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at home and better jointworkingbetween professionals and agencies as
to the issue of jointworkingbetween the fire service and
agrees to establish a jointworkingcommittee with the northern ireland
cares for part 2 jointworkingetc 10 payments by nhs
information strategies part 2 jointworkingetc 10 payments by nhs
development the community care jointworkingetc scotland regulations 2002 ssi
531 the community care jointworkingetc scotland regulations 2002 ssi
development the community care jointworkingetc scotland regulations 2002 ssi
development the community care jointworkingetc scotland regulations 2002 ssi
development the community care jointworkingetc scotland regulations 2002 ssi
convene a joint committee orworkinggroup from a fisheries management
outbreak the joint government industryworkinggroup has helped to develop
5 report of the jointworkinggroup on farmed fish escapes
minority report of the jointworkinggroup regarding the organisational funding
of the strategic issues jointworkinggroup together with the criteria
authorities that set up jointworkinggroups and then disbanded them
about local authorities establishing jointworkinggroups most of which were
not sustained the valuable jointworkinggroups that they established at
planning authorities have established jointworkingin order to ensure that
best way to put jointworkinginto practice there is a
future ill health assist jointworkingon health promotion and planning
authority set up a jointworkingparty prior to the introduction
single assessment process and jointworkingpolicies between local authorities and
underpinning the move towards jointworkingpooled budgets and practical changes
need and on the jointworkingthat is taking place and
action much of the jointworkingthat needs to be put
throughout scotland of effective jointworkingthe effect of investment is
of joint approach and jointworkingwe need agreement on the
joint future group thinks jointworkingwill take place locally there
robin harper s1m 374 jointworkingwith northern ireland assembly lodged
374 mr jamie stone jointworkingwith northern ireland assembly that
in the community and supportsworkingclosely with this group to
union appendix 2 working groupsworkinggroup 1 subsidiarity how can
indicate their effect more clearlyworkinggroup 10 area of freedom
and or legal in natureworkinggroup 2 european charter of
european convention on human rightsworkinggroup 3 legal personality what
the simplification of the treatiesworkinggroup 4 national parliaments how
policy convergence online report byworkinggroup 4a brussels june 2001
in a report prepared byworkinggroup 4a of the council
at national or european levelworkinggroup 5 complementary competencies 23
complementary competence be spelled outworkinggroup 6 economic governance the
take working groups second waveworkinggroup 7 external action how
s influence at international levelworkinggroup 8 defence apart from
european arms agency be envisagedworkinggroup 9 simplification of legislative
the white paper in theworkinggroup and at last week
meeting between the reference laboratoriesworkinggroup and director of reference
want to over politicise theworkinggroup as it has some
on the parliamentary cross partyworkinggroup as this is the
sga s inclusion in theworkinggroup be sufficient to address
would be consistent with theworkinggroup code of conduct patricia
executive april 2000 6 tripartiteworkinggroup concordat and report scottish
require them to consult theworkinggroup considered in more detail
is simple richard grant theworkinggroup considered the first of
pressured area status has yourworkinggroup considered those points and
whether it will direct theworkinggroup considering fire brigade pensions
earlier as he said theworkinggroup discussed the extension that
not put us off theworkinggroup discussed whether housing associations
transport and the regions raptorworkinggroup does not reflect the
should be a scottish raptorworkinggroup established and that this
has been made by theworkinggroup examining the transfer to
in january to the aspworkinggroup fergus ewing with respect
happen i think that theworkinggroup found the right compromise
note indicates that a moorlandworkinggroup has been established but
the coastal areas the tripartiteworkinggroup has been set up
issues that are involved thatworkinggroup has drawn up a
many times the kvaerner energyworkinggroup has met and what
brian philp members of theworkinggroup have raised the point
set up a renewable energyworkinggroup headed by a new
llr allan beaton chairman gaelicworkinggroup highland council c llr
the rural poverty and inclusionworkinggroup highlighted the issues around
to the clerk of theworkinggroup however that meeting was
of the cross party parliamentaryworkinggroup i am a member
on the position of theworkinggroup i do not want
the sga in the moorlandworkinggroup if we can make
is not involved in theworkinggroup is a serious omission
register office for scotland theworkinggroup is as you say
to questions a short termworkinggroup is considering regulations and
process is continuing and theworkinggroup is considering some of
who set up the moorlandworkinggroup is it under the
be incorporated into the moorlandworkinggroup john scott will we
in the form of theworkinggroup last week the general
wilson s1m 919 scottish raptorworkinggroup lodged on 30 may
on the basis of theworkinggroup meeting once every two
will work with the industryworkinggroup of which the scottish
executive s cross party parliamentaryworkinggroup on a diligence against
of a member for theworkinggroup on diligence against moveable
2000 report of the icesworkinggroup on north atlantic salmon
2000 report of the icesworkinggroup on north atlantic salmon
siod 00 asp 10 theworkinggroup on participation comprises representatives
sector there is also aworkinggroup on participation to discuss
report by the cross partyworkinggroup on religious hatred of
discuss the results of theworkinggroup on subsidiarity final phase
convention s mendez de vigoworkinggroup on subsidiarity has dumped
scottish executive s cross partyworkinggroup on tackling religious hatred
begin work in september aworkinggroup on the institutions should
had been suggestions for aworkinggroup on the regions to
membership and remit of itsworkinggroup on the report by
uk government of the interdepartmentalworkinggroup on transsexual people will
issues were raised in theworkinggroup one was to do
of the meetings of theworkinggroup proposals to change the
of the integrated human resourcesworkinggroup report and whether this
the tayside university hospital trustworkinggroup report on the stracathro
of the agriculture and environmentworkinggroup report s1o 5424 4
that snh set up theworkinggroup robin harper i declare
of the minutes of theworkinggroup s first meeting on
informed that the short lifeworkinggroup s report was in
2001 at the latest theworkinggroup s timetable has been
report of the dog identificationworkinggroup s1w 10690 margaret jamieson
of the certification and registrationworkinggroup s1w 17624 bruce crawford
by the recommendations of theworkinggroup s1w 23100 fiona hyslop
of the agriculture and environmentworkinggroup s1w 26925 dr sylvia
task force and the seasonalityworkinggroup scottish tourism forum stf
membership of any scottish raptorworkinggroup should not be dominated
the executive to establish aworkinggroup similar to the one
are represented on the moorlandworkinggroup so that a way
sure be discussed by theworkinggroup that i mentioned earlier
discussed the matter in theworkinggroup that i mentioned members
because i was on theworkinggroup that richard grant alluded
outlined the work of theworkinggroup that she chairs which
