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executive citizens of a multilingualworld10 scottish executive citizens of
executive citizens of a multilingualworld11 scots office education depairtment
executive citizens of a multilingualworld19 scottish executive citizens of
executive citizens of a multilingualworld20 scottish office education department
iii citizens of a multilingualworld22 an action group for
cried citizens o a multilingualworld23 the report taen note
called citizens of a multilingualworld23 this report noted that
executive citizens o a multilingualworld32 submission frae john landon
executive citizens of a multilingualworld41 submission from john landon
publication citizens o a multilingualworldas hauds wi ongaun attitudes
pairt citizens o a multilingualworldbears this oot professor johnstone
the citizens of a multilingualworldbears this out professor johnstone
of citizens of a multilingualworldby the action group on
report citizens of a multilingualworldi am grateful to them
in citizens of a multilingualworldi have always found it
publication citizens of a multilingualworldin line with current policies
effective citizens of a multilingualworldin other words presiding officer
damaged citizens of a multilingualworldis an excellent report that
necessities citizens of a multilingualworldmakes a number of suggestions
executive citizen of a multilingualworldrationale p7 18 scottish executive
executive citizens of a multilingualworldrationale p7 9 scots executive
the citizens o a multilingualworldreport states it will help
the citizens of a multilingualworldreport states that it will
2000 citizens of a multilingualworldtactica solutions lairnin an teachin
2000 citizens of a multilingualworldtactica solutions learning and teaching
1984 under the convention theworldheritage committee designates world heritage
organisation deemed more appropriate theworldheritage committee has the final
potential world heritage site theworldheritage committee meets every six
protection and financial support theworldheritage convention is designed to
state signed up to theworldheritage convention to draw up
s cultural and natural heritageworldheritage convention was adopted unesco
there are no tiers ofworldheritage designation criteria for the
financial support available from theworldheritage fund assistance is available
south lanarkshire council 9 theworldheritage information kit gives further
chair regular meetings to discussworldheritage issues of mutual concern
prestige of being on theworldheritage list is deemed such
the area in addition aworldheritage partnership group has been
in britain is designated aworldheritage site and therefore considers
a parliament building within theworldheritage site at holyrood the
to conserve and enhance theworldheritage site edinburgh was designated
the site and promoting theworldheritage site ewht staff includes
agreed to adhere to aworldheritage site manifesto this includes
site manifesto this includes regardingworldheritage site status as a
historic scotland indicate that 4worldheritage site status brings with
of s1m 2669 elaine thomsonworldheritage site status for the
on sites to be givenworldheritage site status the most
no additional statutory protection underworldheritage site status the prestige
by unesco as a potentialworldheritage site the world heritage
a whole there are twentyworldheritage sites 2 process of
government s overall policy onworldheritage sites and exercise a
scottish executive states that 12worldheritage sites in accordance with
real issue regarding funding forworldheritage sites in scotland although
heritage website there are threeworldheritage sites in scotland st
01 73 27 july 2001worldheritage sites in scotland the
view to being established asworldheritage sites it is accepted
subsequent protection and management ofworldheritage sites lies with national
kit gives further details onworldheritage sites research notes are
and cultural organisation unesco designateworldheritage sites the designation is
the world heritage committee designatesworldheritage sites these can be
attainment by the park ofworldheritage status enterprise and lifelong
historic scotland to apply forworldheritage status for the antonine
the ultimate international acclaim ofworldheritage status for this beautiful
attainment by the park ofworldheritage status may be put
and new towns the edinburghworldheritage trust ewht was created
mr richard griffith director edinburghworldheritage trust mr terrence leventhal
site are available on theworldheritage website there are three
concerning the protection of theworlds cultural and natural heritage
success of countries around theworldthat have transformed their citizens
because we live in aworldwhere communication between citizens of
later up to the 2ndworldwar a bus ran through
ogilvie mathieson during the 2ndworldwar at the age of
houses until after the 2ndworldwar balls arbuthnott farmers ball
the beginning of the 2ndworldwar chores included helping in
dried in during the 2ndworldwar cocoa replaced soup at
for them during the 2ndworldwar furniture prices in 1938
before and after the 2ndworldwar his son robert had
three months during the 2ndworldwar if there was a
during and after the 2ndworldwar lime was applied to
rabbit ball during the 2ndworldwar once a year jimmie
to fight in the 2ndworldwar speeded up the introduction
outbreak mechanisation after the 2ndworldwar there was a great
was introduced during the 2ndworldwar to allow the working
life until after the 2ndworldwar was generally fairly nomadic
to cattle since the 2ndworldwar wheat has also been
the shoemaker during the 2ndworldwar when stockings were very
to laurencekirk during the 2ndworldwar when the air raid
stevenson said about the thirdworldand competing demands on the
throw money at the thirdworldand you know i- it
trade agreements with the thirdworldas are many of the
a member of my thirdworldcommittee i met many heads
surpluses of food in thirdworldcountries and where populations are
privileged to visit 28 thirdworldcountries as a member of
alternative might be that thirdworldcountries could benefit from producing
of kenya and other thirdworldcountries do you think we
be grown only in thirdworldcountries however there is a
seriously on imports from thirdworldcountries i am particularly keen
health care professionals from thirdworldcountries nations such as the
be grown only in thirdworldcountries stewart stevenson i pass
and more aid for thirdworldcountries this pupil believed that
to the issue of thirdworlddebt and the need for
campaign to cancel unpayable thirdworlddebt appreciates that the chancellor
1154 1 phil gallie thirdworlddebt as an amendment to
robin harper s1m 401 thirdworlddebt lodged on 6 january
andrew welsh s1m 1154 thirdworlddebt lodged on 7 september
s1m 1154 des mcnulty thirdworlddebt that the parliament notes
s1m 1187 linda fabiani thirdworlddebt that the parliament notes
on want to depict thirdworlddeprivation in all its horrors
and the exploitation of thirdworldfarmers by multi national food
would that take from thirdworldfarmers pockets given that we
conventional agriculture take from thirdworldfarmers pockets stewart stevenson i
i mean black women thirdworldhave been influenced even coopted
