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in an anthology of scottishwomenpoets 1991 and a history
roger lonsdale ed eighteenth centurywomenpoets an oxford anthology oxford
kerrigan s anthology of scottishwomenpoets and roderick watson s
ed an anthology of scottishwomenpoets edinburgh edinburgh university press
the electronic archive of scottishwomenpoets edited by stephen behrendt
important historical anthology of scottishwomenpoets in 1991 and the
in an anthology of scottishwomenpoets k164 with the later
moira ferguson ed eighteenth centurywomenpoets nation class and gender
an interest in eighteenth centurywomenpoets will soon learn to
century scotland has not lackedwomenpoets with scots language writing
the session met with thewomens guild and agreed to
gazing branch of the localwomens guild footsore yet undaunted
arbuthnott kirk session minutes arbuthnottwomens guild minutes arbuthnott hall
arbuthnott kirk session minutes arbuthnottwomens guild minutes arbuthnott hall
not the equivalent of thewomens guild or a cosy
[note: photo: 'wri christmas party'] [note: photo: 'wri christmas party'] church of scotlandwomens guild the women s
scotland women s guild thewomens guild was started in
like to go to ourwomens guild we are also
started the bervie and districtwomens lifeboat guild in 1949
fergusson s1m 2339 violence againstwomen16 days campaign 2001 25
expresses concern about violence againstwomenand children especially in the
on men s violence againstwomenand children in its campaign
on men s violence againstwomenand children the convener thank
issues such as violence againstwomenand children those subject areas
in issues around violence againstwomenand i am sure that
is debating domestic violence scottishwomens aid might send us
strategy on tackling violence againstwomens1w 34858 susan deacon to
the educated including upper classwomenballad singers and song writers
chapter devoted to women writerswomens names appear in lowland
however the majority of contemporarywomenwrite in english although writers
late to the recognition ofwomenwriters and this is especially
before the twentieth century whenwomenwriters began to introduce new
and robert burns in romanticwomenwriters ed by paula r
was important that unlike previouswomenwriters i didn t feel
a number of lower classwomenwriters in a history of
and john fowles and blackwomenwriters in america the audience
perspectives and formal approaches ofwomenwriters lochhead has said of
never wrote at length aboutwomenwriters or about the possibility
supportive influence for many scottishwomenwriters the title poem is
has no chapter devoted towomenwriters women s names appear
in a history of scottishwomenwriters yet for the quality
last word from men andwomen1855 kesson changes browning s
occupational segregation between men andwomenaccess to the labour market
equal opportunities between men andwomenan enormous amount has been
air baths full of menwomenand children the huts were
stage in their lives youngwomenand men are taking less
achievement of real equality betweenwomenand men something for which
book deeply offensive to bothwomenand men strongly believes that
and that one third ofwomenand one in 12 men
and women one in threewomenand one in 12 men
our society one in threewomenand one in 12 men
typically about one in threewomenand one in 12 men
pay gap between men andwomenand to whether women are
palaces and young men andwomenapparently rather reluctantly involved in
osteoporosis occurs in men butwomenare much more at risk
m1174: the the men causewomenaren t really interested m608:
self for both men andwomenas its author has said
know what i mean seewomendo this wi men i
explode at any moment thewomendrinking with the men and
in the voices of menwomenf1187: would you see it
streets were mobbed men andwomengettin oot the road aw
men in it and nowomeni might f1187: mmhm f66:
men do that most upsetwomeni thought brilliant m815: [laugh]
garment worn by men orwomeni ve just seen one
featuring men in long beardswomenin furry coats and a
of treatment for men andwomenin relation to the succession
for all the men andwomenin scotland who are ready
equal partnership between men andwomenin sexual matters even more
the equality of men andwomenin the eu but i
equal opportunities for men andwomenin the past that influenced
equal treatment to men andwomenin this respect we do
that equality between men andwomenis not simply a matter
m819: for men er forwomenit s well over sixty
