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hero for hir sake yewinnadee a skellum prepare yeirsell
her yalla cloot heid dawinnadee betsy it s aa
i ve aye said itwinnadee e queer bittie o
mither is weill again shewinnadee nou ti haud ti
manage withoot it pause shewinnaken fit tae dee wi
off then peggy enters shewinnalet me dee it but
ll dee it themselves theywinnatak help they aye like
for yeir ain guid awinnatell ye hou they dee
ye wul no dee nouwinnaye no mither queen eh
me mum f1107: no iwinnabecause your thing ll fall
ll fall off f1089: youwinnafall off m1090: i will
[inhale] [exhale] f1089: na itwinnafall right we ll lay
if you fall you youwinnahurt your heid will you
gang wi ye then itwinnadae ti hing about our
gunlöd turns gunlöd na ahwinnagang ah maun speak sae
sna sna sits doon itwinnagang awa friday 6 temp
eftir us an gin shewinnagang he ettils ti cum
the sittin room damn thingwinnagang in snarled roch meg
but immediately checks herself ahwinnagang inti that houss nou
man in t so hewinnagang near t i jist
laughs an that means yewinnagang yeir fuitlenth ti moscow
haud o that thing ahwinnalat gang or ma airm
in this thing peggy itwinnabe for lang maybe bessie
veesit the maister neist hewinnabe keepit lang at northies
stert ti birsil thaim itwinnabe lang afore we ken
mukkil trust in this itwinnabe lang afore ye ettil
good man yersel jim iwinnabe lang snap cross fade
deeve for ye ken itwinnabe lang till e deein
lowps inno the grave itwinnabe lang ye ll murn
weill cuisin a howp itwinnabe that lang afore fowk
naething new at aw itwinnabe that lang afore the
battle siward an nou itwinnabe that lang afore we
calf is due so yewinnahae lang tae wait for
holds out his arms awinnakeep ye lang afore a
the kirkyaird lass yer faitherwinnalie lang his lane his
mm m824: ah but itwinnatak lang comin doon twa
o fish lang deid iwinnawant tae jyne yer clique
it aw means syne thewinnabe onie mair riddils ti
8 staff employed the groupwinnaemploy onie staff 9 group
at m a suppone yewinnaknaw onie o ma neiger
oot the jyle again hewinnanotice thaim onie mair an
yae day or oniewey theywinnaseem important onie mair a
ll tak waagers at yewinnasleep at nicht fither ye
blithe spring s awa itwinnatak direction bit loo me
the henwyfe says say yewinnatak him binna thay gie
the henwyfe says say yewinnatak him binna thay gie
the henwyfe says say yewinnatak him binna thay gie
like this a howp yewinnatak it ill quo the
jin an the young maisterwinnatak it in earnest we
like to help teenie theywinnatak it ronnie fit wye
but spier awa an ahwinnabe lyke masell gin ah
dede wes duin tho awinnaken gin a brunt a
flesk for me gin yewinnalat me fill it masell
da gin the lord clerkwinnalichtlie me because a m
at gin ye dae wewinnalift an eebrou for aa
you will cheat f1111: iwinnacheat f1112: you will cheat
you will cheat f1111: iwinnacheat f1112: you will f1111:
[drops shampoo bottle] [laugh] [inaudible] f1111: peoplewinnacome back for a haircut
coming up still f1111: theywinnacome up just now darling
their teeth f1112: no itwinnaf1111: oh yes it will
there f1112: eh f1111: itwinnahear anything in there will
to be there f1089: [censored: forename]winnabe there [censored: forename] s at
get it f1089: no youwinnacause that s a m1090:
will i f1089: no youwinnam1090: i already have a
will push it f1089: itwinnapush i dinna think m1090:
maybe we will no itwinnafit in your pocket m1090:
you move that then itwinnawork m1090: what if you
bloody eese tae me yewinnacome an mak ma mither
my coupons dod your mitherwinnahand them ower until i
ye that wey ma mitherwinnasee you that wul shuirlie
no it doesna see itwinnafit ooh no it s
think it does darlin itwinnafit see f1126: you help
till e playgreen gate iwinnasay bit fit i wis
close at e fairm iwinnasay bit fit i wis
binderet wir ain craps iwinnasay bit fit me bein
the nicht ye winna yewinnaset fit in the byre
fit s adee loretta hewinnaspeak tae me peggy he
teatime nae the nicht yewinnaye winna set fit in
ti speak til him hewinnaaunsir but onlie gie ye
jist glass right so itwinnahurt come on gie it
knicht ah m shuir yewinnaah wad howp no malcolm
a guitar toozenbach sae yewinnaallou us even ti dream
on dis that mean yewinnabe able tae swing a
five year s tyme yewinnabe alive thenk guidness in
ane legaiter he says yewinnabe nedin thon an pit
big quine noo sister yewinnabe needin a dallie there
afoir i the circumstaunces awinnabirn ye wi thur the
ye ll wish ye didwinnabit fin matty lowered his
something ye dinna like iwinnaeat noodle soup it minds
said cormac an mebbe yewinnafor ma riddil is a
ye re beggin a shuirliewinnaforgie ye an wi the
