See this word as a collocate cloud

5 rainfall 14 16 erewisa affa rain oot throo
growls jist wi at erewisa affa soun fae a
it dis blaw technicolor erewisa affa steer outside een
15 rainfall 13 16 erewisa affa storm oot throo
oot on their wak erewisa auld car parked ootside
ingine fae e barn erewisa big aixle geed throwe
bags o peats each erewisa big back close an
s shop though noo erewisa big crack in e
grew tatties in season erewisa big patch o rhubarb
stoppit on e road erewisa big patch o rollt
waa blockit e vyow erewisa black bag ower eez
e music centre loodspikkers erewisa black fower sidit screen
back o e hoose erewisa boortrees wi eir bonnie
at a gey lick erewisa brig jist in front
in i geed weel erewisa byre lantren hingin fae
won till e tap erewisa crood o young fowk
the job himsel suddenly erewisa day o sin shine
time in e mornin erewisa different eese for e
you believe it stannin erewisa doocot jonsar decided tae
i wisna aaegidder easy erewisa droll kinna feelin in
says something tae him erewisa fer auld barny atween
6 rainfall 4 16 erewisa fer suppie rain oot
tae the wifies hoose erewisa fermer spreadin dung wi
ere s ony meevement erewisa file e fowkies hid
keep himsel in trim erewisa fine scent comin aff
bit ilky sae aften erewisa fleein flizzem o a
saltpetre an driet oot erewisa fleerish in e boxie
hoose an e yard erewisa gate intill e riv
road e same s erewisa great attraction for em
an ere on e girsewisa grey cat an god
gaithered in bratislava an erewisa gweed load in e
wi a widden lid erewisa gweed smarrach o geets
em a helpie oot erewisa hole close till e
willie e d seen erewisa kinna shape aboot e
eence aathing wis oot erewisa kinna teem styooie smell
twist like aathing else erewisa knack till t eence
richt jist wi that erewisa knock at the door
denner ae setterday fin erewisa knock at the front
rik appeart an begod erewisa lad came intae sicht
likely fae palm sunday erewisa lad inside throwe a
edges o a park erewisa lad keepit kye on
fat eneugh tae ait erewisa law at ae time
masel i dinna min erewisa linin o some kinna
s e new lavvie erewisa lot aboot e hens
at e bog side erewisa lot o em it
snaabaas at s an erewisa lot o em sae
jock an richt enyeuch erewisa lot o fite speckies
bouns o e wid erewisa lot o history in
on it wis on erewisa lot o labour in
oot o eesefae thochts erewisa lot o pleesher in
bedroom is burned black erewisa loud explosion oh surely
edge o e wid erewisa maist splendid ootlook in
fit ll fowk say erewisa mornin ootin in e
is a breet explosion erewisa muckle thunner storm throo
up in the air erewisa nesty silence as the
atween portsoy an cullen erewisa new sign pit up
wi the sweet peas erewisa new timmer fence pit
door or windae far erewisa ninety fit drap on
jonsar looked up an erewisa osprey returnin hame tae
at wis worn awa erewisa palin tae gie extra
aaegither mair sae fin erewisa park o ripe corn
ye tappit e branch erewisa richt chorus inside an
an nae trevises an erewisa richt supersteetious thing on
ere wis licht bit iswisa richt torment tae be
mint tae mak it erewisa scatterin o black drappins
shak this september mornin erewisa sharpness in o the
wither wis playin up erewisa shoor o twa o
o the order fin erewisa shout yoo hoo fae
steadin converted intae chalets erewisa sma veranda an as
o e shafes an erewisa smaa broon oolet wi
asks in the efterneen erewisa snort he an meg
wis jist a topper erewisa spider on e reef
at eez tebacca an erewisa sprinklin o darker specks
place lang seen for erewisa steen cairn i howkit
relief some in plastic erewisa table wi a tray
cd buy em ere itwisa temptation tae get een
on e place an erewisa time fin een o
jist a wee tick erewisa time lang seen afore
room wis knockit oot erewisa touch o dry rot
look roon the hoose erewisa washin hingin on the
nae uncertain terms at erewisa wasps nest in e
be the cooncil an erewisa wee bit o information
wakent e neesht mornin erewisa weet spot aside ma
aboot till e hooses erewisa widden byeurd on a
wid spik tae him erewisa wifie cawed susie that
forkin ontill e cairt erewisa wye o turnin an
it cam warmer widder erewisaa ye wid ken o
takin big strides forrit erewisaafa fyow wirelesses aboot either
though ere wis eence iwisaboot e fairm ae winter
t masel fin naebody elsewisaboot ere wis still puckles
lookin at e birds erewisae day on rum a
at s richt enyeuch erewisae ear i wis up
intae it nae bother thatwisae gweed thing ere wis
see you neest week erewisae lad nicknamed greedy fa
at wisnae e style erewisae open fireplace a fancy
retorted naething naething ata erewisae thing sure the little
shelter o a stook erewisae time i wis forced
an oor afore an erewisae wye traffic on e
ere s nae doot itwisafore i cd walk fit
wild an winny files erewisaften e soon o laiverocks
an i fun oot erewisan aafa lot mair fowk
fin i noticet at erewisan aafa lot of mochs
d been eest till erewisan aafa skwyle o brakes
min ae day tee erewisan aafa squallachin in e
same een i noticet erewisan aafa wasps aboot again
nesty letter sayin at erewisan affa smell comin affa
come fae e fireplace erewisan electric heater in front
got e licht goin erewisan enormous bed wi an
em gaan anither time erewisan eruption o wee reed
ma danish freen ras erewisan important development baith o
it niver geed dry erewisan iron lid on a
look at ere forbye erewisappeerently a roman camp somewye
e sheer oot sae erewisas little o em touchin
i wis ere at ewisat a face gey near
fit s nae ere iwisat sure o t i
aafa fine an fin wewisat wir denner ere wis
cheek as ye gied erewisate plinty o lachin at
answered the door an erewisauld stanley stannin ere he
sair for mait sae erewisay company ae foreneen i
aboot e place bit erewisay eggs an butter en
e steadin e hey soowisay ere an aifter e
fit i min t itwisay ere but e trees
dyke bit a twa threewisay ere e big flanker
seat an aye e craiterswisay ere niver an upple
wi e road boys erewisaye a bit o funnin
jist an iveryday jobbie erewisaye a bit o haikin
vrocht e pulley bit erewisaye a bittie o slack
itsel aa es mint erewisaye a lot o sortin
dee fit ye like erewisaye a post ir twa
come tae a halt erewisaye een or twa fowk
