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prison service it is awideranging and comprehensive report given
bring forward proposals for awideranging and comprehensive scheme that
debate will by definition bewideranging and will cover many
budget debate would be awideranging assessment of how money
on homelessness will be ofwideranging benefit as i said
opening speech margaret curran madewideranging comments about what the
at the earliest date possiblewideranging comprehensive research into the
300 years later to havewideranging constitutional implications for the
european committee we launched awideranging consultation with scottish civic
notes the scottish executive swideranging consultation with scottish civic
notes the scottish executive swideranging consultation with scottish civic
2004 with as broad andwideranging debate as possible on
in committee we had awideranging discussion as there was
to have a more openwideranging discussion so that people
consideration to the complex andwideranging issues that are involved
common lucid powers of expressionwideranging knowledge penetrating originality of
derek feeley we had awideranging meeting in february along
ranging well it ain twideranging now scott euan robson
the one hand and awideranging power of direction on
to mention that he haswideranging powers of direction which
ministers are not provided withwideranging powers that they have
amendments and denying himself suchwideranging powers the purpose of
s pledge to implement thewideranging recommendations contained in the
offending the report made 73wideranging recommendations which form a
at this point given thewideranging requirements for changes at
i attempted to announce awideranging review of public bodies
has been engaged in awideranging review of the commission
if i may use thatwideranging term you regard the
inquiry which will be fullwideranging transparent open and public
amendment because it is toowideranging well it ain t
to spread involvement to aswidea range of countries as
lowland scotland offers a remarkablywideand varied range of social
or functions an hae awiderange o semantic meanins but
influential literary renaissance an awiderange o speakers it s
year and will support awiderange of action to make
the voluntary sector provides awiderange of activities such as
s activity partnerships with awiderange of agencies and communities
the local authorities and awiderange of agencies overall there
that we have covered awiderange of aspects of his
pupils in investigations into awiderange of aspects of language
have come to understand thewiderange of burns s work
what is striking is thewiderange of cereals being grown
society and economy and thewiderange of circumstances of those
society and economy and thewiderange of circumstances of those
society and economy and thewiderange of circumstances of those
on 11 may to awiderange of consultees calls for
and intermediate courses provide awiderange of courses and units
courses further education covers awiderange of courses for post
groups are concerned with awiderange of devolved and reserved
there is now a verywiderange of games available in
weeks standard grade provides awiderange of high quality courses
consultation responses came from awiderange of individuals independent organisations
established to bring together awiderange of interests to contribute
scottish youth parliament on awiderange of issues from abolition
the uk government on awiderange of issues including shipping
with caledonian macbrayne on awiderange of issues relating to
victorian times of all thewiderange of kitchen equipment that
on 26 september 2001 awiderange of languages were spoken
procurator fiscal deputes cover awiderange of legal work in
of speech alone encompassing awiderange of linguistic prosodic non
or write scots have awiderange of linguistic registers which
it has listened to thewiderange of members views the
valuable though to have awiderange of of er subjects
that it opened up awiderange of opportunities for young
and oral evidence from awiderange of organisations although the
the scottish tourist sector awiderange of organisations are involved
standard they concern a verywiderange of organisations muir russell
the scottish executive in awiderange of other areas in
been in touch with awiderange of our suppliers to
the offence could cover awiderange of people it could
and scottish natural heritage awiderange of people were involved
lifelong learning iain gray awiderange of policies promotes economic
for every community listing awiderange of pollutants and accessible
in february to consider awiderange of potential reforms those
the prevention of crime awiderange of powers is now
allow early intervention from awiderange of professionals for children
make the difference to awiderange of projects designed to
