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wi the wippin o theworsitan the tellin o the
set aff again wippin theworsitroon an roon the baa
plooshare throwe a nest theworsitplaid wi ts tartan braid
an aa happit in aworsitteacosy minnie sat on a
hodgin aboot an drappin maworsitthe quine quatened doon as
bocht a heeze o aranworsitan tuik tae wyvin wi
her neck an a thickworsitscarf wi matchin mochles she
ye may the baa oworsitwis knottit the kitchie fire
mochles tae the schule theworsitwis sune weety an stervin
an haud this hank oworsittill i wyve the oo
haw tae oor hame spunworsitoor skins o wolf an
thon minnie near drappit theworsitaathegither wi excitement fa won

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