an skies bit e seaswisaye ere broodin an ye
o e hooses sae erewisaye plenty o kinnlin inside
risps aboot e place erewisaye plinty aboot e smiddy
wee hotel an seein erewisaye plinty o licht twa
an made a mistaak erewisaye some scraichin an flufferin
face on a railin erewisbleed awye fin a couple
flooers an leaves an erewisblue letterin wi wirds o
muckle aboot it ere erewiscalfie s cheese tae wir
wye o makkin clews erewischange fin e knottin binder
ir hait ir fither thingswiscoorse ir fine ere s
wirkin in e parks erewiscraps o maize feed for
wis ere bit though itwisdamp it wis aa chokit
aff yer face onywye erewisdizzens hunners o butterflees an
idle at e rucks erewise chance o brakkin a
roon its chowks syne erewise door till e gairden
pleaset tae be ere saewise dutch lad i at
sae in e spring erewise flooers o yalla lilies
scraper in anither pairt erewise foon o an aal
got closer i saa erewise fox aside im snufflin
cam in fae ootside erewise odd mochie smaa eens
o e load bit erewise odd time fin ye
at i some thocht itwise roller ere wis something
an dreeve e mullie erewise tail eyn o a
it dry yet forby erewise zip zip o e
tap o the moutains erewiseagles buzzards the deer comin
on banks an slopes erewiseen o best craps o
see my sweet peas erewiseen or twa affa weak
its heid in again erewiseen or twa richt blaas
started tae work awa erewiseen or twa tools he
een interestin craiters though erewiseence i wis aboot e
o seein onybody onywye erewiseence though fin i d
started tae see if erewiseneugh tread on the truck
aff o t till erewisenyeuch for pittin throwe e
harly like tae say fitwisere a black body wi
bit e meenit o veesionwisere aa e same will
a look aroon seen athingwisere an started tae work
happent on es day iwisere at e wis at
shadda at ye wisna surewisere at wis fit minet
i wis sure e thingwisere bit naa es wis
an orra scrub e ditchwisere bit though it wis
tae you did gie giftwisere for a a tae
like lettin s ken itwisere i lookit ful roon
hopin ey got em wewisere tae wirk an wirk
bank an richt enyeuch erewiserodet bits at different places
e moosies ah weel erewises time i d faan
an graan for shelter erewiseven some fancy kins o
doon tae see fa itwisfa shood be stannin ere
tell ye e truth erewisfiles fin ye hid tae
us is her intent erewisfire flash aye wi forked
wall o e stair erewisfit lookit like anither breed
wisna sure wis ere atwisfit minet s on es
ere wis ae time iwisforced tae gang an i
cheenge aafa much bit erewisfowk comin an gaan aa
her he wis pleased erewisfowk like her if ere
confab wi ma waspies itwisfunny ere wis nae soon
tae caa t fin ewisgettin t riggit ere wis
winna say bit fit iwisglaid tae get ere it
flee at e ither erewisglaiss windaes aa roon s
coodnae believe his een erewisgreedy biddin for five bags
aaprons or sarks or fitiverwishingin ere files she managet
hame he thocht fin iwishis age ere wisnae a
tak him golfin en erewishis mountain bike wi sixteen
muckle mair sae gin yewisin a wee boatie ere
ye lookit at it erewisjist a steady meevement o
as it wis an itwisjist a topper ere wis
sweet honey fit though itwisjist a wee tick ere
sae mony places at erewisjist acres o t wi
na deil e een erewisjist e road lads i
e best room weel erewisjist e twa bit fit
wis ere bit naa eswisjist last nicht it begins
fite lumpies wisna hard erewisjist nae doot at aa
tae be seen the waterwisjist shimmerin again ere wis
fer foo wi cases erewisjonsar eck sittin in the
an e maid s roomwisknockit oot ere wis a
readin as lang as erewislicht bit is wis a
hame a lot bit erewislittle e didna ken aboot
wis jist shimmerin again erewislots o activity on the
jist inside e gate erewislyin a young een curlet
at e far eyn erewisma faither s room faar
em wi at still erewismair farrer up an i
geed up e stairs erewismair mochs i began tae
weer on a frame erewismair nettin weer at various
shafes aff e binder erewismair o a shear on
room o e twa erewismair space an air an
gloopie soopy sambo aye erewismair tee i min on
slippit em aff though erewismair wird syne aboot e
been weel lookit aifter erewismarks roon its neck i
fitiver airt ye lookit erewismile aifter mile o parks
didna help edder bit erewisnae bad curtains ower em
a gweed bit easier erewisnae bendin o the back
wis ae gweed thing erewisnae big carries farthest in
e likit or no erewisnae divallin an nae road
till e harra weel erewisnae dogs an nae cats
eir roadies in anaith erewisnae doot e breem wis
rings as ey raise erewisnae doot ey d come
roon aboot it an erewisnae doot ey d mint
look in e soo erewisnae doot fit wid be
a curn places an erewisnae doot it hid been
haikit aawye bit naething erewisnae doot it hid craalt
willie d been cairryin erewisnae doot wi im noo
easier said n deen erewisnae e faintest trace in
jock held e pyock erewisnae earthly doot fit we
githered in ma wannrins erewisnae electric in e hoose
in a system an erewisnae gettin oot e wis
eir mess aawye an erewisnae girse or greenery left
em ye ken bit erewisnae haadin em i widna
an rosit an god erewisnae hairm in at it
a store o ferlies erewisnae laidder up till t
sicht fae e bed erewisnae meevement fae e left
neesht tae be richt erewisnae neesht for aathing jist
fowk wid a been erewisnae oh michty fit ll
her message bag an erewisnae pancakes tae be seen
if it jist split erewisnae pint in chappin mair
o plastic sheetin far erewisnae rose bushes en covered
m first the day erewisnae sicht o teenie ata
on e pilla bit erewisnae sign o mochs aifter
e big fowks world erewisnae skweel meals at at
waspies it wis funny erewisnae soon as i steppit
duster an made sure erewisnae stue in the chalet
a bigake jonsar got erewisnaebody aboot the curtains were
god what a fleg erewisnaebody ere e room wis
e waa an noo erewisnaebody tae dee e things
traffic fin it thocht erewisnaething deein it held on
an hid till for erewisnaething else for t force
nae doot aboot it erewisnaething ere i could see
stairs for ma brakfist erewisnaething i cd dee ma
i lookit ful roon erewisnaething jist e reed an
e cats awa bit erewisnaething we cd dee for
doctors jonsar eck sayin erewisnaething wrang wi him he
tested the battery an erewisnaething wrang wi it took
