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athritic hands och ma haunswillnaeeven haud a pen some
plumage will be reid shewillnaestop fur car nor man
swear allegiance tae the kingwillnaeacknowledge him as heid o
her mother ye ken finewillnaeswear allegiance tae the king
me an danu an yewillnaebein the men that ye
fur car nor man shewillnaeprigg fur breid she ll
this fine collection o poemswillnaeflick too quickly at aw
aboot it though gilbert theywillnaecome tae oor church they
in ma haert that itwillnaebe long before a ship
sadie no fae gordon itwillnaei d stake ma life
worry ye mother well thiswillnaedae ah m gan tae
sea ah know fine itwillnaeget tae ye but ah

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