919 fergus ewing scottish raptorworkinggroup that the parliament believes
meeting of the cross partyworkinggroup that was due to
that in five months theworkinggroup that was set up
and to establish an allotmentsworkinggroup that would actively protect
and to establish an allotmentsworkinggroup that would actively protect
reason that we have aworkinggroup the committee can see
kelly chief executive 2 diligenceworkinggroup the committee will consider
to the timetable for theworkinggroup the dates 6 december
that the code of conductworkinggroup thought that the value
allow the cross party parliamentaryworkinggroup time to complete its
forward the recommendations of theworkinggroup to address domestic abuse
specific remit is of theworkinggroup to consider fire brigade
realistic time frame for theworkinggroup to explore alternatives and
be extremely helpful for theworkinggroup to have the advice
intends to request the raptorworkinggroup to include racing pigeons
it has established a scottishworkinggroup to take forward scotland
scotland pursue changes through theworkinggroup to the regulations and
by the national tenant participationworkinggroup to undertake a feasibility
of the cross party parliamentaryworkinggroup to which mr sheridan
it pays to pay implementationworkinggroup together with the criteria
observer at the dog identificationworkinggroup took any part in
every two months when theworkinggroup was formed it was
be incorporated into the moorlandworkinggroup we should double check
not existing ones in aworkinggroup which i chaired and
executive chairs a common repairsworkinggroup which ministers established some
the chamber that the developmentworkinggroup which was announced yesterday
at it the common repairsworkinggroup will be heavily involved
will do that and theworkinggroup will conclude its work
we want to do theworkinggroup will consider all those
appeals in that way theworkinggroup will consider that matter
under a heavy timetable theworkinggroup will have its hands
legislate by december 2002 theworkinggroup will now have to
we both serve on aworkinggroup with cosla to consider
might such co operation takeworkinggroups second wave working group
in the union appendix 2workinggroups working group 1 subsidiarity
a development group we areworkingon development education and there
inquiry steering group is alreadyworkingon many of the report
the er you ve beenworkingwith the [censored: companyname] group m1163:
which the conveners liaison groupworkingwith you convener and the
to the universities about partnershipworkingas that is what happens
contract the requirement for partnershipworkingbetween crew and company sarah
welcomes its emphasis on partnershipworkingbetween criminal justice agencies to
ground to promote integrated partnershipworkingbetween the relevant agencies to
about community planning and partnershipworkingbut we need to focus
host communities and through partnershipworkingenable the provision of more
many local authorities are alreadyworkingin partnership and are doing
that those two distinguished institutionsworkingin partnership can form a
to the delivery of servicesworkingin partnership is the best
we are absolutely committed toworkingin partnership on community care
and the voluntary sector onworkingin partnership the compact underpins
epilepsy and epilepsy scotland sworkingin partnership with 7 health
21st century the government isworkingin partnership with business in
scottish parliament s commitment toworkingin partnership with business to
be seen that the executiveworkingin partnership with our colleagues
people cathy jamieson we areworkingin partnership with the commission
executive in its commitment toworkingin partnership with the sector
executive in its commitment toworkingin partnership with the sector
executive in its commitment toworkingin partnership with the sector
would be inappropriate we areworkingin partnership with the uk
the executive is committed toworkingin partnership with the voluntary
been made in increasing partnershipworkingin the delivery of legal
that problem alastair dempster partnershipworkingis the biggest challenge we
what could be an excellentworkingpartnership i will examine the
for taking forward that partnershipworkingthis is the last executive
partnership for scotland agreement ofworkingto support and enhance rural
union the eu is aboutworkingtogether in partnership to make
provides a basis for partnershipworkingwith older people who can
and i accept that partnershipworkingwith sports clubs and others
groups children and young peopleworkingage adults and older people
currie officers operated through informalworkingarrangements when the groups disbanded
pastoral idyll of small groupsworkingaway on the land the
testament to their impact inworkingclosely with the sports groups
laeken declaration 13 appendix 2workinggroups 16 part one background
phase 6 final phase 6workinggroups 7 part three scottish
the voluntary sector on toworkinggroups and task forces and
in the appendix the sixworkinggroups are expected to present
analyse the results of theworkinggroups at its 12 13
groups strategies commissions reviews andworkinggroups but what do we
remit of each of theworkinggroups is provided in the
been closely involved with theworkinggroups john scott it seems
the convention established four additionalworkinggroups on external relations defence
officials to seven meetings orworkinggroups on justice and home
of any additional task forcesworkinggroups review groups action groups
achieved the response talks aboutworkinggroups review groups an issues
greek presidency in june 2003workinggroups six working groups were
spring 1999 a number ofworkinggroups take forward specific action
june 2003 working groups sixworkinggroups were initially set up
health service and relevant groupsworkingin this field should consider
women s institute type groupsworkingmen s club outings etc
members of different groups andworkingparties alasdair morgan i will
affecting registration and in variousworkingparties and groups from the
an extra burden on groupsworkingwith children accepts the consensus
in that essential development byworkingwith local groups to facilitate
13 march 1997 characters agnesworkingclass about sixty five carolanne
selected all her subjects wereworkingclass and a total of
reflects the marginalization of beingworkingclass and scottish in his
no quite a kind ofworkingclass area like or is
the international brigades most fromworkingclass areas of london liverpool
come from a a veryworkingclass background although my father
want to write about theirworkingclass background if they ve
in which mothers from lowerworkingclass backgrounds tended to control
by macafee in glasgow whereworkingclass catholics produced 70 local
the language was that ofworkingclass children most english speakers
english that the child fromworkingclass circumstances usually knew that
brought up in a scottishworkingclass family through the voices
and they re making ordinaryworkingclass folk buy it i
few church weddings as mostworkingclass folk got married at
have a thing that theworkingclass had to get away
centre at dunaskin in preservingworkingclass history believes that this
people s history trust andworkingclass history museums lodged on
for your ain folk theworkingclass i ken aboot you
but it figures mister blaikieworkingclass kids aren t allowed
middle class about forty sadieworkingclass mid thirties gordon schoolboy
but it certainly wasnae aworkingclass novel and i ve
alienated labor religious strife asworkingclass opiate he murmured ignorance
mmhm mmhm right m762: fromworkingclass origins who are kind
to buy operated against ordinaryworkingclass people linda fabiani accepted
