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phone call fae the undertakerwifieaffa genteel and oozin wi
i said to the undertakerwifiean that was a real
and oozin wi sympathy undertakerwifies voice had i recovered
so my nice wee undertakerwifiesaid to me it s
i can tell you awifieundertaker i d pictured mysel
bags o kindlers for awifiedoon aboot the broch somewye
stink somewye or ither thewifiehid disappeared intae the hoose
somewye or ither the weewifiehid flasks an sandwiches in
jonsar gaed roon bye thewifiesomewye or ither she wis
here s another sample awifiebade in a thackit hoosie
s right hoosie mannie quiniewifieeh brookies even f1053: so
a hoosie a mannie awifiem999: that s right hoosie
a lick oot o thiswifies pock a jab oot
a lick oot o thiswifies pyock an a lick
a lick oot o thatwifies pyock an they took
aboot half past three thewifiepeyed him wi a cheque
wid be wrang as thewifiepeyed jonsar eck he said
paint like stuff as thewifiepeyed jonsar his money he
mak a mess as thewifiepeyed jonsar they hid a
as jonsar an the weewifiearrived in grantown on spey
alang the street bit thewifieat dis the shewin jonsar
doon tae aberdour fin thewifiecame tae the door jonsar
bit jonsar eck kent awifiedoon in low street at
cup o tay shouts thewifiefae the hoose jonsar turned
fire jonsar an the weewifiefelt priveliged tae see sic
jonsar eck an the weewifiefinally arrived at the chalet
jonsar eck an the weewifiefinished the day aff wi
jonsar eck an the weewifiegot back tae the chalet
jonsar eck ere s awifiein there wi the doctor
mountain jonsar asks the weewifieit s a topper o
did richt says the weewifiejonsar eck jist let oot
load o firewid tae awifiejonsar tried tae phone the
an weel did the weewifieken that jonsar didnae like
the gooseberry crumble the littlewifiesaid aye jonsar you hid
jonsar eck an the weewifieseen the ferry that wis
day jonsar an the weewifieset oot braw sharp in
jonsar eck an the weewifiespent their time enjoyin the
as jonsar an the weewifiestood on it ey looked
jonsar tried tae phone thewifietae say he wid be
jonsar eck an the weewifiewent on a cruise on
jonsar eck an the weewifiewere lookin forrit tae seein
div you think noo thiswifiewis affa pernickety an jonsar
up a cheque weel thewifiewisnae in fin jonsar eck
jonsar eck tae the littiewifieyou ken i dinna ken
eck went tae see thewifiein twa weeks time sure
eck didnae like wis thewifienivver offered him a cup
think so startled the littlewifieasks fit div you mean
o the toon asks aewifietae the borrach o fowk
will it cost asks thewifieweel she cood afford athing
that nae dee the weewifiewidnae listen jist asks wid
scots at home they saywifieand mannie and my grandparents
bairnie doggie it just manniewifieit just goes on and
oor wye fin the weewifiefinally came oot o the
loretta and finally cheers thewifiethat we a have to
the shop must be thewifiein the shop f1127: the
in the shop f1127: thewifiein the shop m1128: aye
no it must be thewifiein the shop must be
peat an sand och awifiesays i doot the shop
an wis tellin the weewifieaboot greedy she burst oot
oh aye a little weewifiebessie aye just a teeny
afore him an the weewifiecood gang awa their holiday
on their day the weewifiedeclares at s been a
said cheerio tae the weewifiehe heard a cry for
aiberdeen hospital visitin the weewifiein ward forty twa ere
whatever unknown promises the weewifiemight have for her her
hin feel queazy the weewifienivver said a word weel
on fire eence again weewifiesighed it s been a
tae hear fae the weewifiethat the fower auld dears
for hame tae the weewifiethe ice an of coorse
be something upsettin the weewifiethree times she hid shut
her they sent a weewifiewho pretended she came from
she was just a weewifiewho wanted to go for
tae mak sure that weewifiewid be at hame tae
he went inside the weewifiewis dressed in her gweed
cave is spectacular the weewifiewis fer chuffed wi the
great day weel the weewifiewis soun asleep she wakened
the heavy cases the weewifiewis takin oot the licht
he said tae the weewifieyou ken it s a
tae sort things oot yonwifiean ronald dinna spik tae
the pub plaque ootside yonwifiehad cairrit a royal a
penny fur ma bankie yonwifiesays i m jist a
penny fur ma bankie yonwifiesays i m jist a
aboot the new fence yonwifieshook her heid an nivver
couldnae get a answer yonwifiestood there an shook her
ye mind it was yonwifiethat we met at an
he thocht ere wis yonwifieup the elgin wye my
me dannie fa s yonwifiewheesht johnny dicht yer face
eh m1128: this is thewifief1127: that s the wifie
