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burn an caudron bubbil 2ndwitchcuil it wi a baboon
burn an caudron bubbil 2ndwitchfillet o a mershland snake
burn an caudron bubbil 3rdwitchscale o draigon fang o
tyme it s tyme 1stwitchroond aboot the caudron ging
f1113: a witch f1114: thewitchand what s this f1113:
witch it s the wickedwitchf1104: uh huh wicked f1103:
f1113: there that s awitchf1114: that s the witch
what s this f1113: awitchf1114: the witch and what
hail second witch hail thirdwitchhail first witch lesser nor
nor yit yeir spleen firstwitchhail second witch hail third
spleen first witch hail secondwitchhail third witch hail first
witch if she was awitchi felt pity for her
and if she was awitchif she was a witch
the witch s house thewitchis inside the heavy tramping
is it f1103: fitt thewitchit s the wicked witch
hae ye been sister secondwitchkillin pigs third witch sister
hail third witch hail firstwitchlesser nor macbeth an greter
8 the common by thewitchs house the witch is
what s that dirdum 1stwitchshaw 2nd witch shaw 3rd
dirdum 1st witch shaw 2ndwitchshaw 3rd witch shaw him
shaw 2nd witch shaw 3rdwitchshaw him all shaw his
second witch killin pigs thirdwitchsister an whaur hae you
me whan a spier 1stwitchspeak than 2nd witch spier
1st witch speak than 2ndwitchspier 3rd witch we l
witch we l aunsir 1stwitchwad ye raither hear it
than 2nd witch spier 3rdwitchwe l aunsir 1st witch
witch f1114: that s thewitchwhat s that f1113: a
hail macbeth an banquo firstwitchbanquo an macbeth aw hail
can what are ye firstwitchfair faw macbeth hail ti
ye thane o glamis secondwitchfair faw macbeth hail ti
the three witches enter 1stwitchthryce haes brindilt baudrons miaowed
lightning enter three witches firstwitchwhan sal we thrie meet
enter the three witches firstwitchwhaur hae ye been sister
grating version of the wickedwitchof the west and ineffectively
aince the hurcheon wheinged 3rdwitchthe hell hag crys it
of a drum offstage thirdwitcha drum a drum here
what s ti cum 1stwitchay syre it s true
tell me unkent pouer 1stwitchhe kens yeir benmaist thocht
lat me see thaim 1stwitchtuim in the bluid o
juist ae wurd mair 1stwitchye maunna order him but
haes brindilt baudrons miaowed 2ndwitchthryce an aince the hurcheon
ye thane o cawdor thirdwitchfair faw macbeth oor keing
gie ye a wund firstwitchai ye are kynd third
ai ye are kynd thirdwitchan a l gie ye
was bad there was awitcherm the the the cottage
blyth yit mukkil blyther thirdwitchfaither o keings tho ye
up on the muir thirdwitchthare ti tryst macbeth first
an whaur the place secondwitchup on the muir third
cottage wasn t there thewitchwas at a cottage f1103:
hear the taid caws thirdwitchwe cum at aince all
s lost an wun thirdwitchwe l meet afore the
nor macbeth an greter secondwitchno sae blyth yit mukkil
thare ti tryst macbeth firstwitchto her familiar spirit a
an a l dae secondwitcha l gie ye a
the sun gaes doun firstwitchan whaur the place second
a m cummin graymawkin secondwitchdae ye hear the taid
what a hae here secondwitchlat me see lat me
flaucht or in rain secondwitchwhan the hurlie burlie s
see lat me see firstwitchhere hae a a pilot
r ill duin til thewitchbeckons him inside and he
sound of heavy tramping thewitchretires inside her house and
at spells found inside awitchs book by a foggy
there is some possibility thewitchcould be about pompitie ah
7 the common by thewitchs house pompitie arrives at
mends rainbows scene 7 thewitchs house pompitie arrives at
l gie ye anither firstwitchan a hae aw the
an whaur hae you firstwitcha sailor s wyfe haed
on his way to thewitchs house broun ogre from
to the right for thewitchs house however he is
green leaf scene 8 thewitchs house the broun ogre
the reeking mouthpiece of thewitchs old black instrument fiona
as tolerant as the oldwitchsome already suspect us of
auld bissum sour faced oldwitchwaa paiper wall paper weggie
ye that she was awitchand a hure and dementit
ye wutch thenk ye thewitchgroans and holds her thighs
entering from the left thewitchis standing there beating a
away left for home thewitchwaves him goodby then goes
maybe she could be awitchafter they came from carluke
who was burned for awitchbecause she could turn a
had she maybe been awitchby then she lived alone
in them she was awitchor else she was made
she realised how like somewitchrite it had been those
she d none for awitchshe was fushionless she could
she sellt hersel tae awitchwumman that cam tae her
ay professing ti be thewitchaye an could be yull
see here they ir thewitchexamines the feather and then
what m939: aye m942: teenwitchthing m941: paid twelve pound
colour f1104: there s awitchin snow white is there
of birdsong like how awitchs coven was supposed to
his club and approaching thewitchs door he hammers on
a that looks like awitchs hat with a squiggle
turns a blind eye towitchs hats and everyone but
page of as and hiswitchs hats manage to look
writing the recipe for awitchs spell would involve the
the same sentence o awitcha murderer or a mutineer
a report on the accusedwitchagnes fren scho is indyttit
is in conversation with thewitchand he has a large
pancakes and there was awitchand there was a spanking
to be a warlock orwitchin which case the citizenry
f963: mm are you awitch[laugh] f965: but er i
d like to be awitchof power and mystery make
their homage due as onywitchthat iver flew on a
gave us the lion thewitchand the wardrobe in primary
about his lost needle thewitchuses the needle to mend
might be something else thewitchhad dropped he holds up
of scots from the lumphananwitchtrials 1596 1597 spalding club
bheil aidh m979: lion thewitchand the wardrobe no rudeigin
where the dustbins and thewitchand the wild dog were
hoose wharin tae rest thewitchhag for hersel alsweel has
door opens to reveal thewitchlooking none too pleased wutch
great gaping hole full ofwitchghosts pause we can stay

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