pay gap between men andwomenlodged on 21 january 2003
ve slept with men andwomenmy whole life but i
to the ordinary men andwomenof europe as part of
working people both men andwomenof his time people say
bones disease affects men andwomenone in three women and
of opportunity between men andwomenone of the main objectives
the way that men andwomenoperate in life and in
as old men and oldwomenor f746: mmhm f978: telling
staunch division between men andwomenrich and poor and give
widest discrepancy between men andwomens earnings in scotland with
left but rubble men andwomenshovelled loads of bricks into
been customary for men andwomentae be made slaves through
we were strong men andwomenthere was a raden with
of opportunity for men andwomenwas written into the treaty
possess for men have marblewomenwaxen minds and therefore are
trustees some local men andwomenwere also employed in the
community he said men andwomenwho are placed in new
between the young men andwomenwho gather to perform the
were partnerships between men andwomenwhose religious expression was still
s aid accommodation for disabledwomenin dumfries and when the
for the construction of newwomens aid accommodation for disabled
to listen to msps scottishwomens aid and the scottish
financial aid provided to localwomens aid groups a in
disburse funds directly to localwomens aid groups in future
parliament congratulates dumfries and districtwomens aid on securing funding
authority supported the exclusion ofwomens aid refuges a few
to jackie baillie regarding dundeewomens aid s1w 3630 shona
society for scotland and scottishwomens aid said yes exempt
lobby of msps for saywomens aid which has publicised
up a position with scottishwomens aid which provides a
make it easier for abusedwomento access civil legal aid
s my big hope forwomenand women s writing as
provides a service for disabledwomenand women with disabled children
and women and to whetherwomenare moving into the kind
south georgia whaling song noowomenare saucy an women are
noo women are saucy anwomenare sweet an some they
with lakes and follies andwomengardeners we also saw women
of women many of thewomenhere cathy peattie and others
to the courage of thesewomenis for all the women
they re for twa differentwomenjim admiring twa different women
mention to the rights ofwomenmany of the women here
women is for all thewomenof scotland to use their
big hope for women andwomens writing as we approach
women gardeners we also sawwomensweeping the streets and railway
an f606: mm m691: thewomenusually women would throw them
service for disabled women andwomenwith disabled children who are
mm m691: the women usuallywomenwould throw them a couple
women jim admiring twa differentwomenye re an affa loon
s lives the experiences ofwomenfrom ethnic minority communities can
unhappiness in the lives ofwomenhas been caused not by
lives of three generations ofwomenmother daughter granddaughter each life
roughly contemporaneous novel yet whilewomens lives are at the
of the disabling forces inwomens lives sometimes imposed externally
experiences have later on inwomens lives the experiences of
she was before often elderlywomenwho are leading independent lives
historical period 1 dale spenderwomenand literary history the feminist
one of the most despisedwomenin history shameless star maxine
and a history of scottishwomens writing 1997 but even
the recent history of scottishwomens writing edited by douglas
the contribution of eighteenth centurywomenthe history of scottish literature
history of osteoporosis particularly amongwomenthe incidence of smoking among
scotland s international sportsmen andwomenlodged on 19 march 2001
scotland s international sportsmen andwomenlodged on 19 march 2001
s1m 557 patricia ferguson internationalwomens day for text of
s1m 557 patricia ferguson internationalwomens day for text of
trish godman s1m 557 internationalwomens day lodged on 17
pauline mcneill s1m 557 internationalwomens day lodged on 17
alex neil s1m 3987 internationalwomens day lodged on 4
richard lochhead s1m 1734 internationalwomens day lodged on 8
executive has to mark internationalwomens day s1f 168 5
s1m 557 patricia ferguson internationalwomens day thursday 9 march
conclude that high status groupswomenand middle aged speakers in
and nine male observers withwomendoctors patients groups and nurses
know you see groups ofwomengoin around and they re
town past groups of oldwomengossiping on corners or coming
in place to ensure thatwomens groups and organisations are
