyfriend bit that
thaim aw wes than devoredwia shairp cut the baudrons
joco the baith o thaimwia tanner in his pooch
ti be wi thaim againwiaw hir hert syne thare
eftir we ve slaigert thaimwibluid an uised thair verra
seemed tae be stappit fuwiboats an maist o thaim
the mannie ti serr thaimwicaviaar an schampangyie frae the
war born til thaim bairnswigowden broun hair an saft
wad git on tae thaimwigreedy pootches ye ll ken
needle the needle is mebbewihim help keep thaim oot
thaim thai wuid be saufwihir nae maistres thai reponed
sae he tiggit thaim taewihis ferlie club an thay
did pittin thaim sauf awawihis hert fou o pleisir
steir up monie fauss quarrelswihonest fowk ti slay thaim
weim thay poured throu thiswiiain ahint thaim cairriein his
thaim inti a fantoush cahutewiivverie kinkeind o falderal sae
thaim whan ah m feinishtwima soup an pudden ah
siward up til the northwimaucht frae thaim an god
cless thrie ah hae thaimwime here puts them on
gied thaim breid an kebbokwimulk ti drink fur thai
the clachan twa smaw bodieswinae ill in thaim at
hir thrie dochters an thaimwinae man ti fend for
an sing thaim ti sleepwisaft sea muisic an whan
rinnin atwein fair green knoweswisheep hirselt on thaim ayont
rinnin atwein fair green knoweswisheep hirsilt on thaim he
haed thrie braw sons butwismaw fendin ti plenish thaim
on thaim an happit thaimwistrae ti beild thaim frae
stared back it thaim cauldlywisum o thaim it wis
at thaim at wesna comploutherinwitammas wuid be twyned frae
an she greined ti bewithaim again wi aw hir
airms an ran back herewithaim an aw the tyme
hame the maws cam hamewithaim an bid doon bi
he wes gled ti gangwithaim an he taen pairt
i ve certes hid funwithaim an i trust ye
sie itsell an he spakwithaim an telt thaim awthing
him for be in inwithaim as he expekkit thay
gaird ti hinner him whitwithaim aw sleepin thair lyfes
the auldest lassie s feetwithaim be in taigilt an
a bodie micht faw inwithaim divertin thairsells on the
lassie an hir jo whitwithaim fleitchin at hir even
thaim on an play abootwithaim for a wee while
that thae young fowk bringswithaim frae the hame an
o thaim ah coudna daewithaim fummilin aboot me moula
an poued him back inwithaim he sang an daunced
an whan finn met upwithaim he spiert at thaim
we soud hing aboot herewithaim it s no that
syne he gried ti gangwithaim it wesna that aften
language wis tae be englishwithaim lairnin tae speak it
coud e er be trustitwithaim macbeth a m rael
ti fleitch fuils nor flytewithaim malcolm wha the deil
angus we l meet upwithaim near birnam wud verra
the lift is fair blekwithaim nou a hae never
erosion hed tae stop therewithaim nou the same fowk
she s no seein oniethingwithaim physician what s she
clash him owre the heidwithaim sae ah wul morag
the twenes wul be saufwithaim thai r kin an
pairts afore jek is feinishtwithaim thay aw curse the
ah aye weit ma fingirswithaim the better ti draw
the leid maun stairt herewithaim they hae decidit at
a l hae a wurdwithaim they leave curtain scene
favours eftir hir first tissilwithaim thon laed the keingryke
brocht thair auld faither backwithaim ti byde in the
juist hae ti pit upwithaim vershinin but ah wad
saitin the deid is gaenwithaim we canna speak the
fowk coud unnerstaun am speiakwithaim weill syne ferr awa
thaim that thay dochtna sortwithair ain fairie herbs thay
amang the ithers an thaimwithair heids sneddit aff she
aw the proud mithers ilkanewithair sweirt laddies asyde thaim
ah coud daff an linkwithe best o thaim pompitie
hid tae hae anither wordwithe builders a telt thaim
mhairi wes verra near deifentwithe clash o thaim sum
cases this strang fowk feelinwithe leids gart thaim that
cases this strang fowk feelinwithe leids gart thaim that
thaim he wes that rousedwithe sea wutch he fleimit
ti ken aboot thaim whatwithe steir in here macbeth
reid as the holly berrieswithe sun sheinin on thaim
shakin his nieve at thaimwithe tither c mon he
in thair kilts an baithwia bawbee in thair pooches
hir wuts bot john speiredwia caum souch whedder thair
nature hirsell favors the tertarswia deidlie blizzard on thair
twa wee laddies divertin thairsellswia gowden baw til thair
doun ti rest fair pechiltwiaw thair faucht whyle the
wey it wis the noowiawbody juist uisin thair ain
gangin aboot thair daily dargwiblithsome herts the day the
faces war aw merk twibluid sae war thair bluidie
the war tylars rinnin awroadswibricht claith in thair airms
desertin him he s leftwiconscript wratches nou an thair
played an thair een skinkiltwidelyte but as he turnt
the gress is fair droukitwidew quynes in thair see
moutent awaw ti be fulledwieimages o thair faither on
linties bi thair chirmin thanwifell funk a spara gled
yett efter thair first salewifower pence jinglin in geordie
o thair ain sae chitterinwifricht he set tae ti
in thair hauns tae playwigin they re catch t
thair dirks aw gruesumlie slairgedwigore wha wi a lousum
s whit happens ti fowkwigreigorie s ill thair teeth
in aw the yirdlie warldwihauf an ee in thair
or sae mrs stavert badewihim oot yonder leavin thair
ower thair heids geordie stuidwihis een an mooth gawpin
thair mynds john wes vexedwihissel he reflekkit at he
wiss ti gain thair kestwiivverie syllab the volum o
ilka noo an agane anwimaist o thair weemin fowk
dout thair luifs war creishtwimukkil gowd the keing s
staunin thare in the doorwinaething but thair nicht gouns
wes aye tintin thair geirwisae monie fowk breingin about
an thair skins becam cuivertwiselkie coats o gray an
domesticated helping thair marrows ootwisindrie chores ithin the faimlie
drukken louns begowk thair trustwisnores a droggit thair het
the insides o thair windaeswistrips o sticky paper an