speak sae that ye faitherwinnagae til the grave wi
mair glore as a glintwormwinnagar ye shine an a
word stoory fine bit yewinnaget ma sayin t an
same auld wey an yewinnahear a wurd o reproach
goes away andrey sae yewinnaheed me natasha is a
leistent ti iwerie braidkest yewinnajalouse whit familie ye ir
an i mean it iwinnakeep onything fae ye so
ye ir readin about yewinnaken o hugh brecham at
tae yer new hoose wewinnaken ye fin neist we
ye ak bauld lik thaiwinnaken ye r a truphane
yit mair infurmautioun bot yewinnaknaw whit we r simmer
yeir glower nithers me yewinnaloue me ah sal pray
ma guidman puddok sae yewinnamairrie me nanse a daursay
at the princess sae yewinnamairrie me than ye git
in the same wey yewinnanotice moscow aince ye ir
in the consumer clan yewinnaoch yer eeseless a scunner
morag o dear awricht ahwinnapuddok an wul ye buirie
gollop ye up but yewinnasant awa awthegither ye l
yeir wull maister sae yewinnasee hir again malcolm na
ma lassie tho mebbe yewinnathink sae whan ye hear
me wad ye an yewinnathole ma inspectin whae div
re brithers aa our talewinnawearie ye frae this lu
thenkit him but our talewinnawearie ye frae this on
s [?]snow[/?] f1095: well hewinnabe coming to your hoose
a fey wee body itwinnaenter a hoose till the
free haun fur meg ramsaywinnaleave the hoose eence she
the hoose is sellt shewinnawant to hing aboot aiberdeen
on frae nou on awinnadaur quo profunditas on his
tae fish yer dub anwinnagreit tho aft i thocht
is green the blaik yirdwinnasay yer public face wis
yer late plane an pilotwinnawait doctor sen fur the
frae aff yer leet iwinnawant tae fish yer dub
was and he said itwinnadae for fowk tae ken
dis ai ah dout hewinnaken me from the chinese
we ve got dod wewinnaken till we can see
weill ah ken a stanewinnamak brie but whyle ma
ken the taill sae awinnaplew throu it agane bi
in oh said jimmy shewinnabe awa mabel had a
a move on or itwinnabe worth gaun awa jonsar
the day to audience hewinnamin he s awa wi
m awa peggy briskly wewinnaneed to worry aboot that
their nicht s rest elderwinnabe tellt the morn s
the morn s nicht ahwinnahae ti listen til the
dreidour sae mait an drinkwinnafear us answers zhu wu
mair jist noo the fleerwinnabe finished the day you
turns oot fine so iwinnacomplain fermer is mair than
meiserabil ah canna wurk ahwinnawurk ah ve haen mair
leave him her brither warnedwinnacam her answer leave him
the morning m1096: no iwinnaf1095: mmhm leave it [censored: forename]
man o singil hert thatwinnaleave hir or hir hair
doon hairtit disjaskit r hewinnaleave us waesome m he
fur hiz retour an awinnabrak ma wird bot onkil
for ma tint choukie thatwinnacum hame syne the needle
ma tint choukie hen thatwinnacum hame the needle goes
anither an bonnie men ilkitherwinnageck zhang isna ma name
her ma warned him shewinnaher da said an she
in a far countrie thatwinnarend ma coatie climm in
ma sayin t an iwinnasay it ll no dae
school an a man thatwinnacome hame till the pubs
mess f1142: no but iwinnaf1141: dinna say no to
bees an wasps though iwinnasay i m feert at
u yoursel d voice dtwinnasay whiider doo liks a
my dad say this keiwinnawurk an the young manager
say won t we saywinnayou say give we say
sic wumman s wards theywinnahelp me enter two murderers
but movin in wi mewinnahelp things lass whit aboot
[censored: forename] and [censored: forename] m1096: [censored: forename]winnabe there cause she ll
oh do na [censored: forename] youwinnaget to play with the
get your nose f1134: youwinnai thought that was [censored: forename]
noo and then cause youwinnasee granny [censored: forename] for a
chebutykin oh ah andrey ahwinnaplay at the cairds the
wuthert an deid gunlöd ahwinnathink on that gunnar syne
a bit pairtin poem ahwinnathreip on aboot it from
says chen da an therewinnabe muckle gear gloresheddae wad
in time comin his mainnerswinnabe up ti the merk
generation the canna be anwinnabe we juist hae ti
daein fylit felon forby atwinnabe willin ti mend his
grunstane s lyfe bedein itwinnadae ti dwall on mirren
whalps intil the sie shewinnawant ti see it droun
macbeth the teirant macbeth awinnayield ti kiss the grund
them a bittie so theywinnaaa get muddled up right
get a row f1134: youwinnaf1133: i will the mannie
to be spent on shewinnaget a word in edgewise
that road and aa youwinnaget oot f1097: [laugh] you
havenae done it then youwinnaget tae [tut] fa did
your teeth water for youwinnaget that nooadays not even
s claes you winna youwinnaget them back on f1142:
that s okay but youwinnaget toys from mum and
you get f1101: well mumwinnahae time because we ve
you get big no iwinnam1108: chase me mum f1107:
