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house f1112: windows windows windowswindowswin- f1111: and a big
the house f1112: windows windowswindowswindows win- f1111: and a
on the house f1112: windowswindowswindows windows win- f1111: and
windows on the house f1112: windowswindows windows windows win- f1111:
windows in and out thewindowsas we have done before
and yellow m1110: do mywindowsf1109: dae yer windows m1110:
s it s on mywindowsf1109: raindrops onto yer windows
see out of m1132: ermwindowsf1131: windows m1132: um like
song in and out thewindowsin and out the windows
windows in and out thewindowsin and out the windows
my windows f1109: dae yerwindowsm1110: [inaudible] pull up my
of m1132: erm windows f1131: windowsm1132: um like this this
windows f1109: raindrops onto yerwindowsoh me m1110: ehm no
top f1111: well done nowwindowson the house f1112: windows
children stood before the shopwindowsfascinated there were more displays
when i referred to shopwindowsi was referring to displays
referring to displays in shopwindowswhich could be covered by
of m1132: that s thewindowsf1131: what do you need
the door and the fourwindowsan the slidy doon roof
required level of insulation forwindowsdoors and roof lights for
a garden maybe a roofwindowsher voice the tones of
for shelter its roof andwindowswere dusty worm eaten draped
and drums frightened women closingwindowsand doors children snatched from
locks etc for doors andwindowshe was able to answer
wirk lessons no doors nowindowsno light no books no
like to have lots ofwindowsand glass and stuff f806:
the reinforced glass of thewindowsdimly lit i could see
the morning sailings plate glasswindowsget polished up in bars
shapes glimpsed through dark glasswindowsothers serve food sell t
open room whose plate glasswindowsreflected the risen full moon
look at them in shopwindowsafore the war an think
outside shops or in shopwindowsand there is no provision
new year decorate some shopwindowsbut there is a distinct
these sh- eh double shopwindowsevery morning and cleaned all
tv programmes in the shopwindowsof the city at night
will ban advertisements in shopwindowsso it is arguable whether
outside shops or in shopwindowsthere is an issue about
low you know the thewindowsactually came down quite low
window they had very lowwindowsin this nursery school the
in this nursery school thewindowswere deliberately low you know
t see out the kitchenwindowsdidn t care not not
t see out the kitchenwindowsnever washed them at all
washed them at all kitchenwindowswere filthy i mean we
was paid out in brokenwindowsand eh ye know it
to the community council brokenwindowsat k s m church
there were many of thewindowsbroken possibly by vandals in
f643: aye there was twowindowsand a door there m642:
curtains are raised from thewindowsand door the whole street
thick ice off my carwindowsand melted out its door
house with the door andwindowsas practical inserts at its
the door are the rearwindowsof the two ground floor
the door are the rearwindowsof the two ground floor
frames 24 saturday finish offwindowspaint also front door to
studio door and open thewindowswide to get rid of
out cause you ve gotwindowsin your house haven t
to house we fix morewindowsphil rod start to clean
s the sand house gotwindowswhat s that f1113: where
nodded and we wiped thewindowsand you started the car
air wafted through widely openwindowsas i guided the car
its rolling and all thewindowsof the car steamed up
car and wind up thewindowswe didn t look at
secret and safe wi thewindowsa black an the rain
syne school gates chained darkwindowsa bully s black eye
a window to black outwindowsblack material was stretched over
the farm black out allwindowshad to be blacked out
was a van just twowindowsat the front panels behind
right up to our frontwindowshere m608: mmhm oh aye
ye had tae keep thewindowsin the landin open there
ye d tae keep thewindowsin the landins open for
s halved and there waswindowsand m642: mmhm f643: that
aw that oh f643: theirwindowsand that and this bit
the m642: now that waswindowsf643: ashes were higher than
two f643: well round thewindowshas to be done and
finish is what f643: thewindowsround the back and the
exposed walls supported huge archedwindowsbehind a colonnaded terrace high
through our high tech veluxwindowsi can see myself laying
beyond the high sierras smiteswindowsin the old quarter around
you know the the thewindowsused to be so high
was published in through differentwindows2005 by poetry now pets