english and it was aworkingclass scots novel and you
m1021: i would have thoughtworkingclass scots you know i
and child included patronised theworkingclass singers from whom they
was was a s- skilledworkingclass [sniff] m608: mmhm f643:
most cases be spoken byworkingclass speakers from those areas
the dialect they speak youngworkingclass speakers may be inarticulate
language at nearly every turnworkingclass speech is constantly seen
was scottish non standard englishworkingclass this definition begs many
and winds through the cityworkingclass usually ethnic truck drivers
1st class quest 7 saturdayworkingtoday not much time for
whole class or as individualsworkingwith the teacher model the
continue to hope that byworkingtogether each of us possibly
the national health service areworkingtogether effectively to provide better
a toast to the futureworkingtogether for scotch whisky 2
a toast to the futureworkingtogether for scotch whisky after
a toast to the futureworkingtogether for scotch whisky and
30 am executive debate onworkingtogether for scotland a programme
people as set out inworkingtogether for scotland as this
people as set out inworkingtogether for scotland as this
another it is about peopleworkingtogether for the benefit of
voluntary sector are interacting andworkingtogether i have been told
scottish mps and trade unionsworkingtogether in campaigning for the
on an executive motion onworkingtogether in europe followed by
with an outsider s detachmentworkingtogether in the field not
muldoon donald gorrie s1m 820workingtogether project lodged on 9
experience that we have ofworkingtogether the adoption of the
growth and development of gaelicworkingtogether they should ensure that
what will be achieved byworkingtogether they will start to
parties and to ensure continuedworkingtogether to achieve practical and
be achieved by health professionalsworkingtogether to address osteoporosis i
the efforts of local agenciesworkingtogether to assist employees who
aware of how choices areworkingtogether to create particular effects
scottish executive and local partnersworkingtogether to identify transport priorities
have highlighted the importance ofworkingtogether to make best use
a collaboration artists and pupilsworkingtogether to make playground figureheads
voluntary and public sector agenciesworkingtogether to transform a large
aims peace freedom prosperity andworkingtogether towards shared goals the
front end of learning throughworkingtogether we will deliver improvements
approach which will be takenworkingtogether with others to put
level we are committed toworkingtogether with the voluntary sector
them to to to beworkingtogether with what you re
spoiled by fog 19 saturdayworking21 monday plumbers still on
rain all day 16 saturdayworking22 friday 26 present b
[?]press[/?] in germany 26 saturdayworking30 wednesday good turnout at
a nice house 15 saturdayworkingall day first o t
22 saturday no fishing yetworkingall day on flooring upstairs
r i p 4 saturdayworkingaround house 5 sunday to
lawyers approve sale 7 saturdayworkingaround house 8 sunday to
caja la boca 7 saturdayworkingcaroline sick with headache 8
central heating system 12 saturdayworkingdo vestibule wall evening what
can keep the men fraeworkinglast saturday nicht you told
leave a m 12 saturdayworkingmost of day 13 sunday
st werburgh s 31 saturdayworkingnovember 1 sunday dave pat
and months and months notworkingon a saturday and a
14 saturday county flag cupworkingpatrol ages not to exceed
friday bradford c 17 saturdayworkingphil i fix up flex
of work begin 3 saturdayworkingtoday busy scrambling over unit
and asks that the currentworkingparty also considers this supported
roddy jackson member land reformworkingparty and lynne raeside head
that he sat on theworkingparty are you aware of
final report of the bordersworkingparty chaired by lord macdonald
room ravelston this was aworkingparty cum meeting at which
to be more frequent theworkingparty initially agreed to report
do with some review aworkingparty is considering the bill
not change tack during theworkingparty meetings one totally abhorrent
not yet set up aworkingparty on the role of
not sent officials to anyworkingparty on the schengen agreement
and alan english feudal reformworkingparty royal institute of chartered
has been done and theworkingparty s meetings have been
interim report of the bordersworkingparty set up by lord
consultation we stated that aworkingparty should have been established
it was intended that theworkingparty should meet every two
us the code of conductworkingparty suggested that all complaints
is needed to allow theworkingparty to complete its work
executive to set up aworkingparty to examine the issue
can yet set up aworkingparty to examine the specific
the second meeting of theworkingparty was cancelled to allow
to be involved in theworkingparty which has the opportunity
soap always was exceptionally hardworkingand dedicated to the primary
have anticipated our own hardworkingcitizens and have pre empted
every penny from their hardworkingenterprise that is why business
get it right and wereworkingextraordinarily hard to do that
you felt that everybody wasworkinghard and that people were
you know all of themworkinghard and you know terrifically
who shares his desk isworkinghard his short legs are
the course soon she sworkinghard i think she may
only get those feet byworkinghard in [censored: company name] f940: [inaudible]
the communities that we areworkinghard on economic modelling in
7 he was kind ofworkinghard so f718: mmhm m734:
last long but its stillworkinghard so far i ve
a significant contribution i amworkinghard to achieve that through
brussels last week we areworkinghard to ensure that we
part of the nhs isworkinghard to get better at
stop planning approval gow isworkinghard to recover what we
any duplication we have beenworkinghard with the nof to
both of them were hardworkingin many other aspects of
law and order the hardworkingtaxpayers are picking up the
re both well and notworkingtoo hard take some time
happy with life they wereworkingvery hard and were under
of the opposition have beenworkingvery hard to forge a
all mr rowland our hardworkingwee burgh rests on a
39 and insert not aworkingday in this section working
working day in this sectionworkingday means a day which
you were working were youworkingfive days a week was
not working for yourself butworkingfor somebody else or did
er th- thing er notworkingfor yourself but working for
are few examples of itsworkingin practice working with local
and see if it sworkingoh it s working today
s working oh it sworkingtoday f1136: fast whoa f1135:
mmhm so when you wereworkingwere you working five days
of its working in practiceworkingwith local authorities we are
working within prisons and ofworkingwith sex offenders s1w 24674
have of prison administration ofworkingwithin prisons and of working
reid s point about scotsworkingabroad in the voluntary sector
sector we look forward toworkingclosely with the committee on
requires support to the staffworkingin that sector adequate funding
requires support to the staffworkingin that sector adequate funding
asthma information sessions for adultsworkingin the early years sector
asthma information sessions for adultsworkingin the early years sector
commitment and professionalism of peopleworkingin the voluntary sector as
to build on a goodworkingrelationship with the sector i
business through developing links andworkingwith key voluntary sector agencies
excellent that the executive isworkingwith the sector through the
in the voluntary sector andworkingwith volunteers i can see
possible to use the termworkingdays and to provide a
is felt that the termworkingdays is not very accurate
