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ronnie wi my fish shewinksconspiratorially to the audience and
hours f1005: forty winks fortywinksf1054: is that what you
couple o hours f1005: fortywinksforty winks f1054: is that
anything different there f1001: fortywinksm999: aye forty winks that
forty winks m999: aye fortywinksthat might be a snooze
m1015: a nap eh fortywinksehm that s aboot it
i m going for fortywinksf1023: so would i f1026:
no got [inaudible] kip fortywinksm1004: another one [inaudible] f1005:
i ve also got fortywinksm1013: hover [laugh] m1010: aye
it would be catching fortywinksor something like that would
ve got goin for fortywinkstakin a nap f1054: [inaudible]
smile just having my fortywinksthen if it was spring
thousans o outlin sterns thatwinksdoun at me frae the
has one dark eye thatwinksfrom its creamy centre with
wolf sae furry nae twawinkso sleep could she get
wolf sae furry nae twawinkso sleep could she get

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