we met naebody for erewisnaewye tae gang bit forrit
a roon tae see erewisneen ere at ma wark
caad in e lave erewisnine loads in be e
before gideon irvine syne erewisodds an eyns twa sculls
e mull wis on itwison ere wis a lot
maister bit eence e mullwison it wis on ere
tee ah weel eence aathingwisoot ere wis a kinna
em ower much for erewisornaments an aa kins of
o fite shoories bit erewispatches o strong meenlicht tee
nine this mornin the witherwisplayin up ere wis a
jist agreed wi her hewispleased ere wis fowk like
help fae neepers for erewisplinty o aal craiters in
snaa on e grun erewisplinty o ammunition i kent
turnet up ere fin yewisplooin e feck o em
in storage heaters for erewisplugs bit na na at
hole i didna meeve athingwisquairt for a meenit ere
on ae partickler nicht itwisrale dark ere d been
open neckit sark bit erewisreed aboot e collar e
jonsar eck looked up erewisroch meg stannin ere grinnin
wir craps is in erewisrucks in e cornyard aboot
wis at wir denner erewissax aeraplanes geed ower e
ye see e aeraplanes erewissax ye ken nuh e
t tee for e hedgewisshared een ere s naebody
m nae sure if erewissic a thing as bairns
blue flooert in e simmerwissigns at ere d been
a touch o frost erewissilence i took aff e
drap at ilky pint erewissilver ballies o water on
tae rax again bit erewissiveral foggitchy clumps o lang
symbolic hospitality jist for erewissiveral glaisses o imitation plastic
till e pint faar erewissome big beeches likely e
sae e poochet it erewissome fite bitties amon e
deen throo the nicht erewissome fowk that hid nae
hid a look aboot erewissome kinna black marks on
o grey moose wobs erewissome o em in swirlies
wis gettin t riggit erewissome pipe missin aye e
sae feel aboot nooadays erewissome richt smellie jobs like
o s sayin onything erewissome saft spots on e
an the league bit erewissome spik in the vilage
tae get tae auchterless erewissome steens e wintit tae
doup in at wither erewissome tracks o birds bit
e hey soo bit erewissomething at widna let im
in mey nae doot erewissomething far vrang i didna
a thocht ey kent erewissomething gettin at em for
it wis e roller erewissomething vrang wi foo at
gang awa their holiday erewissomething wrang ere seemed tae
neuks at e sides erewissprays o flooers an leaves
ay ere but e treeswisspruce an nae fir an
eck answered the door erewisstanley och stanley says jonsar
o e spring fin erewisstill a chance o a
as no bit e toolwisstill ere as a kinno
naebody else wis aboot erewisstill puckles o gweed steen
weak spring sin shine erewisstill sna on tap o
carpet for a filie iwissure e thing wis ere
here an ere though neenwistae be spottit ootside e
at time though e worldwistakin big strides forrit ere
wis naebody ere e roomwisteem teacher an class hid
widnae wait for ivver erewistents o a a kind
awa the time en erewisthe basket abeen the garage
went intae the room erewisthe doctor stannin ower a
in ward forty twa erewisthe soun o a bell
seen he coodnae believe erewistwa bath tools twa hand
o ma trustin world erewistwa classrooms side be side
on a gweed shine erewistwa cushions on e seat
o fine maamie broth erewistwa wyes o deein files
d be gey ferfochen erewistwa wyes o deein if
i maan tell ye erewistwa wyes o deein swappin
ere wis ae ear iwisup fae edinburgh i min
first world war an erewiswide spacies full o funs
im noo bit fit itwiswillie e d seen ere
an breem an faar atwisworn awa ere wis a
aneth er tae see fitwiswrang ere s nae muckle
o e land sports erewisyacht racin goin on at
aa roon e hole erewisyalla lines faar e strang
job aye he thocht erewisyon wifie up the elgin
scabs in here his facewisa affa mess jonsar eck
the moss tae jonsar eckwisa crafter mannie fa wis
fine replies jonsar eck therewisa laugh an the lad
a hale week the witherwisaffa coorse jonsar eck wis
pinted oot at the plasticwisaffa dear jonsar eck said
wis jist breathtakin jonsar eckwisaffa puzzled wi mounthooly doocot
hid simply vanished jonsar eckwisaffa short sichted an wis
afore jonsar eck thocht hewisarchie him in charge o
bocht fae jonsar eck ronaldwisat the end o his
fine day an jonsar eckwisawa on a bus run
eck wis brocht up therewisaye time tae hae a
the ferm far jonsar eckwisbrocht up there wis aye
years day an jonsar eckwisdoon at larry ake s
quarter past echt jonsar eckwisdoon at roch meg s
o april an jonsar eckwisdoon at rosehearty tryin tae
syrup o figs jonsar eckwisdoon at the broch gettin
twa months later jonsar eckwisdoon at the strichen steens
wye tae be seen atwisfan jonsar eck took the
be this time jonsar eckwisfer fed up fin een
three o clock jonsar eckwisfer fed up the flittin
the thrashin mull jonsar eckwisfer pleased wi fit he
same for me jonsar eckwisfer teen aback he gaed
a look aboot jonsar eckwisfine pleased that day for
fit jonsar eck couldnae understanwisfowk did grudge the fuel
your siller sometime jonsar eckwisfurious a hale damn day
be five poun jonsar eckwisfurious bit said naething fin
tae judgin time jonsar eckwisgeein a wuman an a
a dizzen times jonsar eckwisgettin a wee bit restless
her nae fear jonsar eckwisgettin on gran truck affa
that jonsar eck s truckwisgey near empty she wis
work cheerio an the bobbywisgone as jonsar eck backed
wave o her umbrella shewisgone jonsar eck aye thocht
on the floor jonsar eckwishaein a dance in the
fae jonsar eck jonsar eckwishame haein a cup o
mood jonsar eck said itwishard wid i m sure
fule an rotten jonsar eckwishopin tae get a puckle
said naething fin the fermerwisin aboot tae jonsar eck
richt for the job thatwisin hand jonsar eck arrived
noo jonsar eck kent hewisin serious trouble an thocht
sayin jonsar eck kent hewisin serious trouble wi the
at ae time jonsar eckwisin the bakers shop ae
an mrs technicolor jonsar eckwisin the shop buyin een
some o the bargains atwisin the shops jonsar eck
reasonin wi her fin shewisin this mood jonsar eck
lad won hospital jonsar eckwisintae the aiberdeen hospital visitin
jonsar eck nae end hewisintae the biscuit cuboard like
that day for the viewwisjist breathtakin jonsar eck wis
far s the lavvy hewisjist fer burstin jonsar eck
the fine day jonsar eckwisjist fillin up the last
an sayin nothing jonsar eckwisjist pittin the teem bags
