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get some clingfilm we llwrapit put it in your
then we ll have towrapit up in clingfilm right
know the sort of clingfilmwrapon him f643: [laugh] m608:
wanner v wander wap vwrapwar v were warld n
walin n choice wap vwrapwast a west wat a
powder spread generously between sliceswrapin foil place in oven
oz coconut roll round logwrapin foil refrigerate strawberry apple
and chips silverside lbswrapmeat in foil adding a
with a cheese wire andwrapit in greaseproof paper for
fer pir o win wewrapup weel afa cauld within
cauld pir o win wewrapweel an jist bear an
snell gran day bit wewrapup well monday 9 temp
snell we maun of coorsewrapwell fine dry day an
bricht wi a cauld winwrapoorsel s up ticht thursday
monday 23 temp 4 8wrapoorsels up snug an ticht
thing that i can deewrapup weel an keep movin
the centre of the chickenwrapthe bacon round the chicken
dis blaw blustery an cauldwrapup weel gang aboot twa
day at s bitterly cauldwrapup weel gang aboot twa
demsels themselves furt forth hapwrappeerie ting little one stoor
door fly open see mewrapthese hands these shakin fingers
i get the chance towrapmy vowels around the russian
cauldness in o the airwrapup weel an it dis
nae a bad day jistwrapweel saturday 11th temp 6
as we gang aboot wewrapup well sunday 14th temp
cry well as we allwrapup for the winter so
dorothy grace elder and thenwrapup the issue dorothy grace
nail o the door andwrapit round you and pin
i was also desperate towrapmy arms tenderly round you
haert sustain anyone rowe upwrapup unreffel untangle haand s
a hideous rainbow hued velcroedwraparound object which looked like
was a hideaway a shadowwraparound through chinks of childhood
tae keep warm we divwrapup well at the same
them f1095: and we llwrapit up [inaudible] [exhale] m1096:
way i m doing iwrapup half truths for the
f1139: okay right will wewrapup her present f1140: mmhm
fiona s hidey hole andwrapup those privates when i
the queen wha else wadwrapus roun her finger shove
a wheelchair and put thewrapyou know the sort of
oot fur her eerans awrapo poother or mebbe peels
quilt me aye huvin tiwrapthe muslin oan that tortured
like cocktail cherries fishing netswraptuk tuks in a stranglehold

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