it however there is awiderange of schemes fergus ewing
that is responsible for awiderange of services and for
faster assessments access to awiderange of services from a
an individual official on awiderange of social policies so
school to to cover awiderange of things so you
students require command of awiderange of vocabulary and structures
and concerns of an incrediblywiderange of voluntary groups from
listen to a sort ofwideyou know range of music
an indefinite speakers yaise awidevariety o dialects an registers
government tends to use awidevariety of assessment methods some
pupils in fact have awidevariety of different learning needs
the early identification of awidevariety of health problems including
agree those roads serve awidevariety of industries which include
we are engaging with awidevariety of interests and the
lexicography and active in awidevariety of language support measures
small predators which kill awidevariety of principally waterside animals
the dost record reveals awidevariety of terms in use
the fire there was awidevariety of weights and sizes
is also home to awidevariety of wildlife and native
in scotland of the ukwideautomated credit transfer system for
would be under the ukwideautomated credit transfer system referred
arguments for having a ukwideban and uk legislation in
the absence of a ukwideban from westminster we strongly
scotland rather than a ukwideban i am open minded
a position against a ukwideban i want to focus
are looking for a ukwideban which you believe would
to legislate on a ukwidebasis at secondary legislation level
use it on a ukwidebasis rather than a scottish
agreed criteria apply on ukwidebasis the quality assurance agency
should proceed on a ukwidebasis we are aware that
dealt with on a ukwidebasis we may all have
there must be a ukwidebill anyway to implement the
things more difficult for ukwidecompanies they would have to
more efficient especially for ukwidecompanies to negotiate once with
would have to renegotiate ukwidecontracts for england and wales
order to provide a ukwideframework we can be sure
programme which is a ukwideinitiative that promotes volunteering specifically
fact that it is ukwidelegislation and the ban i
that there should be ukwidelegislation rather than the proposed
take as part of ukwidelegislation that will be the
home service and the ukwidelight programme i had relatively
the responsibilities of the ukwidenew opportunities fund and communities
the commission is a ukwideoperation that reports to the
able to provide a ukwidepublicity campaign to advise the
fisheries institute with a ukwideremit and if so where
the effectiveness of a ukwiderestriction rather than a restriction
the sector support a ukwidereview of the pay of
that there is consistency ukwidesimply because we have already
a long time a ukwidetask force is looking at
tobacco advertising to be ukwidethe scottish parliament clearly has
specifically you said that ukwidethere are more than 9
and should be implemented ukwidethey deserve the parliament s
in scotland and then ukwideto ensure that they comply
preference is for a europewideban but in the absence
temporary until westminster introduced awideban there is a commitment
onslaught ranks of petals openwidea glut of stars a
mcbride with his mouth openwideand hair like a brush
daddy s eyes open verywideand she scratched boys of
they open the windae aswideas they had it afore
the open ocean to thewideatlantic much as our salmon
you only get them openwideenough to put a bin
me to dae them openwidef1100: i cannae dae it
does he say open f1112: widef1111: open wide yes and
t open them up toowidef826: oh i see it
time the academy throws openwideits door tinkee the porcupine
past looks at andy withwideopen eyes is she glad
i m used to thewideopen spaces the air s
worse though the window waswideopen to let the fresh
hert gien gledly the haunwideopen your peace be hers
it i canna f1099: openwidespit doon the sink towel
microphone aside ye [?]you wander in[/?] openwidethat s a girl in
the smithy door is openwidethe window with its twisted
door and open the windowswideto get rid of her
open f1112: wide f1111: openwideyes and he gently looks
e water aboot three feetwidebit nae fully sae deep
it it was a footwideby a foot deep and
rins deep the nile rinswidedoon its watters the crocodiles
his pack baith deep anwidegleanins fae the kintraside he
a deep though not necessarilywideknowledge of the subject the
if that awareness is sufficientlywideto cover all groups of
his jotter opens her eyeswideand makes an o of
its tin tack eyes arewidebut sightless sightless an old
resolve he opened the windowwideclosing his eyes and breathing
breath and opens her eyeswidein mock excitement he tells
legal cases are pending worldwideagainst silicone manufacturers further notes