eence jonsar eck s mindwisjolted intae action eence doocot
a squeaky voice said itwisjonsar eck it disnae metter
deen tae the ridgers itwisjonsar eck s job tae
dee wi him ronald fawislast passed jonsar eck s
jonsar eck thocht that hewislucky tae be born fin
tay she says jonsar eckwisnae gaun tae argue wi
clean up the rubbish itwisnae surprise tae jonsar eck
shops jonsar eck kent hewisneedin a new rigoot mebbe
jonsar eck cood mind hewisnivver fed up in his
am thinkin fin the envelopewisopened jonsar eck an the
aboot actin efter the newswispast jonsar eck went awa
tamata feed fin jonsar eckwispeyin his errands he asked
came back weel jonsar eckwispleased tae find oot aboot
eck asked stanley if hewispleased wi the flittin an
michty me jonsar eck thatwisquick said the lassie at
strae eence mair fin itwisrainin jonsar eck got a
winter jonsar eck kent hewissavin the fermer a fer
the foreman o the sawmillwissayin jonsar eck kent he
weeter an bigger aye thiswisserious times for jonsar eck
ain een efter jonsar eckwisserved in the bakers shop
eence jonsar eck s mindwisset at rest findlater doocot
jonsar eck tae himsel jonsarwissittin haein a cup o
s the wye jonsar eckwissittin in the aiberdeen hospital
ten o clock jonsar eckwissittin in the doctors surgery
be happy nippy jonsar eckwissittin in the e e
the war correspondent jonsar eckwissittin watchin the news ae
wintry fuel crisis jonsar eckwissittin watchin the news on
nivver said a word itwissix weeks afore jonsar eck
fae jonsar eck an youwissleepin teenie let oot a
wis affa coorse jonsar eckwisso fed up he sat
posh bar at jonsar eckwisstannin in no answered jonsar
mounthooly doocot that jonsar eckwisstannin lookin ower the village
doon tae the broch itwisstill poorin jonsar eck pit
weel he kens so itwistae be jonsar eck wis
twa days efter jonsar eckwisteemin some sawdust intae the
oh a sudden jonsar eckwisteemin the car boot at
an see it jonsar eckwisteen a wee bit aback
wis tae be jonsar eckwisteen ben the hoose sat
eck wis workin in hewistelt nae tae cut doon
speed fit surprised jonsar eckwisthat the fowk gaun tae
lassie ahin the coonter thatwisthe frame that jonsar eck
tae jonsar eck his sandwichwisthe size o a doorstep
at jonsar eck didnae likewisthe wifie nivver offered him
says jonsar eck a ropewistied on tae jonsar eck
an jonsar eck thocht itwistime tae turn the journey
it eck the heid bylliewistoo weel kent and wad
my bronchitis as jonsar eckwistyin doon the load he
eck kent at his timewisup as he said cheerio
the sweet pea jonsar eckwisup at new deer ae
eence again an jonsar eckwisup the elgin wye eence
an three an jonsar eckwiswanderin alang the main street
worth it time of coorsewiswearin on an jonsar eck
hame neest day jonsar eckwisworkin awa he coodnae bit
ae day fin jonsar eckwisworkin awa in his yard
bonny day an jonsar eckwisworkin awa in the moss
wi twa tails jonsar eckwisworkin awa the fork wis
wi the shafts jonsar eckwisworkin awa wi the three
the broch that jonsar eckwisworkin in he wis telt
october an jonsar thocht itwisa bit late in the
fin jonsar looked doon therewisa fox stannin twa yards
richt ding dong battle itwisa gran day an jonsar
a that jonsar cood seewisa pair o thick bloomers
richt said the nurse itwisa sense o relief jonsar
peats wi a fork jonsarwisa wee bit curious aboot
a screwed up statin thatwisaffa borin it made jonsar
you think noo this wifiewisaffa pernickety an jonsar kent
a photo bit the sinwisahin a clood jonsar jist
at nine o clock jonsarwisasked in for a cup
he found oot the sounwisat full blast fin jonsar
drawn jonsar winnered if hewisat the richt place it
fin teenie did appear shewiscripplin jonsar asks are you
a aboot her granchildren jonsarwisdeein his best tae keep
glesses tae see fit hewisdeein jonsar coodnae believe it
jonsar finished his roon itwisdoon tae the garage tae
wi fit she thocht jonsarwisexpectin a real cool answer
bade in the moss jonsarwisfeelin a wee bit disgruntled
photos o the steens jonsarwisfer beeried in fit he
his left e e jonsarwisfer pleased wi the result
tae help you the bobbywisfer teen aback wi jonsar
a big gairden bit itwisfoo o dokens dokens jonsar
jist in case the batterywisgettin a bittie flat jonsar
fowk an cars noo thiswisgettin serious if jonsar didnae
oors an nature of coorsewisgiein him a call jonsar
the usual order jonsar shewisgigglin an laughin tears rinnin
jonsar got his photo hewishappy an pleased wi his
nae denner ney pey jonsarwisin a horrible mood fin
can still set oot jonsarwisin nae hurry that mornin
willin tae start than jonsarwisjist as luck wid hae
gettin a bittie flat jonsarwisjist hame fin fa shood
aboot the broch somewye jonsarwisjist takin his time fin
dee withoot a fire jonsarwisjist takin his time haein
peats were jist brakin hewisjist wastin his time jonsar
afore jonsar cood answer stanleywisjoined be his wife grace
if jonsar wisnae dancin hewislistenin tae the band a
in o their windaes jonsarwislucky an got a space
wi nature jonsar kent itwisnae eese gaun tae spik
a ladies choice roch megwisnae lady said jonsar roch
heat the meal girnal itwisnew years day an jonsar
plenty fowk movin aboot jonsarwisnoo hearin aboot the richts
he wis lost missus chatterboxwisnoo tellin jonsar a a
cuttin a wifies girse jonsarwisretired noo an did the
efter jonsar explained that itwisronald he wis spikkin tae
an the barman thocht jonsarwisspikkin tae him in a
at a affa rate jonsarwissuprised at the price o
at the strichen steens jonsarwistakin some photos o the
she wakened jist as jonsarwisteemin the car as the
hame see you again itwisten weeks efter that jonsar
is nae my dream arranwisthe next island an jonsar
jonsar met onybody the topicwisthe same it s the
on the claes line itwisthe wifies washin fit jonsar
scottish chappie is drunk jonsarwiswearin a tartan bonnet an
come doon an see fitwiswrang jonsar went tae the
in her lug fin iwisa bairn i spak as
fin he cud arthur thowisa different kettle o fush
bittie tae mak athing snodwisa fine sicht an fin
fin it dawed the sabbathwisa fine warm sappy day
quo the auld man iwisa fisherman fin i wis
quarry founs mind fin thonwisa glaury dubby hole mind
