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study that is why iwonderwhether much of the higher
an ah cannae help butwonderwhy ah wis so graced
sayin heifers f1001: an wewonderwhy folk dinna understand agriculture
am no spring chicken andwonderwhy i am still here
and that and then youwonderwhy i m kind of
not leaving promptly members maywonderwhy i say that i
wider economy we have towonderwhy if the parliament is
the present tense too iwonderwhy it gives immediacy baldy
and sit and think andwonderwhy it never saw a
supposed to signify f631: iwonderwhy it s almonds eh
the pan a five minutewonderwhy on earth did she
out of schools and theywonderwhy people are waddling around
many words for drunk iwonderwhy that is as a
yeah f1009: mmhm m1055: iwonderwhy that is is it
past couple of years iwonderwhy that is the case
appear in paragraph c iwonderwhy that is the convener
a sufficiently tight definition iwonderwhy the draftsmen of the
there is no point towonderwhy the dragon s blood
i used tae say iwonderwhy they call it rabbie
crack like that i didwonderwhy they d put a
i understand that i justwonderwhy those discussions are always
1 on income people oftenwonderwhether a question on income
be preserved michael russell iwonderwhether alex johnstone will reflect
and upper nithsdale snp iwonderwhether i may take you
to face institutional challenges wewonderwhether it will generalise qualified
and with regulations and iwonderwhether it would be appropriate
of the financial year iwonderwhether it would be possible
on a precautionary basis iwonderwhether it would be worth
whether completion certificates exist iwonderwhether letters of comfort are
into the textile industry iwonderwhether margo macdonald got the
the committee the convener iwonderwhether members might feel that
the debate is taking iwonderwhether ms marwick would bear
good idea in addition iwonderwhether now is not the
although nothing has changed iwonderwhether officers may get into
parts of the river iwonderwhether proprietors who run fishing
repeated in paragraph 116 iwonderwhether that could be corrected
the involvement of parliamentarians iwonderwhether that might give fergus
they were under i stillwonderwhether the bill should include
is quite detailed and iwonderwhether the clerk could undertake
as a separate issue iwonderwhether the conferral of such
fire fatalities in scotland iwonderwhether the definition of an
i welcome his comments iwonderwhether the first minister has
saying makes sense i justwonderwhether the issue should be
those which i represent iwonderwhether the pilot projects that
such as mcdonald s iwonderwhether the publicity has been
statistical margin of error iwonderwhether the targets are challenging
that in the meantime iwonderwhether there is another avenue
haste is commendable but iwonderwhether there is not danger
more tolerable although sometimes iwonderwhether they make life more
parliament are here today iwonderwhether this question has thrown
in the recent past iwonderwhether those targets are challenging
to the petition but iwonderwhether we can write yet
margaret nicol talked about iwonderwhether we have time to
concerns have been raised iwonderwhether we may be over
issue itself is localised iwonderwhether we should follow the
body is involved again iwonderwhether we should have the
long time scale and iwonderwhether you are exposing yourself
a while back and iwonderwhether you could update the
the debate is taking iwonderyet again whether ms marwick
there s another one iwonderf1093: i wonder m1094: i
one i wonder f1093: iwonderm1094: i wonder what it
what this is i w-w-wonderwhat it is f1093: i
f1093: i wonder m1094: iwonderwhat it is it s
coming out next i w-wonderwhat that is f1093: i
what that is f1093: iwonderwhat that is m1094: it
this time f1093: mm iwonderwhat this is in here
it this time f1093: iwonderwhat this is m1094: yours
few dear bold sisters iwonderif all that is sitting
and and transcription ehm iwonderif any of you share
languages i found anyway iwonderif anybody else did was
an skin ay velvet anwonderif aw is really guid
the same words f1054: iwonderif because you know positive
hae that as well iwonderif [censored: forename] oh [censored: forename] could
f1095: you dinna ken iwonderif dad ll phone the
pause a little sadness iwonderif he got his chance
edinburgh poor old glen iwonderif he is happy monday
henry was i used towonderif he only did it
belief sighed the giraffe iwonderif he s autistic i
down and i kind ofwonderif he s making like
i was duly amazed iwonderif he she will inherit
myself thinking there oh iwonderif i told her i
now i m beginning towonderif i ve ever really
