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ltd s trunk roads maintenancewinteractivities in the north east
with major disruption to integratedwinterand maintenance services on the
paid a lump sum forwintermaintenance irrespective of the type
that is the reality whilewintermaintenance is 13 per cent
with a safe and reliablewintermaintenance service that view is
police services and gritting andwintermaintenance services will all be
in order to have thewintermaintenance staff available to keep
figures for road improvements andwintermaintenance you will see that
by bear scotland ltd forwinterroad maintenance in the highlands
white mary scanlon s1m 2321winterroads maintenance programme in the
delivery of contracted provisions forwinterunder the trunk roads maintenance
crosst his anguish caused bywinterfrost the seat was dry
in the mochy dreichness owintergirse weirs a frost straichtjaiket
grun fyte wi frost pitswinterin oor mind uppermost day
fer fyte wi frost pitswinterin oor minds uppermost fae
a bit o frost pitswinterin oor minds uppermost monday
a fer bit frost pitswinterin oor minds uppermost sunday
sna frost dis persist awintersark tae keep warm i
and back on with thewinterclothes bit of snow in
a lot of snow inwinterf1148: you do get snow
snow several times in thewinterit s just a part
days children remember snow inwinteror playing on the beach
and shovelled snow in thewinterpony and trap farmers often
as the first snow ofwinterpure as i do wish
first five stanzas of awinters night describing the snow
traffic jam in tons ofwintersnow santa s in the
falls of snow in thewinterwith huge drifts piled up
an it s affa cauldwinterclaes aff gang aboot twa
braes or shinin white inwinterclaes changin yet changeless an
7 11 look oot yonwinterclaes eence mair dry north
win dis blaw keep onwinterclaes for a day or
some heat as weel castwinterclaes i winna be feel
awa an rake oot yonwinterclaes manure doon on the
dis blaw dee awa wiwinterclaes na na wednesday 18
2 6 rainfall 3 16winterclaes on affa het i
twa fit deep aye mairwinterclaes on i div heap
an warm beyond belief castwinterclaes tae get relief monday
us gey sair back taewinterclaes win affa bare wednesday
days like a scythe manwintercomes sweeping old fields bare
in bare feet in thewinterif the weather was really
bare ferrly a touch owinterin o the air thursday
let trees gae bare letwinterniver turn tae spring let
bare strippit an scourged biwinters wheep the jeel o
hame it wes nou midwinteran the cauld air wes
thoughts by poetry now 2005winterand it s cauld oot
late their hinmaist cast awintercauld an deep wi snaw
ivry glint o sun furwintercauld we ken creeps close
fowk div pit on somewintercloot dry day damned cauld
an bald an in thewinterit gets cauld but summer
haud oot the cauld aawinterminnie tried anither tack meg
in a fusper fin thewinternichts growe lang an cauld
for ma dearie in thewinters mirk cauld an weet
a scottish soldier connor mcgrawwintersecurity breach it s cauld
but come the cauld owintertime when dykes an fields
war ayeweys cauld twis ayeweyswinterwi nae sizzens nur nae
begins tae dry spring orwinterat s the cry monday
spring nor lose them inwinterbirds do not sing in
been affa busy the halewinterbit in the early spring
affa thrawn tae cast yonwintercloot fine day spring in
yon feel o spring castwintercloot warnin bells div ring
nae hert tae sing thewinterhad nae hint o spring
mild richt bonny sinny daywinterna mair like spring i
clearing our roads during thewinteris absolutely tremendous that is
adequately prepared to meet allwinterrequirements of the trunk roads
keep our roads safe inwinterthat is an important point
go on holiday in thewinteras well as summer when
ere s nae sign owinterbein ony wild cataract hiv
oot mild nae sign owinterbein ony wild monday 30
mild nae ony sign owinterbein wild friday 3rd temp
affa mild nae sign owinterbein wild thursday 16th temp
an mild nae sign owinterbeing ower wild sin is
catch wild duck in thewinterby sticking a drainpipe upright
six o clock that wildwinterevening between 41 and 44
never really went away inwinterit was always just summer
the kitchen er summer andwinterit was only later that
the applewood fire summer andwinterjarring together what validates the
trope of summer delight andwintermourning is overturned so that