the boat glide bye itwisa great day an fin
flee tae spain an athingwisa gweed bit cheaper fin
hid left strathmore fin shewisa littlin fur he d
wi rob roy fin iwisa littlin haein stood as
geed aboot fin e mosswisa loch lang afore byeuks
s a story fin williewisa loon at hame we
bin gey bonnie fin hewisa loon blaik heidit like
es place tee fin ewisa loon e wis like
it aften enyeuch fin iwisa loon fullin e backet
amon em eence fin iwisa loon i wis playin
awa back tae fin hewisa loon in the spring
need to bend fin iwisa loon rinnin aboot in
min on er fin awisa loon then there was
o ma ploys fin iwisa loon wis tae set
gaither fin aa ye needitwisa scrat o the pen
for fresh watter fin iwisa student i took a
d brocht it fin hewisa young chiel on his
an arra struck fin jakewisa young gamie he fell
ken ava fin the lairdwisa young loon he traivelled
fyow ear back fin iwisaa at ye d ken
wi weemin fin the flatwisaa daen they hid hauden
it wis snufflebum fin itwisaa frazie roon yer cweets
an chapped fingers forbye itwisaa her ain wyte fin
s till e tap surfacewisaa lowse an fin i
e spare room e fowkwisaafa kindly an fin e
tae help em fin hewisable till sae fit e
bad enyeuch fin e flooerswisaboot e hoose bit waar
some o e islands eirwisae almighty lurch fin e
as he wis busy itwisae back end fin the
in a shawlie fin therewisae great knell an a
an es wis fit wewisat fin e fairmer roart
can learn eence fin iwisat hame fae cambridge i
i doot eence fin mabelwisat her grandfather s she
coast fin the herrin fishinwisat its heicht the sang
the toon fin her manwisat kittybrewster mart in she
hair efter gloamin fin hewisat sea an on new
lyvia went tae see fawisat the door fin she
village o dunecht fin iwisat the skweel wi s
in the doctors surgery hewisaye on time fin the
rest bit e best bitwisaye piece time fin e
oot an fin e spinnerwisbackit up tee till t
til e midden faar itwisbeeriet bit iv coorse fin
the early 1950s fin iwisbeginning tae be kent on
iv coorse fin e middenwisbein teemed e lot wid
fin it wis by shewisbetter there wis nae mair
be mistress weel fin shewisbidin at the hill an
a time fin e burnwisbig bit e rats couldna
puffin briggie fin the railwaywisbiggit at the back eyn
fin oot faa e laadwisbit it wis aye jist
cheer fin e new suitewisbocht it wis tae be
wis dwaumin fin the bairnwisborn it wid takk her
wintit this bairn fin itwisborn tae be perfit near
efter yon an fin itwisby she wis better there
its boddom uppermaist jock dowwiscairryin a bunnle fin he
draw inby northies fin iwiscairtin sticks frae the fir
a violent chiel sober hewiscertifiable fin bleezin she hunkit
richt contintit fin e gloaminwiscomin doon an noticin e
my fancy an fin iwisdaein thon i felt sae
as muckle civeelity fin hewisdaen he rowed aff the
bein swack fin e daywisdeen an i wis rale
like a fiddle fin yewisdeen an it wid tak
till nicht fin his daywisdeen at strathbogie college fin
widna be sleepin fin shewisdeen fowk aye took a
fur a stert my herowisdeid it began fin oor
blaw on her fin itwisdennertime steenhillock wid scrape the
the cow fin ma mitherwisdoon at abyne in the
last puckle years fin shewisdottlit she widna spik onything
a disaster fin the witherwisdry there wis nivver ony
o her moo fin shewisdwaumin fin the bairn wis
tee on es day itwise hares fin i left
minnie that fin the hairstwisearly the leddrach fowk caad
were needed fin e kyewiseel my mother s grannie
ma supper aa weel itwiseen o is nichts fin
o season it is iwisfair stumpit tho fin an
gey begeck fin a matchwisfand sae quick his adoptive
calf kintra christians said itwisfar adam landit fin he
singin hens last wikk thiswisfin a wifie had tae
new ear or else itwisfin aa the crap had
hae fyow teeth an thatwisfin buttermilk breid cam in
nine year auld fit happenedwisfin he came hame fae
a three taed fork itwisfin he wis fourteen year
hairst an welcome enyeuch itwisfin ma faither first dreeve
pit bye fin the gamewisfinished if he didnae dee
did wis swappin an eswisfit we wis at fin
dallie betsy tee fin shewisfive in the seeven years
a faimily syne fin navawisfive year aul a terrorist
nicht fin the paraffin lampwisflichterin low an the shaddas
fork it wis fin hewisfourteen year auld an he
big pail an fin eswisfull een o e jobs
for fool water fin eswisfull it hid tae be
glimpse o em fin yewisgaan aboot i took a
or two examples fin iwisgaan aboot speerin you might
time fin een o emwisgey near at e pynt
day aboot noon fin hewishaein a day in the
e kitchen windae fin iwishaein ma denner an i
likely in time fin fowkwisharly even thocht aboot an
trained him weel sae steepedwishe in witcherie that fin
ken nae that yer grannywishefty fin i kent her
ower fin the sponsored waukwisheld far should ronald be
fin they won ootside tibbywishitched tae the black springy
e spot faar fin iwishyowin neeps i eence fun
e odd time fin yewisin an ill teen an
e time fin e beaswisin e byre in e
little bit o beef thatwisin his sandwich fin he
the funeral wis stormy thiswisin the twenties fin cars
mither hid taen fin hewisin the wyme hid sappit
a sin till s itwisjist a rale disappintment fin
fly wheels an man itwisjist aafa fine fin it
ay cam oot fin itwisjist comin on tae gloamin
wis workin awa the forkwisjist perfect fin the mannie
fin last thon happent iwisjocose i wis blessed i
o elrick fin his hoosewisknockit doon at the start
hivn t ye bit atwislang aifter fin i lookit
drink an fin e widderwislang weet ey d plyter
though even fin e snaawislike ice wi half thaain
wi e wheel fin itwisloadit an weet peat s
wid lift them at briggiewislost fin the trinity centre
an orangy distemper fin yewislyin in yer bed jist
i did files fin iwisma leen in e hoose
spring time fin his fatherwismakin neep grun he used
o his tether noo therewisnae reasonin wi her fin
the thorntree tae fin itwisnane ither than oor auld
ye fur t the kirkwisnear full fin they won
is what she said iwisnear the philorth brig fin
fence i trippit fin itwisnewly peintit an yon is
wis short sichted fin hewisnine year auld fit happened
fin i see een itwisnoo twa thoosan an three
tools an gear fin itwisnott young matty bruce wadna
be aboot fin is jobwison fit i min maist