wifie f1127: that s thewifiethat s bonny isn t
tells me o the fairmerwifiefa gaed doon the toon
in the chemist bit thewifiefa wis lyin on the
keep as pets bi awifiewi a gairden fa consulted
herd s naem but thewifiehed ae readie tung i
this is for said aewifiei dinna ken said ae
heid an said tae aewifiei hope this works it
oo wur makkin oot thewifiepoor t huz oot ae
mabel geed some examples aewifiewis geen a length o
ower on the road aewifiewis heard tae say at
some moanin some groanin aewifiewis tryin tae sing the
ae thing sure the littlewifiewisnae gaun tae let this
gaed himsel a shak awifieappeared she hid a black
the doctor stannin ower awifieon the couch he hid
hid seen him live thewifies queuing for wir tickets
eggs hid constipation till thewifiethat first bocht them roared
wis a richt skoosh yinwifietried her haund at cuttin
fit wis wrang fin thewifieappeared an said div you
plate o porridge fin thewifieasked if i wid like
wikk this wis fin awifiehad tae sign at the
o teen heid o thewifies nae again fin i
tae him ere wis awifiecawed susie that took ten
susie says ere s awifieroon the neuk pit plastic
wid pey wi cash thewifiereplied i haven t had
treat mind you the littlewifieait her share ana aye
rinnin doon your face littlewifieanswered aye tears were rinnin
he said as the littlewifiecleared the table she said
loch linnie weel the littlewifiefell in wi a duster
tae the chalet the littlewifiefell in wi a hoover
gooseberry crumble again the littlewifiejist refused tae mak ony
naething naething noo the littlewifiewis fer woun up an
bit confused this wis awifiefae aberdour needin her gairden
nicht it wis fae thewifiefae the broch oh aye
be more careful said awifiefae the committee the wrang
help fae a frail auldwifieit turned oot at this
oh aye says the firstwifiei seen the twa o
win gale force says thewifieon tv aye she wis
be washen oot tae thewifiesays dinna work sae hard
muttered surely no the firstwifiesays i seen them wi
oot on the scap awifiebent aside her creel fillin
he said oot loud thiswifiebocht ten bags o peats
work here flat oot thewifiemumbles it s gey late
a jab oot o thatwifies pock an a howp
in evening goon as thewifiebeads doon till s belly
murray a sleepy ee twifiecam treetlin doon the stairs
oan whan he met awifiedaunerin doon the road haudin
doon there sae the auldwifieran doon the steps an
forced tae gang wi thewifieand there wis three women
mr technicolor wis servin awifiemichty me your flooers are
affa gweed hert said thewifiemuggie said there wis a
the heck wis the bloominwifieof coorse time waits for
bit we didna hear thewifieshe wis storytellin tae the
went roon tae see thewifietae see fit she wis
wis nae eese the auldwifiewis fer lost an in
hairber at the broch eswifiewis in her best pan
a lassie a-a-a- an auldwifieover eighty she d never
auld wire pailin that thiswifierelied on tae keep her
fit a pest o awifieen he heard mary flooer
yer face fit s thatwifiefaur ll ye get the
to laugh or greet thewifiehad nae doubts aboot fit
exactly fit they need awifiethat kens hoo things should
father here comes the soowifiespeir if she s seen
was it not but thewifiecame again and each time
that she remembered well awifiewho came round the doors
bit i speert at ewifieas she chancet tae come
that quo kieran a storytellinwifiecam tae the skweel she
hes brocht tae mynd thewifieo the herd whae bade
it was sport seeing thewifiein a rage as her
the dreel burn a crabbitwifiemaks her wey across sodden
in hand noo the secondwifiepit her hand ower her
a [inaudible] i see awifief1103: mm f1104: but she
mair o a sweet sherrywifiei think she sniffs the
game was she sent thewifiepacking the dalkeith folk were
stairs fyles and if awifiewas always spreading gossip she
back at the sweet peawifiehe coodnae help bit notice
you say woman we saywifieyou say man we say
pyochered glut a pirn taedwifiehobblin hame wi eerins an
and find ye or awifief1043: aye [inaudible] m1042: an
an aal hoose faar awifiecaad nellie dempster eence bade
an buttery wull an anitherwifiecawed pancake meg pancake meg
silver ladle or even thonwifiesearchin high an low for
a lang time laughed thewifieoctober 1998 thursday 1 temp
e tap like a cleaninwifies mop if ye haad
small post office downstairs thewifieat the counter told me
effect then he reached thewifienext to me and i
customer i did so thewifiethen wrapped up my envelope
ain itchy bits or thewifiein the next bed s
his horn to shift thatwifieon the tractor eh is

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