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[exhale] well i think itwouldnahurt tae r- to rev-
tae r- to rev- itwouldnahurt to revive it i
hurt to revive it iwouldnathink m865: sorry okay uh
to mairry me an iwouldnawant to mairry him he
the bairn but no hewouldnawant to mairry me an
touch ye d think itwouldnahurt jist the opposite in
mm mm f948: i thinkwouldnahurt to to learn them
s snell but you personallywouldnabe snell m1013: it s
a couple o tabbies iwouldnave believed it was possible
be turned upside down iwouldnave believed you you re
in a funny wye iwouldnamind that it wouldna seem
i wouldna mind that itwouldnaseem sic a waste o
of scots f948: well itwouldnah- be wrong in the
yeah f948: and o- iwouldnalike to see it die
wine smells a richt itwouldnaging aff in six months
uncomfortable weel i for onewouldnahesitate to ging to the
a lot o folk justwouldnaunderstand it m865,: actually many
i don t i justwouldnawant a formal m865,: mmhm
a thegether lizzie lizzie itwouldnabe the first time georgie
watch the washing f1136: wewouldnabe on the washing f1135:
at breakfast time but itwouldnaseem the same some wye
f1117: stop being funny [censored: forename]wouldnadae that neither does [censored: forename]
drappie o t georgie iwouldnai jist dinna think it
pit up here cause iwouldnaf831: uh huh m842: find
m822: aye so as theywouldnahae tae pit a bridge
had gotten haud the peoplewouldnalet them pit it in
pit it where maist scotsmenwouldnamaconochie said but fortunately boswell
have a accent that youwouldnalike m865: yeah yeah no
[laugh] f950: ehm weel iwouldnamind i mean i don
that wear nylons an iwouldnamind some o t happenin
weel allan johnson and monboddowouldnabe very weel matched in
cell and looked in butwouldnastop and she kent it
f1107: it broke and wewouldnahae nae mair wooden spoons
lassie lassies yer ain agewouldnalook at ye ye wantit
no it winnae no itwouldnam1108: mm f1107: ooh m1108:
hae been cried afore thatwouldnahae been his choice either
juist a base hypocrite yewouldnahae risked gaun in tae
he had said lauder itwouldnahae saved him he d
lord s mercy but hewouldnahe was shoutin i hae
that was that you jistwouldnaleave i used to shove
will he m1096: no hewouldnacause he s just a
bite ye m1096: no theywouldnawe re just little f1095:
here the day peggy itwouldnabe richt loretta a fine
s been bad enough iwouldnawant anither 40 year without
niece efter n a iwouldnawant to see her tak
like a horse bessie youwouldnathink it noo though would
at christmas so he certainlywouldnathink it was worth it
ambulance in the war yewouldnathink she d get awa
so she was saying yewouldnathink so would ye she
kinna insurance policy sometimes hewouldnaeven ken she d bocht
oot o him he probablywouldnaeven notice he d done
even if he was hewouldnagang near his faither sae
that owns the parents iwouldnawish tae cause embarrassment tae
he was there f1089: hewouldnabe there m1090: what if
used to say but iwouldnaha e that he s
bittie f1141: he says iwouldnasay no but i m
he s nae gan thatwouldnave surprised me he never
a mess f1104: na iwouldnadae that would i f1103:
raw tae the banes yewouldnasee a dug treatit sae
hure and dementit tae iwouldnacredit muckle o whit she
has nane oh well shewouldnahave won at aa if
oot your litter tray shewouldnathank me for that and
it was that easy iwouldnabe here it s less
liverpudlian and and newcastle iwouldnabe so keen on that
alive than toby wilkins iwouldnalike to meet im fan
mammy i wouldn t iwouldnaplay that f1127: come roon
be safe so s theywouldnaget lost muriel then you
it s aafa sma itwouldnahave been much use that
f1111: pardon oh no youwouldnadrink soapy water would you
pound on the lottery theywouldnahiv to get up fur
sure that her e ewouldnajump forard to the crucial

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