on e road fin hewison t there was once
stracht throwe em fin wewisoot for a run bit
lot o nichts fin yewisoot o e hoose be
een fin the car bootwisopened her mood changed oh
an blisters fin e sinwisower hait ye got intill
shun the circle fin derekwispie sellin on setterday ae
tae mak sure the bawispit bye fin the game
fin they reached spain iwisreal sorry for the german
wid come fin e stookswisreeshlin dry an leadin follet
fine wither bit fin itwisricht caal or frosty they
e sky i min iwisricht disappintit fin ma neeber
time lang seen afore sugarwisricht kent o fin fowk
in aboot an e gullswisricht sizers fin ye saa
wikks efter fin miss viningwisridin the high seas fur
div you mind fin gingerwisrun ower on the main
gaithert in the evenin therewissae much talk fin jimmy
a larry driver fin shewissax months pregnant an they
an fin he brunt itwissayed his stoor raise up
an peintin quetzalcoatl deed itwisscreivit at the time fin
far adam landit fin hewissent oot frae paradise buddhists
his mither that noticed hewisshort sichted fin he wis
hissel fin the suez canalwissikkin backers he didna rattle
wi himsel ata fin hewissixty he hid a operation
bulldug gray clappit thegither hewisskateboordin doon the brae fin
ay kent an syne itwissnufflebum fin it wis aa
likit him there fin minniewissome itherwye benjy wis keepit
aifter a file fin iwisstartin tae think we wis
his pregnant sister jenny fawisstertin tae fin herself gey
meenitie o release fin yewisstookin em e shafes wis
my hoose an the rainwisstottin doon fin i left
inno the spittoon the spitwisstreakit wi bluid jock fin
i left it sae iwissypin fin i ran up
haad awa fae fin aathingwissypit wi rain eence inside
tae be born fin hewistae be able tae acknowledge
instincts as lang s waterwistae fin in e peel
fin i wis a loonwistae set weer snares e
cloot near em the flittinwistakin a affa time fin
fit s happenin hardie tacklewisteam manager fin the pitsliga
o e barn fin itwisteem ae lad turnin e
different hoose fin her eenwisteen ower for e biggin
fin i cam hame iwistell t in nae uncertain
hospital bit this time itwisthe great escape romance fin
o t like funny thingwisthe last puckle years fin
days fin an aulder bodywisthe weers o nae taakin
late for that as athingwisthick wi stue fin it
weirs the croon fur trustwistint wi fire blinnt fin
true story aboot fin youwistravilin wi a thrashin mull
fin his faither s backwisturned an minnie got a
a hogmanay story fin mabelwistwa an a half her
lost fin the trinity centrewisunder construction in 1982 an
for coal an fin iwisup e park ae day
gweed fire gaan fin iwisup in e simmer i
her skreichin fin her birsewisup or something misfittit her
thereaboots fin a local fairmerwiswaddit tae his sweethairt he
banks fur ae wrang fitwiswan enyoch tae fin him
da s hame fin hewiswee the anely ither poet
wis wrang fur fin iwiswee we heard wir scots
the family fin her faitherwisweel an gaun aboot he
she vowed that fin shewisweel eneuch she wid makk
o fit happened fin iwiswi a travilin mull july
as she spakk fin shewiswi minnie as yet minnie
stannin there fin e winnisterwiswirkin and the corn came
the win fin the binderwiswirkin dowp doon minnie her
jist aafa fine fin itwiswirkin wi e governors birlin
didnae hae tae ask fitwiswrang fin the wifie appeared
schule noo in this hewiswrang fur fin i wis
o yon times fin athingwiswrang maist o the trouble
not very polite fin iwisyoung an hertie i hurlet
wis a fisherman fin iwisyoung i merriet a quine
muses s wyte fin iwisyoung i shone in king
hid a futterat fin iwisyour age granda telt me
twinin rapes bit e tweezelickwisa bent branch wi ae
e clutch ae thing itwisa lot harder a hurl
wis spring time an therewisa richt hard frost ae
t v ae nicht hewisa wee bit annoyed wi
bra straps in ae buikwisa wee pictur och twis
dorothy the meenister s mansewisaboot ae thrid o ae
bobby dazzler a flittin itwisaboot six o clock ae
edge o the pier itwisae basket tae the box
chrissie flittit intil hawick yonwisae bonnie place tae bide
blackcock ha yill waitter heiwisae brither o auld wull
he wis ae laddie bobbiewisae byordinar skeelie tradesman plumbin
brig wisna thar whan awisae callant at parteeklar place
a wis telt whan awisae callant at the praisent
roond nou than whan awisae callant local oral histor
herd it braidley whan awisae callant mr an mrs
a m wrang whan awisae callant thar wur anerlie
wife a reca bidin yonnerwisae couple whae hed kum
the days n aye jimmywisae daub haund wi ae
whae leeved it craik sheilwisae davie riddle whae played
manse orchard fornenst the hoosewisae favorit haunt fur youth
his marrow mrs reid whaewisae fell eident hard wurkin
ick waitter rob jackson whaewisae ferst kizzen o ma
pick a load up therewisae friday mornin the grun
biggins on the borthauch sidewisae horse troch whaur hinds
the estate manager heid gairdnerwisae johnnie howe him an
the laist wheen centuries tharwisae joiners business it the
gaed hir roond ay geordiewisae keen dancer an weel
historie tells uz at tharwisae kirk fornenst the grave
tae sort the reef therewisae lad cawed ronald fa
mag an nellie whan hewisae laddie bobbie wis ae
i the pairish whan awisae laddie than is ma
think the oreeginal auld schuilwisae laich biggin wi ae
an hou his wife whaewisae londoner spak braid scots
tae hain his expenses heiwisae man wi ae hertie
thair guid hertitness ay yidwisae man wi ae warm
deyd i the 1980 swisae mechanical engineer gearbox expert
yin o stavert s forefockwisae military general an it
roberton schuil the infant teacherwisae miss scott whae a
wud on the hoscote estatewisae mr bain a ve
the bit ferst the herdwisae mr dickson whae hed
the fermer o borth cksheilswisae mr mitchell an him
fermer whan a wis bornwisae mr moffat whae hed
dipper anenst the eilrig brigwisae pairtie affair atweesh elrig
fermed baith ferms col fassonwisae pow wi the japs
the guid simmer wuther itwisae raigler thing tae sei
burn frae the hous tharwisae rectangular wudden biggin whilk
girnwud ay betty s mutherwisae sister tae mrs netta
owre the borth ick waitterwisae smiddy an ae wheen
clerk wis his housekeeper jimwisae strecht upricht man i
in towe wi whan heiwisae student i scotland mebbies