michael russell s1m 2719 worldwideclubhouse movement lodged on 7
the winner of the worldwidefund for nature s award
birds rspb and the worldwidefund for nature wwf over
world e hooses e heichwidegates at wis big enyeuch
htm for the full worldwidelist 3 section 15 4
world war an ere wiswidespacies full o funs an
the reputation of scotland worldwidesupported by bill aitken mr
available on the web worldwidetexts which can be legally
and believes that waging worldwidewar against poverty and injustice
and believes that waging worldwidewar against poverty and injustice
despite media like the worldwideweb or ye know ony
electronic form on the worldwideweb this project 2001 2004
of escape into the greatwideworld outside beaumont aye weel
homesteads sold fast fast thewideworld saw a technicolour holocaust
and terrorism on an euwidebasis and they reflect the
is right for scotland thatwidepowers have been devolved to
is right for scotland thatwidepowers have been devolved to
stage we do have aswideconsultation as possible on this
contribution to ensure there iswidepublic consultation this may also
scotland the bill has attractedwidesupport in the consultation we
to fund the sector highlandwideconcern was also expressed that
are in a united kingdomwidefund what discussions have you
small community groups to scotlandwideproviders from playgroups to care
groups is concerned wi awidereenge o devolvit an reservit
f637: that wide three feetwideand because it was a
principle rooms about 15 feetwideand stoops to support the
feet got sheen that wallopwideas flippers tide merks broon
aboot f638: [cough] f637: thatwidethree feet wide and because
provide a user friendly scotlandwidecomputer system with information on
programme aims to provide scotlandwidecoverage by december 2004 karen
provide an explanation for thewidevariation in survival rates in
us back rather perilously onwidedark almost deserted moscow streets
particular notes that there arewideconcerns about the contract assessment
notes on the table openedwidegrab the group s attention
echt she looket far anwidebut fan at last she
shelter in each classroom biggitwidefar teachers on supply can
it s quite far andwideisn t it the gaelic
s spread pretty far andwidenow an the number of
should be sent far andwideover english speaking countries as
and cycling from far andwideto attend [note: photo: 'newspaper notice about a girls club outing to edzell castle from the early 1920s.'] [note: photo: 'girls social club outing.'] burns
scotland s culture it receivedwidesupport and remains an aspiration
general purpose one with fairlywideand long and slightly curved
strip about an inch wh-widefor aboot four inches long
half long by four incheswideone like this used by
through the middle and twowidearms sky catching u is
went down a passage barelywideenough for the two of
roadblock of two landrovers withwidefluorescent stripes on their sides
fuckin [inaudible] tent two milewideget a grip it was
it was about two milewidem941: it was a it
with a hole two incheswideon the point of your
music for dad oh youwidesteppe and two art calendars
difference in a twenty milewidestretch of sea however two
till three am wi hiswideeed ted what s st
over three years a scotlandwideinitiative it aims to improve
ability to thrive over aswidea circle as possible and
over 100 scouts present filmswidegame [?]then[/?] campfire all very
boundless sky so vast sowideleans over that black waterside
your will on the warldwidea better plan i ve
a if it s awideane f1043: burn m1042: it
of the member states awidearray of actions exists at
aith isie s een grewwideas twa ashets bit a
a sizeable component of awideassortment of economies throughout the
up for almost a milewideat first narrowing at the
terms promote shetland to awideaudience and bring tourists to
i was in the dumpswideawake and without a trace
flabbergasted we including a nowwideawake maggie searched around the
her order geein her awideberth an sayin nothing jonsar
the estate gave jake awideberth any time he spoke
in his authoritarian uniform awideberth or taunting him so
new ribbons onno a sparewidebrimmed bonnet she ained foo
european claes an weirin awidebrimmed bunnet the nurse pit
scallop shell he wears awidebrimmed pilgrim s hat clasped
synonyms which offered him awidechoice of expressions and because
in the lock a shovedwidedoor four rough strides on
a circumstance unique in hiswideexperience that sorrow has been
her ma wis preenin awidefeathery hat ontae her thick
as part of a glasgowwidefestival running throughout the year
4 saturday dad retires todaywidegame x for [?]amazon[/?] a
scottish english speakers coverin awidegeographical area o scotland as
committees at locations encompassing awidegeographical coverage of scotland calls
committees at locations encompassing awidegeographical coverage of scotland calls