i mean black women thirdworldhave been influenced even coopted
of production in the thirdworldi agree that there are
the environment and the thirdworldif we did not get
you just pay the thirdworldm818: [laugh] m819: you know
it is patronising m819: thirdworlds better than developing country
universitetskaja was teeming with thirdworldstudents some sleeping on the
ll fuck the entire thirdworldup the arse until it
the chaos of the thirdworldwe found our way to
local trading in the thirdworldwhen ethiopia was suffering from
squalid towns in the thirdworldwith the sole intention of
of nations and the newworldafter the war miss wood
it as i go alongworldpolitics are depressing too war
more stable peaceful and justworldthan a war waged on
more stable peaceful and justworldthan a war waged on
army and were killed inworldwar 1 three joined the
them park dock an streetworldwar 2 is thon the
the 1900s until the 1stworldwar a typical new year
the end of the secondworldwar act one on the
some extent for e firstworldwar an ere wis wide
it happened aboot e firstworldwar an it s a
the beginning of the 1stworldwar and 2 after the
mainly because of the firstworldwar and although she went
the period after the secondworldwar and calls on the
further action in the secondworldwar and now it all
highland regiments during the firstworldwar and that they inspired
franco prussian war the firstworldwar and the second world
[note: photo: 'mr & mrs andrew blades.'] [note: photo: 'harry anderson, denhead, in his gordon highlander uniform.'] during the secondworldwar as in the first
another era after the secondworldwar as we start the
world war and the secondworldwar as well as an
are from before the 1stworldwar bread 4lbs 5½d sugar
have declined since the secondworldwar but the situation has
french revolution to the firstworldwar by poets born or
french revolution to the firstworldwar by poets born or
choose earlier before the 1stworldwar children were kept from
come back from the firstworldwar f632: mmhm f646: wi
4 clothing before the firstworldwar for school boys wore
the gestapo during the lastworldwar for those who prefer
was announced that the 1stworldwar had been declared during
purpose as first and secondworldwar history both show a
estate placies were till afterworldwar i at least and
15 years before the 1stworldwar if you continued your
still a case of scrapingworldwar ii brought harder times
shortly after the end ofworldwar ii indicates the character
the north american academy afterworldwar ii scotland neither english
ower the centuries sodgers inworldwar ii were dubbit the
smith hid heard o untilworldwar ii you could get
last year of the secondworldwar in a work camp
assassination sparked off the firstworldwar in sarajevo want to
remembered that during the 1stworldwar it became law to
a veteran of the secondworldwar its co incidence with
helmets f637: fae the firstworldwar [laugh] f638: like that
watch died in the firstworldwar listed as wounded 1914
m1021: doolally during the secondworldwar m1020: [inaudible] doolally doolally
the better that the secondworldwar made in these conditions
the line of the secondworldwar military railway because innermessan
maiden name after the secondworldwar moved into old age
the time of the 1stworldwar mr charles preddy was
the end of the secondworldwar nevertheless during my time
the young men killed inworldwar one a very different
war vietnam korea the secondworldwar or the first world
who died in the secondworldwar others from arbuthnott who
glasgow in the post secondworldwar period that the parliament
5 million during the secondworldwar producing an estimated 3
on wounds during the 1stworldwar she left school at
[note: photo: 'taking a break from coleing hay.'] [note: photo: 'a maid in 1927'] after the secondworldwar small farms and crofts
know stories from the secondworldwar that they wanted to
was just after the firstworldwar the estimates of the
who died during the firstworldwar the last serious epidemic
times then until the secondworldwar the post office was
publication delayed by the firstworldwar the reading of carswell
the years before the 1stworldwar there had been an
holidays weddings before the 1stworldwar there were few church
this is proably pre secondworldwar they were said tae
the end of the secondworldwar thought that of course
jist hoped he hidnae startedworldwar three at nine o
to tiree during the secondworldwar to work with the
and it s about aworldwar two atrocity that happened
disused aerodromes around there fromworldwar two f963: mmhm m762:
sea before during and afterworldwar two i cocked my
result of the outbreak ofworldwar two of much value
[note: photo: 'advertisement for john begg whisky.'] sunday before the 1stworldwar unless absolutely necessary at
world war or the firstworldwar we are indeed here
how we won the secondworldwar wednesday turned out to
as families before the 1stworldwar were generally quite large
the time of the 1stworldwar when in the case
red clydeside in the firstworldwar wwi work would now
up fock durin the firstworldwar yeah and he just
wappit tied war were warldworldwarsil struggle wastrie extravagance wattir
war v were warld nworldwastlin a westerly wattir n
war v were warld nworldwather n weather wattir n
iraq and believes that wagingworldwide war against poverty and
iraq and believes that wagingworldwide war against poverty and
vilani peiris 28 8 2002worldsocialist web site www wsws
with troubled undertones on theworldsocialist web site www wsws
fernando hokandara sri lanka 2000worldsocialist web site www wsws
the roadside however on theworldsocialist web site www wsws
in different parts of theworldare getting together to deliver
and all parts of theworldboth establishments said that the
in other parts of theworldbut here in scotland the
in other parts of theworldbut i think the influences
parts of scotland and theworldcan better understand the meanings
in other parts of theworldeconomy maybe that is a
in other parts of theworldfinally i want to thank
on other parts of theworldfor the success of its
other parts of the westernworldi am not sure that
from other parts of theworldin a sense f963: mm
in different parts of theworldseveral important measures to strengthen
many other parts of theworldsteps should be taken to
to other parts of theworldthey can provide special help
across the rest of theworlduniversities sometimes in different parts
in other parts of theworldwhich would help us to
from different parts of theworldyou know different times erm
day is wis a widdenworlde hooses e heich wide
escape into the great wideworldoutside beaumont aye weel i
sold fast fast the wideworldsaw a technicolour holocaust around
000 legal cases are pendingworldwide against silicone manufacturers further
monteith michael russell s1m 2719worldwide clubhouse movement lodged on
also the winner of theworldwide fund for nature s
of birds rspb and theworldwide fund for nature wwf
main htm for the fullworldwide list 3 section 15
and the reputation of scotlandworldwide supported by bill aitken
made available on the webworldwide texts which can be
d- despite media like theworldwide web or ye know
in electronic form on theworldwide web this project 2001
assortment of economies throughout theworldalthough the methodologies and year
