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watters wi ramballiach reishle aywindsblatter the waves a ll
watters wi ramballiach reishle aywindsblatter the waves hurlin in
wundae n window wunds nwindswund thrawn a wind blown
wumman n woman wunds nwindswunter n winter wuzzent a
an gull gien sum maumiewindsa sun makin gannets hyter
maw paurliament stane still januarywindsthe gull parliament stone still
being blown off in highwindsdespite their weight but they
here awthegither wi the icywindsthat blaw first ae blizzard
the windae rattlin wi icywindsthat blaw on posties oot
the bannock o 14 whanwindsare curst that blaw frae
love nae mair let cauldwindsblaw let trees gae bare
get nithered when the cauldwindsstart tae blaw an oor
for in the past whanwindswid blaw an smoory wis
signify anither day an blustrinwindswi blattrin rain rattle upon
case through stands of wheatwindssheer and shift the scythe
the cauld whan snell northwindsding simmer s breeze an
edinburgh this weather snell eastwindsin your draughty parallelograms as
page 7 and read strongwindsrain gale force winds yet
sea soller is protected fromwindsthanks to the mountain range
gaia beyond deiĆ  the toadwindstreacherously towards soller although the
strong winds rain gale forcewindsyet again and realise i
so close what wi thewindshuvin died doon tae nowt
s church dance awkwardly inwindswhich whip up waves in
the biscuit o 14 whenwindsare cursed that blow from
you down to dust thewindsof change will blow it
the new year the fiercewindsand storms which begun 2005
long lain hidden like desertwindsthat shift unexpectedly baring a
meiths an sae bringin hailsumwindsan rain raxit braid his
d been in rain heavywindsall the rest of it
look m1110: no rain nowindsf1109: nae puddles nae rain
to genuflect rain and thewindsof day will wipe them
fishin jumpers makkit tae defeatwindsthreatin tae empty fifies o
her she s rade thewindshersel but the deil gied
plain enough far aff itwindsan twists amang the braes
field an frae the winterwindsthere wis nothin tae shield
watch it chaps the oorwindshis watch which then strikes
the doom to come thewindswere love sick and the
wad blossom an then thewindso september wad blast it
and reared against the fourwindslike the horsemen of the
throw caution to the fourwindsshe liked set routines breakfast
east neuk skiffin the fowerwindsthe pool the auld ootside
around 7 p m andwindsthrough the city working class
lament on the long lonelywindsshe saw a legend in
answer that question when shewindsup are there any other
with that point when hewindsup gordon jackson glasgow govan
hope that when the ministerwindsup whichever minister it is
so if i get fairwindsi shall be in new
get the w or swwindsyou mentioned which means temperatures
is useful saturday brought gurlywindswhich spun snow stinging into
her country scotland this placewindsme up i want to
armature winder m1078: somebody whowindsarmatures well like for motors
the way that the burnwindsitself round the motte like
spear an sword as sweetwindsriffle owre the blackadder water
of living dried by thewindsfrom a sullen voe hair
all social niceties to thewindswith solemn bluntness did my
described smell in the perfumedwindshearing in the sound of
they were dancers on thewindsof time [inaudible] it was
back by the same tradewindsswirling the ocean creamy the
wakens to refulgent brilliance thewindsthat buffeted for over a
pressure system and the easterlywindswill spread that to affect

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