o year wither is granwinternae wild this i canna
me would rather go inwinterthan in summer f1149: yeah
a summer place cold inwinterwith frosts and fogs a
when he s due homewinteradvances but the intense cold
fertilize the loam cruickshank gardenswintercold pond s a puckered
this forecast of a coldwinterdave doesn t think we
was in cold storage allwinterfor i ve had a
true f810: at least inwinterit s dark and cold
it s too cold atwinter[laugh] f631: [laugh] f689: och
it was cold in thewinteronly lit with a wee
fornoon a cold day wtwinters grip not yet lowst
it will be a coldwinterthis year yeah f965: and
a doot nae sign owinterbein a brute wednesday 17th
for him but nae signwintergnawed on until danny the
toast and nursery games inwinterafter dark my big hair
is dark as skies inwintergrim the future an sae
the year for it swinteroutside there black dark in
t get so dark inwinterright enough but still it
home anyway it was awinters day a dark day
midnicht blue dark as awintersky an see silver here
in the deid thraa finwinterwauks balquidder wintry spell dark
cal a gheamhraidh winter [tarraing anail]wintercabbage tha mi air trì
the poet of the scottishwinterfestival winter was his favourite
it s a mair awinterm1017: mmhm m1015: a winter
tuirt iad cal a gheamhraidhwinter[tarraing anail] winter cabbage tha mi
winter m1017: mmhm m1015: awintervest f1054: folk in peterhead
of the scottish winter festivalwinterwas his favourite season after
bein up ere in ewinterye nott a thick gunsey
lang afore ere s awinterbreeze friday 7th temp 5
s yon sayin aboot awintercloot friday 2nd temp 9
as ey tak on theirwinterhue tuesday 28th temp 2
monday 31 temp 3 1wintertaks a grip that cood
bit it s jist likewintertime saturday 30 temp 5
sunday 11 temp 7 7wintertime this surely canna be
learning first aid during lastwinterat evening classes i found
of light during the briefwinterdays and at night gave
and there is chaos duringwinteremergencies i will provide some
few brief weeks during thewinterof 1839 that far from
had a virus during thewintersuch myths are false because
during the period of severewinterweather over the last festive
at night when during thewinterwhen they ve got the
clear hard tae think thatwinteris gey near monday 29th
weet an fule half thewinteris past at yule monday
at arbuthnott school in thewinterdinner at school was half
had been there for thewinterhalf ear willie beddie cam
an fair then half thewinterhis tae come an mair
weet an fule half thewinteris past at yule sunday
fine an fair half thewinteris tae come an mair
days o a nor eastwinteran the derk clouds scudded
you- er dangerous in thewinterbecause you lost days through
see folks through the bleakwinterdays but even then before
grey wamth in the airwinterdays like this i pray
antrum the mirk days awinterslawlie harlt by the callan
in those days though inwintertime a metal container maybe
return after spending only onewinterat sea they are called
are often called multi seawintermsw salmon sea trout do
to sea cages caused bywinterstorms escaped farm salmon may
ben iron tracks wauchts owinterwheech frae the jeelin sea
grey an skyty wauchts owinterwheech frae the jeelin sea
yaird and stack a llwinterfine come hairst maybe a
parks an ye d gotwinterit s a fine wye
fine an cosy in thewintermonths fin he switched the
fine an cosy durin thewintermonths ronald an hanna hid
is the worst of thewinterover now it is fine
beauty or for smell thaewinterpansies suit us fine an
wis aboot e fairm aewinterfin i d got a
timmer post ye mind finwintermade its merk i sweir
the soprano glittered like awinters nicht fin the wagtail
that the yird hid tholedwinterfor iver an aye an
syne i d ken thewinterhid stertit lxxxvii three birds
see oot ower the parkswinterhid tichtened his grip throw
up a roon for thewintermonths aheid jonsar eck hid
an the fairmer hid gotwinterthe pairty wid finish wi
that at the onset owinterye hid tae get e
keep me alive and lastwinteri couldn t just sit
keep em for the coorsewinternichts i ll hae a
keep using it throughout thewinterthe small light pods are
snell yince mair an thewintercomes again so de say
ye re jist ready forwintermair ir less an it
strug naethin ta fill awinterpress na far mair i
humid too but after lastwinteri don t care i