mulsintoun hind whae wir tharwithair ain horses the crack
gates the twenes wes unytwithair auld frein napier it
reivers hauddit the debaitabil launswithair auld leil saul bot
even sous is whyles guidwithair bairns he takes more
herbour efter they d feinishtwithair brekfasts an yince thare
tae evite gittin boggit doonwithair cairts laidit wi thair
hinds made thair wey hamewithair cairts laidit wi vittals
ti platch throu the dubswithair clydesdails an cairties thon
a bodie disnae gaun abootwithair een steekit the r
tae gang doon the valleywithair empie cairts bot fur
thay wul goave at yewithair empie een or ye
thay dochtna byde nae mairwithair faither the keing in
breingin about an tichin itherwithair feit lik jyvvirs at
retoured ti embro laein andrawithair gratiteid an guid pukkil
gemm this proggit the bylewithair harns clair o the
sittin on the frozen braincheswithair heids ablo thair weings
ay they wee nancy malkieswithair heids in the clouds
breid an a morsil kebbokwithair lest pennie piece an
doon wi thair cairts laiditwithair messages vittals an siclik
it s a diffrent maitterwithair mooths thair mooths it
ken they honor me faussliewithair mous an curse me
langsyne an fowk ti bletherwithair neibours i the causie
an winnoks o the kerrwithair neives mirren wes feirt
ingyne o the scotch naitiounwithair orra paix machines the
chrysants an parfume the wynewithair petals ma guidwyfe lykes
the back ay ma haunwithair plummy voices an safty
hir a bit of guidwithair poultices an potions no
the birks an the rowanswithair reid berries an she
roun tung takkit an pleyedwithair shuils junipere kent tho
sea maws ti wauken mewithair skraichin it wes gin
whyte as a snaw flakewithair touers an turrets glinkin
drink fur thai wes hungirtwithair traivellin suin the quastiouns
an airieplanes fullin the airwithair uillie reik the fauss
flouers blooms orchids an chrysantswithair wersh parfume ah dream
fock hed tae git onwithair wurk sae yid wis
men nithert an cruppen thegitherwithe cauld aw thair lane
thair pownies an reinged abraidwithe caw throu o youth
thair table an cairried onwithe crack juist as if
than thair menfock whae dailtwithe local schuil teachers anenst
thair heid wad ever middilwithe lykes o thee ah
pat in thair days playinwithe ramsh sea horses an
in thair prime tae helpwithe war effort but thare
thochts gaun throu thair heidswithe words haein tae be
but nou they ryse againwitwantie gulliegaws in thair heids
hame wi thair cairts laiditwivittals for baith bease an
in the mornin fair droukitwiwattir the flouers hing thair
the cauld aw thair lanewiwhyte baerds an stiff banes
upside doon ower een anwia bit o a wriggle
kye broon an fite eenwia braid collar roon its
staled luive affairs are postmortemedwia cauld een in morning
ilky een cairryin a pottiewia cloot ower t fitiver
an his een were alowewia hellish glee gang furth
only een at the socialwia perm fitever i smell
geed een anither a cropwia sheers or clippers boys
ir a ll shuit eewiat gun stellin hir een
five degrees an ilky eenwibaith haans up haadin eir
mukkil selkie goavin at mewiblearie een as gin it
vision tae ma inward eenwiblessins on the grace wha
heid wis bruised an mattitwibluid minnie s een flichtered
white broued gowden haired baistiewibogglin een cam breingin out
a muckle white broued baistwibogglin een cam breingin out
e big flanker an eenwicup marks on t fit
haand da een i writewida een at used ta
een whit s gyaan onwidat mam phoned da number
165 neil luiks at kirstywidifferent een she was unknown
luck whaur een wid vergwidreels an dooks da mastic
speak his een grew roundwidreid an he began ti
yallas een at a timewie click in either han
e bird watchers ilky eenwie heid at an angle
fairms gettin smaaer an smaaerwie perspectives as yer een
three cross pieces an twawieen an twa sprays o
blethert an held a hyzewieen anither as ma faither
comes in gangs awa hamewieen four year old sammie
rairs the marischal an mewieen in ma heid e
open kintrae an the howkerswieen in the back o
o a bairn s nivwieen ir twa dark kinna
whanever ye see a wummanwieen lyke yon look oot
sooth foo everybody sits waakswieen o dem clappit tae
hae it a land roverwieen o jonsar eck s
aifter e beas ilky herdwieez faimily at een o
hid bin ower an danewiefter the last een aa
legs an look aboot emwieir een dark broon nae
mair pairs against een anitherwifit wis scythet ye d
wi flat yalla beaks eenwifite skinnies ower em e
up till fower gorblins warmwiflat yalla beaks een wi
quo minnie her een dauncinwiglee ay bit thon wisna
men tae look ye owerwiglowrin een ye re far
ye the queen regairdit himwigray gled s een for
the fireside her een swalltwigreetin takk yer twa bairns
empie een or ye chitterwigrue an fear an ye
fur deein foonert an fooshionlesswigummy een an pains in
war gray whit wes wrangwihir een eilidh she haes
unbienlyke craeturs he coudna seewihis ain een for aw
puddok luiikit at the princesswihis bricht bricht een an
juist goved up at mewihis dear wee een the
an regairdit the yunget princesswihis glowerin een an she
garrin him howk his eenwihis nieves an kick wi
bou an syne he waititwihis sherp een quaetlyke or
staunin humfy ower a burnwihis twa een bleezin he
luikit at the proud lassiewihis wee bricht een an
bronze o a peerie chielwihis whussle an his een
doot es een geed hamewiits booty maybe tae feed
by the wee yalla idolwiits emerald een jist the
bin thrawed glowerin at themwiits queer yalla een its
table frae its slit eenwiits sherp wee cuttit teeth
ah see the yill housswiits theikit ruif ma een
een an wanderin the streetswilit up tumshies guisin at
ti forget whit ah sawwima ain een ah l
didna see moula dae itwima ain een ah wes