s hawick folk throughout theworldan of course they have
statues of burns throughout theworldand 5 000 marble busts
as we travel throughout theworldand if we are to
in touch and throughout theworldare developing strong green arguments
and harmony throughout our diverseworldbelieves that the usa is
is increasing throughout the westernworldbut is that of concern
scottish accordion music throughout theworldcommends his sterling work in
scotland s image throughout theworlddorothy grace elder remarked that
80 000 members throughout theworldin more than 300 affiliated
surge of interest throughout theworldin the broad range of
there are examples throughout theworldof people trying to differentiate
protection of refugees throughout theworldrecognises that over the years
and social justice throughout theworldrecognises the contribution made by
of his admirers throughout theworldsit down to pay tribute
to many economies throughout theworldthe study which was carried
debate current situation throughout theworldthere are many different types
guidelines are considered throughout theworldto be groundbreaking but they
number of deaths throughout theworldvary the minimum estimate is
of many economies throughout theworldwhat is the social economy
ever get lost throughout theworldye- i think ye should
century the first and secondworldwars in which all europeans
is not two in thisworldalike but in the world
glass a world within aworldbehind the panes lie ghostly
been other wise in thisworldbut in the world to
said the cleaness o thisworldcleaness o the boxing world
to the rest of theworlddermot scott the next world
the world what profit theworldfrom the damage untold as
people to access the wholeworldfrom the whole world i
change the world is theworldgoing to change that you
whole world from the wholeworldi suppose that people are
their labour can change theworldis the world going to
world oot in the realworldit wisnae looking it the
oot there in the otherworldlee s world pat jist
than hur pause see herworldlee s world wis fu
world yeah f902: see theworldm903: mm aye f826: but
and the old world theworldof the inquisition and before
pat you an yur boxingworldoot in the real world
the other world lee sworldpat jist whey di yi
in this world the boxingworldpause if yid jist stopped
got it here in thisworldthe boxing world pause if
of midnight and the oldworldthe world of the inquisition
this world but in theworldto come it is going
world alike but in theworldto come we who belong
world dermot scott the nextworldtrade organisation round will decrease
world cleaness o the boxingworldwashes away aw the dirt
all the wealth of theworldwhat profit the world from
see her world lee sworldwis fu o big bad
of blank unsmiling glass aworldwithin a world behind the
ken f826: an see theworldyeah f902: see the world
hard to live in theworldand hard to live out
deaf live in a hearingworldand they walk on hearing
to live in the realworldfor a while meanwhile the
they live in the realworldi am sure that all
we live in an idealworldin which when people get
we live in the realworldof individuals families and communities
are yearning for some fantasyworldof innocence we live in
but live it well theworlds not owned but held
all the way around theworldsurvive a plane crash live
describe the phenomena of theworldwe live in either to
like that but in thisworldwe live in these balances
love to live in aworldwithout laws however the parliament
love to live in aworldwithout lawyers for the past
to the rest of theworlda boat is a suitable
to the rest of theworldan image of a doom
was the rest of theworldand a gulf like the
o the rest o theworldand for that he may
and the rest of theworldand lead to trade barriers
and the rest of theworldas a dynamic country within
and the rest of theworldas a dynamic country within
and lives in the sameworldas the rest of us
with the rest of theworldbut that may change what
to the rest of theworldem that is em unlike
show the rest of theworldhow superior is lomardy carries
er the rest of theworldmight not f1077: mm mm
s niver in the sameworlds the rest o s
from the rest of theworldthe front pew and the
the international monetary fund andworldbank meetings in prague during
over the years during bothworldwars newspaper articles show us
also part of the naturalworldaround her gaia mind and
of chris with the naturalworldaround her while she sat
the same time discovering theworldaround it the objects and
shift taking place around theworldas far as the scots
poems in englishes around theworlded schneider e philadelphia john
of similar groups around theworldi declined to join the
i m sniffing around stillworldnews is rather depressing one
other influences from around theworldnot least from other varieties
and development agencies around theworldon behalf of the poorest
40 different countries around theworldreturn to visit this beautiful
amazing burns suppers around theworldsome in tanzania hong kong
possible for people around theworldto carry out extremely brutal
they went around the theworldto the auld british empire
is also happening around theworldtoday because of t- cable
supports burns clubs around theworldwith no public funding other
and everybody in the wholeworldandy knows that there has
seems it is a wholeworldaway monday 21st june 1999
its power a whole newworldof industrial power rowland but
empty there was a wholeworldof life gasping in the
notion that the whole f-worldshould be governed by mill-
is part of the wholeworldstory 10 30 the convener
a terrible soreness fills theworldthe whole universe and then
an i want the wholeworldto know that an and
last line if the wholeworldwas a cake he had
another girl in the wholeworldwho is called that it
a development could be aworldcentre of excellence and may
on the petition from theworlddevelopment movement agreed members indicated
to john watson of theworlddevelopment movement he welcomed the
watson on behalf of theworlddevelopment movement john mcallion was
watson on behalf of theworlddevelopment movement the committee agreed
made a statement on theworldsummit on sustainable development 6
by ministerial statement on theworldsummit on sustainable development followed
attendance at the united nationsworldsummit on sustainable development in
s young people at theworldsummit on sustainable development in
hamilton ian jenkins s1m 3265worldsummit on sustainable development lodged
2002 bill butler s1m 3265worldsummit on sustainable development lodged
make to the united nationsworldsummit on sustainable development on
1992 to the united nationsworldsummit on sustainable development s1w
in scotland will attend theworldsummit on sustainable development s1w
visit to the united nationsworldsummit on sustainable development s1w
most profitable profession in theworldbecause the government looks for
most welcome we have aworldclass reputation for excellence in
most dominant language in theworldenglish english is so dominant
most natural thing in theworldher dress swollen in the
most powerful representations in theworldin respect of giving power
most beautiful island in theworldin the thousand and one
most beautiful sight in theworldor out of it but
strategic goal of becoming theworlds most competitive and dynamic
miralles is one of theworlds most exciting and well
