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was populace wise and populationwiseand f963: yeah yeah mmhm
the dominant it was populacewiseand population wise and f963:
over to an individual ofwiseguidance and wise leadership who
but business wise or workwisei feel as if i
individual of wise guidance andwiseleadership who has served the
a young man but businesswiseor work wise i feel
acclaim brings the calm thatwisemen find the priceless jewel
wush v wish wyce awisewycelyke a respectable wyne n
wuthert a withert wyce awisewynd n alley yammer v
an muckle horls birl coonterwiseas the piston pouer o
him winnie didna pit himwisekennin foo muckle chae loued
lines o kennin on dywiserepose da wasterin sun at
figures among which the threewisemen rising like giraffes from
enough she is smiling awiseold female smile the tears
of the disintegration process deliveredwisecounsels alleviation they declared lay
er not really specific newswisefor erm you know muslims
of christmas good news workwiselast week after a meeting
aged briefing and i amwiseenough not to endorse figures
truth be told he waswiseto bolt up the stairs
chant his favourite maxim thewiseold owl sat in the
my therapist he was sowiseso freudian just sat there
gien o far s thewisemen in the east that
up up world so highwisemen saw you in the
oh right f978: but musicwiseit s all fiddle music
she wis aye ready wiwiseadvice in times of illness
us the convener that iswiseadvice we must find out
aye m1163: maybe in agewisei m a young man
it but andy was streetwisei m confused maybe it
money if you weren twiseto their ploys maybe i
two maybe a kitchen tablewiseup get a life have
feel too badly pressured workwiseyet in fact over the
you can t find somethingwiseand wonderful to say use
you are you alright moneywisei hope the new office
i was very fortunate workwisebecause just when i was
can lit course so workwisethings are going well i
have done to been otherwisein this world but in
forked and tossed by thewiseyoung lovely ones straight back
tune immortal invisible god onlywisemy faither wis a fermer
s nae aye jist aswiseas ey sid be we
ower the fence bit neeborswisetae the attack jist pick
the exchange without preamble awiseman abroad a rule at
it is ancient venomous andwisethe last two bowls sit
it s not a verywisepolicy i think it would
it was probably not verywiseto issue such a press
of the presiding officer iswisecommittee members and the convener
three tangerines you re naewiseyou could have kept them
s way as we werewiseand got on the boat
i did er it waswiseto speak a certain way
that s interestin that swiseyeah ehm the only thing
of the time obviously clothingwiseso we created f641: mm
a weekend o im wadderwisebut mercifilly wir kinda sheltered
eh idea of not beingwisem1055: mmhm m1008: but if
his back alice attractive worldlywiseand bored teasing naive neighbour
drop of acid whereby thewisebee seeks to preserve its
in his scarf its weewiseface powkin ooto the tweed
from the etymology of wogswiseoriental gentlemen working on government
should listen attentively to thosewiseand sometimes sharp tongued representatives

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