een is oot o kilterwima ither senses but mebbe
ruif ma een ir filledwimaimories lik wyne from the
een at used ta coordinatewimi left haand owre a
twa classrooms side be sidewimixed classes in ilky een
twa craiturs wis lik bogleswimuckle big heids bumflie een
up like a grey wolfwimurder in its een the
wifie says i seen themwimy ain een efter jonsar
awa afore men s eenwineer a speugie tae be
news wi yon een anwionybody that wid spik tae
a time pause work fiwiopened oor een ti wi
room glaisses like their mitherwipale blue een like a
his paws his wyme stappitwiparridge his een steekit breathin
een his een cried tamwirunkled broo whit mortal uise
the deid are walkin eeriewirypit stars for een a
staands mi laad mi lovewisadness in his een dat
s dochter s een filledwisaut tears but she liftit
poe faces jerk tae lifewisearchin een seek oot their
wi opened oor een tiwishut thum an him an
auld wumman suin kythed anwiskinklin een spiert at hir
een stertit tae feel blinwisleep wis this whit it
rails tae send us owerwisteikit een we dover deep
fitba a leather een stuffedwistrae the dog an him
to gley at our taletellerswisuspicious een ae wey o
ill an her een fulledwitears kennin naethin o the
an ye can see naethingwithae glowerin een l macbeth
een luikin ootower the kailyairdwithe bruce scornparks raxxin ahin
stoppin at een an awawithe dawin mair as hauf
wee yalla idol o ganeshwithe glentin emerald een it
wi the bindwuid ay beltitwithe leddy fern een hauflins
till his een got yaisedwithe licht at the fit
forget the deep rich voicewithe old bog road een
that greeny frock the eenwithe paisley pattern sudden memory
onymair afore they streakit ootwitheir derk een glazed an
the blinfaulds war wheeched affwitheir een nae adjusted tae
was the rule first eenwitheir han up got to
her his een war steekitwitwa pennies his hauns faulded
pale hinney streakit wi broonwitwa sherp preeens o een
hadd he crossed da wartwiweepy een au clagged an
ye wis ready tae gowiyer pair een on ilky
his time haein a newswiyon een an wi onybody
an gaed aff wi hirwia blyth hert thegither the
flaitit intil hir memore thanwia cauld grue shae mynded
passed an she gaed abootwia face on hir that
hir doun frae the cuddiewia fauss smirk an a
he licks hir ilka daywia leather strap the puir
she sent aff hir pagewia letter spierin him ti
hir man s pet tortoisewia spade kis he peyed
hou shei yaised tae pleywiaa hir pith ae tait
chin i hir luif quaitliewiae leuk o pleasure on
neded ti ful hiz buffswiair shae waggit hir finger
best she micht an hirwiamaist nae braith left in
hir wullint ettle tae identifiewian integrate hirsel intil the
border on hir lei lanewianerlie twa wie pokes the
til him an shuik himwiaw hir micht but the
lik a nurl o icewiaw hir pingil throu the
hir it s aye sairwiaw the haurd wurk ah
spinnin jennie an flang itwiaw the micht o hir
ruth stak the button dounwichowin goum an suin hir
o hir war fair cuivertwiderk skurls an sair skartit
nou feirt sae she saidwifeim in hir vyce you
seik ma lord as truibiltwiferlies in hir mynd that
whan oot cam jennie chitterinwifricht frae hir hydie hole
nou meg wes sair wearitwihaudin the dure on hir
andrae canna be in luivwihir ah canna credit it
hir rydin on a naigwihir ahint him an feelin
ti be ower taen upwihir ain thochts to irena
back past the garage doorwihir airms fou o eldin
the prince wes weill pleisedwihir an he said dae
thare an fell in luivwihir at aince but she
hir an fell in luivwihir at aince he wesnae
day ah dreme ah imwihir at nicht anaw ah
a bit o an affrontwihir auld duds hir chowks
mercat square yowlin an skraichinwihir auld raggitie duds bleizin
doun on the knockin stanewihir bairn on hir knee
uh huh crucified eh aweillwihir be in a christian
dochter haedna wun roun mewihir be in sae bonnie
hir hame syne she luikitwihir begrutten face this wey
knicht wes fair taen upwihir bewtie an afore verra
he wes that taen upwihir bewtie he kent he
the wattir wes siller treewihir blek hert an ae
mither an hir yung againwihir bonnie heid o thick
notion o whit s wrangwihir but mebbe she l
hir caller blue mornin gounwihir croun o broun hair
wul you stap fouterin abootwihir dae ye want hir
whyle she is cairriein onwihir day s darg in
wurkin wuman juist sat yonnerwihir elba on the buird
maimorie sers mei richt badewihir faimlie i yon heychesters
s never gotten on weillwihir faither eilidh ah m
haed ti cum hame anawwihir flesk tuim an nou
dae whan ye meet upwihir guid fortuin til ye
nou luik she s rubbinwihir haunds lady that s
canna think orm na nowihir heid but wi hir
no wi hir heid butwihir hert that s hou
carrie on ae crack conversationwihir is oo shoutit til
havin an ti be unytwihir kin ebenezer pit his
hir name wes mhairi anwihir lassies she keepit awthing
tree an gruppit hir tichtwihir left airm syne wi
she s cummin back herewihir man in a day
ootby in the caller airwihir man lauchin an liltin
ettin s dochter jyned inwihir man mercie faither she
the nicht ah l daelwihir masell the morn you
eftir bydin twa thrie dayswihir mither an faither meg
ae dochter cawed jennie butwihir mither diein whan she
gaed ti embro ti colloguewihir mither shae telt hir
hou yeir faither pits upwihir moula ah dinna ken
l hae brocht the wattirwihir nanse ah dinna ken
hou wei dancers wur mellinwihir pleyin it twal ear
shae swang at tam swihir poke bot he manished
littil broun princess she badewihir prince athout fasherie an
wi hir left airm synewihir richt haund she tuimed
nunnerie sae she sat dounwihir roke an tryit no
pass the tyme o daywihir sae ah div ah
pass the tyme o daywihir sae ah div pompitie
d ken hou ti daelwihir she d feel the
but the lassie hut ootwihir shewin an lyke afore
