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essay by ellen messer davidowwritesthere are two voices inside
essay by ellen messer davidowwritesthere are two voices inside
passage to india 1924 ellenwritesto her friend ruby that
you stroll by jim christianwritesis parking also difficult round
about current usage jim christianwriteson 24 jan 02 at
can i come christian christianwriteson 8 may 02 at
the hebridean overture jim christianwriteson 8 may 02 at
maybe even 4 christian christianwritesthe cd people have just
an unequal class structure leonardwritesthe university and i here
in terms of class leonardwriteswith reference to an exam
d saam ting whin hewritesaboot d novel beloved toni
the same idea when hewritesabout morrison s novel beloved
an unequal class structure tomwritesthe university and i here
heart and as andy watcheswritesa l p right across
andy a for apple hewritesa second one and then
page of his jotter andwritesandy he does it again
he is up to hewritesandy is a good boy
my big brother andy thinkswriteshis figures very very fast
in terms o class tomwriteswee reference tae an exam
people who voted for uswritesjim wallace we resisted the
suggest that each individual tenantwritesa letter of complaint about
what to do when hewritesa letter to the newspaper
and write and so hewritesjoe a letter on a
these terms of art haywritesof forethocht felony of lang
up this idea when shewritesthose who have power define
[inhale] the truth is hewritesprimarily as a man of
similarities both leslie and pitscottiewritesprose in scots [click] [inhale]
back [inhale] ah he justwritesthese great big long periods
red crayon and without thinkingwritesa huge round capital a
what miss wood says hewritesa lovely round capital a
would seem that when davidsonwritesabout scotland even when writing
very pedestrian drama occasionally davidsonwritesabout writing in ayrshire jock
think that everything that everybodywritesis very personal to them
time to start with hewritesvery very small but that
very poor but she stillwritesvery well robert was made
voice is not easy tompkinswritesi find that when i
personal voice isna aesy janewritesi find that when i
on suspicion of murder michiewritesof the trial we find
s only thirteen an hewritesaw his ain stuff f606:
f606: [laugh] m830: robert rendallwritesf606: mmhm m830: in orkney
someone who speaks reads andwritesin gaelic who cannot read
trilingual or you know hewritesin scots erm gaelic sometimes
an irish gaelic feature barbourwritesquh noo that s an
poet that g- that thatwritesin the most kind of
adopt d alien medium showritessome of our most daring
adopt the alien medium shewritessome of our most daring
too well [click] so hewritesa fourth book to try
up an orange crayon andwritesa lovely a he follows
nothing like what he laterwritesand then he wrote a
english on this occasion jackwriteshe makes the patriotic appeal
that he s hungry andwriteshis sentence again and again
s in a name hewritesi think that many of
s in a name hewritesi think that many of
the scottish tradition erm hewritesin if you like the
two lines high what hewritesis a secret he has
some of the stuff hewritesis like calvino so then
of the jewel he basicallywritesit again because he s
said it but he certainlywritesit that suggests that in
get me out and hewriteskind of sex scenes for
way he he kind ofwriteslooking down his nose at
excluding the ungrammatical ones hewritesnotice that in order to
an he would when hewritesto his freends fae westray
just stand sweetheart when mummywriteson the board at school
displeasing about a woman whowritesadding but i suppose sapho
email from a colleague whowritesi have also to consult
m017: harvey holton er whowritespoems in scots f718: mm
the same as english dunbarwritesof chaucer being the prime
psychological take on why somebodywritessomething and how their mind
gives them to moula moulawritessomething down with difficulty while
an apply yince a daywritesit down in notebook ah
should know that it alsowritesthe assistantship cheques that keep
was the superior way shewritesin her unfinished autobiography women
the way that urquhart usuallywritesthen as we ve said
in fact reading theory burroughswritesabout language as a virus
together a programme for governmentwritesof this first scottish government
it take place each pupilwritesa suitable word or phrase
this doun in ma notebookwritesbalzac s mairriage taen place
it s and joe thenwritesback and it s like
been a freeing experience shewritesas if she were talking
race into the equation shewritesfor people of color have
in her head and shewritesm055: mmhm f785: what she
feelings out of what shewritesthis is what the academic
race inta d equation showritesfor people of color have
feelins oot o whit shuwritesi cin think o lots
present the chief surveillance commissionerwriteshis report on part iii
here as liz lochhead frequentliewritesrefers tae dedicates her work
valerie thornton like elizabeth burnswritesa quiet delicate poetry which
time of transition but burnswritesat a pivotal time for
they all sit up stewwritessexual frustration on the flip
ardoch roman camp a sodgerwriteshame latin verses found at
it was not christine mcgladderywritesof the hot blooded stabbing
oh yeah uh huh hwawritesit aa f961: weel dere-

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