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wiggly worm f1104: a wigglywormf1103: mmhm f1104: a wiggly
mmhm f1104: a wiggly wigglywormf1103: mmhm f1104: this goes
think it s a wigglywormf1104: a wiggly worm f1103:
shaw a muckle white spreckledwormburst ramstam out at uis
an a muckle white spreckledwormthe size o a chein
s yang chun the bawsentwormthir thrie capitanes is spulyiein
ti gloresheddae says the bawsentwormyang chun juist gang ti
crow perch down in thewormarena rose petals tumble like
heuk that i see theworma turnin for the weedow
my chrissie i doot yourworms turnin jim i think
the 7 looks like awormhe tries again and it
it looks like a squashedwormthe next he tries is
an da wheeched oot theworman hud a blether spencer
gote a skelp oan thewormthe rod hud jurked an
i made you a crocodilewormf1107: oh that s perfect
in the earth the gravewormcalls the clock is ticking
tying to tug a reluctantwormfrom a slab of earth
muckle clinty stane but thewormcam richt up ti the
roof and windows were dustywormeaten draped in cobwebs yet
again and it looks awormthat someone has almost bitten
hey look this is awormf1107: is it m1108: aye
i ve made you awormf1107: mmhm oh cool m1108:
m1108: aye i made awormf1107: wow you re clever
lunch a ll tak awormor for a filler a
terrified i d touch awormin among the soil m608:
ye can aye say thewormhas juist drappt aff if
the apple f1113: see awormf1114: a w- big high
yer hert like a hairywormthe wye ye made it
fair an square fishin thewormthae fellas there ll tell
its wearer will meet thewormleather dr o leary s
feint a word the cankeredwormwis on its broo and
that it s a awormoh they ve got [?]bullies[/?]
the ruch watter wi brammlinwormdevon minnow or even the
snap some beak a wrigglingwormhas speared unstoppable leapt from
illegal taickle or pit awormon their bare heuks wi

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