of the the mo- theworlds most exploited and impoverished
notes that one of theworlds most important collections of
1154 further notes that theworlds most powerful leaders have
to hear one of theworlds most successful songwriters talk
the community had travelled theworldand lived at different locations
that there is another differentworldof language and learning in
the different bits of theworldout there let us be
and spoke about the differentworldshe seemed to inhabit as
principal legal systems of theworldthe different legal traditions equitable
different legal cultures in theworldto ensure that scotland is
different point in an idealworldwe would not have to
subsequent punishment visited upon theworldby the goddess hathor after
after sailing halfway round theworldfrom scotland to calcutta than
see the goodness of thisworldlaid bare but after a
and feeding an ever expandingworldpopulation after debate amendment s1m
transform to enrich his innerworldsuch after all is the
in this part of theworldand the other thing you
oot there in that otherworldif yi didnae hae a
other sailed to a newworldmallorca what little information i
other more than anything theworldneeds to be able to
names america has given theworldof entertainment other than the
explain other phenomena in theworldpeople speaking many if not
that it has on otherworldplayers outwith the european community
load there it s anotherworldspeaking of other worlds thanks
there back ti that otherworldthat other wae o life
than any other in theworldthe display continued with more
to buy from the developingworldthere might be no other
from one end of theworldto the other i have
sucked him into a separateworldwhere other things ceased to
only other person in theworldwho knew jimmy s secret
other perverts in the outsideworldwill the minister please look
oot there in the otherworldyi wur feared ti let
mr keith raffan s1m 2187worldalzheimer s day lodged on
2002 pauline mcneill s1m 2932worldassociation of flower arrangers lodged
the quality of scotland sworldclass universities lodged on 9
1757 hosting football s 2005worldclub championship lodged on 14
1757 hosting football s 2005worldclub championship lodged on 14
s1m 567 hosting the footballworldcup in scotland lodged on
s1m 567 hosting the footballworldcup in scotland lodged on
2002 elaine smith s1m 2942worlds biggest burns supper lodged
report the state of theworlds children 2003 lodged on
report the state of theworlds children 2003 lodged on
report the state of theworlds children 2003 lodged on
sheridan s1m 1129 threat toworlds forests lodged on 25
the newcomer slid into theworldamid its tangle of cord
had brought me into theworldand fortunately it was quite
eh i came into theworldand my gran said the
from his inner and outerworldand shaping them into his
arriviste allowed back into theworldas i felt myself to
certainly brought me into theworlderm f631: and the was
virtually brought me into theworldf631: mmhm f634: hmm so
an insight into a bilingualworldfor the benefit of monolingual
is lost in his secretworldhis big brother bursts into
they go out into theworldin cap or black beret
the temptation to divide theworldinto areas in which equality
from this part of theworldinto cocktail quaffing air kissers
dawn of civilisation in thatworldinto which bottom is so
concern scotland s comment theworldis divided into two sorts
you know young people intoworldmusic and into f963: mm
i think that are intoworldmusic you know erm kind
goes out into the realworldno they re nae bessie
into the traditional male dominatedworldof scholarly activity carswell s
d bring design into theworldof the humble carrot scrawled
today s debate into aworldperspective and brings a sense
back into the eighteenth centuryworldpicture the place of song
were incorporated into the feudalworldrepresented by the catalan aragonese
finding myself back in theworldsoon we were ushered into
out uncomprehending into a mountainousworldthe man i could see
himself were born into theworldthese former two worthies seem
saviour who came into thisworldto save sinners the moment
first twins born into thisworldwas two boys the one
incorporated mallorca into the romanworldwith the construction of two
not the end of theworldbut then it is quite
like the end of theworldis nigh i vowed i
seek experience in the widerworldjoanna in the end brings
to the well at theworlds end at ardnamurchan where
go with you to theworlds end i don t
was the end of aworldthe end of the austro
t the end of theworlduncle [censored: forename] had written 12
was the end of theworldyou know f631: yeah can
s spoken all over theworldand therefore you get er
over er all over theworldas a a means of
website from all over theworldehm and sometimes it s
them from all over theworlderm the road humps m608:
steep frowns over the presentworldi saw a mighty devil
folk from all over theworldin helensburgh f606: mmhm m691:
burns suppers all over theworldlike fergus ewing i think
of people all over theworldlocked up because they couldn
and persimmons flourish people theworldover have been cast in
s birthday is celebrated theworldover with the exception of
catalunya and by philosophers theworldover you ll find institutions
afloat an origami fleet theworldpulled over onto the hard
experts from all over theworldsigned an open letter condemning
travel from all over theworldto sample the quality home
came from all over theworldto their ancestral home there
are blogs all over theworldwaxing lyrical about syd barrett
an over refined inheritance aworldwhere emotion was frowned upon
only link with the outsideworldas he brought the messages
nicol scotland s only individualworldchampion s1o 384 23 donald
only two places in theworldone was richmond virginia and
shield herself from the externalworldonly a few people now
only thing that made theworlds ignorance tolerable was the
sacred sites of the buddhistworldscarred by terrorist bullets only
only happened today and evenworldservice radio frequencies stopped being
only trading bloc in theworldthat has an explicit policy
the only thing in theworldthat mattered she peered at
don t care the onlyworldthat matters is the one
lee that s the onlyworldthe only life ah ken
the only one in theworldto know that but the
the only nation in theworldwith its own legal system
than 100 states in theworldwould feel disfranchised because only
of cultural homogenisation a monoculturalworldwould not only be a
britain was first in theworldin economic performance in the
wider significance as possibly theworlds first sinking of a
lost young men in bothworldwars especially in the first
of s1m 2187 cathie craigieworldalzheimer s day for text
of s1m 2966 margaret smithworldasthma day 7 may 2002
building s1m 2966 margaret smithworldasthma day 7 may 2002
barrie s1m 3989 1 unescoworldbook day 6 march 2003
christine grahame s1m 3989 unescoworldbook day 6 march 2003
fergusson s1m 1100 elaine thomsonworldcorporate games july 2000 that
mr duncan hamilton s1m 2785worldday for water 22 march
scotland s place in theworldmr john swinney moved s1m
traditional dialect in the modernworlda glasgow case study frankfurt
female experience in the modernworlda process continued in dreaming
sacred relic in the buddhistworlda tooth said to have
difficulty some states in theworldabout which there might be
