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consider lines of questioning forwitnesses2 deputy convener the committee
possible lines of questioning forwitnesses2 item in private the
consider areas of questioning forwitnesses2 petition mr brian monteith
lines of questioning for thewitnesses2 prostitution tolerance zones scotland
and areas of questioning forwitnesses2 telecommunications developments inquiry the
lines of questioning for thewitnesses3 convener s report the
discuss lines of questioning forwitnesses3 convener s report the
lines of questioning for thewitnesses3 item in private the
its lines of questioning forwitnesses3 scottish qualifications authority the
possible lines of questioning forwitnesses3 telecoms developments the committee
consider areas of questioning forwitnessesas part of its consideration
lines of questioning for thewitnessesat agenda item 4 2
lines of questioning for thewitnessesfrom whom we will take
consider areas of questioning forwitnessesgiving evidence as part of
questioning to be put towitnessesin agenda item 3 3
its lines of questioning forwitnessesin relation to the inquiry
its lines of questioning forwitnessesin relation to the inquiry
its lines of questioning forwitnessesin relation to the social
possible lines of questioning forwitnesseson its aquaculture inquiry 4
possible lines of questioning forwitnesseson its inquiry into water
possible lines of questioning forwitnesseson its inquiry into water
private lines of questioning forwitnesseson the inquiry into the
possible areas of questioning forwitnesseson the issue of genetically
areas of questioning for furtherwitnesseson the issue of genetically
lines of questioning for thewitnesseson the water industry scotland
lines of questioning for thewitnesseson the water industry scotland
committee 5 procedures for questioningwitnessesthe committee will consider paper
consider lines of questioning forwitnessesto the inquiry 2 items
consider lines of questioning forwitnessesto the inquiry 2 regulation
act of sederunt fees ofwitnessesand shorthand writers in the
act of sederunt fees ofwitnessesand shorthand writers in the
act of sederunt fees ofwitnessesand shorthand writers in the
act of sederunt fees ofwitnessesand shorthand writers in the
act of sederunt fees ofwitnessesand shorthand writers in the
act of sederunt fees ofwitnessesand shorthand writers in the
in private 2 questions forwitnessesthe committee will consider lines
sylvia jackson stirling lab attendedwitnessesalison coull office of the
tavish scott shetland ld attendedwitnessesdr alastair brown crown office
sandra white glasgow snp attendedwitnesseshector currie richard grant scottish
airdrie and shotts lab attendedwitnessesjanet allan donaldson s college
west of scotland snp attendedwitnesseslee cousins sportscotland alastair dempster
wilson central scotland snp attendedwitnessesmr jack mcconnell minister for
wilson central scotland snp attendedwitnessesmuir russell permanent secretary scottish
nicola sturgeon glasgow snp attendedwitnessespat cairns headteachers association of
aberdeenshire and kincardine ld attendedwitnessesrhona brankin deputy minister for
sandra white glasgow snp attendedwitnessestony gallagher association of registrars
from members i thank thewitnessesfor attending today and for
the convener i thank thewitnessesfor coming along i also
that matter i thank thewitnessesfor coming to give evidence
more questions i thank thewitnessesfor coming today that concludes
the convener i thank thewitnessesfor giving us their evidence
convener good i thank ourwitnessesfor their attendance and for
the convener i thank thewitnessesfor their attendance i think
again i thank both ourwitnessesfor their contribution muir russell
the convener i thank thewitnessesfor their evidence this morning
our questions i thank ourwitnessesfor their evidence which was
session i also thank thewitnessesfor their offer to send
this morning i thank thewitnessesfor their written and oral
the convener i thank thewitnessesfor their written and oral
i will thank both ourwitnesseson behalf of the committee
time and we have furtherwitnesseswho are waiting thank you
the convener i thank thewitnesseswhose evidence has been useful
whether to discuss questions forwitnessesfor its inquiry into alternatives
the committee will consider possiblewitnesseson its inquiry into aquaculture
the inquiry 5 questions forwitnessesthe committee will consider its
evidence gathering we listened towitnessesand consulted many people who
