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wid manage if e staplewisnaaafa aal it wis slide
drink aa the same hewisnaaafa fond o work an
had three legs bit itwisnaaafa heich when it was
fintry jist bade a yearwisnaaafa teen wi e place
some fae printed books itwisnathat i was tryin aafa
aal risp an gin erewisnaaal risps aboot e place
e aal grate e firewisnaclosed up ye cd a
were growin aal an erewisnae same experts aboot tae
an aal hey soo itwisnamowse ay at nicht jock
a graan ootlook an erewisnaa lot northies didna see
you an e reests erewisnaa lot o licht got
fore a bit bit erewisnaa lot o meevement at
lachin at piece time erewisnaa lot o privacy in
effeck at e time erewisnaa lot till t it
waa for a start erewisnaaa at mony an though
aye i did bit iwisnaaaegidder easy ere wis a
aff e richtfae indwallers erewisnaaften a lot o em
haathorn in e idder erewisnaair an licht enyeuch for
o t again gin atwisnaenyeuch ere s anidder een
ma piece an it jistwisnaere it hid been nabbit
a bittie e fite lumpieswisnahard ere wis jist nae
be deen in seein itwisnajist an iveryday jobbie ere
ceest eez peat ere itwisnajist e normal bog bit
an breem an roddens erewisnamony nyeuks o t i
reedent e skin bit erewisnamuch o at it s
fit wid be ere erewisnamuch spikkin atween s we
van cam roon ere maybewisnamuckle lowse siller aboot e
be ere e cruise shipwisnasmaa bit she bobbit aboot
kinna black shadda at yewisnasure wis ere at wis
muckle hairy feet the doctorwisnaa gweed advert fur his
a gweed file an iwisnaacquant wi aabody ony mair
rectangle and i doot itwisnaas gweed as e roon
licht got in an itwisnaas gweed for readin in
of them by their surnamewisnaas gweed tempered especially when
fat an fit wis bairnwisnagweed kennin fur since they
wid come doon so itwisnajist gweed for ony bakin
o a gweed story atwisnatrue his grannie at newmachar
it wisna nicht an shewisnadressed in her goon an
the news wisna guid warwisnafar aff war that aabody
on the wireless the newswisnaguid war wisna far aff
leuch it wisna sair hewisnahurtin he wis sookin sookin
s door an though itwisnanicht an she wisna dressed
a faa isie leuch itwisnasair he wisna hurtin he
o e bed weel itwisnaa valance exactly jist a
grunt that meant she jistwisnaafa keen tae be a
o shooery rain e daywisnabad jist a coolness fin
was jist as weel iwisnain for a weak hert
yer moo though it maybewisnajist aa that strong all
inside ye at maybe itwisnajist aathegither richt tae be
in abeen t so itwisnajist anaith e draps an
gaan in big circles itwisnajist be chance ey hid
on blockit e openin itwisnajist byre muck at geed
with a tattie chapper itwisnajist e meal at cam
meenit i noticet e reekwisnajist e usual it hid
auchmacoy house of coorse itwisnajist flooers an vegetables bit
mair eeses n een itwisnajist for gettin in anaith
ma ain heid an itwisnajist in e hoose i
door bit at least itwisnajist pick dark eence e
in auchterless so maybe itwisnajist rhynie though eynrigs cam
bein gran wirkers bit itwisnajist sic a maitter o
a stick doll though thatwisnajist the same it was
a difference atween coal thatwisnalit or wis jist beginnin
chaunce o stoppin the bawdwisnamerked bi a fusker jist
a swappit bit na itwisnamy style i jist saa
syne ey jist disappeart iwisnaneen bothert aboot em bit
extra sprigs bit the judgewisnasae blate he jist chucked
caredna a jot fur itwisnaa primary source as he
a critical bang fur shewisnaa primary source na her
soya bean steak fur itwisnaa primary source twis the
doon her semantics weel shewisnaa primary source withoot wishin