way in which the termworkingdays is used in other
of the parliament and theworkingdays of the executive are
counting days are neither theworkingdays of the executive nor
have complicated the position theworkingdays of the parliament and
that counting days and theworkingdays of the parliament are
of the executive nor theworkingdays of the parliament hugh
convener are counting days theworkingdays of the parliament hugh
are more akin to theworkingdays of the parliament they
have questions answered within 10workingdays rather than within 14
estates review and how manyworkingdays were spent by them
hour days that we wereworkingin dalkeith michael russell this
the introduction of a newworkingagreement between the association of
that there should be closerworkingbetween all health professionals in
motion states there are closeworkinglinks between the eu and
there s a difference betweenworkinglong hours and just drinking
difficult balance between keeping menworkingon farms and the need
between the seniority of personnelworkingon the holyrood project and
colleges there was a healthyworkingrelationship between the company and
how crucial and effective theworkingrelationship between the nhs and
work out policy practice andworkingrelationships between the different types
in stirling we had goodworkingrelationships between the police the
between them erm i likeworkingwith other people s [laugh]
and i look forward toworkingand debating with colleagues the
based society are upheld theworkingclasses with their course barbaric
scotland s education service isworkingclosely with commun na gaidhlig
appointment and look forward toworkingclosely with her in everything
jackie baillie the executive isworkingclosely with the disability rights
executive and enterprise networks areworkingclosely with the dti to
and poverty alliance have beenworkingclosely with the executive to
portfolio and i will beworkingclosely with the gaelic community
[inaudible] this torch is notworkingf1111: what s wrong with
and the many benefits ofworkingin an academic environment with
that the scottish executive isworkingin close collaboration with the
that the scottish executive isworkingin close collaboration with the
forward purchase the club andworkingin close conjunction with the
able to do so byworkingin co operation with the
industry scotland s biggest byworkingin co operation with the
so many take for grantedworkingin collaboration with colleagues who
so many take for grantedworkingin collaboration with their colleagues
shifts with modest income andworkingin essential medical services are
we re told always f963: workingin factory [laugh] still with
better performance we see ourselvesworkingin harmony with the parliament
multi agency response government departmentsworkingjointly with local government ngos
ensure that people lead fullworkinglives with good terms and
and threatened with short timeworkinglondon is very short of
the committee to attend aworkinglunch with the modernisation committee
and keep him company mostworkingmen with families had to
mmhm mmhm so you wereworkingmore with the volunteers than
have not been provided withworkingpapers from or notes of
a disabled person with aworkingpartner who are living below
qualified nurses face often inflexibleworkingpatterns with long shifts and
the need to ensure efficientworkingrelations with the local enterprise
am pleased with the constructiveworkingrelationship that we have enjoyed
to having the same productiveworkingrelationship with him that we
by strengthening the existing closeworkingrelationship with management and the
a dialogue and a goodworkingrelationship with the scottish parliament
the gyro compass was notworkingshe was also equipped with
he was eh over hereworkingstaying with his daughter i
i have i have beenworkingthe past while with eh
not happy with what sworkingthere and to influence the
like it s great funworkingwith a molière or something
stephen the scottish executive isworkingwith a number of relevant
acknowledge that we are alreadyworkingwith aberdeen city council the
already in place we areworkingwith age concern scotland to
scotland based distributor forum isworkingwith all our colleagues to
make contact with the agenciesworkingwith asylum seekers and refugees
moved and i wor- startedworkingwith [censored: companyname] m608: oh aye
for training and qualifications inworkingwith children and families although
attempts to find ways ofworkingwith children and young people
organisations that are involved inworkingwith children are under any
office checks mandatory for thoseworkingwith children in scotland and
in the way of organisationsworkingwith children mean fewer safe
criminal record checks on peopleworkingwith children under 18 from
project in glasgow which involvesworkingwith children with disabilities from
chicago as an assistant professorworkingwith craigie on dost and
social workers are dedicated toworkingwith deaf people in each
week for example i wasworkingwith erm pupils in [tut]
the lowlands all the timeworkingwith f606: yeah m1036: the
an amendment stick we areworkingwith fallible human beings and
consider the learning involved inworkingwith fictional texts which mainly
another department you will missworkingwith her but hopefully your
post and look forward toworkingwith her ms sandra white
sandra s ok i likeworkingwith her she s younger
believes that the scottish executiveworkingwith highlands and islands enterprise
committee will look forward toworkingwith him i thank everyone
work i look forward toworkingwith him on the committee
jobs about the farm menworkingwith horses finished at midday
of but what i wasworkingwith in england f963: mm
happening we do that byworkingwith land managers and game
have already taken action byworkingwith local trusts to ensure
themselves to the challenge ofworkingwith men and believes that
themselves to the challenge ofworkingwith men and believes that
for the grouse you areworkingwith nature instead of against
1991 when local authorities areworkingwith non prescriptive guidance differences
on older people but byworkingwith older people we are
the benefits of conservation andworkingwith one another to minimise
knowledge skills and expertise inworkingwith other members of the
misuse the gnp is alsoworkingwith other organisations such as
has not prevented him fromworkingwith others across the narrow
do with core skills andworkingwith others i hope that
in place the requirements whileworkingwith our uk and european
practice in local government includingworkingwith pilot authorities and what
a training event for staffworkingwith pupils with dyspraxia i
bbc and itv education officersworkingwith school colleagues the scottish
scottish enterprise ayrshire is currentlyworkingwith scottish enterprise glasgow scottish
geoff huggins we have beenworkingwith scottish homes and the
scheme introduced by sussex policeworkingwith the broadcast media and
time that he has spentworkingwith the community alan stewart
a year furthermore we areworkingwith the department for work
taking on that argument andworkingwith the fishing organisations and
health nurses in edinburgh nursesworkingwith the homeless in perth
development control decision and activelyworkingwith the local authorities to
lomond park authority is currentlyworkingwith the loch lomond and
town and suburb regeneration includingworkingwith the lyon court remove
scottish executive whether it isworkingwith the ministry of defence
impressive in their commitment toworkingwith the offenders and in
gaelic and scots organisations areworkingwith the organisers to identify
now been reviewed we areworkingwith the sqa to agree
most about eh glasgow universityworkingwith the students here f66:
miles through glasgow we areworkingwith the uk government on