filtering in through the tinywindowsdecreased billy took oot his
lights shining oot through thewindowsinside it would be kind
mal looking in through thewindowsof an abandoned psychiatric ward
pass through the wire meshedwindowsof arguably the most important
you can see through thewindowsthey have bow down and
enjoyed sending sunbeams through tenementwindowsto cheer old ladies huddled
all the lichts in thewindowsare out lilian do you
i can t checks lockedwindowsget out won t tries
turn in and out thewindowsthis game was played standing
saturday painting woodwork on dormerwindowstrimming lawn root out weeds
ale giant sale on theirwindowswe also tried out [censored: forename]
f634: from the from thewindowshidden round the back so
no not near all thewindowsin the school [laugh] i
been glued to the schoolwindowsto prevent them from breaking
opportunities giving access to twowindowson the world by being
there were two south facingwindowsone at each side of
much dilapidated old lorries dirtywindowssqualid courtyards and stairways teapot
and down opening all thewindowsa sure sign of imminent
we ve got photographs ofwindowsbeing taped up down in
slowly down the bleary gummywindowsof the chill parlour like
we did have our erwindowspanned in [laugh] quite a
streets and quite a fewwindowswere lit in the tower
change your mind mum thewindowsdo look fine regards to
made everyone look healthy bigwindowsroomy tables a long bar
bonny things look at theirwindowssanta up at the top
got the key and thewindowsare all locked shut upstairs
overall effect of all thosewindowsis vertiginous i can t
overlooked by all the backwindowsit was a safe place
that smell or those eeriewindowsor the sight of all
and past those eerie aquariumwindowsmy feet were bare so
we could see in thewindowswe were always goin pokin
that the pot stood inwindowswere often small but no
that were not vandalised thewindowsweren t smashed they weren
you had tape over thewindowsi was going to say
material was stretched over thewindowsor used to line curtains
curtains over the french stylewindowswhich are closed on cooler
turning off radiators and openingwindowsi did not share their
unpacking his bags and hiswindowsunfortunately you can t hold
have photographs of taped upwindowswell i don t think
buildin s a lot owindowsblawn oot an that kin
oot da flissy bruck fraewindowsmootened saft as muck he
but this i cleaning itswindowsi perceive the loch as
we would get from ourwindowsof kylies pert little bottom
you know a lot ofwindowsand stuff you know modern
s really you know thewindowscannot be opened when we
9 panes missing from stairwindows10 dim stair lighting 11
if from a helicopter thewindowsbeneath it brilliantly and dizzily
can be seen from thewindowsof houses overlooking that street
a cold draught from thewindowsso i shut them i
kind of had i thinkwindowsmedia player on the the
thickening ice had made thewindowsopaque on the no 1
loft bedrooms which had skylightwindowsthere was no inside running
gengs in and checks dewindowsan she can pit up
there are great big picturewindowsf963: right uh huh f965:
into the sumps below basementwindows2 loose and trailing wires
smart clothes is cleaning thewindowsand has a cigarette burning
in his element where latticedwindowsand moorish style arches and
brasses polished bright with archingwindowschammied clean and woodwork painted
of energy efficient glazing andwindowsdesigned to meet the requirements
masked behind the steamy coachwindowsdrizzling snow and descending darkness
s safe as she trieswindowsnoises and odd words escape
completion of the cladding andwindowspackage and if so whether
werena straight enough and thewindowsthat werena richt cleaned and
scrawled on walls and boardedwindowswas the phrase chalked on
ll have to make somewindowsthis time so if we
f606: yes [laugh] m845: repairingwindowsit was an astonishing amount
have someone working on awindowsversion of it for more
recess at one of thewindowsthe last day of january
along a corridor with hugewindowson both sides like the
dull cows beyond the blearywindowsthe march sky slides like
the last hour of sunwindowssmouldering janwar gowsts the maw
as placing bars on thewindowsthe officer said that because
within sight of the tollboothwindowsunless the condemned person happened
her child tiny thick glassedwindowsadmitted a minimum of light
time what summertime does bestwindowsrubbed cobwebbed eyes a sheep

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