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wolf cam aboot so hewrochtan wrocht athoot linnin him
aboot so he wrocht anwrochtathoot linnin him a meenit
wrocht on the ferm buntwrochtfur tom scott o mulsintoun
pair o lion paper wechtswrochto burnist mutton creishie jade
o yon cottages an heiwrochton the ferm bunt wrocht
mutton creishie jade gey weillwrochtthey wir tae trig made
o the braid flet yewrochtan wrocht for it wuz
braid flet ye wrocht anwrochtfor it wuz sore gaun
sons young gledson an frankiewrochtit mulsintoun fur tam scott
shei marriet frankie scott whaewrochtyonder ana an thay set
ae matter o fack gledsonwrochtit mulsintoun fur the rest
o jade tae at swrochtbi this same craftsman s
a kan mynd on thitwrochtfur hir faither on mulsintoun
the gairdner it hoscote hedwrochtfur thaim relatives whan hei
read someplace thit hir faitherwrochton the hoscote estate nou
tae his marrow an heiwrochtfur ae gey wheen ear
fock a ken at heiwrochtfur ma faither ae gey
thaim relatives whan hei hedwrochti the gairdens fur the
efter hei wur demobit heiwrochton the borth ick mains
blackie left the schuil anwrochttil ma faither til hei
cuid see they war hardwrochtdiggin oot a muckle big
the best o ma knowledgewrochtaa his wurkin life yonner
1941 whan geordie wud whaewrochtyonner aareddies teuk owre frae
an twae o his sonswrochtthe non herdin pairt o
back ti the mains anwrochtilka day ti strenthen hissel
an his ludger tammy wyliewrochti the wuds it borth
or gaivil whaur they haenawrochtti bigg thair hingin nests
lad he wis gettin hisselwrochtup spylin fur a row
war a puir man thatwrochton a ferm in lanarkshire
true that a man whowrochtat a coal work a
wi a load o hardwrochtcoal for smeekit glesca dugs
wi ye and mairrige iswrochtiron oan stane haund in
o makkin his leevin anwrochttil his ain haund is
sae the perr o thaimwrochtgledlie kennin weill that suin
5 14 national guidelines wiswrochtthir guidelines gied oot advice
mony a ferlie i vewrochtis there some darg i
pent brush efter mony hardwrochtoors an the grun he
stappt stuffed tid mood hardwrochthard worked jaud perverse woman
win their goal ance hardwrochtjuist wi miners picks yon
mukkil braw siller tassie fyneliewrochtan lyned wi gowd thay
a braw new spinnin wheelwrochtin ebony that haed been
coarn an tatties we wirwrochtin weeks every wan at
fur the ill ye haewrochtthan thai rade on ti
unredd the ill she haewrochtsyne the waesum selkies at
an aye the wee fowkwrochtat thair cairdin an syne
tell ye aneuch first ahwrochton the telegraph nou ah
ir o that sae mhairiwrochtawa but the mair she
s see whit time haswrochtsae doun they went an
ane o the hawick blacksmithswrochtthe business sae monie days
wha yirth and lift haewrochthe aye will haud yer
an rain thegither they haewrochtmagic again a shinin bridge
o gear are ye wantinwrochtit s a meditation knife
whilk aa by ye werewrochtsays i o whatna sort
dear lass lest nicht ahwrochtup till eleivin o clock
ma umwhile kizzen billy rodgerwrochtunder wullie murray atween leavin
bade in that wagon anwrochtit his uncle mr bain
hovrin near for ay wewrochton his behalf an nane
bell rope ye r awwrochtup for nae guid reason
pondered on the deed hewrochtwi aw its fatefu consequences
submissions acknawledged the kist materialswrochtby learnin an teachin scotland
ower the ample fare wewrochtthe brodies beggs an campbells
it yae tyme mrs elliotwrochti the fuid offish i

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