including some mongolian looking oneswomens institute type groups working
for young children particularly youngwomenand girls a lot of
our young people especially youngwomenare participating in sporting activities
and provision of services towomenchildren and young people experiencing
know why they let thiswomendeal with young children she
not reckoned as other youngwomenin her position might have
system for chlamydia in youngwomenin response to recent research
an estimated 300 000 youngwomeninto central europe and the
are anguished and the youngwomenlook doomed there are many
way to travel while youngwomennow have independence and opportunities
has been said about youngwomenour current strategy focuses more
in sport particularly among youngwomenour target is to prevent
had from the dundee youngwomens centre s1o 4910 24
highlighted the lack of youngwomens participation in sport will
50 per cent of youngwomentake up inadequate calcium in
targets is directed at youngwomenthe point came home to
at ways of encouraging youngwomento participate in sport not
his head where seductive youngwomenwere concerned whatever the dangers
wi a group o youngwomenyesterday an [inaudible] fella bloke
s approach remains restrictive scottishwomenyoung and older are now
by a representative selection ofwomenin eighteenth century lowland scotland
any study of eighteenth centurywomens writing and she is
dennis canavan s1m 1418 scottishwomenagainst pornography lodged on 4
all forms of discrimination againstwomenand where this has been
the primal desires of thewomenare pitched against the official
to remove the discrimination againstwomenin the rules of succession
them reoffending against children andwomenit has been revealed that
of us thinking and educatedwomenof this age go against
would i d batter thewomens heads against the cobbles
about here are offences againstwomenthat are specific to individuals
for new territories and enslavewomenand children egyptian art was
currently fails to protect adequatelywomenand children operates in such
the existence of places forwomenand children to hide i
made a video of pregnantwomenand of children while he
number of refuge places forwomenand their children fleeing domestic
for children the fact thatwomenare likely to live longer
slogans fists and drums frightenedwomenclosing windows and doors children
in her every word infertilewomenhave wished for children from
his speciality is raping marriedwomenin front of their children
s complement of 176 nowomenor children survived it seems
056 live cases the twowomenwho run isea have children
p 131 17 virginia woolfwomenand writing introd by michèle
thought or the reclamations ofwomens writing undertaken in the
writes in her unfinished autobiographywomenwriting anything have never set
the right to vote forwomen75th anniversary lodged on 4
s1m 578 breast screening forwomenaged 65 and over lodged
s1m 578 breast screening forwomenaged 65 and over lodged
s1m 578 breast screening forwomenaged 65 and over lodged
s1m 578 breast screening forwomenaged 65 and over lodged
3900 st valentine s daywomenand heart disease campaign lodged
1744 strip searching of fourwomenarrested at faslane lodged on
ingram s1m 1900 voices ofwomencampaign lodged on 2 may
1834 employment rights of pregnantwomenlodged on 5 april 2001
1834 employment rights of pregnantwomenlodged on 5 april 2001
ewing s1m 3540 exploitation ofwomenlodged on 5 november 2002
fergusson s1m 1161 trafficking ofwomenlodged on 7 september 2000
david davidson s1m 1729 glasgowwomens library 10th anniversary lodged
robertson karen gillon s1m 2873womens welfare in afghanistan lodged
mother and baby services forwomenwith post natal depression lodged
not afford to go oftenwomendid not frequent public houses
little most often calls onwomenfor patronage or names them
than half as often aswomenfurther notes that co ordinated
than half as often aswomenfurther notes that co ordinated
are cleared by workers oftenwomenweilding outsize shovels in the
be the violent treatment ofwomenwho all too often appear
van driver who was drivingwomenbetween different locations it would
the incidence of smoking amongwomenhas increased over the past
has been so difficult forwomenin the past to become
political and intellectual battles ofwomenin the past to obtain
literary ambitions she like manywomenof the past and i
tins past the black veiledwomenstiff as russian dolls bearing
s a lot o oldwomenas well this woman gave
m1048: right all the oldwomenbuy them and you d