it nae ava isie thowisnaa cottar bairn her buits
she aften read tho shewisnaa loon an dinna warrant
they fund at tho shewisnaaathegither o the bonniest the
amangat thirsels fin the schulewisnaclosed bi the weather tho
sense o t the bluidwisnacomin frae ootside tho it
braw strippit sark bit hewisnaimpressed bi her antics tho
waitter an tho the brigwisnathar whan a wis ae
double knifes an tho hewisnathe skilliest o fechters he
in aa sizes files itwisnaa crack in e post
ill for nae minin itwisnaa horse an e d
e hoose an e firewisnaaften lit sae e spunks
bed wis warm e roomwisnaan it s bad enyeuch
haimmerin at e tackets ewisnaawa fae hame a lot
cam throwe e skin iwisnaaye ma leen in e
o raa materials e käsebrotwisnabad at aa an geed
not dee bit e wifewisnabad at gettin a spunk
e scraichs seen qualled itwisnae best wye tae dee
at 9am whiles bit thatwisnae only letter aboot sowens
a weddin present noticet maybewisnae richt wird though it
restless nicht for jock ewisnaexactly dreamin bit e ay
oolet intill e box itwisnafechtin aa at much an
han for e kirk itwisnafor at e wis shavin
onybody else e gairman loonwisnafun an e papers are
agreement ye cd see wewisnagn tae spread e tale
bit fin i did ewisnaimpressed bit e pint o
bit na na an itwisnalang ir e boy poppit
clean harness some bit ewisnanaething o a plooer some
in e dyeuks an turkeyswisnasae bad bit ye niver
fat sparks an god itwisnasecints till e broon paper
e grate an if yewisnawaakent fin she startit ye
bark fae e hedge awisnaweel at e door afore
tellt e grieve at hewisnawirkin em hard enyeuch man
he wis efter thrie monthwisnaby afore the mistress o
wis wellington wauk the streetwisnacaad efter the iron duke
efter liftin his creels hewisnadoin too weel so he
his skeill thrie fower monthswisnalang o weirin awa efter
the damp in her brikkswisnaskitters efter aa ay bit
her rosy chikks the stickinesswisnaskitters efter aa it wis
the sheep bot naw heiwisnatae bei fund efter ae
tae touch the bairnie fawisnaa year ower echt bit
wi deid beasts bit itwisnaagreeable fit we wis at
bit cleik wi me hewisnadune sayin it whan the
set snares though it likelywisnaeen o mine bit it
younger than minnie bit itwisnaher faither s hairst it
aabody blamed me bit itwisnai think the clincher the
bairns here s story thatwisnamabel s style bit i
an i ken an itwisname bit gin i tellt
in separate bowls bit itwisnamuch good if ye were
kent bit fur certain itwisnaony wye near dessloch place
wannered ower frae peru itwisnarainin raindraps bit paratroops on
face the smile afore herwisnaset on the lips bit
sassige brakfist bit naa iwisnasick i kinna likit stannin
hairt sorry fur malvolio iwisnasupposed tae like malvolio bit
this an tried that bitwisnasure fit wis wrang he
last sighed mither bit faitherwisnatae be short cheenged o
at the time bit itwisnathe bridge that worried im
daaned on s that itwisnathe deil bit a calfie
wi glee ay bit thonwisnathe eyn o t sally
auld spikk ran bit arthurwisnathe type tae mill a
a room yonner bit shewisnathere a day bit she
peerie cat weel her namewisnaactually smootie at dat time
o its ain weel iwisnagaun tae let nae cuddy
will be as weel minniewisnasure fa her faither wis
weel a m blyde iwisnaupo da nort boat dis
an forty twa the kingwisnaweel at aa a messenger
een four year old sammiewisnaweel pleased fin a baby
a furry tongue he reallywisnaweel that s the wye
an lawn gaed throbbin therewisnaony note that jarred in
hit it heid on itwisnaaye dark at nicht though
and broke the silence hitwisnaey lik dis doo keins