in scotland anywhere in theworldactually so ehm the building
i keep in touch withworldaffairs pastor jack glass was
the scottish parliament but inworldaffairs we will be able
eighth largest economy in theworldahead of brazil russia canada
attention in the english speakingworldalso as has burns s
in an increasingly media dominatedworldalthough labov noted that though
that wis happenin in theworldan of coorse the wither
highest navigable lake in theworldand a stark deep blue
to thrive in the modernworldand enables individuals to reach
further tribulations in an exploitedworldand her uncle s misguided
going on in the outsideworldand i don t care
god in in the naturalworldand in and in various
among the best in theworldand perfectly acceptable or that
the largest city in theworldand speakers and singers and
role and responsibility in theworldand supports their efforts to
the best will in theworldand the co operation of
important in a fast changingworldand will recognise the undoubted
largest arms producers in theworldare european companies with government
of ideas and the contemporaryworldare however in english in
the lee mcconnells of thisworldare not in scotland 52
at home in the educationalworldas bernstein puts it halliday
drove my vision through theworldas in the turf my
in every corner of theworldas scots we should be
how language operates in theworldat large this is nothing
s government to host theworldathletics championships in 2005 and
s government to host theworldathletics championships in 2005 s1w
s government to host theworldathletics championships in 2005 s1w
writing about now lies aworldaway if not in time
accelerated timetable at the imfworldbank meeting in prague for
terrible than in all theworldbeside for when i die
cross to re discover theworldbetter take walks in the
all the difference in theworldbetween stating that our commitment
brain a sliver of theworldbrain perhaps in this representation
with the best in theworldbuild on the achievements of
biggest department store in theworldbut did not stay long
not be alone in theworldbut how had he heard
hideous looking object in theworldbut it was a crimplene
the biggest place in theworldbut like i don t
be the best in theworldbut they struggle to compete
are instrumental in transforming theirworldby removing the baleful influence
rose water theology in theworldcannot quench the great fire
timon what things in theworldcanst thou nearest compare to
d make it in thisworldcause oot there in that
girls already out in theworldchildren s chants and sniggering
to play in turning theworldclass research and innovation they
in stirling all the smallworldclichés came tumbling out emma
is driven by changes inworldclimate 10 15 the convener
ways of looking at theworldcome in and words of
in winning the wwf ourworldcompetition demonstrate the high standard
case that in the realworldcomplaints come out in the
in attracting the 13th annualworldcorporate games in terms of
enterprise spent in attracting theworldcorporate games to aberdeen in
dance life in the outsideworldcould begin again the bus
the english team in theworldcup arsenal winning the english
to bid to hold theworldcup in 2010 supported by
saw a mermaid watching theworldcup in a bar to
fife con hosting the footballworldcup in scotland that the
telling us viewers that theworldcup is really important in
cricket football and rugby unionworldcups and commonwealth games in
no sentiment in business theworlddoesn t stop in its
to help to regulate theworldeconomy in such a way
and create balance in theworldeconomy it has been the
the in the day sworldeh in fact scots voices
s participation in nineteenth centuryworldempire mcdiarmid and co were
ye know in in theworldenglish market because the languages
things in e big fowksworldere wis nae skweel meals
best rock album in theworldever f718: [laugh] m734: er
to some places in theworldf1026: i know f1054: ken
than anything else in theworldf1187: mm f66: even ones
really annoy me in thisworldf632: mmhm f646: are the
you d say in theworldf826: mm f606: mmhm m903:
outstanding figures in scottish literatureworldfamous as the author of
bj still in lee sworldfantasy land it s jilly
s still somewye in theworldfar you can aye buy
a- issues in the arabicworldfor example discussions erm there
has been practised in theworldfor many centuries particularly in
be found anywhere in theworldfor the treatment of epilepsy
biggest coffee morning in theworldfurther congratulates them on smashing
the lowest in the developedworldfurther notes that scottish executive
where do you see theworldgoing in the next twenty
in quick ilky day eworldgot bigger till at e
parallel loss in the biologicalworldgraddol 1998 11 8 with
parallel tynin in the biologicalworldgraddol 1998 2 8 wi
the unhealthiest in the westernworldgreater accessibility to sport will
if everyone else in theworldhad experienced sex and she
s place in the widerworldhas been a topic of
the loveliest places in theworldhe leant towards me an
the finest trees in theworldhe mentions olives and oak
wis fer up in theworldhe wis deein his best
no boadily pains in theworldhere eftir that ah know
m1020: we re in anotherworldhere f1054: oh dear this
and work and the widerworldhowever the differences in the
in this part of theworldi don t think f1009:
of two especially in thisworldi mean f890: no two
guest vocals on in thisworldi recorded it in the
are legislating in the realworldi shall quote the words
in this part of theworldi suppose freezing uh huh
russell perhaps in an idealworldi was asked what i
say that in a perfectworldi would call for all
alone shut in from theworldif she had a charm
cannot survive in the modernworldif they are completely ignored
together what validates the naturalworldimagery in this poem is
tae be awaar o eworldin a sea o parks
a showing of 2 oldworldin action films on how
its recent success in theworldin bloom competition s1o 396
e reef o es perticklerworldin full sicht o e
easily by the english speakingworldin general nevertheless for those
the top three in theworldin its class of the
philosophy it always creates theworldin its own image it
the reality of the adultworldin mcseveney s scenarios for
power i ll carve theworldin my own image i
oldest historical tree in theworldin recent years as with
scotland ranks eighth in theworldin terms of visitor spend
point hopefully to a calmerworldin the 90 s still
an linguistic diversity forenent theworldin the neist decades is
and linguistic diversity facing theworldin the next decades is
describing and managing the physicalworldin this movement from concrete
the poorest person in theworldis it is a young
noon auctoritee were in thisworldis right ynogh for me
his rule in the elementalworldis very short lived and
best legal system in theworldit does not require much
the silver moon all theworldit ferries in secret late
takes no pack all theworldit ferries in secret late
is living in a dreamworldit is time that she
we need in a competitiveworldit s wrong to evaluate
for people elsewhere in theworldjohn scott ayr con does
reflects nobody in all theworldknew the real isabel the
sense of violence in theworldlarge uniformed men staring down
start livin in the realworldlee when yi gonnae tell
in the back of herworldlike mount etna occasionally erupting