such as andrei rublyov oldwomencame in to kiss dark
and cinemas hordes of oldwomeneverywhere the palace itself was
it s all the oldwomenf1049: i know bottles of
from the nurses and oldwomenof her area although in
t start my grumpy oldwomenthing but m964: [laugh] f963:
sample of around 5 000womenin grampian who were called
preferring the casual company ofwomenlike lola she who approached
address the specific needs ofwomenpensioners who may be among
the suffering of the manywomenwho are afflicted by this
of hormone replacement therapy onwomenwho are going through or
talked about an institution forwomenwho are over 45 sarah
problems continue to be rifewomenwho are over the age
grove 19 the characterization ofwomenwho attempt to write as
catherine was one of fourwomenwho completed the typing and
heard so many stories ofwomenwho could make spells who
brandy his eyes stalked everywomenwho crossed the door mopping
and especially the role ofwomenwho feel drawn towards a
coats and a mildly dementedwomenwho had a strange relationship
were also upper class educatedwomenwho had learned ballads and
resigning their claim to thewomenwho had now been set
order to recognise that manywomenwho leave their abuser have
to bone density scanning forwomenwho may be at risk
you were targeting towards erwomenwho might be at home
petition pe608 information provided towomenwho undergo an abortion procedure
the case of the tridentwomenwho were acquitted of causing
the manner of buchan swomenwho were always fast on
into the hands of nativewomenwho were delighted with them
from at least 2700 bcwomenwho worshipped her wore the
are most at risk includewomenwith early menopause those who
are to ensure that allwomenwith ovarian cancer who could
ms sandra white s1m 2770womens curling olympic gold medal
of s1m 908 elaine thomsonwomens pay 30 years on
of s1m 908 elaine thomsonwomens pay 30 years on
policy s1m 908 elaine thomsonwomens pay 30 years on
ewing andrew wilson s1m 908womens pay 30 years on
that the initiative is aboutwomenaged over 45 to over
provide and their delivery towomenhas changed much over the
a group of huntsmen andwomenon horseback over several hours
worker to deal exclusively withwomenover 50 years of age
the sort of place wherewomenover forty looked matronly their
interesting discovery that 29 ofwomenover reported themselves as having
prestige form the number ofwomenover reporting their use of
he handed over what thewomenwere due for their labours
granted a clannish lot thewomenbut that s life you
age are female because ofwomens longer life expectancy as
it also means listening towomens perspectives on human life
the life of the pregnantwomenunder section 1 1 of
inspired by several real lifewomenwhom he called his goddesses
many of them are cholitaswomenin brown or black bowler
is more active than manywomenin conventional literature she calmly
have come from lawrence swomenin love and its many
rejection to despise salaciousness inwomenthere are many references especially
literature 1 an experience manywomenwould recognise spender s essay
funny that there were nowomenamong the survivors he certainly
meant that not only werewomendisplaced from their position as
the opportunity of voting onwomenelders voting slips were sent
was it was and thewomeneven said that they were
were the north east standardwomenin aberdeenshire used to vie
what way exactly were thosewomenloose her mother spat the
fierce when she chose thewomenof dundee were famous for
rejected them divorcees were scarletwomenshop soiled goods not like
which found that 8 ofwomenunder 20 were infected s1w
already blown up the localwomenwere asking him if he
two o clock when mostwomenwere at home m608: uh
burns s late song collectingwomenwere at the heart of
f963: mm yes m762: workingwomenwere bad that was the
her housekeeper companion the twowomenwere close in age and
folding cotton in another morewomenwere constructing soft fleecy slippers
a branch of the serviceswomenwere drafted in to replace
s wife f1049: and thesewomenwere like where s the
marking them he wondered ifwomenwere programmed to clean for
sense that educated upper classwomenwere still able to be
to pagan upper class educatedwomenwere the principal composers of
rosalind it is obvious thatwomenwere very important in shakespeare
to pertain then like divorcedwomenwere were bad you know
paintings were the work ofwomenwhatever the truth of this
about were very disrespectful towomenyou know and she just