primarily to the effect ofwinterpressures last year and shortages
root in the last ofwinters gales laid on its
may be the last beforewintersets in with this thought
deed in last year swinterstorms o pneumonia minnie chittered
at though it s naewinteri m spikkin aboot eence
it threw ye aff bitwinteror nae the sabbath wis
oot mild warm an brawwintersimply his nae ony grip
jist ay pits aff ewinterabeen it up e side
fairmie gey caal in ewinteran ye canna get up
proteckit for e months owinterat wis e wye ey
i like e openness owinterbetter haad awa fae e
e heat bit on awinterday it wis a jyle
wis bad enyeuch in ewinterfiles makkin sure e heat
geed shelter tae piles owinterlogs an till aa e
e hoose on a caalwinters day bit es time
tae saut butter for ewinterthe best time tae dee
actually faa oot in ewintertime if e fairmer got
in the deid thraa owintera robin wheeplit oot tae
keepit in the byre aawinteran muckit oot bi the
to come oot in thewintertime eh we used tae
began to realise over thewinterand into the early part
over 65 age group thiswinterand whether that body endorsed
the benefit of the 200winterfuel payment and the over
river is now frozen overwinterhas truly begun i saw
on the bridge over thewintermonths as in previous years
where it lives but eachwintersneaks over trying to take
irrespective of the type ofwinterthere is great concern over
bank over infill storms thatwinterwashed the infill through the
shoors the hale day langwinterroon the corner wid i
josef the bus driver onewinters day when thickening ice
dreary the hale day langwintershoors far the day began
day in the middle ofwinterwe have to use moisturiser
human kind afore the ayegaunwintercam ower mony a cauldrife
s a peinter ower thewinterdells the gairdens in the
ye trod ower it inwinterit threw ye aff bit
carl i ken ower weelwinterwi his deidly creel a
dried and salted for thewinterbit they were maybe lookit
glace since she s halewinternithin bit ice aa snaw
sweet crummly heat on awinters nicht bit it brunt
bit o a dip seewintertak a richt icy grip
effected after the storms ofwinter1943 once round the point
will be me set forwinterafter a longish miserable period
besides this there was thewintersupper held after all the
o de time durin dewinterf960: yeah hit s er
the first time my berghauswinterjacket then i went down
f637: mmhm f638: in thewintertime f637: ye might get
much flowers because it swintertime isn t it in
s special elderberry wine aewintertime ma grandfaither had got
back o yer thrapple inwintertime the creesh grease from
mmhm f1039: an in thewintertime we used tae wi
s right m1010: in thewintertime when oo was at
f606: yeah f1039: in thewintertime wi ma dad s
t know f638: in thewintertime ye maybe never went
lauchin noo through the langwinternichts wha ll help me
through a snowstorm to thewinterreunion in the merchants hall
warm a sheltered ye throughwinters wet an this is
to see you through thewinterthe outside ones were always
taes bi the fire comewinteraw shod wi sweet smellin
eh usually they come inwintermaybe to shelter if if
voe hair is withered forwinters come with it the
come boys and get yourwintersupper for ye deserve it
o the abune newsletter autumnwinter2002 pauline s column hogmanay
eve o hogmanay it wiswinteran it wis the sabbath
ti the stert o thewinteran owre lange idle he
was in the middle owinterf643: and that was in
by the lowe o awinterfire an stare at the
gotten a guid supply owinterfish an wan hame safe
o pitten t tae getwinterfor fit ye mean is
rise the first frosts owinterhardened the lan like the
wi a flurry o snawinterhis it s say sunday
is it gowd or bluewinterin the mochy dreichness o
was in the middle owinterm642: well that was naw
simmer saft an braw therewinterreigns eternally the sizzen o
cam tae steenhillock the firstwinters nicht o the celtic
muckle wars that gart thewintertae cam an spite o
o the verra sowel owinterwi its fite hairtless wauchts
things ready fur the cominwinterhe checked tae see if
12 roon the corner iswinteri hiv tae say at
ere was some gey caalwinterjobs fyles haein tae use
there s nane alive thiswinterpast a clean forgot tae
tae change his tune taewinterricht he wid be sunday
a freen tae clear awawinters remains an set tee
tae see them throw thewintertho minnie s da cut
