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oxen pulled as weel aswiddenploos wir pens bizzed alang
yokes ploos scythes heaps owiddenreefin shingles aa e trock
wi shovels or hame madewiddensnaa ploos before this they
or dae ye bring awiddendream o bogies ghaists an
or dae ye bring awiddendream o bogies ghaists an
draains o neep clicks wiwiddenhandgrips iron shanks an a
twa cloths tackit ontill ewiddenwaa an streekit oot in
she had a gweed pucklewiddenpegs bocht fae haakers at
fand a couple o weewiddenpegs lyin whaur they suidnae
o e rats holies wiwiddenpegs throwe e rings at
a widden passage an awiddengreep an nae trevises an
startin hannle wi twa revolvinwiddenhangrips an an iron body
reaper blade fittit intill awiddenhannle for a knife bit
anaith e kye an awiddenpassage an a widden greep
place pit up a newwiddenlavvie for s it sat
oot we d an ootsidewiddenlavvie wi a little windae
at hid a palin owiddenslats roon aboot it e
yard wi a palin owiddenspars on three sides an
d at likit throwe ewiddengate at opent ontill e
the sodjer s gotten awiddenleg pirlie wirlie winkie woan
ane o thae wee squarewiddenframes o the kind the
poles an biggin coles roonwiddenhairtin frames hey wis a
ower biggins in britain anwiddenernes staunin inbye the biggins
aboot twa hunner eer seenwiddenhingin lums set against e
fowk wis gaitherin em wiwiddenscoops wi an iron kaim
at hame here ey hidwiddenplanks anaith e kye an
e hooses ere wis awiddenbyeurd on a gale wi
tae stop we saa somewiddenhooses abeen s close till
be day is wis awiddenworld e hooses e heich
and inside it a finewiddenhingin lum and a box
and a box bed thewiddenlum was a neat affair
timmer cairt shed an awiddenhen hoose biggit on till
in e nyeuk o ewiddenshed at wis biggit tee
a big gairden wi awiddenshed in t complete wi
ice ilky smiddy hid itswiddenboxie fu o iron sharps
hoose throwe a green paintitwiddenporch wi a door at
a block and a awiddener inside f960: uh huh
yes na na it swiddenf961: uh huh f960: and
o yon kits a awiddenkit f960: yeah mmhm yeah
een e fleers wis owiddenbyeurds wi gweed sized cracks
covert e openin wi awiddenlid ere wis a gweed
mmhm yeah f961: is itwiddenclad as weel or is
gairden crivved in wi awiddenrailin jist in front o
faa it rolled ower thewiddenfleer o the closet and
sentry box variety wi awiddenseat it wis poshed up
t maybe landin on ewiddenseat o e wee lad
dem sat trimmlin inside dawiddenhoose afore lang dey heard
aifter ye d openet awiddendoorie though ivery sae aften
clyes beatin em wi awiddenbeater eir men made for
e fireside on e aalwiddenairmcheer wi a wee faalin
later kent tae be ewiddenboord at e front o
e palins wis jist ewiddenposts an weer plain or
an on e grey pintitwiddenuprichts o e bannister an
canny aastrians hid putten doonwiddenpolies ye cd walk on
faither hid eez green paintedwiddensouter s shop in a
doon bendin mi ower thewiddenchair wrappin the big thick
cairna gif ye hae awiddenlaig its ower the brig
barn below stood a bonniewiddenmullie made by william alexander
course they were grand mucklewiddenlintel right and what happened

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