was sitting with two muslimwomenand all they could talk
when two of the lanewomenbegin to have a fight
the table beside the twowomenclutching a pint glass half
deeply atmospheric two of thewomenin the group meditated cross
bathroom wall showing two primitivewomenon a shingle beach their
book is dedicated to twowomenone whom i never met
bairn all day the twowomensat at their wheels with
although she tries the twowomensit staring at each other
the lobby two of thewomensolange and yamara had not
the shoes and the twowomenstand looking at each other
up at agnes the twowomenstare at each other agnes
stands irresolute while the twowomenwait for him to go
muriel s house the threewomenare sitting lizzie is knitting
jumps out like the threewomenhe discovered in a settlement
knocked loudly making all threewomenjump they wait frozen door
wifie and there wis threewomenwashen oot the fleer so
functions which are specific towomenand which even although talked
co operative venture policemen andwomenare assigned from national police
we we thought erm thewomenare at home during ramadan
number of cases in whichwomenare in court on defence
lack of a pension olderwomenare more likely to be
alarmed that hundreds of thesewomenare murdered and thousands are
in breast exam which allwomenare now encouraged to carry
the hours with silver handswomenare still in eden eve
the picture you think wewomenare the kind of things
peripherally in the trade ofwomenbut we are talking about
decide are talking sentimental claptrapwomencan be beautiful oh yes
or porridge stirrers wifies arewomencanny is astute richt ill
nature her letters to herwomenfriends are therefore important for
or daisies deems are dameswomengaithert til is gathered to
with which we humans andwomenin particular are bound round
percent of all homicides arewomenkilled by a current or
if most of them arewomen[laugh] i think [laugh] it
to thy flatterers timon replieswomennearest as these flatterers are
blithely and willingly these fallenwomenon whose behalf we are
society which are allowing morewomento assume public roles have
lilian ah james if wewomenasked for our just deserts
be welcomed our sportsmen andwomenhave gone forth to the
she says that all thewomenin our family have posh
inclusion of our squash andwomens football teams for the
district council closed our localwomens refuges i helped campaign
bringing what virginia woolf calledwomens values 17 into our
by our i mean blackwomenthird world have been influenced
by our i mean blackwomenthird world have been influenced
crisis network provide support forwomenand their families such organisations
tales myths and ballads withwomenat their centre so that
be my own principal concernwomenattempting to make their way
understand the distinct experiences thatwomenhave had in their working
that as it may thewomenof the ballads and their
mmhm f637: er that thewomenput on their steps m608:
represents an attempt to controlwomens sexuality and subordinate their
its contrasting images of thewomentheir brave imaginative spirits and
nation and its exclusion ofwomen4 in addition to its
locations and the percentages ofwomenaffected mrs warrington of course
promote new businesses run bywomenand disseminate best practice s1w
s own and her essaywomenand fiction although it predates
for its campaign to educatewomenand girls on the risks
and despite its focus onwomenand love there is always
of age and or disabledwomenand notes that this is
phallic symbols which help oppresswomenand represent greed nationalism and
which showed spanish noblemen andwomenand saints with the elongated
contact of any kind withwomenand seems to have successfully
silence orm goes to thewomenand speaks quietly to them
halves of themselves back towomenand the female halves of
rough the o as inwomenand the ti as in
tee in later days thewomenand the visitors including mabel
executive how the recommendations ofwomenand transport guidance and checklist
executive how the recommendations ofwomenand transport guidance and checklist
respect of recommendations contained inwomenand transport guidance and checklist
executive how the recommendations inwomenand transport guidance and checklist
including the issues highlighted inwomenand transport guidance and checklist
scottish culture with the sectionwomenand vernacular poetry meriting no
some sites from ethnic minoritieswomenand younger people local authority
they fought not looking likewomenany more but dark and
human rights of girls andwomenas it represents an attempt