tae the derkness wed herewinterwadnae enter nur ae ae
muckle field an frae thewinterwinds there wis nothin tae
year its been an earlywinterthis year so lets hope
the rauchled skin each bitinwinterwind wid kiss ony year
neebers simmer wore on anwintercam an shortly wi a
fill up their sheds wiwinterfuel jonsar eck kent it
hae a gran fordel orwinterjonsar eck jist agreed wi
frae emerald whin yowe swinteroo is tirred wi shears
jyned wi the soarin hawkwinters wytin roon the neuk
or whyt wi snaw awwinterthe wedder wes saft an
red berries on it allwinterand now they are turning
features of the autumn andwinterfarm steadings now the cornyards
carries the underlying threat ofwinternow i dip my fingers
afternoon we went to thewinterpalace which now houses a
magical now but often inwinterthe town shrouds itself under
a moscow grocer s inwinterthey will not budge now
down the hatches for thewinterand emerge again in the
subject ministers are concerned thatwinterand emergency planning in the
in her hands in thewinterand john t had rheumatism
happening in the middle ofwinterand the middle of the
clement than scotland in thewinteras i scraped thick ice
coursing takes place in thewinterbetween mid september and mid
to do it in thewinterbut you know you d
to cover your wrists inwintercuffs could be red ribbed
started going away in inwinterf1149: mmhm f1148: and then
go to norwegian classes inwinterf746: oh right yeah f978:
thatch the stack for thewinterfirst building it herself in
the grass in a warmwintergrief and joy like sword
lived a ghost town inwinterhaunted by the spirits of
a study of trees inwinterhis bones poked at his
a real coal fire inwinteri hope you re all
selfridges in london the worstwinteri remember was in 1946
s moustaches they hibernate inwintericicle bound and brittle soup
how bride was imprisoned throughoutwinterin ben nevis until her
thaw the river creeps withwinterin its veins aeroplane climbs
interlude described by sand inwinterin mallorca an island bestseller
decided to spend the comingwinterin mallorca and would return
i had started to readwinterin mallorca by george sand
his intention to spend thewinterin mallorca in fact he
to accompany george sand swinterin mallorca with french and
topics such as these iiiwinterin many primary schools the
a feeling of apprehension inwinterin strathearn the sinister scene
the love affair but awinterin which so covered by
lakes wooden houses dotted thewinterlandscape sometimes huddled in clusters
just has black nights inwinter[laugh] f807: [laugh] it s
sides using button hooks inwinternearly all the girls at
its position lean pickings inwinternests are empty of violins
inherited from oed in thewinterof 1925 6 with the
situation that arose in thewinterof 1999 2000 there were
the street even in midwinterone of the americans asked
of a school playground inwinterone with which all the
even affection perdita in thewinters tale is one such
for the poet in thewinters tale leontes can be
back of ballindean followed aswinterset in by more in
better to move before thewintersets in good too that
would have made of awintersolstice in moscow he d
different times i remember wanderingwinterstreets in glasgow with joan
summit of puig mayor inwinterthe atmosphere is humid as
er ah mind in ehwintertheir rops aye hed an
go on holiday in thewinterthen as well as did
in the rain in thewinterto travel to horwich for
boats sprout begging arms likewintertrees in the blue vault
but no afore the morninwinterwauknin a m in ma
the 1940s the services inwinterwere held in the chancel
sealed themselves in for thewinterwith central heating and double
watched anxiously as i stowedwinterwoollies in the bottom of
the american climate the firstwinterwhich began with heavy snowfalls
winnowing machine winnlin straw bundlewinterto get to have all
have to wear all thewinterwoollies you can get on
milk white steed another describeswinteras an old cailleach who
the glen the flooers thatwinterdisnae ken vetch an speedwell
about an ailing cow onewinterit was wasting away with
your heatin ready for thewinterjonsar eck peyed him an
us bairns on a caulwintermornin an richt inta an
how still the reeds wunterwinterrimie morn laddies sclyin an
dreich room an a dreichwinters nicht miss vining the
