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burnie thon s some celticwirdsye ken at the skweel
burnie thon s some celticwirdsye ken at the skweel
twa quines tae spikk thewirdsfrae the buik wi me
if nae better than thewirdsin the haly buik that
m nae muckle eese wiwirdsmeg opened the buik at
hoidy hol for queer luckinwirdsstowed far fae wir hearin
o them hid spukken twawirdstae minnie yon wis queer
the hensour wes tint furwirdsbot ti bid thaim staun
hid tae pyke oot twawirdsstaun in a cercle an
an scrattit doon the magicwirdsbaith in een nae seener
wringin guide tells us mairwirdshing heavy intae sic silence
aa aboot the twa shortwirdso the title tells aa
wis cain an the magicwirdsthat could reist a horse
een anither fin the firstwirdscam oot o wir moos
best we man savour wirwirdsis dey tirl on da
ve had a wheen owirdssent in on wir oral
bit buikie a canna pitwirdsti wir pheilosophie bettir nor
joco lik mirren cuidna finndwirdsbot maistres stein didna hae
lik in a drame hizwirdstel hir at the rid
estaiblish the trewth o thewirdsthan wi a rair lik
tales east linton 1995 2wirdsan wark e seasons roon
it complements the study ofwirdsan wark on a single
ain language some o thewirdsin english are strange are
are strange are there onywirdsin scots ye like ay
an wes shair at hirwirdsdidna match hir thochts bot
stoppit tae swap a fyowwirdsan e fox peyed nae
tod an whaup are dialectwirdsfer fox an curlew gey
something byordnar sweet ayont aawirdsin thon blessin whether it
wes smored bi thon cowshuswirdsye cuid en up bein
at lifts da sail keepswirdsclos ta her breest an
hit hed ta be jöstwirdsmaybe aboot da sea so
needed noo wis some shetlandwirdstae accompany da video ta
bides da sam an sayinwirdsa knitter wid see dat
norn dey hed böddies owirdsfor da varg o da
carry hit an da biblicalwirdsrowed in a cloot dem
an da hidna spukken twawirdstae ain anither except fur
neive syne there war heichwirdsatween the twa aye weel
atween his grey lapels hiswirdsskinkle an glent like shoals
screive a poem usin scotswirdshe photocopied pages fae a
she wis meeved bi thewirdso the poem sae raxxed
lat us hearken tae thewirdso the lord i the
peronall lat z ben wioutenwirdstammas onlukkit the duir an
the neebors bairns kent twawirdso the oaths that cam
she s nae spoken twawirdssince she s set fit
t wis the bare twawirdswee jaikie a cottar s
let the twenes sayin illwirdsti andra anent the puir
wid knowledge wid scots forestwirdswar framed tae strikk a
apön dee fur dy kindlywirdswha wid a tocht it
ti the stot o thewirdsbi hir neive thus gates
o the symphioun the stryngewirdsflaitit intil hir memore than
tyme thae wes hir verrawirdsmoula did she say that
hirsell at hir brither swirdswes trewth an at scotland
muckle green steen wi threewirdson t sgian o sgian
bigger bairns ainster s fowkwirdsfillin eneuch neuks tae cram
bi the uiss o dialekwirdsan the enorm lashangalaivie o
growin tungs whaur dae yerwirdscum fae asks ma faither
whyles hale buiks ooto rochwirdshowked fae ma fowk s
clippit their wirds like oowirdswar cairdit threids fae ma
aabody roon aboot fit thewirdsmeant in english an tae
fin the fitprints o thewirdsalang their rig banes o
fin ye can mak upwirdsin t if there happened
ti halp mak out thewirdsthe staitioun maister cam towart
fur this wes the lestwirdshard as the duirs pleyed
she s fashed in itherwirdsnae jist bletherin bit bleezin
lowse e day in itherwirdsye were aff on e
their thochts that clippit theirwirdslike oo wirds war cairdit
a richt moofu o thewirdshe hid a pouerfu voice
hiz sin fur the mokryfewirdso the day afoir or
an fit aboot aa ewirdsi ve written on es
duns d nivir seens dwirdsnivir seid heerin it aa
nae quite in sae monywirdsan she telt me tae
thrawn lan a bleeze owirdsnae even daith could smore
or battle a magistrate faswirdsnae langer prattle a rake
cairt itsel in her ainwirdshauf o the tea plantations
tae counter an complement thewirdsit s appropriate as weel
speirt for translations o certainwirdsaforehaun haein a copy o
explore in a wee fewwirdsbit if ye arenae o
for a chorus o gödwirdshere on a boannie day
ere wis blue letterin wiwirdso comfort in slovakian at
yang o literary jewels usedwirdsthey niver learned in scholar
aften e case at aalwirdsare kept in proverbs an
on t pairtly because ewirdsclink egither an e answer
manned a fleet tae gaitherwirdsa nation s barderie noo
cud jist makk oot thesewirdsnatalie may god forgive us
tae the fower wins theirwirdsdespatchin in glesga on this
wirk fechtin tae frame thewirdshe winted tae say for
unremarkable it wis this commentwirdstummelt oot amang the hubbub
dipped spirit stoned unner oorwirdsscuil ma scuil a haill
her bed she whispered thewirdsthree times afore gaun in
byde wi me ebenezer swirdspued tammas s hert doun
goods sall shall at thatwirdswords clos close tilfer floor
they ve left lots ofwirdsahin egypt the nile rins

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