and 78 2 years forwomenas was recently reported those
and beauty shops and somewomenat least wear lipstick though
of the hall and thewomenat the other and that
has not resulted in anywomenbeing nominated and invites ministers
essential in the nature ofwomenbut by the social and
and consultative process staff andwomencould say what they think
and plants thriftily watered apronedwomenemerge with shopping baskets fishermen
margaret s which is allwomenf1037: ah f1038: and i
notably lakoff s wonderfully titledwomenfire and dangerous things the
organising human trafficking and exploitingwomenfor the purposes of prostitution
o 7 the exclusion ofwomenfrom public roles and records
the 75th anniversary of allwomengaining the vote acknowledges and
breast feeding and blood losswomenhave particular problems which is
us and of well knownwomenhaving implants removed supported by
portrait of burns and thewomenhe associated with as sexual
visit from 2 of thewomeni m friendly with and
discussions and recommendations of thewomenin scotland consultative forum s1w
and go back home againwomenin service would be asked
the nature and role ofwomenin society and especially the
stiffly wearing local costume thewomenin strange high hats and
the public and white coatedwomenin the large lobby others
the time and he hatedwomenin trousers and he used
the road which teems withwomenin wool and fur hats
need to get sportsmen andwomeninto schools it is not
games for some sportsmen andwomenit may have been the
populated by priests nobles andwomenit seems to have been
whirling petticoats and warm darkwomenlike mysie walsh p 6
vote acknowledges and applauds thewomenof scotland and across the
was home to servicemen andwomenof the military port and
generations of you know asianwomenor something and blah blah
pof linguistic change and thatwomenquite frequently have an important
of linguistic change and thatwomenquite frequently have an important
angry and one of thewomenremarks to another you ll
or worsted mostly used forwomens articles and uncombed wheelin
of trade and industry swomens enterprise strategic framework due
or football supporters clubs nowomens guilds and no scouts
government not to risk endangeringwomens health and cited cases
work patterns and on thewomens laments for the dead
the moon cycle that triggeredwomens menstruation and ultimately childbirth
husband and weans it madewomens realm look like spare
of the scottish campaign forwomens rights education and suffrage
the later academic interrogation ofwomens roles in society and
down the words from thewomens singing and eventually printed
timon retorts both too andwomens sons when flavius comes
frey olivia beyond literary darwinsmwomens voices and critical discourse
frey olivia beyond literary darwinsmwomens voices and critical discourse
olivia frey beyond literary darwinsmwomens voices and critical discourse
olivia frey beyond literary darwinsmwomens voices and critical discourse
essentially female centred focusing onwomens work patterns and on
the needs and priorities ofwomens1o 1796 8 allan wilson
predominated amongst the males thewomensat coarse and defiant smeared
ie some striped stalls andwomenselling fruit and veg and
less terrible is yours thewomenset apart and swathed in
to shakespeare s attitude towardswomenso foul and fair a
and bewigged merchants and severalwomenstreet sellers of various wares
of schoolmasters and union ofwomenteachers george macbride educational institute
of schoolmasters and union ofwomenteachers i do not disagree
externally and sometimes coming fromwomenthemselves although the camomile was
up and there was awomenthere toni and she finished
whores and sluts and loosewomenthis last phrase intrigued jennifer
to secure the right ofwomento vote and believes that
was customary for girls andwomento wear numerous layers of
and evaluation to ensure thatwomenwill become equal players in
service provision and support forwomenwith drug or alcohol dependencies
you home in the 1940swomenwore long dresses and pumps
of waulking songs where thewomenwould shrink the cloth and
only you don t noticewomenbeaumont aye that s true
s book about relationships wherewomencall the tune i put
s tradition 12 for whilewomenhave traditionally been recognised as
s earnings in scotland withwomenin aberdeen earning only 64
fair heroines some of thewomenin shakespeare s works may
to convince the dean ofwomenit s a going concern
on the basis that thewomens actions could be regarded
no decision on the scottishwomens championship has yet been