thocht a d passed thewintersnug an cosy influenza free
gorse skirts an open moothedwinterstare he leaves thankin the
every fortnicht for the halewinterjonsar eck kent he wis
frostin let ye ken atwinterwis comin on auchterless is
economy scottish affairs no 38winter2002 pp51 72 hicks d
boyter well you see thatwinterthere was a travelling theatre
of the unpromisingly titled songwintera dirge it s good
it s been a terriblewinterarthur will not have been
afore the thaw so cauldrifewinterbrakks the simmer s lyre
income i ve started buyingwinterclothes there s a snell
it s been the worstwinterfor several years i got
of grampian health board swinterpressure funds and to forward
666 a topper persephone swinterresidence a snowball jung s
sweet smellin birch bark pausewinters gae near oan us
a man blin foo intaewinters gluggerin moo climbing mortlich
wraith s icy chill bywinters grip a tuim matchbox
waur on the continent cruelwinters wrath is no yet
blaw seety feathered corbies craawinters wytin roon the neuk
tess aw hallow s evewintersolstice krista awch tess oo
we become eligible for thewinterheating allowance we all think
all wrap up for thewinterso our precious railings need
are ye aw efter thewinterhae ye aw had yer
i ve had a warmerwinterbut i don t think
we never really had awinterout of it we had
executive on this subject 3winterbed planning the committee heard
our precious railings need theirwintercoat this means that we
you killed a stot thiswinteri killed a pig the
this is scotland and ourwinterlasts not much less than
were made for us thiswinterreunion to be held at
by adverse weather conditions thiswinters1f 2185 6 mary scanlon
send postcards this being thewintersolstice the place was crowded
surgeries i have visited thiswinterthe publicity has been almost
great deal of good thiswinteryou said that although it
ford even when it waswinterhidden birds betrayed their names
be 6 more weeks ofwinterwho needs weather satellites when
it dis ding on snawintera a at eence gies
yairds doun the brae ferwintera heid scarf snawflakes para
it should have been calledwintera rant since it goes
like coursing beagling is awinteractivity conducted between september and
would look nice on awinterevening wouldn t it f010:
not understand for example integratedwintergritting a snowplough does not
bears are fashion mannequins awinterhaute couture of claw and
but one that occurs everywinterit will be a constant
and a greater rainfall thewinterstatistics show a change too
would be a nice weewintertrip [laugh] f1148: uh huh
a wind blown wunter nwinterwurd n tidings wush v
wunds n winds wunter nwinterwuzzent a withered yallae a
need for markers should thewinterdiet be taken up there
salted for yule and thewintereen till t one extra
grown tired of rehearsing forwinteri think perhaps it is
the hotel closed for thewinterjust as we thought we
out of the water forwinteronto the ferry okay they
big peat stack for thewintershe sheiled off the grassy
the scottish executive whether thewintertimetable for caledonian macbrayne ferry
suffering the coldest spell ofwinterweather for years tho heraldin
typical set of attire forwinterwould be home knitted woollen
3 autumn 2046 part 4winter3000 the characters dr shiran
good really but then thewinterbef- just before we left
best estimate of the midwinterbritish brown hare population prior
the higher state pension thewinterfuel allowance and from next
garden and stocked up onwinterfuel by thinning out the
boords as it happened thewinterhe spent there was one
peak of non flu viruswinterrespiratory conditions at the moment
it was only ehm thewinterthat before we left treebank
where he would spend thewinterthe archduke was away and
11 marked the start ofwinterthe feast of st martin
the good part of thewinteryou steepit it amongst brine
aren t normally affected bywintermay find themselves being affected
clouds william blake part 4winter3000 it is hard to
scottish language dictionaries newsletter autumnwinter2002 new scuil wab from
or went towards buying newwinterclothes which they were allowed
or mirrored glazed doors onwinterevenings woodsmoke beeswax candles and
michael russell s1m 2693 britishwinterolympic team lodged on 4
him every week simmer orwintershe wid say fit i

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