is giving evidence 9 investigationswitnessesand documents the commissioner is
given the authority to requirewitnessesand written evidence within the
be taking evidence from otherwitnessesand you are welcome to
good quality evidence although thewitnessesare going slightly beyond their
take evidence from the followingwitnessesat stage 1 of the
heard evidence from the followingwitnessescouncillor corrie mcchord cosla social
the convener and clerk thewitnessesfor the first evidence session
item 5 is evidence fromwitnessesfrom the executive on the
to hear evidence from thosewitnessesms macdonald we could hear
evidence from two panels ofwitnesseson the first panel we
we hear evidence from thewitnessesthat might give us a
scotland 3 vulnerable and intimidatedwitnessesthe committee will take evidence
consider evidence from the followingwitnessesthe minister for finance and
agree a list of possiblewitnessesto give evidence at the
strong evidence was given bywitnessesto the committee on her
mr egan will introduce thewitnessesvideo evidence was shown 11
producing documents offences committed bywitnesseswho fail to provide evidence
we get it right thewitnesseswho gave evidence to the
that consideration of questions forwitnessesand of the conclusions following
ministers on questions that thewitnesseshave not been in a
straight to questions as thewitnesseshave the advantage of having
annual report 3 questions forwitnessesin private in private the
in private 2 questions forwitnessesin private the committee will
mound edinburgh 1 questions forwitnessesin private the committee will
questions are asked could thewitnessesindicate who wants to answer
in private 2 questions forwitnessesthe committee will consider its
that we simply ask thewitnessesto respond to questions that
to questions to our threewitnesseswe will go through several
the handling of questions towitnesseswithout official report 2 official
asked the previous panel ofwitnessesare people in general aware
voluntary scheme john scott previouswitnesseshave suggested that sepa should
happens john scott many previouswitnesseshighlighted the importance of synchronised
it the previous panel ofwitnessesmentioned young disabled people not
were present when the previouswitnessessaid that they do not
gentlemen i welcome committee memberswitnessesand members of the public
committee and i welcome thewitnessesand members of the public
i also welcome our threewitnessesdr kenneth black professor randolph
we have an array ofwitnessesi welcome mark turley the
while the next set ofwitnessesis getting prepared i welcome
about that i welcome thewitnessesto the meeting and ask
s budget i welcome thewitnesseswho will be appearing before
spent waiting to appear aswitnessesin criminal trials s1w 201
officers waiting to appear aswitnessesin criminal trials s1w 202
officers waiting to appear aswitnessesin scottish criminal trials s1w
lists a number of possiblewitnessesi suggest that we timetable
consider a list of possiblewitnessesstandards committee 27 june 2001
service the convener while thewitnessesare being found i will
listened to the convener ifwitnessescould keep their answers shorter
persons are not present aswitnessesor represented at the trial
members such as victims andwitnessessandy rosie at present there
the couple and their twowitnesseswere present if guests were
grace elder glasgow snp thewitnessesmay have noticed that the
ld nicola sturgeon glasgow snpwitnessespatrick browne scottish retail consortium
us today i invite bothwitnessesto make a short opening
show up today we havewitnessestoday as we are taking
we could hear from threewitnessesin one meeting mr oliver
to hear from some otherwitnessesmembers will recall from our
business by members and bywitnesses4 when scots is used
services are made available whenwitnessesfor example members of the
language i remind members andwitnessesof the need to speak
wicked our first set ofwitnessesthis morning are members of
lice i ask members andwitnessesto address themselves mainly to
to be put to thewitnesses3 in good supply managing
to be put to thewitnessesat agenda items 3 and
to prevent the intimidation ofwitnessesand victims given the proposed
i put to the executivewitnessesgiven that he sat on
i therefore apologise to ourwitnessesas we must restrict each
to our next set ofwitnessesi believe that mr elliot
bearsden lab i refer thewitnessesto the gloss that our
justice tommy sheridan glasgow sspwitnessesmike flynn scottish society for