representative to attend the stucwomens conference 4 social partnership
of its inquiry 3 stucwomens conference the committee will
ehm i don t knowwomens days of maybe w
establishing a national centre forwomens enterprise s1w 33983 jackie
establish a national centre forwomens enterprise to promote new
account by the new independentwomens equality group announced by
what consideration the new independentwomens equality group will give
it is doing to promotewomens golf s1o 4877 3
lothian health board sue laughlinwomens health co ordinator greater
set up to promote olderwomens health i apologise for
to the pennell initiative forwomens health which is a
to your cause you knowwomens lib oh i m
by the ministerial group onwomens offending particularly in relation
a further evidence session onwomens offending the committee agreed
will visitscotland support the scottishwomens open golf championship mike
here in glasgow the variouswomens organisations would have been
by michèle barrett london thewomens press 1979 p 49
the sign which says mjcwomens res to mjc co
supports the continued promotion ofwomens rights in an effort
connected with other areas ofwomens rights such as sexual
the run of fine weatherwomens summer they call indian
aberdeen jan macleod development workerwomens support project liz curran
i don t know aboutwomens toilets or even for
disnae know there s umpteenwomensteyin here whit did he
at luisa s house thewomentake turns to cook today
of burns s attitude towomenthe song sic a wife
it s so easy forwomento become trapped in one
at nightfall looking for inebriatedwomento pleasure nobody s going
o shanter no exploitation ofwomenas sex objects or objects
eye of one of thewomenat the far end of
that the experience of olderwomencan be very different from
dining tent one of thewomenchristiane persuaded the porters to
of the equal pay actwomenearn only 73 3 of
have its work with rapedwomenendangered through the actions of
have its work with rapedwomenendangered through the actions of
of non english speaking particularlywomenerm er living er you
had sacrificed the intimacy ofwomenfor his holy grail his
threat or a menace towomenfor the purposes of registration
involved in the trafficking ofwomenfor the purposes of sexual
relation to the trafficking ofwomenfor the purposes of sexual
generation of aspiring but uneducatedwomenfrom entering the male domain
liv five of us allwomenhad come together to celebrate
at the sight of thewomenharry oh sorry mrs beaumont
of how far poetry bywomenhas travelled since the early
answers angry that thousands ofwomenhave to hide like this
rape ii clandestine injury towomeniii abduction of a woman
address any under representation ofwomenin business following the report
of elderly scottish tourists thewomenin colourful cotton dresses i
as museums of evolution nowomenin slacks or smoking still
the artistic vocation felt bywomenin the early years of
disproportionate impact of poverty onwomenin the former soviet union
of timon of athens towardswomenin the play of the
heightened profile of poetry bywomenin the scots language context
you know i f814: ofwomen[laugh] m811: [laugh] f812: [laugh]
for the rescue of fallenwomenlilian you mean a nice
gibson queen maeve sequence wildwomenof a certain age edinburgh
reviews which gives encouragement towomenof her own time in
to kitchen agnes a plumpwomenof sixty sits knitting in
got it was well aswomenof someone dressed up for
was the job of thewomenof the house to carry
tradition bearing other well bornwomenof the period became song
still largely unrecognised of thewomenof the period is the
available the voices of thewomenof the time listening to
a total renunciation of thewomenon whose account the rebellion
head i identified with bothwomenone of the figures represented
edition of a magazine sovietwomenrather surprisingly for a nation
a lot of sh- shetlandwomenrunning off with russian sailors
system meets the needs ofwomens1o 3806 11 dr richard
of alcohol related deaths inwomens1o 5444 11 john scott
doubt that the inequality ofwomenshows itself as much within
mr kenneth gibson trafficking ofwomenthat the parliament expresses its
of them would probably bewomenthat would be interested m608:
it took another of thewomento calm things down by
related to the power ofwomento give birth chthonic means
neglect of the contribution bywomento the developing novel form
28 scrutinised the names ofwomentried for witchcraft in cromar