know in the context oworldliterature so i think i
the biggest band in theworldlooks typically moody as he
the downstairs entran- f1049: workoutworldm1048: uh huh in there
of creamola foam in theworldm1078: crystals mm yes mmhm
insects and snakes in theworldm815: yeah it s like
my tapes there s aworldmap in the cafeteria with
rheumaticky limbs of the westernworldmight turn more easily in
be done elsewhere in theworldmrs smith my point is
in a satellite dominated televisualworldmusic videos with inane presenters
month anyone in the realworldmust be aware of the
largest underwater lake in theworldmust have been truly astonishing
anything else in all theworldnever feared she threw back
fuckin action director in theworldno idea whatsoever just blows
i go about in theworldnow as if with two
highest fuel tax in theworldnow that we are approaching
in at teet intill eworldo girse an yird an
that in the competitive modernworldof business and industry people
sat beside me in thisworldof coincidences you should not
or loiter slow in theworldof constant night fingers serve
brig braille land in theworldof constant night fingers serve
rightful place in the lucrativeworldof fiction luckily at this
renowned in the spanish speakingworldof giant cacti cultivation anyway
his own making in thisworldof melodically manipulated airflows where
method of writing about theworldof nature in the eighth
verb spilled as in theworldof poetry it is blood
he is not in theworldof practical government tommy sheridan
olive groves lost in aworldof shapes textures and colours
for being alive in aworldof song and colour and
in the dynamic and uncertainworldof the future 13 11
is in the print orientedworldof the school very much
environment and place in theworldof their own dialect areas
youngsters they struggle in theworldof today the sound of
attitude and understanding of theworldof work in all its
is the view of theworldof younger people in scotland
greater say in the widerworldon training it is a
you know not to theworldor you know not in
of a new british imperialworldorder scottish innovations in moral
arguably the oldest in theworldorganising some kind of children
birds in from the widerworldpaddy dragged in impecunious dossers
learned here in the boxingworldpat anticipate what yur opponent
angle a racket in theirworldpat he s using yi
bj wur in the boxingworldpat remember pause this is
protest peacefully in support ofworldpeace but condemns those in
protest peacefully in support ofworldpeace but condemns those in
protest peacefully in support ofworldpeace the deputy minister for
right in that sad newworldpoor ruined california where everything
part in the fight againstworldpoverty and thereby against terrorism
went to an exhibition ofworldpress photos riots in seoul
in the wisdom of theworldpublished by spotlight poets and
at number 28 in itsworldrankings acknowledges that the outstanding
anchors in a rapidly changingworldreferences pages 94 98 appendices
her mark in the actingworldricky s happy to grow
[laugh] f812: nothing in thisworlds for free [laugh] f813:
in prague for releasing theworlds heavily indebted poor countries
how like hedges grow theworlds moustaches they hibernate in
in fact it was aworlds wonder when they were
in expansion and chasing theworldsalmon price my view is
in the light of thisworldscale reception it is the
known landmark in janie sworldscreaming out of time and
the one person in theworldshe should be kept furthest
but sh- in today sworldshe would have been a
male figures in the publicworldshe wrote few formal critical
the balance in the naturalworldshould be however balance is
the good opinion of theworldsmith in neitzschean fashion declares
so are we in thisworldso the way that he
big way in the animalworldsome tortoises have benefited from
criminal justice systems in theworldsurvive on some sort of
enyeuch in for e ootsideworldtae be oot o sicht
commercial handicap in the outsideworldthan already allegedly exists among
there in a wider freerworldthat gave you the courage
in the negotiations in aworldthat is looking for more
those languages elsewhere in theworldthat is not the case
believes that in an idealworldthat is what i would
total package anywhere in theworldthat turnkey concept is the
that we see in theworldthat we know do not
recognise their importance in aworldthat would be impoverished if
are to be in thisworldthe bible also talks about
out there in the widerworldthe boldfaced overturning of the
practical use in the modernworldthe cost of repairing such
wherever one goes in theworldthe man is a megastar
small luxuries in a harshworldthe past few days have
exported peanuts to the richworldthe problem with food in
passage through the close grainedworldthe suicides in smith are
means living in the realworldthe timing of implementation is
europe and in the widerworldthere is a bank of
should change in a utopianworldthere would be no stigma
production units elsewhere in theworldthey continue to make the
newest democratic parliament in theworldto choose life to shape
the best places in theworldto eat coming in at
in british embassies across theworldto look for international partnerships
i wanted everybody in theworldto see this easter egg
as well wishing the widerworldto walk about in buddha
the highest rates in theworldtobacco kills at least 13
that is evil in theworldtoday in fact if racism
attack by terrorists on theworldtrade centre in manhattan new
the parliament notes that theworldtrade organisation meets in seattle
in view of the currentworldtrade organisation negotiations on the
left nae mark in eworldunless a lang line o
action pause yur in anotherworldup there lee pause mibi
to indicate changes in theworldviews of speakers thus in
in september 1913 the mediterraneanworldwakens to refulgent brilliance the
glasgow [note: photo: 'early taxi in the 1920s.'] [note: photo: 'arbuthnott sports in the early part of the century, with teas being served from a lorry in the background.'] chapter 8worldwars [note: photo: 'arbuthnott war memorial'] arbuthnott in common
the best thing in theworldwas to climb on the
to legislate in an idealworldwe are legislating in the
that he was in thisworldwe are to be in
not exist anywhere in theworldwe did have contingencies round
about future sustainability in theworldwe have a lot of
the reality in the commercialworldwe must seriously consider the
form of hubcap in theworldwe re coming on leaps
a stronger europe in theworldwe will briefly examine the
in the more public literaryworldwe women recognize what she
in our bit of theworldwell the training is all
feminine writings already in theworldwhen i asked didn t
the best will in theworldwhen the legislation was drafted
are 17 countries in theworldwhere the national sign language
nae ither country in theworldwhere the principle o liberty
there is nobody in thisworldwho is not a historian
know fellow writers across theworldwho recognised particularly in mcdiarmid
no minority languages in theworldwill survive unless there is
nae minority leids in theworldwill survive unless there some
because nowhere else in theworldwill uphold them punjabi and
the largest country in theworldwith of the population
work who in an idealworldwould be backed by professional