we are also committed toworkingwith the uk government to
different versions of things f1187: workingwith their different versions their
in business with someone orworkingwith them is being used
people their organisations and thoseworkingwith them so i am
web age concern scotland isworkingwith us to identify target
for police checks on peopleworkingwith young people s1o 211
out national programmes for effectivelyworkingwith young people to prevent
and sporting and cultural organisationsworkingwith young people we will
children s diet we areworkingacross all of those fronts
children playing in gaelic definitelyworkingbut if they come out
exist for the children ofworkingparents and how many such
places for the children ofworkingparents s1w 24816 jackie baillie
and of communities and childrenworkingto encourage higher rates of
from the ordinary curriculum inworkingup children for the competition
than half of people ofworkingage contribute to a non
still below the average forworkingage people in scotland which
to eradicate child poverty helpworkingage people into work provide
to increase the number ofworkingage people who contribute to
young people and staff areworkingare less than tolerable that
gap people are prevented fromworkingbeyond a certain age and
for people in charge ofworkingdogs such as police dogs
weight should be given toworkingfor equality for all people
if people choose to continueworkingfor scottish ministers longer than
sure that lots of peopleworkingfor the council would like
dismissed in uist people wereworkingfrom home online and were
company because it has flexibleworkinghours few people work 40
of software and different peopleworkingin different areas it was
the professional body for peopleworkingin housing we have more
to allow people to continueworkingin my brief time as
provide more opportunity for peopleworkingin their factories to move
where he or she wasworkingindeed most people praised their
people to argue for longerworkinglives as they are doing
however people who are presentlyworkingon probationary contracts have been
how long people have beenworkingon the bill coming through
end of glasgow there wereworkingpeople and there were one
a great empathy for theworkingpeople both men and women
end of the market andworkingpeople it is quite a
raffan s1m 2010 the scottishworkingpeople s history society lodged
robison s1m 2010 the scottishworkingpeople s history society lodged
brian adam s1m 1756 scottishworkingpeople s history trust and
what it is people areworkingtowards and then exemplify good
also mentioned continuing professional developmentworkingconditions work load career structures
scotsmen and scotswomen who areworkingin the relief and development
is a development fellow butworkingmore on the writing and
the then scottish development agencyworkingon projects that were examining
gutting area georgie is stillworkingaway gradually the other workers
scene she is in herworkingclothes though still heavily made
art teacher she s stillworkingf814: right f813: she s
i think she s maybeworkinghey her car s still
think sh- she s stillworkingin gowan s i think
the 14th century still aworkingmonastery as well as a
than leyland robert is stillworkingo k but no overtime
in fact i am stillworkingon tying my shoelaces to
power o growth is stillworkingpause an we mak sure
higher actually for us isworkingquite well the higher still
onything aye it s stillworkingright f1118: it s in
get sacked i m stillworkingso far i haven t
ehm celebrate christmas by notworkingthey still worked and ehm
as if it is stillworkingtoday to kill off the
though and i m stillworkingtowards being home around mid
do while i am stillworkingwe manage fine but i
as suggested in the teamworkingchapter of the report by
anxious that things were notworkingdid they report that to
beveridge report was in fullworkingorder and eh i believed
its draft report 5 newworkingprocedures and a revised work
that we are committed toworkingactively towards that target i
forth valley are defining flexibleworkingand nurses in tayside are
animal classes are classified asworkinganimals and whether the construction
network guidelines on family friendlyworkingare implemented effectively last but
child care provision and flexibleworkingarrangements are sadly lacking in
understands what other areas areworkingat and i think that
agencies that are involved inworkingat community level the european
no [laugh] the dictionaries areworkingaway doing amazing things we
that its policies are notworkingcare homes are having to
are not in there andworkingeffectively i will conclude by
that represent the area areworkingeffectively to deliver a service
who are m608: mmhm m1174: workingerm m608: mmhm m1174: you
are you when are youworkingf1049: ten till half six
it f810: erm are youworkingf809: out f810: are you
to it or are otherwiseworkingfor it in the field
year olds who are notworkingfor me at the old
low pay and delivering flexibleworkingfor nurses are not options
parties in azerbaijan which areworkingfor the establishment of genuine
says thanks very much forworkingfor us you are now
to the volunteers who areworkinghere on an international level
employment practices under which flexibleworkinghours are promoted and the
activities thereby legitimising them slaughtermenworkingin abattoirs are protected by
are 1 000 fewer nursesworkingin our health service than
of the agencies that areworkingin scotland but much more
of former colleagues who areworkingin taliban areas in afghanistan
benefit of patients we areworkingin that direction and i
authorities and quangos that areworkingin the area affected miss
are a handful of economistsworkingin the field we rang
so these are two writersworkingin the last quarter of
nurses who are not currentlyworkingin the nhs i also
nurses who are currently notworkingin the nhs the success
the pressures and stress ofworkingin wards that are not
teenie georgie and chrissie areworkingjim is leaning on his
dignity and respect when theirworkinglives are over the parliament
end of their fairly briefworkinglives the dogs are shot
adopted the fsa are currentlyworkingon an enforcement framework in
consider best practice we areworkingon completing some leaflets for
you know how things areworkingout first of all bobbie
are you know are notworkingout very well but they
and valid thinkers but areworkingoutside the confines of the
on whose behalf we areworkingshould be thought of as
re at home i thinkworkingsometimes there are just too
terms under which they areworkingthat is why the law
winner foo mony boats areworkingthe herrin noo gey few
you have received we areworkingto a tight schedule to
and nurses in tayside areworkingto improve education and training
not perfect but we areworkingto improve it we will
not the solution we areworkingto improve the pay conditions
although many trusts are nowworkingtowards implementing such policies i
that they are committed toworkingtowards secure status for gaelic
we are doing which isworkingtowards secure status for the
that england and wales areworkingtowards such a framework for
national trust properties are alreadyworkingunder licensing regulations we have
well aware that they areworkingup plans for aberdeen and
st george his lips areworkingup to a bon mot
the problem we are howeverworkingwithin a finite level of
the uk government on theworkingfamilies tax credit the new
use of independent government inspectorsworkingfor the meat hygiene service
researchers but also for thoseworkingin education government the creative
of wogs wise oriental gentlemenworkingon government ships to the
local government we will beworkingtowards giving local government as
interviewing when staff were alreadyworkinga massive amount of overtime
