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goes on several things areworthnoting about this first the
was not murder it isworthnoting at this point that
issue regarding private verifiers isworthnoting here questions have been
use of sentences it isworthnoting here that much of
any foreign policy operation alsoworthnoting is the constructive abstention
all the details it isworthnoting that bord and six
the law civile it isworthnoting that coopland s translation
disabled children it is alsoworthnoting that many pensioners now
of scotland con it isworthnoting that mr frank submitted
offices in scotland it isworthnoting that perhaps through the
to recover costs it isworthnoting that those costs could
dealt with about 60 millionworthof debt advice seeing about
the early summer canada isworthseeing but i have some
still even this much isworthseeing but it does have
it to canada it isworthseeing tho i now wouldn
very american too it sworthseeing though al it s
worth aboot m608: aye m642: worthaboot five hundred and that
mm m642: value it wasworthaboot m608: aye m642: worth
worth or mebbe a tennersworthit got worse an worse
worth or a shillin swortho this or that as
skink bit it was sixpenceworthor a shillin s worth
sometimes he got a fiversworthor mebbe a tenners worth
is worth writing it isworthwriting in any language i
for it if something isworthwriting it is worth writing
convener good it might beworthour while to pass on
four years will have beenworthwhile 12 03 mrs lyndsay
so if you judge itworthwhile 15 carlyle s advice
in the sector has beenworthwhile an increase in funding
behaviour appears to be extremelyworthwhile and effective the staff
debate the committee report isworthwhile and has given us
as health but it isworthwhile and necessary to try
that was recognised as beingworthwhile and that received a
on this petition has beenworthwhile clearly and ideally we
so however it would beworthwhile considering the matter further
to improve standards has beenworthwhile doing in and of
in others it would beworthwhile for the committee to
3 so it might beworthwhile for us to pass
make finally it would beworthwhile for us to pass
if the proposal which wasworthwhile had been thought through
reach but it would beworthwhile if msps could reach
think that it would beworthwhile if the questions are
projects that they believe areworthwhile in themselves or which
opportunity gap however although someworthwhile initiatives have been introduced
policy matters it may beworthwhile it is really about
and our visit was veryworthwhile it revealed that some
considered might it not beworthwhile to ask for the
new technology it may beworthwhile to identify the person
the advantage of making itworthwhile to study some key
rumbles the proposal is extremelyworthwhile we all know the
that i ll make itworthyour while not to bolt
east and south west areworth176 million over the five
and north west units areworth182 million over the five
forum scotland received project fundingworth2 million however because it
40 companies with current ordersworth21 million is not satisfied
cent of tsc s capitalworth4 5 million they put
schools i recently announced fundingworth5 million for a further
and obtaining about 5 millionworthof additional benefits i am
remarkable sum of 2 millionworthof aid raised for kosovo
up to 80 million sworthof left over holiday money
aid package for fishing communitiesworthup to 50 million on
pat bit the mair selfworthan respect jilly learned pause
self maybe but it sworthit to get awa fae
my self respect i mworthmair than that it s
pat jilly love an selfworththat s what makes us
pause yid lost yur selfworthyid been forced oot your
wonder whether it would beworthwriting to the minister for
division if not it isworthdoing perhaps by the new
professor richards it is perhapsworthmentioning that some of the
that role it is perhapsworthpointing out that when fish
well spent it is perhapsworthquoting some of the points
and that there is somethingworthin making a record of
sake of it it isworthmaking it clear that although
place during them it isworthmaking the point that a
and soil conditioner so itsworthmaking use of it rather
get loads of money m959: wortha try next time she
to get my money sworthit wasn t meant to
to get my money sworthkind of thing f807: yeah
an get oor money swortho warm wool blankets an
m getting my money sworthout of the health service
point 8 would it beworthclarifying our position by adding
gorrie s point however isworthemphasising he took the example
the first minister it isworthrepeating the point that three
that ball park it isworthreturning to the point made
tories introduced initially it wasworth10 but now it is
eedjit circus horses are nowortha buckie now if it
a ticket for it waswortha couple o pun tae
gentleman poet it itself iswortha peek the other court
be saved but it swortha try it ll be
from the executive it isworthasking the executive to think
letter div ye think itworthawfu pleased to help ye
other than english it isworthbearing in mind that many
education for what it wasworthbut imagine ma surprise and
maybe aa this is naethingworthbut it ll surely please
with primary children it isworthconfronting the issue of burns
earlier however it may beworthconsidering in the longer term
pushed aside it would beworthconsidering that to clarify the
those issues then is itworthcopying our response to the
fairly quickly it is notworthdiscussing them at all and
that it is a jobworthdoing christine grahame it might
hard at but it sworthdoing f745: yeah f746: [cough]
