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a tenners worth it gotworsean worse until jonsar eck
these lonely nights are gettingworseand worse i always refuse
whit fur fags booze somethinworsegordon hash isn t worse
nights are getting worse andworsei always refuse tablets just
hate hate fur berna zebworsemuch worse than that della
worse gordon hash isn tworsethan booze or fags sadie
fur berna zeb worse muchworsethan that della della kin
worth it got worse anworseuntil jonsar eck jist hid
wraith snowdrift muckle waur muchworsethole endure gyte confused heize
wauken waken waukrif wakeful waurworsewaw wall wecht weight wechtie
della kin thur be oanythinworsethan hate silence zeb nothingness
een an it ay getsworseas it weers on till
by federalism the matter getsworsebecause the liberal democrat andrew
widna be surprised there sworsethan that gets into them
later on day ferrly getsworsethick mist blawn intae us
f965: and there s nothingworsefor a child than a
m goin you know wellworsefor you than cigarettes i
there were always some folkworseoff than others when the
today s welcome announcement beworseoff than their counterparts in
it as being a somewhatworseplace than it was or
term the situation will getworserather than better i wonder
is identified that is evenworsethan a blanket refusal that
win because there s nothingworsethan a burnt out pop
pretentious student there s nothingworsethan a pretentious student specially
of the time and noworsethan any of the other
swearword it s not anyworsethan any other word like
a fuckin oil rig beworsethan blackpool it s no
gonna be a whole lotworsethan doing twenty and coming
that they could do muchworsethan employ older people as
always a disaster area butworsethan ever now what they
out of there that wasworsethan having a baby don
hunger gnawin at ma bellyworsethan hellfire an the sweat
even bible reading they fairedworsethan i silence berna here
mean are some o thoseworsethan others m1017: aye thump
vet s table this isworsethan taking my children to
what he did f637: didworsethan that and it fell
that the situation is actuallyworsethan that once people go
where we need them leastworsethan that the process will
third way it would beworsethan the free market approach
turn on his talk wasworsethan the girls crudities a
raw red wi the sunworsethan the hottest days ay
he s gaun tae beworsethan the last yin did
mmhm f646: there s nothinworsethan the people sniggerin or
mainland one particular wednesday wasworsethan usual since baby liam
lilies that fester smell farworsethan weeds shakespeare seems to
for a reason this isworsethan working in casualty i
you sayin ma man sworsethan yours carolanne mine doesn
hinner than a help bitworsewis tae come meg s
your arthritis isn t gettingworsein this cold weather you
for example would find thatworsein wet weather what i
with us 2 thursday maworseweather mild 3 friday ma
policy s irrelevance or evenworsea local example that comes
it s certainly got noworseand might even be a
with the situation or evenworseas lacking in confidence about
ability are ignored or evenworsecaricatured we hope therefore that
asp serious illness or evenworsedeath would have implications for
an then probab- possibly evenworsefur foreigners or even the
it- it s even gettinworsei was talkin to ma
1999 but it is evenworsein 2003 to add insult
cheaper and it s evenworsem816: oh god i don
one s penis or evenworsemessages of sectarian or racist
and perhaps in an evenworseposition we must work at
accept that there are evenworsethings in the pipeline to
that but it s evenworsewhen she asks to feel
for pensioners they are gettingworse11 02 donald gorrie central
legislation which is actually gettingworseand tougher better in terms
christine elspeth he is gettingworsewednesday 12 we paint the
situation in multi ownership buildingsworsethere might be a link
that guid then sadie naeworseto gordon go oan an
a priest for better orworsea ring for ever and
next for better or forworseby an unexpected meeting by
for better things things gotworsenot better a few days
aberdeen is relatively better orworseoff under the executive s
wedding vows for better orworseye ken his face margaret
landscape goes from bad toworseand now to cap it
rhymes bad the pun isworsebut still the fact remains
be bad in either caseworsein a sodger he micht
sae bad ye ll seeworsewance ye ve been in
yeah f1151: it s muchworsebut i wouldn t leave
in fife has got muchworseduring the four years of