drafts of poems and iwonderif if i shouldn t
keywords not sentences so iwonderif in 10 years time
i know it well iwonderif it ll be a
a flower f1127: a flowerwonderif it s got a
ma dearie dear an awonderif it s such a
f1111: so it is iwonderif it s the s-
have been brilliant [laugh] m959: wonderif it works that way
pleonastic or just repetitious iwonderif jimmy could nick a
head is still hurting iwonderif my brain functioning has
besom has disappeared and iwonderif my wishes have killed
massage in borders f643: iwonderif ottakar s would do
mmhm m605: but then iwonderif religious words have value
with the other and iwonderif salvador s secret memorial
friend i am sceptical andwonderif she isn t building
bag paranoid i used towonderif she kept a severed
she meets in torremolinos ahwonderif she ll climb the
of them who knows iwonderif someone has ever counted
to get each day iwonderif the house painting is
us speaking english made mewonderif the others had been
bring them back and iwonderif the school bairns who
milkin coos aye so iwonderif the- if there is
myself now i began towonderif these weren t my
wears underpants that is iwonderif they ve got round
the big question eh iwonderif they would have operated
one might be tempted towonderif this is the narrator
be a sticky on therewonderif we ve got mair
strand of french liquorice iwonderif women cyclists wear thongs
pooh whee whee f1103: iwonderif you ll be back
in work eh and youwonderif you re just kinna
s not very well iwonderif you would come in
is [laugh] f010: [laugh] youwonderif your name de- decides
f963: i did sort ofwonderif zafar is almost sort
ablow look if ye everwonderwhit s wrang wi yer
make things cheerier and littlewonderby the afternoon there was
with a lingering scent littlewondermabel enjoyed her visits when
sqa but it is littlewonderthat mistakes were made in
wasted so it is littlewonderthat the 400 year old
twinkle little stars how iwonderwhat you are up above
twinkle little star how iwonderwhat you are up above
twinkle little stars how iwonderwhat you are up up
twinkle little stars how iwonderwhat you are up up
says tae me i oftenwonderabout yer wee poodle m608:
this back court i oftenwonderat the things that took
m608: mmhm m078: i oftenwondereh what what there was
yeah right i do alsowondera bit how they cope
be an insurance matter iwonderabout some of the unseen
just fishing here really iwonderabout that conflict my first
within the european community iwonderabout the impact that it
s maybe [?]the point[/?] m605: iwonderabout welsh because cause gaelic
is it looks revolting iwondercould you bring some normal
spend a year abroad iwonderf1038: [laugh] f1037: i just
think they re hame iwonderfarr they re at here
us on earth pause iwonderfit god thinks o somebody
round m1096: aye f1095: iwonderfitt this ain s gaun
his name [tut] so iwonderfitt time dad will be
scottish express do now iwonderhalfway through february already or
fit s been makin mewonderhere i am feelin bad
reviews of their procedures iwonderhow effective that is i
is intent on having iwonderhow forced that has been
what i mean i alwayswonderhow has this no been
them once and thought iwonderhow it would go down
knees i was beginning towonderhow long i was going
[laugh] f1151: yeah probably iwonderhow the mixed situation would
saw it but i thoughtwonderhow you say that that
was a bit victorian iwonderhow you would define that
minister is totally trustworthy iwonderhowever when he decided to
age i was lonely naewonderi broke a few o
ain a picture of iwonderi do- m1096: tigg- f1095:
haiku are compassion serenity paradoxwonderi have sought in addition
uh f834: uh f835: nowonderi ve f832: mingin f835:
does it mum f1103: naewonderi was feeling cauld that
in the field here iwonderin my few remarks what
s nae my place taewonderis it peggy i ve
interested questions i began towonderit s a coammon shetlan
in the same place iwonderit s a shame that
f1038: [laugh] f1037: i justwonder[laugh] what would happen but
they use that now iwonderm1022: i don t know
it be mm f1095: iwonderm1096: mind farr s it
elbow grease and brains thewondernew head filler i ve
ony peggy sighing i sometimeswonderoch fit s it a
what s on that iwonderoh m1096: a ro- look
know what i mean nowonderpeople in scotland die so
it to be today iwonderporridge or spoff well spoff
there too i shouldn twonderprobably stapled tight hence the
puny we coping stones iwonderso i wandered onward head
i did was surrender nowonderthe japs treated us the
i weel it s naewonderthe way things are piling
t like [inaudible] f1111: iwonderwhat [censored: forename] s doing tonight
becoming more frequent when iwonderwhat exactly is the point