okay m1163: public you wereworkingaway and then it went
theoretical while the europeans wereworkingaway at sound change laws
trousers were worn for cyclingworkingboots were usually repaired at
many families both parents wereworkinggraham in the course of
we- were they actually exworkinghorses or f010: yes mmhm
only paid when they wereworkingif the work did not
june but we were notworkingin a hierarchy i have
me just a local laddyworkingin an office you were
similar experiences whether they wereworkingin communities in aberdeen in
examinations however they were nowworkingin the sqa and were
the the presenters were wereworkinglive on air one room
recall they were very muchworkingmeetings papers were presented at
there were too many menworkingon a farm some were
s certainly what we wereworkingon initially so the first
as assorted bicycles in goodworkingorder the local fishermen were
that time there were seevenworkingpits in new cumnock alane
luggens men s underpants andworkingsocks were knitted in a
er they were so busyworkingthat there was no time
and got the job ofworkingthe gaad when they were
scale in which we wereworkingthe reports that we were
who were not used toworkingthere or was there continuity
the three weeks i wasworkingthere they were like we
new they were used toworkingto operational deadlines did they
attitude f963: mm yes m762: workingwomen were bad that was
yes we can you wereworkingyour way down the hall
son who s home wasworkingat a local store to
made for local authority personnelworkingaway from their offices but
which local authorities have beenworkingfor over 20 years might
use of gaelic as aworkinglanguage within local authorities and
well down the track ofworkingon that at a local
gained over many years ofworkingand studying in scotland and
have for many years beenworkingat the front line i
in scots about a catworkingon the supposition that many
salutes the work of agenciesworkingin this area to promote
testing regulations proposals for newworkingprocedures and a revised work
this subject proposals for newworkingprocedures and a revised work
the clear objectives they reworkingtowards work through meaningful activities
work she started off byworkingwhat is called a twilight
came through all those stagesworkingaway and and and doing
women have had in theirworkinglives and through their caring
college who have excelled atworkingthrough learning difficulties and given
job security educational needs andworkingconditions have been consistently ignored
day had been an ordinaryworkingday unless it was a
day when i ve beenworkingf1104: well why does this
offended when they ve beenworkingfor somebody for hundreds of
beaumont right he s beenworkingfor that he ll no
even when i ve beenworkingfull time i ll have
i have been an officialworkingin the directorate general v
that the parliament has beenworkingin the way that the
of an identity for womenworkingin what has been the
than that i ve beenworkingmadly trying to polish off
i ve just been ermworkingon a a p- a
connor and i have beenworkingon a history of scottish
the framework we ve beenworkingon for those areas goes
and er she had beenworkingon her thesis all last
like new andy had beenworkingon it himsel the haill
how long have you beenworkingon it i mean it
of the forum have beenworkingon producing an action plan
the schools had already beenworkingon projects on europe and
incorporation presents some changes toworkingpractices have been necessary and
ga- so we ve beenworkingreally on two two frameworks
this weekend i ve beenworkingsteadily for about a month
the dyspraxia foundation and thoseworkingin developmental co ordination disorders
presents significant problems for thoseworkingin education and elsewhere the
know that i ll beworkingin those fields f1150: yeah
the scottish parliament for thoseworkingto improve air access into
i commend the staff forworkingunder those difficult conditions race
easier but i m alsoworkingaway classes should be just
members should ensure that staffworkingfor them also apply these
but also [laugh] [censored: forename] sworkingin the chemist s [laugh]
granny doing was she alsoworkingin the mills f634: mmhm
also part of the everydayworkingsystem as an important resource
is also important as isworkingto close the opportunity gap
of legislation shows the parliamentworkingat its best both in
structures and its way ofworkinghave changed along the way
of english as its normalworkinglanguage compromises a member s
eu s institutions and itsworkingmethods in preparation for the
remote too bureaucratic and itsworkingmethods too incomprehensible to understand
eu s institutions and itsworkingmethods was essential to ensure
its commitment to a maximumworkingweek of 56 hours for
its commitment to a maximumworkingweek of 56 hours for
quiet day monday 3 cathworkingagain a quiet day edinburgh
t we yeah i mworkingall f835: yeah f832: day
take place during the normalworkingday so there could be
world war to allow theworkingday to continue as long
day out and day inworkingin the interest of the
spent most of the dayworkingout a thematic analysis of
f1103: aye cause i mworkingthe day f1104: [sucks air through teeth] mmhm
masonic angels wearing bovver bootsworkingthe day shift clip the
how long she ll beworkinghere menace menace so punkie
worth it how i enjoyworkingin my own back yard
it and how it isworkingin practice in particular the
you know i realised onlyworkingin schools how fortunate we
photographs and do videotaping themworkingm815: yeah m816: how the
address how the compact isworkingon the ground the concern
out how ithat relationship isworkingor indeed whether it is
or how how s thatworkingout f947: yeah mmhm f1160:
examine how the system isworkingthe convener phil gallie has
scottish executive how it isworkingto attract nurses back into
who lost his life whileworkingat edinburgh castle and sends
his shoes is it hisworkingboots m1092: uh huh who
her companion eilidh who isworkingfitfully at her spinning wheel
okay so everybody who sworkingon the newspaper and the
expect officers who have goodworkingrelationships to share information and
say my shower s notworkingagain i need to wash
nights that we re notworkingan even i play sometimes
not even going to tryworkingat home i m just
no this phone is notworkingf1089: no m1090: it s
f1114: mm that s notworkingf1113: it needs new batteries
ve got like a properworkingfire apparently i ve not
the voluntary code is notworkingin that respect while i
does not include some advisersworkingin the field s1w 27468
involving free personal care notworkingin the way that everyone
small scale statistical packages stoppedworkingit would not make any
but happy i m notworkingjust now just as well
f1049: [laugh] it s notworkingm1048: [laugh] [laugh] er f1049:
if craig russell was notworkingon this he would be
know whether she s outworkingor not we weren t
eh apparently it s notworkingthat well erm yeah and
exposed to frost when notworkingthe water in the jacket
wrong when i m notworkingthough i was sitting there
to be not very warmworkingtrousers either moleskin or cords
mum f1105: it s notworkingvery weel is it now
of guards and ways ofworkingand cutting corners on safety
style shoulder scarves and roughworkingaprons life must go on
scene georgie remains on stageworkingbut unlit angelica enters an
into the impact of theworkingfamilies tax credit on indebted
uk opt out i wasworkingin brussels on social policy
authorisation was cancelled but someoneworkingin the field carried on
nothing more than rhetoric flexibleworkingis another issue on which
like to see your lightsworkingjonsar eck pit on the
letter stated for all ourworkinglives we have looked on
consortium of seven authorities isworkingon a citizens card we