saicont dochter wes sittin tharewihir shewin waitin for ti
luik eftir hir an playwihir siller tree wes hir
maircht on this gait thegitherwihir styterin ahint him an
a sheep whit s wrangwihir the knicht goes up
the mukkil horse stoured awawihir the same gait an
gey sherp lyke richt aneuchwihir tung eilidh she s
up hir mutch croun anwihir twa haunds fauldit afore
bade i the boddom cottagewihir twae sons stewart an
kittlin gaed in an lickitwihir wee pink tung first
suin the wurd she brochtwihir wes aw round the
a braith o caller airwihir wey o t but
yungest princess an gaed affwihir wi a blyth hert
broun princess wes fair deivedwihis gitrnin at hir an
wattir an awa she ranwiit ti whaur hir guidman
in hir mukkil gowden bedwiits bowster o saft rose
frae the roke an madewiits heid for hir ti
up ah want ti bewima mither an hir yung
skelpit hir aboot a bitwima nivs syne poued fower
hir haun ye hae meitwimaistres stein ma housskeiper an
an ah taen hir hamewime ma mither is a
hir tyme bydin at hamewime nor trauchlin aw the
no be bringin moula hamewime ye can tell hir
hir breists ir aye fillinwimilk from the chinese of
aince a bonnie yung quynewinae ill in hir sobbing
chappin midnicht areddies an hirwinae meal for the morn
ti mairrie me an hirwinae tung malcolm for the
sae inglis an junipere fleitchitwinapier ti finnd hir dochter
best o ma knowledge badewinellie an hir muther auld
o a puir weidae wummanwinever a bawbee in hir
set aff on hir gatewirydein geir mountit on a
sie ein mirren wes fouwisakles pleisur an foryet hir
thocht cam til hir thatwisiccan a ferlie she coud
wes left aw hir lanewismaw fendin littil gear haed
that hir dochter wes creditedwispinnin murdo wes weill pleised
skreivit on hir saul anwisum douce drug lowden hir
she taen oot hir poutchwisumthing lyke eyl in t
dug nixt maistres stein incamwitay an telt hir no
hir dues naebodie wad quarrelwithat eilidh ah m no
be guid til hir anwithat he gaed his wey
an hir faither s insnorlwithe administration o the snoot
for ah saw hir ootbywithe aix in hir haund
for ah saw hir ootbywithe aix this mornin sae
telt ye o an saewithe bairn in hir airms
bairn lyin in hir airmswithe bluidie gullie lyin thare
lyke ti burst hir heidwithe clash o it an
hir whan she wes thrangwithe denner an telt hir
hir haunds sair an whitwithe ettin cummin i the
on the pad asyde hirwithe hanks o threid in
hir she wes nou chairgedwithe ither ill deeds i
saw hir moula is herewithe knicht hir man an
mixtermaxter i hir brief cacewithe messages coft frae the
nae tyme in rinnin hamewithe praiciuss threid owre hir
bade in a graund touerwithe prince hir man the
thegither an bent in twawithe rheumatics hir gizz wes
slipper he tryit hir fuitwithe slipper an here it
frae daith s cauld cleukswithe wairmth o hir ain
she haed begunkit hir guidmanwithe yairn hir faither we
back the war a weidaewithrie dochters o hir ain
said an she cums upwius thraw ane o hir
fill up hir kail patwiwattir an pit a mukkil
ein puir mirren wechtit dounwiwirrie ower hir dochter an
or twa aboot e northeastwia baikie in e crap
your mind get cairriet awawia bonnie thocht or twa
o trees shrubs an girsswia branch or twa a
flet wis grained an feinishedwia coat or twa o
twa days syne at nuinwia docquet ti say he
an twa younkers cam benwia dug maistres stein mirren
brig on the park anethwia fit in twa warlds
man ye ll be finewia gless or twa ilk
thir twa novels in clesswia group o hormonal adolescents
twa sells warm an bienwia guid pikkil meal in
back o e toon anwia gweed wash an twa
tackle came back tae earthwia jolt an as twa
movin ana day is drywia licht shoor or twa
5 12 richt fine daywia licht shoor or twa
day dis blaw maistly drywia licht shoor or twa
temp 6 15 maistly drywia lichtsome shoor or twa
12 affa het an sultrywia midge or twa oot
sauch rin wes weill kentwia mouthfu or twa tammas
warld a skyrie dowie dyeukwia neb an twa flat
temp 0 3 rare daywia oor or twa o
bit the twa jeannies eachwia pail o peats an
admiral twa geisha sleeves jynedwia pitmirk preen the wippit
nae surprise gey raw daywia shoor or twa shoors
game birds were sent packinwia shot or twa fae
1 16 dry warm morninwia spit or twa be
wis aye twa men gaedwia thrashin mull tae gang
denner time sultry an hetwia thunner plump or twa
o twa bits o stickwia tin band roon them
an chitterin faither cam ootwia twa three lines o
gubs the twa o yewiaa yir blawin about the
even mair thon wis coorsewiaiberdeen plantation jist twa miles
twa cushions on e seatwian aal cover ower em
o the dyke twa fauldwian auld tin pot the
inno the faulds o twianely their twa wee nebs
up wi pool cues alongwianither twa laddies an they
3 16 cauld an barewias hoor or twa o
ither twa puir lassies fellwibastard bairn at least ye
colour o pale hinney streakitwibroon wi twa sherp preeens
possession twa o s scrapbookswicuttins o his early wark
dey wid jöst carry onwida twa families sharing smootie
the twa ensigns answert himwidod but ye re brazent
an twa sprays o catkinswie heids still on likely
there begod wis twa snailswieir bonny strippit shallies linkit
twa jist canna be deenwiem ata friday 18th temp
competition an so the twawiequal voice proclaimed their love
croon fur trust wis tintwifire blinnt fin thon twa
thrie broddit twa edged billwifower bores an echt virls
him twa faces aa broukitwifower streams o tears you
be duin but the kinchwigittin onie less nor twa
we were weel happt upwiheavy jaikets twa pullovers an
steps twa at a timewiher lang buttoned beets cottar
spring tide piracy weel haunditwiher scoldin short ersed twa
them their needfu fendin saewiher twa guid dochters she
guidman sae she yede awawiher twa guid dochters tae