specified circumstances it is alsoworthdrawing the member s attention
set up it might beworthencouraging the executive to come
fun with words it isworthexploiting every chance for language
oh well it s notworthf641: yeah f639: no f640:
european fitba championship wid beworthfollowin so it wis great
on or it winna beworthgaun awa jonsar eck nivver
in committee it will beworthgoing through each of these
ither nor english it isworthhaudin in mind that mony
that involvement it would beworthhaving a report from those
which matters it might beworthhighlighting the directive is a
nibble though it wis hardlyworthhis trouble his teeth jist
trip was going to beworthit after all ah cannae
a struggle still it wasworthit all in the end
for wir tickets wis weelworthit an ye seen forget
but i mean it wasworthit and then n- nine
but for you it sworthit angelica angelica sexily i
this picture it s naeworthit angelica complaining so you
in action it should beworthit even just to be
wasn t f1025: it wisnaeworthit f1023: i don t
sure after but it isworthit how i enjoy working
find it s all beenworthit i believe you ll
mum is your job reallyworthit i hope you feel
small doses but it sworthit i m getting a
would take several trips hardlyworthit i reasoned cracking away
such a drop would beworthit in order to gain
f1150: it s gonna beworthit in the end yeah
i think it will beworthit in the long run
certainly wouldna think it wasworthit jist to empty oot
she s okay it sworthit just to watch her
that it s gonna beworthit [laugh] yeah f1150: it
your back pocket it sworthit m818: i go for
it oh aye it sworthit na i dinnae really
the same time bit sworthit oh aye it s
chair lift it wis weelworthit time of coorse wis
of a nuisance but itsworthit to secure a home
of it still it wasworthit to see chariots of
then up again but wasworthit tried to have some
but on friday it wasworthit when ah went doon
major impact it will beworthkeeping an eye on that
been rushed it may beworthlooking back and reflecting 16
dorian 1981 105 it isworthlooking closer at the wider
those issues but it isworthlooking into them for example
o it malcolm he sworthmair grief nor this an
questionable whether an msp isworthone newly registered nurse it
10 but now it isworthonly 1 25 about 10
late stage it would beworthorganising more events to bring
bound ey agreed it wisworthover comin the fear o
bit it wid fairly beworthpatentin douglas broon the fairmer
they think that it isworthpaying the fee and upgrading
to october 2001 it isworthpointing out that most of
conduct patricia ferguson it isworthpointing out that the next
have mentioned it would beworthpursuing those questions whether or
have referred to it isworthrecalling that more than half
and give evidence it isworthrecalling that the annual budget
eadie it might also beworthreferring the petition to the
scottish examination board it isworthregistering by the way that
is used incidentally it isworthremembering that pronouns in fact
on adjectives although it isworthremembering that there is more
into interesting terrain it isworthremembering why the food standards
exist at all it isworthreminding ourselves also that this
provision in scotland it sworthreminding ourselves how remarkable it
this in mind it isworthrevisiting two of the most
winner t if it wisworthrisin and a farmer who
it was a good gameworthstaying up to 2 30am
not sure that it isworthstopping the legislation but that
selkirk grace but it isworthstressing in this bi centennial
longer susan deacon it isworthstressing the on going nature
it is m818: is itworththat much aye because it
and that it is notworththe paper that it is
week mmhm f1149: was itworththe scary journey in the
slugs a winder is itworththe sweat for aw the
of the buildings it wasworththe visit rich symbolic wall
others even claimed it wasworththe wait which was kind
the holy fair it sworththen looking briefly at how
unquestionable that we are notworththree it is from that
at the armoury it wasworthwaiting for some interesting but
the convener it will beworthwaiting for that concludes the
forethocht an decidit he wisnaworthwastin win on an it
such as it would beworthwould be to aim big
m certain shair it isnaeworthye losin aw thae feathers
effect than one that isworth10 out of 200 although
mair trouble than ye rewortha wish a d niver
a compromise that may beworthconsidering rather than having a
than ye could imagine anworthivery penny up until noo
make some people s livesworthless than others and notes
answer are workers in scotlandworthless than those south of
the dyed yins was wasworthmair than the ordinary papes
knowledge of the bible isworthmore than a college education
knowledge of the bible isworthmore than a college education
him siward na he sworthnae mair he dee d
or bad question that isworth10 marks out of 100
the labour market and isworth498 84m roughly 312m between
is that easter road iswortha fortune cause of the
butterfly by puccini is wellwortha hearing book list for
that good argument is notwortha jot because unless a
of britain the sector isworthabout 16 billion a year
scotland is estimated to beworthabout 5 billion each year
are sharp is sewage reallyworthall the hassle i heard
that the clerks think isworthdrawing from the paper gillian
among young folk is alsoworthexploiting for burns himself loved
arrangements is quite good andworthexploring two issues were raised
afternoon poorly attended but wellworthhearing hope my story is
disnae ken whit he isworthhis hoose has got a
convince people that he isworthinvesting in and that if
like this is aye weelworthjamie morrison had a grand