their guidwill when i mworkingon a grand scheme for
once when her father wasworkingon a special job at
indeed now we have someoneworkingon a windows version of
i believe that it isworkingon another directive as you
finished which i ll beworkingon as we tour that
the framework that we reworkingon at the moment is
two thousand and six hopefullyworkingon courses and er developing
apply for cath s warrantworkingon exam questions can concentrate
the farmer and his familyworkingon farms bordered montgoldrum and
encourages scottish organisations and institutionsworkingon hiv aids to develop
encourages scottish organisations and institutionsworkingon hiv aids to develop
the autobiographical novel she wasworkingon i am very glad
made in securing joined upworkingon initiatives aimed at preventing
thi- maybe there was somebodyworkingon irish on bbc northern
she said that she wasworkingon it does she know
just now what you reworkingon m762: erm well i
caring for me she isworkingon my behalf or is
at an early stage ofworkingon my doctoral dissertation i
various ballads which ira isworkingon on wednesday i persevered
using a crochet hook andworkingon one nail at a
got much planned i mworkingon s- friday after school
a strange feeling to beworkingon saturdays again there was
it particularly as a designerworkingon screen what i saw
on this he would beworkingon something else if we
kept snakes rats and wasworkingon tarantulas she s worked
years ahead the icc isworkingon the assumption that the
eriskay ponies g agricultural animalsworkingon the land or food
in doon the seam whenworkingon the land she might
and i ve even startedworkingon the maggie library arthur
union and environmental organisations isworkingon the matter i do
i spent quietly but industriouslyworkingon the phd most of
angle after the 2012 olympicsworkingon the project it has
the member states to beginworkingon the strategy member states
becoming interested in computing andworkingon the web such opportunities
service the tugs and lightersworkingon what was to become
needs to be put onworkingparties civil servants and ministers
has missed most of theworkingparties on co operation in
authority reviews of the europeanworkingtime directive have had on
aesthetically pleasing and a functionalworkingenvironment for scotland s parliament
the parliament 2 our normalworkinglanguage is english and we
in parliamentary debates the normalworkinglanguage of the parliament is
it concluded that the normalworkinglanguage of the parliament should
of the eu to theworkingof the scottish parliament and
s1m 331 tommy sheridan europeanworkingtime directive that the parliament
parliament to extend the europeanworkingtime directive to cover junior
in the limestone seam aworkingabout 6 feet high it
nurse living in penicuik andworkingan 11 hour shift from
and reform of ways ofworkingand service organisation in collaboration
to oxton 14 monday chesterfieldworkingblock fireplace in side bedroom
m out you know obviouslyworkingbut eh in other areas
other members of the farmworkingcommunity in the parish into
settled in cromar as oilworkingcommuters whilst in aberdeen itself
in lurid shorts i mworkingfairly steadily ie i m
within the financial reach ofworkingfamilies in 1908 the girls
a year in the continentworkingfor his cousin john the
was in the office thenworkingfor old mrs beaumont james
continued to write poetry whilstworkingfor the tax department in
way we have seen thatworkingfor us in the census
am in favour of complementaryworkinghowever there is no excuse
back in when she sworkingif she apologises m1048: it
even if i end upworkingin a bar or in
m1163: erm and she wasworkingin a chip shop m608:
person they have ever seenworkingin a field supposedly gathering
question why my experience fromworkingin a number of communities
by it s like someoneworkingin a scottish bookshop being
to examine training for professionalsworkingin autistic spectrum disorders the
reason this is worse thanworkingin casualty i can hear
have a powerful commitment toworkingin europe i know that
s weird cause i wasworkingin like s- f1155: it
when i was living andworkingin london i am a
love it f1037: living andworkingin london they come up
the minister when i wasworkingin maybole f963: hm i
allowed to wear i wasworkingin perth at that time
of salaried dentists and gpsworkingin rural areas and support
the task force that isworkingin tayside in order to
scottish science is out thereworkingin the economic community in
then we spent the afternoonworkingin the evening we got
of funding for voluntary organisationsworkingin the field of social
a specialist magazine for physiciansworkingin the field of tobacco
to our advantage a scotworkingin the formal business context
it easy till john startedworkingin the in the grocer
my grandfather corbett would beworkingin the mines and [inaudible]
value geneva is having difficultyworkingin the new word descapacitados
will enable them to continueworkingin the nhs 15 50
clinical medical and surgical oncologistsworkingin the nhsis s1w 6013
i was saved i wasworkingin the pit beside a
increase the number of civiliansworkingin the police force in
important in international terms isworkingin the prison 14 11
subject s own nuclear familyworkingin the same place of
trade unions which have membersworkingin the scottish qualifications authority
mmhm mmhm yeah m762: isworkingin the sewers underground in
amnesty and then i mworkingin the shop f810: i
at uni an i wasworkingin the summer and doin
my trade union represents membersworkingin the tobacco industry we
er see when i wasworkingin towerlands f1049: what wee
[laugh] well m1055: yeah f1009: workingin traditional music as i
september 2002 whether adult volunteersworkingin youth organisations benefit from
the verdant works the lastworkingjute mill in scotland and
has spent most of herworkinglife employed in the voluntary
has to spend one sworkinglife in the odour of
national health service throughout theirworkinglives now in their hour
of subsequent developments in theworkinglives of new deal participants
s powers and methods ofworkingmaintain the barnett formula in
but my nose was inworkingorder it certainly was the
and licensing policy which isworkingout in different ways among
communities transient in nature usuallyworkingoutwith the area often coming
oral poem for each occasionworkingswiftly and spontaneously in formulaic
blue sky a stranraer executiveworkingthat morning in his office
was surprised to find usworkingthe wheeper in was mr
heid in carolanne she sworkingthough sadie at hauntin the
of the processes involved inworkingthree dimensional objects making craft
uh huh f810: was likeworkingtill one in the morning
heritage museum in coatbridge includingworkingtrams the reconstruction of a
increased numbers of charity shopsworkingunder preferential trading conditions in
part of the challenge isworkingunder time pressure in a
for a 35 hour maximumworkingweek in the scottish public
at the moment isn tworkingwell in modern european languages
wi the auld way oworkingbeaumont we cannae yaise that
suggest that we revisit theworkingdefinitions of lobbying and commercial
ago we ll both weworkinglike crazy there as i
m edgy we had aworkinglunch at the office consisting
need innovative approaches to makeworkingmore flexible and we must
we called it then wasworkingnear to a farm namely
s fiancée maybe took someworkingout but we had it
iona we re we reworkinground clockwise eh eh which
a limit to hours ofworkingso we can at least
assault but we will continueworkingtowards our goal strategic planning
15 tuesday ditto 16 wednesdayworking9 15 to scottish afterwards
ask the scottish executive whetherworkingarrangements for the process to