to be put to thewitnesses2 committee business the committee
the committee requested from thewitnessesa breakdown of the performance
to approve travelling expenses forwitnessesaudit committee 2nd meeting 2002
for stage 1 and agreewitnessesenterprise and lifelong learning committee
declaration of interests by committeewitnessespr 99 7 4 issues
question and i ask thewitnessesto give us a sharp
hamilton north and bellshill labwitnessesdouglas blair scottish executive development
home robertson east lothian labwitnessesdr kenneth black scottish association
to the next set ofwitnesseswho are also important to
i will put to thewitnessesone response was that the
localised moratoriums do the threewitnessesagree that the argument is
the other three sets ofwitnessesfrom whom we are to
an invitation to the officialswitnessesand so on who are
who is a giver twowitnessesricher or poorer white dress
convening it so well thewitnesseswho gave up so much
smith one of the earlierwitnesseswho i think was here
whom offered their advice aswitnessesduring the stage 1 consideration
allow for the changeover ofwitnesses11 23 meeting suspended 11
wasted by police officers andwitnessesattending courts for trials that
i suggest that we timetablewitnessesfor 10 december and 17
icc for the convenience ofwitnessesfor example there might be
outset i apologise to thewitnessesfor the delay in reaching
proposals to improve protection forwitnessesin cases involving allegations of
accusation then ye need independentwitnessesat least twa baith of
f689: an of course yourwitnessesneed to be over sixteen
silence ed wi need mairwitnessesstew need mair victims ti
has been helpful the finalwitnessesare from the tobacco workers
and from a few morewitnessesbefore we decide which direction
was with child and otherwitnessesdeponed that they heard him
that lack clarity which otherwitnesseshave mentioned if somebody submits
scotland bill which as otherwitnesseshave said has long been
mcmahon i asked the otherwitnesseswhether they believe that young
earlier question one of thewitnessessuggested to us the idea
the scottish executive how manywitnessesbelow 10 years old appeared
would enable many less professionalwitnessesif i can call them
afore god an aa thesewitnessesthat i will heal conceal
i will not ask thewitnessesto make initial statements however
sutherland and easter ross ldwitnessesmr frank mcaveety deputy minister
would assist me if thewitnessescould tell me about how
civil marriage ceremony with twowitnessesis 79 so the fee
know that some of thewitnessesare not well so it
no objection to that thewitnessesare the chair of the
some people are far betterwitnessesthan others f963: mm mmhm
it s only jehovah switnessesthat are praisin the lord
directorate of clerking and reportingwitnessesandrew mcnaughton scottish executive parliamentary
john nisbet brought forth hiswitnessesfour bailies of the town
the views of my fellowwitnesseshigher still has been seen
the option of having remotewitnessesis very helpful and would
no chance of getting anywitnessesjust another unreported bus crime
large number of the localwitnessesmore especially the common people
discussed with some of thewitnessesmy concerns over the legal
of the voluntary sector whichwitnessesraised time and again during
to ask what involvement thewitnessesorganisations had in the preparation
by the sip when onewitnessesat first hand the enthusiasm
or throughout the uk thewitnesseshave mentioned competitive disadvantage scottish
may now introduce your fellowwitnessesmark hazelwood ms society scotland
adviser professor arthur midwinter adviserwitnessespat bagot communities scotland david
i took that up withwitnessesand it was confirmed that
i presume that all thewitnesseshave experienced one or all
under my amendment the policewitnessesfocused mostly on criminal activity
that they require within thewitnessesorganisations to the representation that
point about awareness do thewitnessesthink that the european year
not think that the policewitnesseswere terribly interested in the
citizens doing what even thewitnesseswould regard as a perfectly
with legislate to protect vulnerablewitnessessuch as children encourage prosecutors
it might want to callwitnessesthere has to be a
faculties ware lucid and thereafterwitnessesware found that seemd to
a bus full o fuckinwitnesseshere ya bastard you re
he s no gaunnae wantwitnessesis he sadie dinnae waste

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