the road on to awidegrass verge near a high
cock a fiery sun blinkswidehis timing perfect his urgent
that at a strategic europewidelevel we have taken on
the first time a scotlandwidenetwork of councils for voluntary
however we have made awideoffer to work with anyone
a great bird circlin wiwideoostretched wings makkin miaowin noises
advice which is a scotlandwideorganisation does not get any
on a ridge above thewideplain of inca and the
the bill would introduce awidepower to make regulations which
the guild will invite awiderepresentation from the present pupils
astonishin mixter o sic awiderynge o themes the buik
cd roms videos and awideselection of books the ultimate
on the stand alongside awideselection of toys we do
it opens oot intae awidespace usually aye m1013: mmhm
it covers quite a awidespectrum o words as well
a space about a footwidestarting at the bottom the
i understand that a europewidetarget of 20 per cent
at a jaunty angle andwidetraditional skirts the fashion for
of what access to europewidetv will do to a
was just a massive howwidewas it it was about
snp there is clearly awidewelcome in the chamber for
since there are no scotlandwidedata that set out which
to be rolled out scotlandwidein the next four years
do not make that investmentwideswathes of scotland will be
as part of the scotlandwidework of the aberlour child
co ordinated with united kingdomwideand european year of people
would think that with thewideopening the house would be
the grass verges beside thewidepavements below out with the
the action plan for populationwideprimary prevention measures with which
now with swimming pools anwideroads an [laugh] unrecognisable in
we make the inquiry sowidethat we end up with
goes on to display herwideworldly knowledge she discusses with
that the gnp subsidises citywideservices which should be funded
positive management and enhancement ofwideareas of the countryside 2
shoes whose musty mouths gapedwideblack holes of silence half
scope of the matter iswidein terms not only of
to darkness silence peace thewideoblivion of the universe the
expression that i m wellwideof the mark do enlighten
am sorry that was possiblywideof the original question does
of peterhead prison and thewiderecognition it has received throughout
of moscow dark forests brokewidewhite expanses it was difficult
praised an quoted faur anwidedoun through the years an
initiatives may be local areawideor national but they can
had by now grown sowidethat it was beginning to
fraser the potential is verywidebut in the first instance
his tail an went moothwideheid furst richt intae trouble
eebrou s end at ryvitwidehis winker an gart the
his verse an his warldwiderenown cuidna accepp that speakin
try harder aye i replywideawake at her challenge kin
grabbit the back o thewidebrimmed bunnet her hauns gaed
the bed her een fixedwidein fricht fin nurse mackenzie
languages have been the europeanwideadult language learners week 7th
your guide be extended nationwidelater this year if so
the prize the emigrants cravewideis the ocean cauld as
as that problem is gbwidethe treasury has been engaged
miss about orkney though thewidespaces the big skies m830:
an flechy sark jaiket wallopedwidefa wid let yon coorie
jin sent fowk faur anwidefor medicinars ti trait him
fishin fever kenned faur anwideon loch an river he
smaa village magdy wi erwidespaced teeth an braid smile
turned the sneck an openedwidetae licht an freens an
an fired foo straicht anwidethe steps foo cweel the
he spied the mussel raxxinwideits mou he took the
insufficient to warrant expenditure onwidespread control 22 the protection
despite potatoe picking we arrangewidegame for tomorrow 4 saturday
adam man the warld iswidelet s see whit there
ehm where it s quitewideand they do what they
behind [censored: forename] s camera pluswideangle lens and brought instead
goods and the characteristic clotheswidepleated skirts and bowler hats
leeched by barns and byreswideto the sky it was
oxter staffs in twa raaswideenyeuch apairt tae let e
followed throwe e village wiswidewi heapies o coo sharn
angelica is it angel angelicawideeyed in puzzlement er no
jude anderson wis flattered twiswidekent jenny sangster hid merriet
it but it s notwideenough that you could put
that this was to receivewidepublication certainly it did not
micht growe ti flooer warldwide2 the great man s
narrow bend the road stretchedwideautumn burned in flames where
the eu recent successive euwideeurobarometer opinion polls show the
the best o thaim pompitiewideeyed hae ye no aye
again the raft in morningwidegame afternoon found 6 in
plaid he s luggin inwidereengin aa the unkent neuks
aboot stoot ladies in eirwideskyrie skirts wid come oot
references like what in thewideyird the cratur noel edmonds

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