doon da daal noo hitwisnalang afore da first peerie
took on an feth hitwisnalang afore he hed a
da first place an iwisnada onnly een for dey
da better wadder an itwisnafor oot troo da efternön
he could see at hewisnagyaan ta get da better
there wis in ireland dawisnalettin on it wig tae
soonded her an when shöwisnaluikin gied her da injection
s my da auld sydwisnatae ken that granny paterson
gaed on na na shewisnapleased ava she raged pranny
d been taen bad anwisnabetter an he hedna been
built up a bittie itwisnasae bad syne i eest
less each year chaip fuelwisnachaip fin it tuik sae
daft fin telt that tattoinwisnacraft the computor left fur
had chickenpox she said iwisnahere fin ye geed some
it as lang as itwisnaella findlater that got it
hissel doun in peace itwisnalang afore zhu wu an
cheengin the tale an shewisnalang merriet tae a fisherman
kens aabodie sae shi jinwisnalang o gettin ti his
the greens set out itwisnalang or aathing wis redd
letter back nou whan therewisnaane afore cries shi jin
sterted reading the nicht aforewisnathon an unca thing a
throosh puir pranny till therewisnaa been on her back
teeny wee cratur peggy shewisnanae till the hoose fell
hae its throat cuttit iwisnaricht till dublin disappeared ooto
noo as for masel itwisnatill a d gotten haud
got a half day itwisnatill the smith family were
peekin oot fur air itwisnaa meenit ower seen fur
fur the antrin wikkeyn itwisnaa punishment bein sent tae
me fur his bride iwisnabön a six mont wed
faimly ootin tae bums cottagewisnasae much fur my delicht
hale hoose fur her shewisnatae be seen a dall
clean connached an pettit itwisnaunusual fur fowk tae gie
for ma wine cellar itwisnaaa at caal een o
gets whit he likes therewisnamuch daein that nicht tae
buik that the mirled magpiewisnablaik aa throwe an gin
it the morn gin itwisnafor dy sake quo profunditas
fuitbaa player tae sae itwisnagao twa he gat frae
nane gaun in an hewisnalike movin aither sae wi
far murray bedd an yonwisnanear sae far as ayr
i dinna ken fit itwisnaricht comfortable sae i furlet
broon shapies at first itwisnasae hard tae connach em
he cud see the bodiewisnawillin sae in the hinner
for aa he kenned therewisnaa leevin sowl within a
oot aa its discs itwisnapleased an cairriet on like
at a 13 fit boatwisnadat gritt an at ida
oot fit ey were jockwisnafit ye d caa supersteetious
a visiter fit road erwisnamony boats in an oot
sir robert peel an hewisnanear as braw as disraeli
fair on the empriour whawisnanear successful as oor nyaff
was richt sair but iwisnagaun tae let on it
every pey day but itwisnaricht for him he was
wang sleepit richt on anwisnawakent or the saicont hour
on the cassies danny stubbswisnafond o fowk in the
twis his birthday or itwisnahis birthday ower mony fowk
the ae place whaur fowkwisnasmittlt wi this ill frae
ti the twa capitals therewisnathe ae place whaur fowk
orra guffs an pain hewisnasure foo he d takk
snaa hid faan an itwisnaa great journey it wis
mniled peer breets m itwisnatheir wyte it hid happened
yid ae hertnin bot heiwisnaverra shuir how tae pit
tae let him doon shewisnalat ower the yett o
doric mannie oh the doricwisnaneglectit ower er either as
mason tae prove at hewisnapushin hame ower fiddlers a
wis him an yet itwisnahim as she d iver
profunditas an here he stillwisnawakent ance an he wis
at man wis made anwisnawan tae murn whit wark
tae hae a look itwisnaa big nest nae then
naebody else aboot but therewisnaa sowl tae be seen
comforter an frien for shewisnaalloued tae play wi the
wi daisy a whyle shewisnaalloued tae ride her nae