your doll s claes youwinnayou winna get them back
a slur ower seen menwinnaeven gurr takk aa the
an i dareasay the viewwinnabe near as gran bit
well done see that bitwinnabe there so that s
jibbit back a deid birdwinnadrap ooto its nest bit
ts deidly prunin shears iwinnalie neth coastal sky bit
tae amaze me the witherwinnafail saturday 25 temp 7
tells me so that shewinnaforget she s nae to
whan big laddie lyke youwinnakiss me ringan still carrying
if he loves me itwinnamak ony difference chrissie scornfully
f1141: okay f1142: [inaudible] itwinnacome off this time f1141:
tae [tut] fa did thatwinnacome off [tut] oh dear
your claes and then itwinnacome oot f1142: mummy f1141:
the toyshop eh aye youwinnacome oot the toyshop [inaudible]
f1113: and your egg ayewinnabe long two minutes for
in your flat but itwinnabe ony work for you
hands cause then maybe theywinnastick to your hands we
re a growin lassie youwinnawant to spend a your
in stank in drain shewinnabeg nor busk fur autumn
on jock dow an shewinnasleep fur worryin he s
mukkil interest in him shewinnafeed him hirsell an she
him on f1127: no wewinnaput him on m1128: no
local lass but the maisterwinnarelease him ach that s
wid catch us jock dowwinnacatch us he ll be
us m1096: aye no iwinnaf1095: what happened wis you
club and the fuckin gentlemenwinnalet us in so we
cairriet a gweed name watterwinnawash yon stain frae it
i ll be deid anwinnacare but if i ging
ll be spoiled rotten youwinnaeven notice i m nae
you stick it on itwinnarip it ll sort won
up can i cause iwinnabe able to see nothing
see it f1127: no hewinnasee it will he m1128:
look in the middle youwinnasee this from there that
it tight though or itwinnawork right roond see i
im a weel weel hewinnahae his sorras tae seek
he s that bleizin hewinnahae it he s wantin
once and for all iwinnabe a minute if the
back one point but iwinnabe able to bring them
it what drawer f1093: youwinnabe able to put them
to my house f1103: santawinnabe back for another year
dialect an on occasion itwinnabe english but it will
weel cast winter claes iwinnabe feel wednesday 29 temp
tries ta be waarm butwinnabe hard brakkin habits an
mam s jumper and itwinnabe in the way right
in my direction said itwinnabe loaded and pulled the
my orra drawer so iwinnabe tempted to pick it
peenheids minnow fry chiels ladswinnading won t be defeated
hearin she snorted change hewinnachange i hiv been merrit
gowd tree sayin atweill shewinnashe wul no git the
a whilie bessie wrily iwinnaneed tae worry aboot it
tattie in there the carwinnawork eh f1116: i m
there oh no the carwinnawork if there s a
the lids back on theywinnawork right f1134: i did
f1125: no it doesna itwinnago f1126: it will it
will i just no iwinnajust click it there and
do the big one youwinnamanage that ain m1094: no
o thair hungir atweill thaywinnasaid the streinger but that
his wife finds oot hewinnabreathe a word to a
aith at apen it theywinnadaur yon sneck wis made
it on properly so itwinnago hard you can play
to hold it because itwinnago near the water so
speaking it s just youwinnahear it but when we
if it s money iwinnaif only he d bring
enough just maybe aye wewinnaneed to cut it put
a fine smell oh itwinnasmell on the book will
they pit on weimen thatwinnastap yatterin it s a
and nor would toby hewinnapay her rail fare to
s cryed staun kiz hewinnasit ay toved maistres stein
appears anither a seivint awinnawatch but he keeps on
age jim naething that deathwinnacure jim oh i m
the side f1133: okay iwinnalook [yawn] oh dear hurry
an cum what may tymewinnabyde but rins aye throu
f1103: mm f1104: but theywinnago doon the plug they
john macnab an aw iwinnalabour the pynt but greig
for facts are chiels thatwinnading then efter cuttin sic
pron with win v enterwinnav will not winnok n
two straight edges so thatwinnago there fitt about finding
did not my lords iwinnadwell on the slave trade
an damp this day wewinnafry monday 6 temp 6
can muster an auld wifewinnaraise a fusker widlan smachrie
the wids an aidder thatwinnashift the win is snell
an their dram drinkin wewinnatell for our tale turns
dry wi sin we surelywinnafry wednesday 14 temp 5
thon warlt s end wewinnapairt here at the endless
at s anither yoam iwinnaforget in a hurry douglas
m1106: yeah f1105: well iwinnarepeat why now that s
my pride after all iwinnasleep with ony ither woman
his nae freens at hamewinnafin em in anither ian
face wull improve her facewinnapancake meg chap chap chap
cot cowld feet on lyinwinnaalter stivvenin lee side shalter
canna the door- the drawerwinnaopen f1112: [inaudible] that things

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