deed and she was leeftwiher twa sons thae sons
in her widda s weedswiher twa unmerriet dothers ikie
he an unco strang forwihis ain twa haunds did
awa tae bide in moabwihis guidwife and twa sons
at dan buoy wiz poorwihis hands eh twa chiels
cuts a wurm in twawihis spade whan he is
county muntit on his powniewihis twa ensigns at his
gress green knowes again pouedwihis twa haunds his ship
tae the hauf hangit megwihis twa pals a thursday
geordie wis thrang an awawihissel pickin twa three bleck
but a warld men sharewiither fowk twa gif its
fleein oot on twa wheelswiits blue licht flashin an
s mowser s broon betsywijist a twa three fite
twa o them hid beenwijonsar eck jonsar pinted oot
gap atween twa sundert sowlswilourin silence up abune as
s room faar e sleepitwima twa brithers fit wye
i did hae a camerawime i hid my twa
hou lang hae ye beenwime nou ringan ringan twa
ither again we claucht itherwioor twa begrutten faces sae
wis gowd an he wiswioot twa facin a body
aixe replaced their reeshlin leaveswisilence twa jewel boxes ryped
twa clears up later onwisin sae braw saturday 20th
temp 1 1 howlin galewisna aboot twa fit deep
haein a dram or twawisome o his auld freens
twa clears up later onwisome sin ana friday 10th
twa clears up at nichtwisome sin sae braw friday
an weet in the insidewisweat twa oors it felt
ma generation a grew upwithae twa languages in ma
alarmed wutch twa thrie steikswithat an yeir dream wul
a len o ye anwithat he flang the twa
roar i wisnae sleepin jistwithat the twa jeannies disappeared
them a lick or twawithe back o the graip
fine trim nar twa faulwithe bellyrive nae vexed aboot
fendin thae twa days bypastwithe dram drinkin lads sae
knowe atween twa fig treeswithe green voice comes homer
peerie an wattie esson himwithe muckle lugs an twa
wummin s moo caad cruikitwithe palsy as the twa
fur twa miss vining leftwithe planter an the road
twa exemplar cairds a posterwithe prices we chairge you
day or twa o sunshinewithe rise in temperature gaurin
mary farquhar fae the grovewithe twa lassies gladys nae
o barratrie furby the jiggeriepoukeriewithe twa pansers begoud ti
sheet o licht blue glesswithe twa paps o inchkeith
back at mick an wullwithe twa polis inside five
brass poker in his haundswithe twa rubber tubes fixed
final dna tae be fusedwithe twa species lizard an
bide in the grove gladyswithe twa wee quinies she
eck yoked a strae forkwithe usual twa taes this
bannocks and the twa speldinwithe whilk jesus fed the
jacuzzi an twa single bedroomswitheir ain lavvies aff syne
gied a lowp or twawitheir legs tho their necks
twa laddies wis fair awawithirsels as they walked oot
o twigs three o themwithree cross pieces an twa
wi the ae haund butwitwa ah can lift twa
bittie worried aboot it copinwitwa bairnies at the same
hed a double frontit shopwitwa binks an hingin abune
last fix syne stytered hamewitwa cairrier bags yarkin baith
pig in pokey wee flatswitwa chairs an a sofae
muckle breet o a thingwitwa fly wheels an man
that rubber toy sowpin usquewitwa friens bidin the snaw
researchers worked for a twalmonthwitwa groups o italian primary
it on the bank thegitherwitwa guid seatroots that we
i sall speak o twitwa heids ane we leeve
aulder neil hid anely sleepitwitwa ither quines afore jenny
bit sham faced whuspert szkozjawitwa izzats did ye nem
roun as champit chillie pepperswitwa lang scarlet windaes i
o his frame he smileswitwa mauve lips like coconut
metaphor an metonymy are linkedwitwa mechanisms o repression that
wis bund ahint his heidwitwa meiklemuir rings o plaitit
carlyle jyle it wes tammaswitwa mukkil buists heir ma
bushes en covered the plasticwitwa or three barra load
end there wis nae scorewitwa or three meenits left
i carlyle eftir collie foxinwitwa reteired almerals a turr
o a car startin hannlewitwa revolvin widden hangrips an
he cam across a lassiewitwa sheltie pownies she had
man ah im richt aneuchwitwa sic lousum weimen aboot
ronald wis like a dogwitwa tails an efter anither
moss jist like a dogwitwa tails jonsar eck wis
neep an leeks a butcherwitwa teeth stauns knife in
foo we eesed tae stervewitwa three lumps o coal
dae when a motor lorrywitwa three workmen an some
an franco the belgian bylliewitwa walkie talkies heidit for
later an i wis backwitwa young polis baith a
twa o s held thegitherwivelcro an in the middle
wis surroondit on three sideswiwatter anither twa fit an
twa muckle black crosses ootlinedwiwhite aneath the wings o
his twa young chaumer lounswiwyne an whan they ly
a year for twa minuteswiye dreich an drear the
kimmer a hae sutten upwiye for twa haill nichts
the twa o ye awawiye nou an redd up
d shairly catcht me anwiyer pattle twa guid spanks
decry it try it chipswia sauce spurt some fowk
in fowk s presses whyleswia stranger fowk micht try
fowk hid covert e openinwia widden lid ere wis
foxes hiv condeetioned e fowkwiaa es rowin up o
owre aa syria and fowkwiaa sort o malice trachlit
alsweel for ye lade fowkwibirns gie ill tae thole
peely wally fowk in herewidizzens o different bugs aathin
smaa fuit fowk an synewidrums bangin an gongs dirlin
keepin fowk up ti datewie news wis it tryin
fowk haes ti pit upwieilidh ir the nae sign
new fowk ve deen awawiem at eir side it
things cheenge an e fowkwiem at s me aff
aafa fine fowk tae bewiey couldna dee enyeuch tae
the coortyaird wes fair thrangwieydent fowk the war tylars
fowk said ey were impressedwifit alexender holmes hid deen
an weemin thare aw thrangwifittin oot the fowk that
wis a kind o traditionwifood tae some fowk juist
car park wis fer foowifowk an cars noo this
laed ahent richt eneuch botwifowk at l nourice ye
ills o this birlin planaitwifowk bamboozlt and dumfounert and