meant naething had happened hewisnaamong the eens tae be
run doon tae glesga itwisnaauld syd s wyte that
about snaavy wither tee therewisnaaye roadmen handy tae shovel
fowks the likes o thaimwisnaheidie eneuch tae lairn hou
watter it flegs ye iwisnaill pleast tae get intae
keep the wallie clear itwisnalike minnie s mither tae
picter tae be teen itwisnaneed feart sharp cockit lugs
argy bargy the tattie howkinwisnatae stert at steeny s
uk we r vexed thewisnathe room tae git thaim
shovel snaa and since therewisnamuch chance o ootdoor work
of the cleaning stuff therewisnamuch interest in makkin a
roon onywye an if yewisnafar fae yer fishin freens
the best place as itwisnathe maist accessible pairt o
grun an listened the futteratwisnaa meenit doon the warren
s hand in marriage tamwisnaneen pleased aboot it dyod
thae lees they war teltwisnatrue it s a diffrent
es dream time onywye itwisnaa gentle wakenin i got
speciman runs as follows itwisnaaft we streeve at the
wi a wild crater itwisnaaye a chancy job an
tell me something peggy iwisnabut it s true loretta
the fireside so that itwisnacaal in the mornin nae
that was [censored: forename] but itwisnaf1133: no f1134: no no
the whale time gladys itwisnafine for you either really
the ither day an itwisnagerman spies i can tell
granda s dairy except itwisnagranda s dairy onymair it
breid on the table itwisnalatin grammar nur algebraic equations
was her dearest wish itwisnalove that won him roon
ye f1104: no f1103: itwisnanice was it was you
a nest an if atwisnapossible liftin it cannie like
scalloped neck bessie shouting thatwisnareed it was crimson gladys
he couldna help himsel itwisnathat he thocht he could
think i f1107: aye itwisnathe doorbell it was something
back that thon coorse witherwisnathe teuchat s storm it
as he gaed an itwisnati he wan ti the
well in dat days itwisnatoo difficult f960: no mmhm
weer plain or pikit itwisnauncommon for a line o
besom clean that meant itwisnavery tidy for you d
heid o pitties grun itwisnavery welcomin half full o
full wir stamachs the inspectorwisnaa north man and he
son sleepit aye an hewisnaa toff like maist o
a j p anna hewisnasome nochtie craitur sired at
the wecht that the basketwisnateem so he took a
quo he the loon dannywisnathe sherpest tool in the
i forethocht an decidit hewisnaworth wastin win on an
april she set oot shewisnaback ontil december her doctor
thing is that mrs eejitwisnaboarn an eejit she had
garrin mabel jump the grandchildwisnaimpressed she said granny can
should contact an so onwisnaat winnerfae noo a rale
s ever a nyaff atwisnasleekit as we ve kent
a plumbers labourer which iwisnavery good at i mind
as well because onybody thatwisnamairied in that day an
guid willie an wyce therewisnathe like o yon son
o spikkin yet sally brucewisnacoorse in the vicious sense
d gotten a licht therewisnaa thing in onie airt
whit we wir bein teltwisnad correct wy t yooz
horses f1100: no cause iwisnafeeling very well f1099: fitt
c b a chrissie thatwisnavery nice georgie lizzie in
i newcastle upon tynne botwisnaowre taen on wi the
eh you wasna m1096: iwisnaplaying wi a- f1095: hey
on t that the quinewisnaa year mair nur saxteen
time to time because meatwisnaaften to be got in
out liefer juist say therewisnaonie answer back for whae
see the picturs naturally hogarthwisnaon view a peety his
father idder other likkit likedwisnabön hadn t been i
his mither but i stillwisnathinkin straicht because i made
lemonade bottles gladys hotly thatwisnamy fault the fleer was

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