an sic lik auld wattiewisae tallentit fiddler an whan
weel a mynd whan awisae teenager daein sum joinery
faither an mei whan awisae teenager did ae gei
his kennin o scots thewisae time he wis phonin
the umwhile wullie murray whaewisae traint gairdner an bade
here s the catch therewisae tree on rootstock mailing
intil practical reality 56 therewisae twae individual swatches o
the airlie 1950 s tharwisae tyme whan his marrow
yeir or sae major dunlopwisae weedower wi twae dochters
claiss at balbutt skweel brianwisae year aulder nor his
hailed frae coventry city sheiwisae yibble gleg langheidit wuman
gaed til thar whan sheiwisae young wuman the yae
gaffer like an the itherswisahint him twa tae ae
millennium magazine at norhope haughwisaince upo ae tyme ae
by george scott george scottwisaither ae son or ae
meikleburgh ae setterday foreneen itwisalang this path that navachitta
hoose ae monday mornin itwisan edinburgh holiday sae a
whae it wur bot heiwisance askit bi ae fermer
new centre wis biggit anwisapent i 1983 ae myle
wi ae breenge the nursewisaside her the quinie raise
i wis gaan tae saywisat ae ear a gang
back maimorie on t thumwisat ae faimlie ca d
yin ae oor pals hewisay borryin siller an ye
ae callant at parteeklar placewisay kent is the general
the bottom syde ay jockiewisaye kent is ae guid
quine at ilky desk atwisbad enyeuch bit ae day
whae wis the estate managerwisbi naitir blunt ae bit
1979 an ae new centrewisbiggit an wis apent i
hoose it the wolfcleuch heidwisbiggit fur ae herd whae
onsteid ae new waster yillmuirwisbiggit on the back side
burn the fermer whan awisborn wis ae mr moffat
ae bittie nerrer til hawickwisborthauch ferm hoose an the
ruif gaed on fyre anwisbrent til ae shunder an
tae help oot as hewisbusy it wis ae back
poachers early ae efternuin iwiscannily makin my wey up
an fooshtit trock the chaumerwiscauld ae wee lowe in
deep pot at ae sidewisclean beeriet an gey chancy
an himsel ae day hewiscomin back fur her she
o lichts awye e roomiewiscoom ceiled at ae eyn
think it wur whan yidwisdaein ae lambin fur the
fiftie yeir sin the lochwisdamed an turnt intil ae
couldna mak oot fit itwisdeein at ae meenit i
jist aal age e breetwisdeen i saa t ae
afore he jaloused the kittlinwisdeid tae danny ae fite
ae rectangular wudden biggin whilkwisdividit intil ay mebbies ae
first ae hornie syne anitherwisdrookt wi rain till feech
hid ae taste and thatwiseneuch lizzie started tae lauch
wars appearinlie ae french invasionwisexpeckit an ae day sumane
i ay dee ae snailwisfaar i d left em
phone call ae nicht itwisfae the wifie fae the
ae friday mornin the grunwisfer fyte wi frost an
wi ae theekit ruif anwisfludit raiglar whan the borth
ae time an the airwisfu o the smell o
yid is ae ying manwisfur ae while ae polisman
praisent road up borth ickwisgaen ae sicker an savendle
his mooth bot whan aathinwisgangin ithoot ae hanker yid
geed some examples ae wifiewisgeen a length o flannin
circle ae day an hewisgettin a fer bit o
whan ae day ma faitherwisgien the umwhile yid nichol
wheen yeir mr roedemor whaewisglib cuid tell ae guid
again sae ae day iwisgoing on and mrs forbes
the wolf it yae tymewishaein ae collogue wi ae
twa year or mair iwishaein my denner ae setterday
on the road ae wifiewisheard tae say at s
whilie ae netta jirdin whaewishelping ma muther oot i
thay gaed tae elrig dodwisherd it meadshaw fur ae
gangin ithoot ae hanker yidwishis auld sel agane a
his eventual wife netta clerkwishis housekeeper jim wis ae
his ay an his naewishis nae ae man o
bein pued his ae frienwishis sister jenny fa did
scotia ae parteeclar nicht neilwishostin a seleck pairty o
feet makin sure that hewisin ae bit an naething
this ae nicht meg ramsaywisin chairge o the twa
whan yid scott estate managerwisin haen ae leuk it
scratch abeen his broo hewisin the circle ae day
a loon at hame wewisin the moss ae day
e hoose ae mornin itwisintill e second wik o
the joiner it deanburnhaugh whaewisis ae matter o fack
heid wi ae seck itwisithin saiconts whan hei flung
speirins whan ae callant naebodiewisivver yibble tae tell mei
fur that ae nicht shewisjean an her man wis
hard frost ae mornin itwisjist a richt day for
ae day fan thomas fawisjist a wee bairn gaed
said laughingly oh aye therewisjist ae hiccup you see
the organ unit an therewisjist ae theatre in use
cam doon ae mornin itwisjist awa leavin aa at
keeping ay tammy s hoosewisjuist ae rickle o stanes
thair cereal plates for tharewisjuist the ae tuim plate
nearest neuk o the crossroadswiskilrogie schule ae lang chaumer
e ae note some placeswislang ahin ithers ir ey
for social backgrund ae groupwislearnit ainly standart italian the
gyte an cuidna lest iwisleft my lane ontil ae
aff ae big branch itwislike wirkin wi a hedgehog
storie gans at this wolfwislurkin in o ae slack
inno ae open hole hewismakkin ready tae pit the
heich drama ae wikk itwismary queen o scots heid
ae subjeck n geordie mackaywismrs forman s chauffeur an
they cuid speak english awisnae diffrent till ae day
the ae conclusion thit hewiso ae patientfu tholemoodie naitur
ma airliest maimories o maisleewison t bein ae gamekeepers
wi it badger saw therewisonly ae thing for it
ate their piece ae ladwisopenin up his package in
the street ae efternuin itwisower late tae tak anither
the wis ae time hewisphonin frae his taxi an
fund efter ae whyle yidwisseen walkin up the road
and ae day as hewissleepin a skep swarmed an
bit it wis palins iwisspickin aboot i noticet ae
an every shop da samwissprawled beneath ae ruif in
een on ae shuitgun thitwisstaundin i the corner o
i wis happy aricht iwisstill in ae bit weel
wi a cloot an isiewisstraikin the kittlin ae meenit
wather ae day whan hewisstriddlin his cuddie doun the
ae language an that languagewistae be english wi thaim
ae haunt o the covenanterswistae tryst i the hoose
that ae day geordie jookswistakin a dander ower the
ae day in spring tamwistellt tae gang till e
the sawmiil ae friday anwistelt there wisnae a load
atweesh the twae doors awistelt whan a wis ae
the ae laa abeen aawisthat the young o the
wur convertit intil ae hoosewisthe auld schuil stable i