scottish executive what progress theworkingfor communities programme is making
to scots law and theworkingof the scottish criminal justice
to scots law and theworkingof the scottish criminal justice
to scots law and theworkingof the scottish criminal justice
hill packs association the nationalworkingterrier federation and the scottish
gamekeepers association tom parker nationalworkingterrier federation paul crofts scottish
no she well she wasworkingat ehm there and she
margaret or marguerite a dundovianworkingat the embassy schools she
ehm there and she wasworkingat whsmith but then she
into the bargain alice isworkingaway but she wishes she
t remember seeing the millworkingbut she remembers the machinery
of everyone knowing she wasworkingher notice beatrice mcsherry s
a hauds o this avaworkingit out as she speaks
s area she is aloneworkingof course but anxiously watching
co ordinate and facilitate voluntaryworkingshe can make a significant
move f1121: is she noworkingthat s her look i
she s obviously she sworkingthere and she s coming
minute if the kiosk sworkingturning to go she realises
developments to ensure that theirworkingarrangements and associated transport infrastructure
of their living standards andworkingconditions g ensuring that all
innovate throughout their learning andworkinglives this should begin at
regardless of whether someone wasworkingor retired their life was
what is now their normalworkingweek i want to find
doctors grievances over long hoursworkingconditions and out of hours
harbour saw the workforce thereworkingflat out for the next
zero i ve paid afterworkingit all out at the
i dinna believe this angelicaworkingit out but it s
making methods allowing for theworkingout of common strategies general
where everyone was beavering awayworkingout rules and paradigms for
the eu was no longerworkingand that if the union
was back to 28 againworkingas a colliery firemen married
finding which was reinforced whilstworkingas a peripatetic scots specialist
had stayed when he wasworkingat cyarlincraig that s maybe
the image he was creatingworkingat such intensity was draining
of august and i wasworkingbefore my birthday f640: you
holidays i eventually ended upworkingfor a ehm it was
i got married an wasworkingi had to wear a
came up at a factoryworkingi think it was something
wir radio it s naeworkingi was gonna listen to
interred at coull churchyard hisworkinglife was that of a
and national insurance over aworkinglifetime that was dr richard
nope f1117: while mum wasworkingmind the melted chocolate f1118:
stuck because my mum wasworkingolive was at school my
before that m608: was thatworkingpart time f638: i delivered
office was so warm thatworkingthere was akin to being
get round my my thingworkingthere was great fun ehm
or o- one of theworkingtitles was er poems in- poems
time the activity of reworkinga paragraph such as this
retirement ages and part timeworkingaimed at retaining experienced older
can access the part timeworkingand flexible hours that they
at that time had 16workingmen and pairs of
station will commence full timeworkings1w 34762 stewart stevenson to
mind del us aw upworkingthe big field snatchin time
to abide by the europeanworkingtime directive s1w 24852 mary
and resource implications of theworkingtime regulations as they apply
devoted only half of hisworkingtime to the dictionary during
s cause mummy ll beworkingmummy should be alright to
and that it should beworkingto make the eu more
be looking at mainstreaming andworkingacross departments it is too
it would upset him meworkingamong nut cases and lifers
modern and efficient ways ofworkingand good environmental practice it
positive and to allow betterworkingand understanding of one another
of higher education and beginworkingas a industrial apprentice chris
the streets and railway linesworkingas builders and painters a
now because he will beworkingat christmas and new year
of light boots tackets forworkingboots and had heel rings
canteen to address effectively theworkingconditions of staff and if
as harvesting and the millworkingcostumes and masks long animal
as social security benefits andworkingfamilies tax credits cannot be
active social cultural educational andworkinglives it is essential that
the gentlemans popin jay theworkingmans and the boys so
the eu s treaties andworkingmethods of the eu institutions
and imperfect has formed aworkingmodel for a good deal
going to start you knowworkingnow and i m i
following mr a [censored: surname] generalworkingof the association and matters
to offer nurses the flexibleworkingpatterns and meaningful career paths
a more diverse range ofworkingpractices and contracts this will
to examine the organisation andworkingpractices of the staff and
selective and humane use ofworkingterriers for pest control 14
access to information and byworkingto end the discrimination and
convention and commits itself toworkingto ensure that it is
and what timescale is itworkingto s1w 1957 bruce crawford
exciting and significant of poetsworkingtoday vitality of language and
the 1997 survey of aggregateworkingwill be published and if
they perhaps need is aworkingatmosphere within the classroom which
of erm treadmill approach toworkingwhich i tend to adopt
sineu but now he sworkingat a madrid print studio
tsars it is now aworkingcathedral of the ascension plus
ina s girls must beworkingnow my old neighbour at
for whom carole will beworkingasking about teaching or studying
need claes o coorse forworkingbut something a bit bonnier
pair of wooden boards forworkingbutter buttermilk breid thick relatively
suppertime i resolved to startworkingfor a few hours each
might involve singing reciting dramatizingworkingfor burns federation award certificate
paw well your boy sworkingfor his money i ve
british council carole will beworkingfor i m keeping a
secretary of state for scotlandworkingfor our interests at westminster
f1038: yeah f1037: er particularlyworkingfor something like an essay
m608: oh right [laugh] m1174: workingfor the nhs so that
go for tea i mworkinghere for eight years it
off during the employee sworkinghours for qualifying business i
unsettling for both parties butworkingto ensure that the current
3 above by a personworkingwhether paid or otherwise for
since then i m justworkingbasically so yeah em i
our entire nhs system isworkingagainst them 16 15 brian
to ensure that it isworkingcorrectly the presiding officer sir
mum my helicopter s naeworkingf1105: is it nae this
where aitken is at presentworkingis the ideal place to
if this is what [laugh]workinglife is [laugh] like i
or indeed whether it isworkingmembers indicated agreement the convener
girl yoakit is yoked engagedworkingquidna is couldn t pit
yes it is about goodworkingrelationships the convener it is
is a lot of flexibleworkingto suit mothers returning to
tongue really is as aworkingtool dost archive expansion during
what it is they reworkingtowards the third area is
assessment the reciprocal arrangement isworkingwell i would be interested
experience of the trade orworkingwi tools m1022: there is
the thousands of nurses alreadyworkingwithin the nhs that is
you ve got to keepworkingaway at them so what
produced by a p4 childworkingat level b c this
can realise the benefits ofworkingat the leading edge of
you dropped your piece whenworkingat the peat cutting if
steering at the rudder someworkingat the ropes the perfumes
my worldly goods to aworkingminimum at home i found
too bad it keeps meworkinghope you re all well
sometimes well if it sworkingthey do [laugh] you know
[inhale] anyway this wasn tworkingtoo well [click] so he
a parish or community councilworkinghours of an employee has
julie has measles 4 wednesdayworkingtill 9 15 tonight 5

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