ills o this birlin planaitwifowk bamboozlt and dumfounert and
in a sair disjaskit warldwifowk discomfist by aa the
in a sair disjaskit warldwifowk discomfist by aa the
same fin ye re crivvedwifowk in a hoose an
the music haa war thrangwifowk in festive mood in
the sidmooth sea is stappedwifowk like aipples dooked at
bit the kirk wis reaminwifowk on the sabbath ben
that ah m no uisedwifowk sayin na ti me
in 1950 the area blackwifowk scalin oot o the
eh is there a chyngewifowk the noo eh certainly
the fremmit and nae companionrywifowk wha dinna belang tae
see it wis jist bizzinwifowk wirkin aroon t in
an e loss o timewifowk wytin idle at e
dicton oursels alane nae merridgeswifremmit fowk ill wull tae
s plays are gey historicwifunny fowk like lear an
wis aywise welcome bi fowkwigairdens fur bringin on roses
the fowk that cam inwigas masks an then fauldin
o fowk s intimmers furwigey fyew o them deein
the feck o the fowkwigey pickle status it is
the feck o the fowkwigey pickle status it is
coorse the wa wis biggitwigless tae let fowk see
wis aye sendin fowk dounwigowd or siller for shi
o the speerit a tulziewigreenyoch mushinfu and sleekit fowk
m fair worn oot awthegitherwihearin fowk speak even on
were willin tae pit upwiit fowk were seen on
lord clerk wis that mistelltwiither fowk s claik at
though i scutter on finewiither fowk s languages it
ve a group o fowkwilittle or nae scots ava
clourin fowk owre the heidwima mukkil stick ah need
no nicht an in commonwimaist fowk it wis the
ain fowk but ruth biditwinaomi atweel quo naomi yer
lift an fan oor fowkwinitherin northern cauld noroway himsell
it s such a sinwino fowk tae see it
the ither news o fowkwinorth east connections includin iain
fowk ti play the weaponswior at the rung an
finally spotted the main passagewiplenty fowk movin aboot jonsar
at his trade birslin fowkwireid het airns ah aince
beach fowk sharin the islandwirock an gull gien sum
richt hairtily fowk banish dulewisanty hats an reindeers lugs
fowk i sall nail itwiscripture frae first john fower
grace ah m weill uisedwiseein fowk dee but a
wis cleanin up time fowkwishovels an barras tryin tae
a chiel in his seventieswisic a rowth o fowk
re gey weill gaithert fowkwisiller an vivers galore there
a nyow warl o fowkwistout herts an strang baks
an spin an e fowkwit a soon at wis
a school picnic travelling alongwithe big fowk in the
no conspicuous consumption ca cannywithe butter wir ain fowk
the fowk the fowk ehwithe capability at present would
catalan the fowk wis smittenwithe creenge an thocht it
rampant s cleuks are strangwithe eagle s fowk the
wad hae onythin tae deewithe fack that fowk ll
wes brak the twasum stappedwithe fowk o the widds
the fowk fasht themsels mairwithe name o the faimly
wis that the skreichmakkers fochtwithe ocean fowk the septiles
deid wha canna thole fowkwithe ootmaist wey ti leeve
fowk but maun byde forayewithe wee fowk but callum
craiturs wha were taen upwithe yird fowk fur halie
computer ither unmerried fowk beddwitheir parents anither directive pit
place whaur fowk wisna smittltwithis ill frae ilka stewartrie
nippitlyke ah l pit upwithis nae mair fowk wul
luik ti hae ane infitwithon fowk an afoir mirren
we hae fowk warstlin anewitither the rike and sillery
we hae fowk warstlin tanewitither the weel aff the
a ken fowk wyte himwitreddin in drougs an blakmailin
a puckle chips sweeled doonwityphoo tea fowk waukin past
culsalmond fowk wis gaitherin emwiwidden scoops wi an iron
ferlies ti begowk daicent fowkwiye dae thae places out
tae her we sall gangwiye tae yer ain fowk
sae coorse lyke ye kenwiyeir guid looks fowk wad
tae dae hersel the nichtwiyer fowk awa she d
s aa ti glaik fowkwiyir warlockrie weill a ve
olga ah feel that jocowiyou fowk only irena and
exaimple the education committee discussedwiyoung fowk youth warkers an
took oot a plastic tubewia bellows at ae end
the ream jar ae fairmerwia bit o a wint
ae end til a craigwia byordnar maik this wes
side o a fairm trackwia deep ditch at ae
ae skelp daisy gaed doonwia dunt an nichered an
ae side an a bankwia gran growth o breem
kilrogie schule ae lang chaumerwia stove tae gie some
balgownie wight is thy waawia wife s ae son
frae the patient s thrapplewiae breenge the nurse wis
beer then they cried awiae consent eat brave noble
as the prince breinged inwiae dird she dang aff
said i m haein troublewiae e e bit i
faither wes keikin at itwiae ei bot stertit ti
lock an shut it againwiae eyn o ma bicycle
tweezelick wis a bent branchwiae eyn tied back tae
anaith tramp on e hannlewiae fit an pu e
jimmy wis ae daub haundwiae gairden spade an cuid
he cud reist a chielwiae glower he cud birssle
e ither ye vrocht itwiae han pickin up e
whiles puffin at a fagwiae haun an bosie in
dream it binnds us baithwiae hert knot did ye
expenses hei wis ae manwiae hertie appetite an hei
as a miller comin ootwiae joke efter the ither
ae londoner spak braid scotswiae kenable cockney accent ay
aa yid smilt tae himsellwiae leuk o saitisfaction on
lat blast it yid anwiae lood steven she sayed
skinklin abuin in the liftwiae lowp he wes throu
o vyces cummin frae itwiae lowp she wes owre
their baggage like penned sheepwiae lug cockit for their
they skirl an the treewiae michty pech rugs up
gret watch me weill anwiae mukkil lowp he wes
himsel his familie hed adaewiae newcastle upo tyne brewery
tyme wis haein ae colloguewiae potential herd an his
the merriege partnership s begunwiae quick furl coortship is
d it onraivels ivverie fankilwiae rug the schep at
wei stuffed his lum heidwiae seck it wis ithin
ah aimed the spray anwiae shot a polished off
an broke her hin legwiae skelp daisy gaed doon