of others is a lawworthlearning a thread of blood
ways but neither way isworthlistening to as for the
wee ex cooncil flat isworthnear as muckle as their
this track record is currentlyworthon the open market s1w
which is not a priceworthpaying i welcome the executive
that that is a priceworthpaying malcolm chisholm absolutely we
on linguistics which is stillworthreading today language 1921 sapir
projects in recent years isworthretaining we have made a
global grants scheme which isworthroughly 11m or 6 9m
bather nor aw ye rworthsae ye ir there is
an older person is notworthsaving as much as that
few weeks of discomfort areworthten grand the house is
saying that she is wellworththe 4 4 shillings per
i bother adding my tuppenceworththe temptation is to go
s a richt guid tippenceworththe toll man is ma
the embassy cinema itself wasworththe visit plush is hardly
what the social economy isworthto the scottish economy as
meaning what is one lifeworthto them they think simply
how little the empire isworthwhen its leader values bread
whether those ancient drawings areworthpreserving for the nation if
organised by boas introduction stillworthreading lasting quality not true
as much as its literaryworthand urquhart influences all later
sign replacement appears to beworth11 4 per cent in
that life would not beworthliving if i did not
the prairie that would beworthsomething oh these dead and
s face would be wellworththe expense out in the
crime the fund will beworthup to 20million a year
on must be somethin oanworthwatchin a film changes channels
nou the warld kens hiswortha surgeon chiel but drugs
already mentioned last week butworthanother mention one of the
how to appreciate your trueworthbut johnny what about johnny
but they are shapely earsworthshowing off but vulnerable i
three things make a jobworthhaving and attract people to
three little planties bit wellworththe veesit specially fin tellt
and establish a new fundworth20million per year to make
was the thing that wasworthdying for if i could
the nation if they areworthpreserving the executive must provide
think my wark s nowortha whustle or scrape o
television licences which are currentlyworth112 a year furthermore we
een he said are nowortha damn i thocht for
next to nothing which arewortha small fortune now the
means that they are instantlyworthchucking things at at the
citrus crops the terraces areworthfar more sold to germans
on council spending that areworthpicking up he mentioned argyll
elsewhere in scotland sips areworthprotecting and developing we are
paintings by georges braque areworththe cost both moral and
you ever do potatoes areworththe trouble he ought to
and an allan ramsay portraitworth9000 the vicar was definitely
and the distance he wasworthhis round number and we
best way to demonstrate hisworthhis value [inhale] was to
was entitled to 1 9worthof meat a week children
iit s only fifteen quidworthof vouchers so i was
balance sheet there was naethingworthspeaking o left o my
awa for a she wasworththe bonnie lass o fyvie
best way to demonstrate hisworthwas to fulfil his literary
writers began to recognise hisworthand in the eighteenth century
a sense of his ownworthand thus inhibit his willingness
sawin temptation for aa hisworthgaun up an doun that
very famous actor who sworthloads they had his mum
meant to affirm the contemporaryworthof his own poetic circle
readers and writers recognised hisworththough in the 18th century
managed tae get a tennersworthdoon at strichen that did
a game m1013: oh [inaudible]worthtwae used tae get them
takkin a picter o nithinworthi d been busy in
movement of prices or theworthof goods how can the
your pity for all itsworthwhere s the nearest loo
no bein accordit its richtworthin schuils an the provision
on the rocks a thingworthknowing sweet rot that cradles
a that that sense andwortho er a the earth
term economic impact a priceworthpaying i am convinced that
the properties till they wernywortha docken there s no
in aa veracitie s nowortha fart the fringe ll
for a m richtlie nowortha haet there s nae
on for a he sworthdestroyed for me this planet
pit wir baw bee sworthintae thon comatee an forgotten
hivna had a penny swortho aid f826: no despite
herd a happy ending sworththe cost forgetting for a
meditate on the love andworthof my blessed saviour i
cry besmirched an tired nowortha damn for liberty loues
social inclusion and recognising theworthof young people for whom
just under ten millions quidwortho debt right m818: aye
in the countryside eggs wereworth6d a dozen when plentiful
stirk a blethrin clan nowortha preen as bad as
a guid twal fuit aneworthaboot saxty pun ticht atween
aff tae the shops tuppencewortho sweeties an a comic
jist the usual twenty poundsworthplastic gaed jonsar a look
mmhm m1174: thousands of poundworthof equipment m608: yeah m1174:
british household presently has 35worthof eu coins squirreled away
has attempted to evaluate theworthof the social economy scvo
upon the principles of equalworthmutual respect and the rule
of outside light passing yearsworthof accumulated dirt plastered on
hundreds of millions of poundsworthof damage were done to
ve done thirty six minutesworthof talkin m944: you re
the other the importance andworthof the dictionary of the
of attempts to research theworthof the social economy to
infinite source of every thoughtworththinking every symbol myth divine
six were entitled to 11dworthhousewives became adept at stretching
have done thirty six minutesworthm944: what f943: we ve
rock formations made the climbworththe effort i soon realised

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