his howdien yonder its backinswisthe burnsyde whit ae bonnie
scott ae smeddumfu man whaewisthe estate manager wis bi
sers mei richt watt davieswisthe ferst tae hae ae
kent the bit ferst wullwisthe herd fur ae mr
stands ae biggish biggin wheechwisthe howpasley schuil an schuil
ae man ca d cawmillwisthe keeper yonder i ma
a story about him ducatwisthere ae nicht it cam
ain gamekeepin ae time itwistint for days till it
ae day whan ma sisterwistraivlin on bert nichols bus
chiel laid her doon bluidwistreetlin doon frae ae lug
moanin some groanin ae wifiewistryin tae sing the bonnie
ae go efter that itwisup tae the circle for
til mang them aa therewiswantin but the ae name
sae ae day when awiswee a said a ll
monie ae differn subjeck heiwisweill kent i the waittergate
ae day as the hourwisweirin late he says til
histor o the loch itwiswhit ane cuid ca ae
mebbies it wur whan paulwiswhit thay ca d ae
it wis minnie that aabodywiswytin fur ae boorichie o
ae hertie appetite an heiwisyince heard tae say ae
ay uphill noo e trackwisa bittie braider an e
swappin airms bit e pillawisa bittie heich ir aan
a dother baabie allan therewisa fireplace on e fleer
aboot a bittie e presswisa gey hicht aafa dark
e weer lowse e pickerwisa richt handy tool gey
wintit abeen ye e roomwisa richt mixter o aal
smoret e wis sayin itwisaa richt noo i spak
o e skirly wheeters yewisaften jist hyne awa fae
wis richt enjoyable here wewisamon e gannets at s
canna min foo aal iwisat e time maybe sax
in e hoose bit iwisat essed tae gaan aboot
feert in e dark itwisay a freen tae me
got in a dam ewisay a tidy lad an
o eez hoos as ewisay in e wye o
time raised e styoo shewisbaith a practical lass as
at e soap ir fitiverwisbein watcht e cheenges o
tae say e aal dayswisbetter n e new for
e heich wide gates atwisbig enyeuch tae let in
a freen o mine ewisbrocht up neesht door bit
e ballies o e governorwiscareerin roon tee stoppin t
mony countries bit here ewiscatchet in a system an
leadin intill e byre itwisceiled wi e hey laft
an again haadin yer feetwischancy wirk bit e twa
a baby blaikie for mitherwischasin e cat doon e
laft abeen an e fleerwiscobbled licht cam throwe e
bit as far as iwisconcerned it wis e trickiness
an hyne below e rollerswiscrashin against e rocks an
in e kitchen in ablowwisdarkness haad awa fae a
by later for fit ewisdeein wi e steen wis
tae mak water bit itwise aifterbirth at cam awa
dark an e darker itwise better i likit it
an lo an behold therewise bonniest range o flattent
thing at took er attintionwise butterflees ey were jist
mannie s min for hewise een at e reet
biggit eir nests aa atwise limits o e world
middle an maybe e palinwise marker funny at e
noo an aan quairt voiceswise meesic o e village
o sicht amon e treeswise mountain pastures faar e
richt fine fit tae aitwise neesht question oh we
biggit as pairt o twise pigs hoose wi three
an naething touchet it itwise rain an e win
the monday a yavel crapwise second crap in succession
driven ones earlier on itwise stame mull ducat o
as i wis concerned itwise trickiness o em that
tae him a trainet psychologistwise wye bairns jumpit an
tae teem eez crap ewiseen o es gaant kinna
i think e thocht shewiseez mither tae come back
halla an aa e saawises black rik yomin oot
as aften as no yewisexpeckit tae ken e answer
e girse an e grunwisfine an sappy e kinna
a pot an e breidwisfloatit on e tap syne
for an mary said itwisfor e chappit tatties till
o brakes as e buswisforced tae draa up faist
enormous bird colony e airwisfull o fulmars an ither
a deem aboot banff anwisgaan along e pavement wi
sae e kent faar shewisgaan an she mentiont at
e gushet nyeuk ma hairwisgettin fite be es time
geed throwe till e metalwisgey near at fite heat
e legs o eez brikswisgey sypit onywye sic a
winnins throwe palins if shewisgrazin in e park alangside
thing tae happen ma stamachwisgrippit wi e thocht an
for nae lang aifter shewishaddin doon by e smiddy
richt mess appeerently e firewishalf chokit an full o
ye gaither e treasures shewishoordin jist on e left
e hoose an e steadinwisin a lang line ye
heard e chuffin e rollerwisin e halla an aa
o yon nicht storage heaterswisin e passage aside e
ma moo bit e mochswisin i drew in air
e roch fairm track itwisjist a succession o dirds
syne we wis cleekit itwisjist e hoose cat syne
wye maist o e palinswisjist e widden posts an
aside e boortree buss itwisjist fit ye micht caa
e dinin room windae itwisjist roka sittin on eez
bit een o e cushionswisleakin fedders an ony shiftin
basin syne ye steepit fitwisleft in e baggie ye
bobie tae get in fitwisleft o e ruckie an
e picter o e skywisless an withoot gaan farrer
on e fairms an itwislittle winner that the men
throwe e baans e skepswismade o ye cd mak
e fairmers in e groupwismembers o at partickler grazin
wi e grocer oh ayewisn at a queer thing
jist in e hoose iwisnoticin t i ay tak
o e hoose es henhoosewiso tarred timmer planks an
in ilky een e fleerswiso widden byeurds wi gweed
becherovka like e gentlemen wewisofficially supposed tae be i
geed ower e road rollerwison e go on e
man imsel eez main jobwison e railways sae he
niver jist kent if ewisplayin a joke on ye
e leavins o e combwisput intill a pot an
o testin experience es jobwisrapin thack on e rucks
aboot a ear seen iwisreadin awa near e fit
different aathegither fae fit wewisseein noo e wis at
in ma dream maybe itwissome e same wi sarah
e east o faar iwisstannin faar e twistit spinnle
back tae wir fairm itwisstill early e road we
spaad ay wye e peatswisstratifeet across eir biggest breidth
fyow scrubby treeickies for shelterwisstuck on e side o
ye e truth my jobwistae be an antidote till
thing i eest tae deewistae gang oot in e
o nooadays fit wis hairtbrakkinwistae see e brichtness e
e jobs i files didwistae teem t nae likin
willie cam back e basketwisteem foo did ye get
again een o shore excursionswistill e island o noss
for thackin e rucks itwistyeuch wark an ye nott
time o thackin e crapswisweel in aff e parks
at bide in e grunwiswirkin at it steady shiftin
at e time though hewisworkin on a different subject
fyle ago he noticed somethingwiswrang wi the richt e

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