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an ye wo- put onworkinclaes an m999: workin claes
on workin claes an m999: workinclaes f1001: workin claes m999:
an m999: workin claes f1001: workinclaes m999: mmhm m1002: it
somebody seein me in myworkinclaes would get the wrong
wear that for m1014: [inaudible]workinin the fields f1054: what
s- separatin turnips aye m1015: workinin the fields m1014: [inaudible]
bendin over m1017: for singlinworkinin the fields s- separatin
the the chinese an thatworkinin the paddy fields they
i cannae greet fir theworkinclass or fir solidarity fir
awaa maist o the timeworkinor lookin fir work or
jonsar said it s naeworkinaffa weel is it mr
neest day jonsar eck wisworkinawa he coodnae bit think
day fin jonsar eck wisworkinawa in his yard a
day an jonsar eck wisworkinawa in the moss he
twa tails jonsar eck wisworkinawa the fork wis jist
the shafts jonsar eck wisworkinawa wi the three taed
broch that jonsar eck wisworkinin he wis telt nae
didnae hae my camera finworkinin the broch wid jonsar
haein tae drive maist oworkinlife jonsar ferrly enjoyed a
yer good clothes an yerworkinclothes what would f1001: aye
re chavin awa just keepworkinjust f1001: you re strugglin
got extra wages obviously forworkinextra hours and em basically
him haein three mulls ootworkinhe did need some extra
one there is that oneworkinm999: aye aye it is
maist o thair weemin fowkworkinin the mills they cuid
john the byllies aa areworkinlads daein a thenkless job
good job wi hugh davidsonworkinon a local builder an
would have a job faeworkinoot what what we were
up tae where i wasworkinup tae the job where
the job where i wasworkinye ken f1054: are you
ladies they re the onlyworkinclass folk left wi jobs
deil tak the hinmost naeworkinclass solidarity and sense o
language at nearly iviry turnworkinclass speech is constantly seen
and his sleekit mind keptworkinawa at the latest ugsome
ye get on fine justworkinawa in your ain wye
were gaun awa nae forworkinmm an that was scuddlin
big boardroom designed tae overaweworkinfolk an they slappit their
workers f606: mmhm f902: folkworkinm903: well there was a
east folk is ower hardworkintae have time tae play
on a sunday i hateworkina sunday morning and people
f1049: erm i m notworkinsunday so i don t
were helpin m642: they wereworkinaye so we done this
feet was where you reworkinbit m608: mmhm m642: so
here was the railway stillworkinm642: the railway was still
m642: the railway was stillworkinthe railways f643: aye passenger
it eh it wisnae evenworkinf643: no it was just
him the fiver is thatworkin[gestures at recorder] f643: aye m608: aye
tresses eh aye they wereworkinwi me then f643: but
him and prevents him fraeworkinand nae maitter whether he
the family farm would beworkinat hame so maybe nae
us chrissie i m naeworkinat the toolies no thank
playschool and mummy s naeworkincause mummy s nae going
no f1104: they re naeworkinf1103: i bet you [censored: forename]
no because they re naeworkinf1103: oh no f1104: they
this is this one naeworkinthere we go that s
apply til a lad naeworkinye see skivin nae only
wi seventeen and thruppence forworkinall those hours eh m608:
eh f637: no i wasworkinat fourteen so it was
that s that s theworkincless eh culture in in
she s she s actuallyworkineh and then there s
intae the office ye reworkinin an eh they d
or a eh you werenaworkinright ye gie a good
i was eh i wasworkinthere for about four month
that way when you reworkinand then like somebody asks
ye know when ye reworkinat the your lessons m1014:
stuff that that we reworkinon is not so much
pear but when you reworkinthere it s funny hoo
check your machinie s stillworkinand do you do you
check your machine s stillworkinf1118: yes f1117: and you
guess it s cause yerworkinin a male environment yeah
like i mean i mworkina bit on kind of
time ever ah m noworkinan ah thocht ah d
dinna drink while i mworkinaye we ll see said
yes m1146: no i mworkin[laugh] thanks f1054: oh right
on saturday f1049: i mworkinm1048: are you when are
see her and i mworkinmost saturdays f1049: yeah and
friday and then i mworkinon saturday and then on
right word but i mworkinon these kind of questions
know how cause i wasworkinin the beers wines aisle
front o him he sworkinoot fit tae dae cause
seeven pit whaur he wisworkinat the time an he
e time though he wisworkinon a different subject we
and i mean ye wereworkinf637: oh aye ye f638:
aye now see i wasworkinwi they prefabs and that
sight with the people hereworkinby day an by night
wi a cool breeze fineworkinday i feel at ease
them an they d beworkinin the field all day
strae wad ye hae usworkinnicht an day he daudit
the surveilling workers that wasworkinthere m608: uh huh m194:
ah mean whit ur youworkinoan a sliding scale sick
a great sum tae aworkinman in that time thomas
shoes aa made by aworkinman or woman i cud
don t want ma manworkinshe says that a cannie
fancied her the doctor wasworkinaw the time she uised
a while the doctor wasworkinaw the time the doctor
oh i would definitely m1002: workinwith them aa the time
an made sure they wereworkinafore pittin them back in
lanka tae someplace they wereworkinat an orphanage an things
an fan fan they wereworkinthe fowk in the chaumer
were at university you wereworkinthrough the summer m830: there
as juist some kinna localworkincless slang juist like they
lanka she s been outworkinf826: oh f902: they they
australia now and he sworkinfor the australian government they
flat whaur they would beworkinon maybe the surface an
me and it was allworkinand he was tryin to
hoose toby s mind startedworkinand suddenly it was necessary
t know when i wasworkinat the university a bit
m1048: erm when i wasworkinat towerlands we went to
a holiday f638: i wasworkinbefore my fourteenth birthday in
yeah mmhm m952: i wasworkinin a grocer s shop
first fifteen years o myworkinlife he was at the
[laugh] no he wasn tworkinthere he was just makin
in ayr f640: i wasworkinwhen i was fifteen f638:
really stealin affy us theworkinclasses he cries us though
imagine [censored: forename] fae henley sworkinin in a chip shop
so that [censored: forename] will beworkinthe two till ten and
when she used to beworkinaway she d speak to
baised society ir upheld dworkinclasses wee dir coorse barbaric
well we d be upstairsworkinon the surface o the
me i could see himworkinhis wye along the beds
crocks black jaw box wiworkinflap and swan neck tap
proper feet ye get byworkinan you ll only get
if there s somebody wo-workinup the ladder you get
grass but well he sworkinnoo so he s no
[inaudible] [inaudible] f1101: [inaudible] isnaeworkinonywey f1102: you ll have
quite happy that it sworkinbut there s no point
an mick here s noworkinthe morn sae anither oor
up bitch never did likeworkinhere sae she jumpet at
couple mair in loo oworkinon bank holidays she explains
an them that wad beworkinwad be aff an them
alane agnes it cannae beworkinright carolanne look i ll
s it s it sworkinagainst my hand or something
over poll tax it sworkincless murray that is the
number o caw centre operatorsworkinin thi glesgae science centre
nights the fact is thatworkinmen didna wear overcoats their

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