of the few pretty russianwomenwe saw they seem to
question of an identity forwomenworking in what has been
think that the trafficking ofwomenwould necessarily have been considered
hushed by even more elderlywomenaround her after this we
we focus on how morewomencan be encouraged to enter
no more than thirteen lineswomenfare better in an anthology
more public literary world wewomenrecognize what she means when
more than just herself otherwomenwitches dancing in a clearing
m1078: er in those dayswomendidn t work but f718:
seemed to be always thewomenthat er had to deal
english whereas erm for forwomenwe have er a page
the right to vote forwomen75th anniversary that the parliament
a model for these spiritedwomenas gloriana the virgin queen
just short o cash hawickwomendon t go shopping for
from a heritage in whichwomenhave for centuries played a
said rage was not forwomenit wasn t ladylike or
listen everybody let the fallenwomenlook after themselves for one
i wrote it for thewomenno one hears for the
for promoting businesses run bywomens1w 33986 jackie baillie to
in that section pregnant amongstwomenso words for pregnant f1027:
is not a business forwomento concern themselves in harry
was the common way forwomento find work but at
that have been raised bywomenabout what they want from
ballads seem to have beenwomenanna brown whose manuscripts scott
it has been suggested thatwomenmight also have been the
have been done except bywomennever made any claims that
just thought yeah f1037: allwomenit gets terribly bitchy f1038:
cancer screening services to allwomenwhose mothers received diethylstilbestrol during
the virgin mary above allwomenwith the lane which will
smocks with white collars olderwomenwear casual elegance mallorca is
the day again aimed atwomenerm m608: uh huh m1174:
publish in the 1970s youngerwomenhave on the whole followed
f1054: [laugh] f1024: although thewomenhave to wear hats in
solemnly consecrated in classical timeswomenbore lighted candles through the
means to expiate to purifywomencarried candles in the street
there they win prizes weewomencarry yorkies aboot in wee
in the wrong places thewomendon t notice georgie is
by smuggling gangs to lurewomenfrom communities submerged in desperate
in the 1980s came fromwomengathering together in poetry workshops
well we aye referred taewomenin far i bade in
room to my right largewomenin large furry hats wrung
really taken much interest inwomenmrs beaumont jack i thought
relation to alcohol abuse inwomenpe532 petition by ronald m
on 5 september 2002 whetherwomenprisoners might be held in
next payday [note: photo: 'jim adams repairing the binder while will adams has his piecie. montgoldrum around 1939.'] most unmarriedwomenworked in service as maids
course the role allotted towomenby society but there is
hat clips rather than buttonswomencap green or blue dress
linguistic group whether it bewomenor a non white ethnic
the tub reputedly because washerwomenor those collecting water would
whit wis your besettin sinwomenor wine no dinnae tell
stale her infinite variety otherwomencloy the appetites they feed
find you a job marriedwomenas well as looking after
the sun off them wellwomenlong ago when they worked
well that was the scottishwomenthat came up here tae
weidae widow weill well weimenwomenweir wear weird destiny weit
the attitude you know ifwomenworked f963: well mm m762:
the saturday night dances aboutwomentoo she would hear comments
1921 we did not givewomenthe vote where does tradition
start up businesses go towomens1w 33987 jackie baillie to
i wasn t thinkin owomenbut scrubber d- ye know
goin doon some o thewomenthought they d mak [?]met[/?]
was clean if not thewomenhad to scrub out the
the time listening to thewomenthen not only means bringing
left gertie unafraid like thewomenwhen they fought not looking
to address depression specifically amongwomenaged 15 to 24 s1o
slacks an mmhm f1026: [inaudible]womenused to wear slacks f1025:
pres 1981 22 the grundywomenspectator 22 may 1936 946
french liquorice i wonder ifwomencyclists wear thongs mused sandra
ladders they re talkin sillywomeni never walked below ladders
an yet a lot owomenlive till 100 nooadays you
i m like these fallenwomenrowland deana deana mother was
f1023: i couldn t seewomensaying that f1027: no f1024:
fish escape thin brown massagewomenskin like seasoned teak hoist
twirls equals keys mort waswomenskreeve was a car [?]keer[/?]
win awa frae here thaewomenyou ve nae idea they

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