the best driver in theworldwouldn t stand a chance
city of course in theworldyou know and and glasgow
saying that in the perfectworldyou would want those two
bj naw back in yourworldyour boss you re cawin
oot there in lee sworldyur a slave ti the
of symbolic withdrawal from theworldand all emotional involvement he
feet from the bank aworldaway we peer from our
of corruption from the outsideworldbut it also affords the
semis isolated from the everydayworldby fields forests and the
a break from the wakingworldclose their eyes with the
disappearance of languages from theworldcould greatly speed up the
from the last but oneworldcup sandra emerged from the
of being marooned from theworldcut off from the commerce
got the rhythms of theworlddischarged from the grandeur of
about imports from the developingworlddo you have figures that
from another part of theworlddoes your mum speak scots
the map of the gaelicworlder apart from the academic
community from the vagrancies ofworldmarket fluctuations and create more
planthouses from the male publicworldof order and prohibition carol
that it starts from theworldof physical experience the earth
of a better society aworldof plenty free from the
evaluate examples from across theworldof the provision of shared
difference from the male literaryworldshe so much admired carswell
from contact with that wickedworldthat lies out yonder beaumont
as if to a secretworldthe artist rose from a
hard headed writer of theworldthe translation from pen to
trap door fall from thisworldto the next sometimes the
she came from the fairyworldtouch yer heid and taes
we import from the developingworldwe could produce at home
from himself and the naturalworldwhich he s bent on
o gettin t intill eworldahin at we got wirsels
cam fae aa ower eworldan i ken i spent
draps doon ahin e rollinworldat s a fine time
an fit it mint taeworldcommunications or e prestige o
e eggshall o ma trustinworldere wis twa classrooms side
shinin an new till eworldfine an healthy lookin e
an symbols o e modrenworldfither gweed eens or no
wis e limits o eworldfor me afore i got
get a lot o eworldintae ma hans or tae
fae ahin for a eworldlike beetles walkin upricht weerin
an they maan fascinate eworldo learnin as weel for
at at time though eworldwis takin big strides forrit
vandalism and help make theworlda better place who knows
poems poems about the naturalworldabout her concern for the
ll up an face theworldagain the wee golf ba
settin sichts oan the upperworldah m feared berna an
4 as noted above 6worldalzheimer s day the parliament
an opportunity tae see theworldan we couldn t have
yeah yeah m762: to theworldand and and erm and
billion served thro out theworldand even there mummers were
stones appear gilded when theworldand his wife are there
trade thing would change theworldand i just said who
a gaelic take on theworldand it was me as
re going to change theworldand make it good f718:
enough some languages dominate theworldand others are at risk
that are wrong with theworldand that becomes oh that
part of you know theworldand the culture and you
he makes sense of theworldand this has implications for
amuse and impose upon theworldand to mock god himself
feeling pissed off with theworldand you ve got f718:
10 days that shook theworldanother on paul robeson a
aboot how he views theworldaroon him a must read
life of scotland and theworldas aitken had expected the
town famed through all theworldas being the birth place
conn- reconnect him tae theworldas he left it lest
that the parliament notes thatworldasthma day is on tuesday
that the parliament notes thatworldasthma day is on tuesday
words to heart across theworldauld lang syne has been
5 per cent or theworldbank s estimation of a
to make representations to theworldbank the cameroonian government and
not accept that as theworldbank would say the economic
an armaments dump for theworldbasically m194: [inaudible] mmhm aye
on sketchbook out leave theworldbehind the old dear nabs
glorious enigma tae rock theworldbut for ma writer s
meaning transferred to the physicalworldbut metaphorically represents an abstract
s the way o theworldbut you re a thrawn
tae twa windaes on theworldby bein bi cultural makkin
to two windows on theworldby being bicultural enabling access
one glimpse of the widerworldcame on a friday when
this need to change theworldcan be seen as a
nor shee nor all theworldcan match with mee now
the chance to save theworld[censored: forename] liked the roses and
maakin skills won him theworldchampionship golden spurtle trophy a
tae mak edinburgh intil aworldcity of literature the pynt
s intention to earn aworldclass reputation for the scottish
s intention to earn aworldclass reputation for the scottish
the madness o lee sworldcome wi jilly an me
desire to enter the missworldcontest as an aspiration that
the day england got theworldcup m608: sixty six m1163:
scotland s out of theworldcup once again i watched
to sit badly with theworlddenying philosophy earlier propounded by
sinclair s satan s invisibleworlddiscovered of 1685 interestingly the
the georgian terraced street hisworlddisplayed no tramcars trundling along
and the jamelias of thisworlddon t actually m819: [inaudible]
bars it was a sepiaworlddrained of the intense daylight
at the meeting of theworldeconomic forum wef at davos
great passion by which theworldendures a bridge without a
them last week the jewishworldentered our 5762nd new year
image of gaelic to theworlderm f606: mm f1067: but
the country produces 22 ofworldexports a well honed operation
work of the robert burnsworldfederation and of the individual
activities of the robert burnsworldfederation individual burns clubs and
argument that the robert burnsworldfederation should be recognised as
members of the robert burnsworldfederation which as members have
conference of the robert burnsworldfederation which was held i
be made available to theworldfor erm linguistic analysis so
pursuit of a non nuclearworldfree of the threat of
kind of book the scottishworldfull of illustrations a text
simply commenting on the materialworldgiven that such metaphors exist
bein part o the boxingworldgives yi freedom pause oot
decided to travel round theworldgot to australia met an
its celebration of the naturalworldgrassic gibbon emulated this achievement
air to no purpose theworldhad cures for everything mechanics
o the finest minds theworldhas seen hae devoted themsels
markets that part of theworldhe has strong views about
bring twa bairns inti theworldhe hus ti be strong
levels are recommended by theworldhealth organisation and eu respectively
the royal pharmaceutical society theworldhealth organisation the convener et
the virgin beach of theworldhow could they know out
the nature of the modernworldi am against secrecy whose
legislation applies to the surveillanceworldi am not sure whether
me she can change theworldi i can t m942:
house round the corner theworldi shared with rls was
well known one across theworldi suppose but ehm m865,:
aware i see that theworldis a stranger and more
got about the way theworldis and erm using our
sun s come oot theworldis happy ah ve even
mair opportunities oot owre theworldit signals forby that a
appears here too with theworlditself appearing as a flying
so as far as theworldknew the story of chris