o a dyke maybe jistwiae straan o pikit weer
schuil wis ae laich bigginwiae theekit ruif an wis
men syde bi syde butwiae tig wi the unco
birssle a hairt tae aissewiae touch on a breistbeen
ay yid wis ae manwiae warm sense o uimour
him a cup ae teawianither dream oan steered in
were bothert at ae timewibarrows rowin ower e close
an thrie blawawa plants cuivertwiblawawas ae day as pompitie
hammer couldna cau ae sproitlewida mearest dadd wid takk
eese for muck though fitwie big sycamore in ae
borders a hed ae crackwieck s youngest lassie ena
hevin ae job tae daewiengineerin i hawick i the
ostensibly sleepin on the settlewifock keeping ae periodic ey
auld tree ruit whaur chitterinwifricht he keekit oot ae
stauns on ae thin polewifrostit hauns a fermer drives
ae life tyme o dailinswigirnwud an wudburn tammy hudson
the pianie sharin her lessonswiher cousin isie ae bricht
were in but she dwaltwiher guidmither chaptir thrie ae
ae lad fit s wrangwihim a lad informs hardie
hei wur killt ae daywihis ain tractor whan oot
but hinnerlie ae wee manwihis ee ti the kiehole
ae dance an gey affenwihis tackitie buits on robbie
the ae man ti daelwihouever his mou wes that
here wes the puir weidaewijuist the ae dochter left
ae glaur student it mulsintounwikathleen stewart s faither tom
inn hid aik panelled waaswilow ceilins the ae wee
ae joiner it the haughwima faither an ma maternal
boys brigade pipe band practicewima pipes in o ae
wis guid it tinkerin abootwimechanical things hei convertit ae
ae han em it greewimi noo at ers ower
on ae nicht s frostwinae as muckle s a
birstlin het ae bonnie daywinae ploys in haun shi
publicklie giein uz ae heizewior ettle twartis the hainin
sojers as ae man sechtitwipleisur anither haun kythit an
monie ae lang yeir mairitwisaivrel bairns chisholme 18nt centuar
ae bit o hoch onwisaut ti sotter on the
the prow o ae shipwiseemilar brent precipitous sides kivvert
maister puritas spak o himwisic respeck sayin ae day
cockit tae ae side anwislivvers that hung frae the
ay auld wull cuid walkwispeed hei yaised ae langish
windae tae windae an mewit ae bird got ahin
him let nava get onwit weel ae day the
d come doon the stairswithat an get wan ae
inglishmen i the ae daywithat sword or sae he
the lot o t saewithe ae an ane straik
him in a tow thenwithe ae brash they drave
sayin they war aw tarredwithe ae brush but thare
dad on his breist atwithe ae clour he drave
an ding aff his heidwithe ae dird an whan
bashed up the steps anwithe ae fuit an the
sting wi baith hauns anwithe ae fuit gied the
brian steered his coffee againwithe ae haun wi the
the prom haudin his bikewithe ae haund an shakin
mair nor the saxtie pundwithe ae haund but wi
it deals wi the leidwithe ae leid on baith
wi yir jowkery pokery anwithe ae neive he beltit
shuirlie winna forgie ye anwithe ae neive he gied
the back an kill himwithe ae straik an the
he liftit his blade anwithe ae straik he cuttit
the lang tyme faimlie connectionwithe bit hes appearinlie ae
col fasson wis ae powwithe japs i the 1939
at the way it dealswithe leid wi the ae
ae stane stoup s therewithe names o them scartit
an efter ae wheen strakeswithe scythe hei stappit an
again wi the ae haunwithe tither he tuik his
syde but wi ae tigwithe unco club thay cam
committees advisers helps the committeeswitheir speirins there ae committee
want tae get stuck inwithey tongs insteed ae yer
stick til it ae clourwithis an it l bather
for ma denner ae clourwithis an it wad be
for increased wark tae hellwithis cries ae heid ganger
major dunlop wis ae weedowerwitwae dochters an a think
ane cuid hev guid collogueswium on monie ae differn
whae shei got in towewiwhan hei wis ae student
tae gei um ae haundwiyid nichol whae hed kythed
no much chance ae thatwiyou fur competition carolanne the
days ah ve littil trokewiyungir men but ae thing
bairn foo div ye faawia bairn meg bide awa
be dichtin awa the germswia cloot ye ve tae
usually jake sendin em awawia few choice words neen
weill sae awa she gaedwia gled hert owre the
duin up bangs the souwia grunt an awa til
is awa tae the shopwia line her bocht goods
the big engine clanks awawia load o hard wrocht
awa a saumon a horsiewia mannie clip cloppin by
d work awa at yerselwia ragin urgency but it
flang awa his censer anwia roar o am killt
sae the keing gaed awawia sair hert mummlin til
ye re gonna come awawia scary price well [laugh]
wife s awa tae glescawianither man most of the
see but they did awawiaw it an i m
mm m822: they done awawiawthegither f823: mmhm f606: mmhm
s awa up the bothywiberna she ll be settlin
na start awa sae hastywibickerin brattle i wad be
bag starts crocheting silence kristawicould huv broke awa della
third peerie grice geng awawidee an laeve me alane
second peerie grice geng awawidee an laeve me alane
first peerie grice geng awawidee an laeve me alane
ferr awa she soumed singinwidelyte as she gaed throu
awa fur no takkin herwidem on holiday magnus an
ye wheek e sheets awawie secateers aifter e first
mair regairdit n wark forwie stooks awa ere d
e latter oot vrocht awawieez fingers tae feed e
finger as ye vrocht awawiem like a sculptor wi
luiked hyne awa on warwifrance on war wi spain
lain as ye girnt awawigrippin pain o colic bad
awa on a bus runwihaein tae drive maist o
tried tae clean it awawihaunfus o roch dry girse
craps jonsar eck jist agreedwiher an gaed awa ben
luikit an auld auld carlinewiher teeth aa rottit awa
young lassie tae dae awawihersel eenoo his hoosekeeper janet
winna ken fit tae deewihersel fan i m awa
you either really was itwihim awa sae muckle loretta
their faither and yede awawihim he strampit aa galilee
come back and deana awawihim lilian yes to marry
