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flanders and died of hiswoundsin france on 2nd june
flanders and died of hiswoundson 10th april 1917 charles
flanders and died of hiswoundson 25th october 1916 he
flanders and died of hiswoundson 9th september 1915 james
slab of the altar fivewoundswere cut like stars it
countin heids an lickin oorwoundswe hadnae dune that weel
water they tend to hiswoundspat him with a towel
and the bandages for theirwoundstend them and heal them
where he dressed my headwoundsand sent me here to
until now here my headwoundswere dressed and it was
close enough to clean itswoundstoo raw for tenderness too
help duncan yeir wards anwoundsbrings honor baith upon yeir
these guys are pretty vulnerablewoundsstill weepin fuck sake go
inner storms are raging oldwoundsold terrors far beyond assuaging
table he examined my headwoundsand conveyed through juanita that
meant ti douk in reikinwoundsor gar kyth anither golgotha
things including like the fivewoundsof christ and the five
stone the bad word thatwoundsis this you have grim
ti ye siward war hiswoundsat the front ross ay
sphagnum moss for use onwoundsduring the 1st world war
wi gowden bluid his awesumwoundsa fair affront ti naitur
gunner he recovered from hiswoundsand had been back in
flesh ye d worn yerwoundsthe balm o sympathy wad
which was used to dresswounds[note: news article about moss picking] there was no school
gaw is eikit til hirwoundsfor aw a m shuir

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