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worn on sundays later girlsworea kilt with a bodice
the next on sundays girlsworea white starched dress and
s hat preen that sheworefur best on sundays it
year auld or mair sheworea black frock richt doon
their reception and mrs aitkenworea grey silky frock the
green frock bessie ye ayeworea reed ribbon gladys snapping
weemen did no men weemenworethe uglies my mother used
hairvest time everything just anybodyworethem in the fields weemen
knitted tammies to school theyworea liberty bodice made of
girls had long hair andworeknitted tammies to school they
knitted on when the kneesworeout some had a flap
that f1023: no i neverworei never wore jeans no
i never wore i neverworejeans no f1025: wore jeans
never wore jeans no f1025: worejeans to go to their
a pair [inhale] [inaudible] f1025: worejeans when we went tae
when we picked tatties youworethe jeans you know but
shoes and to work theyworekhaki breeches and tunic skirts
cause b- cause b- girlsworeskating skirts in these days
and at that time weworeskirts which had to be
wore a skirt and youworea hat f1054: [laugh] f1024:
at court at all youworea skirt and you wore
house dinner christmas formal iworea tie mark wore his
i wore a tie markworehis tracksuit trousers and a
skirt m608: mm f637: sheworea leather coat f638: she
wet they would shrink menworejacket trousers waistcoat and boots
their favourites was danny whoworemoleskin trousers washed till in
could be easily cleaned boysworeshort trousers until they left
old days you knew whoworethe trousers in the house
only tatty howker that everworegloves tatty howkin cause i
it s getting colder iworemy gloves for the first
petrified fae worms and iworethis old pair a gloves
to watch it the girlsworeboots not shoes at that
she cropped her hair andworemen s tackety boots in
been snowing again and iworemy boots yesterday they are
on the lapel men oftenworea blue serge suit with
kindly sabbath observing grandfather whoworea dark waistcoated suit decorated
edinburgh man donald chisholm habituallyworea suit and had that
it you mean if youworean asbestos suit you could
need for cuffs if youworea dress or coat that
1920s and 30s girls alwaysworea long dress with puff
appeared two of the dancersworeonly an elaborate head dress
in 1908 the girls allworea pinny usually white but
the girls at artrochie schoolworethem in mabel s parents
the early 1900s they alsoworea bowler hat before a
that [laugh] was she alwaysworea hat an everythin ye
millplough felt embarrassed because theyworeshoes to school and most
clothes for daily work sheworea wincey apron pronounced aapren
never a eh i neverworecheap trendy clothes or jewellery
very often did was weworevintage clothes ehm f641: mmhm
yeah sandshoe harry cause heworea pair o sannies an
before going to school menworea vest a sleeveless flannel
peint maist o the menworebunnets an luikit jist the
subdued the older men invariablyworecardigans with cap or beret
under their robes these menworesilk ties and tailored suits
my generation young yins neverworejewellery they never had an
you were eh you justworeladdered stockings so i never
be a gamekeeper i neverworethem m1015: mm m1017: eh
t use them m1078: neverworetwo at once f718: [laugh]
say and what we alwaysworefor gym m1008: would you
the church cleaner she alwaysworeher slippers to do the
that the bull beelzebub alwaysworewhen uncle dod led him
on his uncovered feet heworea faded often patched up
were finished the bride sometimesworea very plain long white
white ankle socks too lilyworet shirts of cartoon characters
old seadog days they allworeearrings an that was the
stomach funny how the effectsworeoff so quickly these days
an ill teen e daysworeon an e nest swallt
like the uniform that iworewhen i went to school
world war for school boysworewoollen jerseys with a crocheted
mmhm f637: and then iworeglasses fae then m608: mm
hait or caal e niverworeonything different haad awa fae
came fae the galluses youworeto haud yer you know
an old city roué heworethe scarf of one now
home in the 1940s womenworelong dresses and pumps to
e day onywye an itworeaff till i wis aa
e young classes e loonsworelang stockins up till e
straw fedora like humphrey bogartworepeople keep laughing and i
keep out the wet andworespats or gaiters to keep
aa afore sae e dayworeon an e fresh air
gave her a ring sheworet aa the wye hame
aa the mud some laddiesworetheir bathin suits an ithers
the folk up there aaworetop coats at their wark
e floory bonnet e ayeworeas aften as no i
birse baith o the auntsworegowd room glaisses like their
whips above their heads theyworered from head to foot
f646: their places and theyworethe thing like this and
a nav- i remember sheworea dark i think it
nothing in the distance sheworea little silver crucifix that
thingmibob the district nurse sheworea nav- i remember she
had used them all sheworecontraptions to hoist sagging protuberances
she was the boss sheworethe breeks nae literally like
became you know it justworeoff and it was just
into bed as the intoxicationworeoff shock and pain replaced
eyn got brunt he ayeworea gravat they ca d
times you know the theyworea kind of they all
above some of them stillworeshort socks they were serious
him in costly goun heworethe croon as king they
a kind of they allworethe same thing f963: yeah
but things improved later theyworetin hats and had gas
workfolk that s what theyworeto work in and the
a garment look like whoworeit and when painstaking research
we ever forget those whoworethe beret 21 9 86
bc women who worshipped herworethe menat a turquoise musical
of boiled ham her faceworea puzzled frown evidently this
bi the weather tho minnieworeher mochles tae the schule
sporty phallic cars her beauxworerolex cuff links wir high
colours powdered her face andworerouge and lipstick her silver
to one my own motherworewhen i was a child
bible right through eh nunsworeit and then it wa-
thaim the year afore geordieworeo a grant tartan kilt
the unit as the yearworeon i increasingly took the
slippers now in november allworewarm clothing even in what
or sleeves in simmer someworea kin o smock made
stemme more then a hundrethworea diademe ll 383 400
from turriff the veggie manworea flat tweed cap and
apparently one of the thievesworea hoodie so the police
that well he says iworea lime green jacket and
the playground setting each subjectworea radio microphone and transmitter
he carried a staff andworea rough hewn garment his
m1042: and underneath that youworecombies an a simmit f1043:
nose was gobbled the clockworetinsel and sulked a nest
got the feel of itworeits thoughts my imagination danced
under that s why sailorsworenot not necessarily our day
shelterin goun o him faworethe thorny croun lost property
gansey f1040: oh ye yeworegansey m1042: gansie f1041: aye
that s the ribbon iworeat bannerman s fairm bessie
think the last time iworehigh heels was at sort
oot dressed an if iworeit here ye ken fit
lang amon sic neebers simmerworeon an winter cam an
moore was the minister andworethick glasses as he was
assembly of the free kirkworewrs down both mentally and
because everybody else of courseworestockings f631: mmhm f634: but

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