awa his sons an dochterswihim nae langir war the
its back an flew awawihim til the ettin s
had carried the siller awawihim to america and it
gat gey sair carriet awawihimsel whan telling uz aboot
she luit callum awa freewihis bonnie catriona an the
meg his sweethairt a veesitwihis maister awa frae hame
the weim maircht the pyparwihis pypes skirlin awa the
geordie jooks wis fair awawihissel when he fund oot
o e load fair teenwiimsel wheeberin awa like a
agnes awa an get oanwiit maggie nods then calls
ah dicht awa ma tearswima sleeve from the chinese
lassies it s come awawime fae gamrie an cairnbulg
but come ye awa hamewime for a day or
ti leeve here cum awawime lat s gae awa
ti them come awa benwime the baith o ye
ma sleepin bed cum awawime ti the chaumer an
year or he eased awawinae royal son the croun
awa sae the javons larnedwineither meat nur watter aywis
scruif wis firie an hettwineuks hotterin awa in cauldrons
awa oot at the hospicewiony luck if she does
only he wid get awawipickin on some o the
doot ye widna get awawisic wyes noo it did
the praepositor wis awa colloguinwisome o the brithers he
binder twine shortly did awawistrae rapes an edderins an
e eyn at did awawit an maybe it wis
she d be fair awawit i widna hae gien
it up an help awawit no north easter ever
brithers an he s awawit nou sae zhu wu
roller a bit fine pleasetwit tickin awa ere like
awa let them get onwit weel i couldna believe
weill the r naething wrangwithat but ah maun awa
kyndlie said the lassie anwithat she gaed awa til
ah l ever cum anwithat the streinger santit awa
awa oot inti the gairdenwithe aix eilidh whan is
watter for washin their feetwithe auld maister gaed awa
wes awa cantie an crousswithe bacon smaw wunner that
f1113: mmhm away to playwithe bairnies awa to her
his mou wis aye doulaneewithe baistie awa it tuik
taen doun an pitten awawithe carpets tae losh ah
wi the nicht an awawithe dawin mair nor a
maut the deil s awawithe exciseman on tam the
winna min he s awawithe fairies jim weel noo
it an gaed awa contentwithe ferlie the lyke o
that wad keep lashin awawithe flee whan it s
your finger gets cairriet awawithe guts she slashes down
bul o norroway rade awawithe henwyfe on his back
can an awa she gaedwithe kies that wad open
planted nou wi flouers ootwithe lasses awa at nicht
out c wa man awawithe lot o t sae
whan they wir dry stoppinwithe nicht an awa wi
efter honest brither awa youwithe owrancer bi this lu
awa up in the airwithe reins in my hands
jonsar eck wis workin awawithe three taed fork fin
drunkan he was gie contentitwithe warld and gaed awa
fecht it cuid dae awawithe warst discrimination an brings
f1001: yer- yersel m1000: awawithe [?]weather[/?] f1001: a friend
you didna ging awa hamewithe wrang man in your
awa an seek a bieldwithem it s an airt
wes awa in a dwamwithings forgotten we maun awa
he gaun awa tae daewithis f1116: and the wheel
wee bit slack cairrit awawithis unco crack o wars
afore it thay war reidwitryin ti birze awa pitmirk
awa ti shi s tounwitwae o the smaa fuit
lyke thairs wul weir awawityme from the chinese of
an the arrae stoured awawivirr inti the lift a
hid tae wash its teetswiwarm watter tae dicht awa
grey ingin a smaa baaiewiwasps wirkin awa at layin
think she d get awawiwearin nail varnish for that
maks abody greet starts awawiwin an shoors o sleet
win dis blaw dee awawiwinter claes na na wednesday
an cloud that claers awawiwraiths o incense reik ti
flie awa an god bewiye a pause whit a
gunlöd with force you awawiye afore ah end up
ah hear ye bletheration awawiye an yeir styte ye
yeir bonnie lassie awa freewiye but no till than
ti get ten straiks awawiye doun the brae an
wul ever maister you awawiye fauss thanes an mell
son a ll slee awawiye fine but there s
hands an knees get awawiye if ye cannae help
r awa lat me gangwiye mither valgerd na na
ye waitin on stravaigin awawiye see owre the nine
an eat yeir ploums awawiye she waves dismissively and
ingil aw forenicht valgerd awawiye thirlman hou wul the
ah gang nou thorfinn awawiye thirlman leaves valgerd coming
crossly expensive presents howt awawiye to the orderly pit
oor eftir that waddin awawiye wumman ye r gyte
gie me says a awawiye wutch the fat ersed
out thorfinn to valgerd awawiye ye couartlie faithless wumman
least ode to influenza awawiye ye nesty bug a
false beard and moustache awawiye ye skunner whit a
lyke banquo s gaist awawiye yeir croun blinnds ma
awa an begowk the warldwiyeir fairest face yeir fauss
re gaun awa tae scuilwiyer scuilbag dinnae forget yer
yer veil an puff awawiyer sulphur reek tae get
the bairny s berna awawiyi afore ah git mah
hoose land awthin tess awawiyi aw this is robbys
noh sleepin noh krista awawiyi bad spell petrified ah
yi a hand tess awawiyi efter you strippin aw
to sit down berna awawiyi git yur hands off
tess away berna here awawiyi near daft is you
doctor was called tess awawiyi questions wid huv been
sniffin me oot pause awawiyi ya pair o half
s love berna stutters awawiyi ya sappy where s
an oor muggie jean comparitwiyou awa it s nae
m awa can i comewiyou jack yes yes deana
this bother to bide inwiyou muriel i m awa
an ye michtna win hamewia perr o clean breiks
wir taen bad at hamewia seik line in an
november mornin tae hyter hamewia thick heid aa bit
the saicont whalp is hamewiits mither ye hae duin
the quinie wis waukin hamewimangos frae the fruit seller
ilka goun ti bring hamewime see here thay ir
the page hame tuim haunditwinae message beatrix wes sair
e horse an cairt hamewiwillie flappit on tap o
hame i m weel acquantwiyule wi spring i ken
here pat yur it hamewiyur famely lee lee this

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