it would have been muchworsefor the scallop industry and
like that it s muchworseit can only be the
tha- i ve heard muchworsem1020: somebody that s no
going to end up muchworseoff financially if they have
put that right f1009: muchworsewith two l s m1007:
no no i ll feelworsehame is not where i
had only made lauder feelworsemitchel shook his head that
o the time a feelworsenoo here is the doctor
have been closed students areworseoff and there is no
just going to come offworseto some e- i m
the door to make thingsworsethere is a lot of
s solidarity fir ye theworsethings get the solider oor
yer granny only a lotworsehe d had strokes which
eh bathroom an ah feltworsefit a state ma face
that maks my tortured sinusworsemy heid is throbbin fit
a thing an fit wasworsethey widna get the good
curse as the wather gotworsean it poort on an
the pain never got anyworseand it seems to be
in their area has gotworseduring the past two years
said if it got anyworsehe was to go back
och it s gonnae getworse[laugh] later on aye f1054:
ah [inaudible] m815: just getworsem816: there that s it
get any worth- worth- [tut]worsepunishment that the the village
problems will continue to getworsethe major although not the
point dementia can only getworsethe minister is setting up
that the confusion will getworsewill the minister consider examining
an aye it s growinworsea saw ma freens aw
make an individual s debtworseand calls for a debate
defence against insight which isworseand i ll never make
sector will make our roadsworseby aggregating the faults and
so will make their healthworsetheir operations might be successful
fine now do we orworsea visit from the clype
valuable stuff could have beenworsearranged or proportioned with less
i had almost died orworsebeen maimed for life the
or something it s likeworsef631: aw uh huh f689:
thicket intent on theft orworseit is a privilege to
his own sticky weight madeworsebecause it was serious school
that it is being madeworseby the continuing effect of
review the problems were madeworseby the very short time
results mean is not madeworsecathy jamieson in responding to
mcginn [audience laughter] could have beenworseshe could have been called
a little could have beenworsethought jimmy if it hadn
ways it makes you aworseworker you re either going
it recently it s beenworsebecause as i say when
saturday night were ten timesworseit s been suggested that
and books that makes itworsesaid maconochie no said boswell
ick said morag it gitsworsewailed bethia check this oot
[censored: forename] [raspberry] that s naeworsebleugh f1103: eh f1104: that
s nae that s naeworsemum they re gonna dae
wi guns and knives anworsegie us your wages quine
inferior calling but there areworseit is not so honourable
you see f1024: it sworsef1025: that s sad [laugh]
wickedness but he s theworsemajor weir the great sodger
middle reader and what sworsemiss wood may move him
have a labour liberal coalitionworsestill youth scotland s hq
agreed though we have hadworsebut not many it has
also result in increased bureaucracyworseit will lead to a
keep moving somehow it wasworsenot knowing what he was
division and poverty and farworsewe owe it to future
but the english ones areworsef834: [inaudible] f835: time that
enough in a soldier butworsefatal in a poet why
cheese but what was infinitelyworseslump ended wi but blacker
angry jealous husband surely theworsefor drink at the time
hopeless clumsy rotten at strummingworseat picking with no ear
sunday to 10 mass dadworsetoday call doc no food
certainly managed that for theworsei am glad to be
we d be none theworseof having more of such
and the punishment would beworseso we thought well we
if anything the finances areworsei continue to hope that
on- just onybody that wasworsefor drink m999: aye f1001:
they re a damn sightworsefor the planet posted by
took a turn for theworseparadoxically by becoming warmer for
she was a sinner andworsea sinner beyond redemption losing
room stank of vomit andworsethough the window was wide
open your mouth in edinburghworsein london of course you
eventually inflict a cruel andworsesocial and commercial handicap in
with plastic and paper andworsestinking of sewage which however
[censored: forename] however slept badly andworsewe woke before six to
offerin noo tae mak mettersworsetimmer tam jist smiled an
crisis of 1981 and promisedworsewith the imminent retirement of

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