of penpushing crazies sometimes iwonderwhat i m doing in
and tease them back iwonderwhat i m going to
year s midnight tis iwonderwhat john donne would have
for a long time iwonderwhat john maclean my old
s legitimate owner i justwonderwhat kind of bike she
of thing but f1155: iwonderwhat that noise was f1154:
of that word m605: iwonderwhat that s go to
legal or licensing terms iwonderwhat that type of owner
m1092: him crash f1091: iwonderwhat the cow s saying
heavy metal ear rings iwonderwhat the craitur wears under
look and i cannae butwonderwhat the two of them
it s alright f810: iwonderwhat they ve got in
s the nice one notwonderwhat this is i w-w-
knowing you at all iwonderwhat your flat is like
you i always used towonderwhen erm you know i
worse rather than better iwonderwhere all the positivity comes
don t really exist iwonderwhere i come on her
that but i thought iwonderwhere it is the rest
to trust her m941: iwonderwhere she is now m942:
darling dry them carefully iwonderwhere that ambulance was going
sheriff maclaurin looked pensive iwonderwhit the slave s like
m1110: yes f1109: oh iwonderwho it was m1110: it
i ve found f1122: iwonderwho put them in there
and their inevitable death iwonderwho s looking at it
like [laugh] f1049: [laugh] iwonderwho she ll be [laugh]
force smiting the unrighteous iwonderyou had the strength to
always been a source ofwonderand annoyance that gaelic with
may raise her eyebrows andwonderwhat is coming next but
them so it makes youwonderwhat is happening to the
ah think aboot australia anwonderwhat it is like an
thank you m1098: [exhale] f1097: wonderwhat it s a picture
you hear me grandpa sickwonderwhat the old groover was
oor pulse ta en naewonderit was aye fast efter
home to me m642: naewonderm608: [laugh] m642: see in
s all sadie nae fuckinwondermaggie sadie carolanne you ve
ging to catch something naewonderthe waiting lists are so
wad be nae baur naewonderthey cry ye bodang s
again f1024: [laugh] f1054: naewonderye didnae dae it again
o clock at nicht naewonderyou re refusing to join
the time she says nowonderhe smells she giggles again
outriggers which here excite ourwonderceylon was the chief centre
enjoy communing and munching nowonderjamon tastes so good here
mutter ye arenae here taewonderwhae dae ye think ye
such things happen one mustwonderabout the relationship between the
promoted in schools speechless withwonderour sheep s wool used
now isn t that awonderf963: try and stay up
t occur to me towonderwho was bolting now near
than his arm you dwonderhe could still stand up
who are the pride andwonderof the world and the
whelks buccinum undatum winner iswonderdeein is doing wame is
own and is it anywonderher brain was slowin doon
others of like mind paradoxwonderit is never a vehicle
to invest it is nowonderthat no one trusts the
1 saved it is nowonderthat so many people will
banned in scottish libraries nowonderfolk in arbuthnott at that
arms and walked away nowonderhe runs away says my
plastic tablet crammed tub nowonderhe was tempted when mouths
my hands in class nowondershe got herself into trouble
half deducted for meals nowonderthat socialists and comunists sprang
seldom a private person nowonderthe clown on arbat street
yet another broken promise nowonderthe first minister read out
eh er kenny f643: nowonderyou re knackered [laugh] m642:
complied with the request nowonderyou re looking so peely
does business it s awonderthere s so many punters
anchor books in worlds ofwondercaution says look before you
unsophisticated visitor s excitement andwonderas she approaches the place
crumb she opens doors ofwondershe holds that magic key
on her baby first inwonderand then in love lifting
wis her elderberry wine thewondero her brewin brocht her
hand and inspects it withwonderbeckoning his fellow worker narr
the shed it s awonderthat folk didn t have
senses noo it s awonderthere s anything left tae
it was a world swonderwhen they were at artrochie
mou and the warld swonderthere have also been a
return whenever they can towonderat its genius deiĆ  elicits
s workplace a five minutewondera flash in the pan
silence like a child ofwondercradled in the hills the
this yit morag full ofwonderah mynd hir sayin sumthing
regain that childhood sense ofwonderalice had embarked on a
ti he wis a verrawonderan a ferlie in ilka
capstan navy full strength wewonderat a salmon glistening on
from the cave mouth andwonderat the sky men hunted
and kerrs pink and goldenwonderfor home consumption [note: photo: 'milking at pitcarles, 1972.'] dairy
enter the wave and thewonderof green light filtering down
or cotton warp winner towonderwinnister winnowing machine winnlin straw

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