like the singing voice theworldknows so well i had
classification section i the externalworldlargely complete 1 the earth
m939: she can change theworld[laugh] aye m941: it s
see a bit of theworld[laugh] but then again being
the discoverer of the newworldlenin used to be up
if a man of theworldlike james so educatit and
fite wig for aa theworldlike mr pastry that wis
backward wee corner of theworldlike this doesny offer much
writer s block the anxiousworldll hae tae wait tae
way of looking at theworldm608: mmhm m078: but that
out tea fit for theworldmarket as the well schooled
difference scotland must capture theworldmarket for wave and tidal
use upon myself that theworldmight be left a brighter
of understanding if ever theworldneeded instruments of understanding it
that man to man theworldo er shall brithers be
broo a dinnae like theworldo men an dinnae get
the aye chyngin an wanchancyworldo the future 4 11
order to talk about theworldof abstractions we draw on
introduced them to a newworldof exercise with all the
the already grotesque and giganticworldof gargantua and pantagruel the
not disgrace the pages ofworldof interiors as it was
lacks the hero anthropomorphises theworldof nature he is forced
spiritual life of the theworldof nature very very ancient
way for the big badworldof of industry if you
abstractions we draw on theworldof physical experience building up
down six centuries to theworldof ramon llull the cuitadella
were relatively new to theworldof representative politics were carried
welcome converts to the emotionalworldof sport there can be
left deeside to enter theworldof tea and tamils two
real should swamp the cosyworldof the here and now
that home language and theworldof the school with the
remains highly peripheral to theworldof work and economic life
on the page tum theirworldon its tail pain can
to have walked round theworldonce and were now on
parliament plus half of theworldone of our proudest moments
the dirt pause fi theworldoot there long silence bj
the problems or change theworldovernight but it is a
underworld the dark dangerous coalworldpause cause see when yi
the interests of promoting greaterworldpeace and harmony and further
the debate with the wordsworldpeace cannot be safeguarded without
what s wrong with theworldpeople like george galloway and
the past been a hugeworldplayer as a publishin industry
the tsunami capital of theworldreally the bay is funnel
ins said to be aworldrecord the fossil of a
out a stronger but appropriateworldrole for the european union
the industrial logging of theworlds ancient forests notes that
ever come when all theworlds at peace will the
to be despotic for theworlds behoof urban s one
i know the wo- theworlds changed an awful lot
mr kenneth gibson threat toworlds forests that the parliament
which commands one of theworlds great views out across
celebrated as one of theworlds key creative centres on
estimated that 90 of theworlds languages will either be
yonggi cho leader of theworlds largest church with a
which is one of theworlds largest oil producers we
we looked up the [laugh]worlds largest penis m944: i
want to look at theworlds largest penis think about
jaloused that 90 o theworlds leids will be extinct
to know its strength theworlds not owned but held
to such a tree theworlds not owned but held
just power brings responsibilities theworlds not owned but held
seed the message gives theworlds not owned but held
your home your land theworlds not owned but held
carrick city of adelaide theworlds oldest clipper ship and
ought to be above theworlds opinion instead he gave
borrow the language of theworlds poetry the new seems
prosperously i shall adjust theworlds polarity to mine mammon
scotland and one of theworlds premier city destinations and
won t ever be theworlds strongest man [laugh] [laugh]
not try to chase theworldsalmon price because we can
made another life found theworldsaw differently thought differently why
to the crackle of theworldservice and continuing to write
preparing classes listening to theworldservice and watching tv 1
news of it on theworldservice [censored: forename] and i spent
hear the news on bbcworldservice sunday today dawned misty
fi the underworld ti thisworldsettin sichts oan the upper
didn t have to beworldshaking to make the american
you are up above theworldso high twinkle twinkle little
wouldn t change for theworldsoppy old da da da
scots being medallists on theworldstage we have shown that
ti face the big cruelworldstop yi fi endin up
hit the roof then theworldstopped turning everything went black
have missed it for theworldtake care hope the weather
and a pastoral religiously believingworldthat honoured the virgin mary
terrible commission to undo theworldthat is this aristocratic sense
surveillance out of the shadowyworldthat it inhabits to create
a- the area o theworldthat we tend tae always
to a softer less intenseworldthe cats were sleeping by
m078: of looking at theworldthe fact that it then
within the ancient mediterranean tradingworldthe identity of the mallorcan
and the state of theworldthe poem presents a courtier
validity even within a whimsicalworldthe savage doberman played long
great necropolis across the westernworldthe trees of christmas spread
will to creation of theworldthe will to the cause
humans belong to the civilisedworldthere is an obvious question
fur you tae love theworldthey niver tortured you ye
the suffering children of thisworldthey re called the refugees
unnerstaun hoo experience o theworldthrou anither leid can be
valid as experience o theworldthrou english it will allou
understand that experience of theworldthrough another language can be
valid as experience of theworldthrough english it will allow
and that area of theworldthrough the voluntary sector we
his contacts within the academicworldto bring his vision about
and the water of theworldto enter and feed there
s actually happening to theworldtoday when did ye last
which were discussed through theworldtrade organisation and those may
welsh leid has jouked theworldtrend is doon tae considerable
welsh language has bucked theworldtrend is due to considerable
makes a stand against theworldurging society to cast off
who persuaded him that theworldwas safe enough for sleep
subsequent contact with the outsideworldwas through the moscow news
all people as if theworldwasn t full of lovely
one more step along theworldwe go james the saxth
though later for all theworldwe seem to be saying
t think it serves theworldwell to perpetuate negativity even
impending natural calamities facing theworldwere pooh poohed by successive
humans enter the kind ofworldwhere anything can happen and
the fairies to their primevalworldwhich has existed since before
the contacts with the naturalworldwhich i have perhaps had
extent to which the housingworldwhich probably includes ourselves and
least he walked through thisworldwi a kennin o the
i doubt that the outsideworldwill ever hear about that
my strathclyde bus pass theworldwill of course become my
verteous princes of the hoillworldwith gret solempnitie triumphe and
visited his part of theworldyesterday i took considerable time
feeling pissed off with theworldyou f718: mmhm m734: feel
becoming the language of theworldyou would hardly think so

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