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her talent conversely frieda lawrencewroteconsolingly to esther about catherine
the memoir of lawrence shewrotein order to refute middleton
of her story as lawrencewroteit will be really something
lawrence vi 260 1 lawrencewroteof his timid typist nelly
understanding of lawrence himself hewroteto her in april 1916
of the fictional narrative lawrencewroteto her in october 1917
what i wrote f1001: iwrotechuffed m1000: well i d
yeah f1023: i wrote iwrotedown expecting because that s
reworking of something that iwroteerm wr- wrote quite a
chuffed that s what iwrotef1001: i wrote chuffed m1000:
might say yeah f1023: iwrotei wrote down expecting because
wrote ill trickit an iwrotei wrote sleekit kind o
see i would cause iwroteill trickit an i wrote
read and wrote read andwrotelatin [inhale] er latin was
that i wrote erm wr-wrotequite a long time ago
clergymen when they read andwroteread and wrote latin [inhale]
trickit an i wrote iwrotesleekit kind o aside it
can say that because iwrotethe i wrote the words
because i wrote the iwrotethe words but the the
to several informants luis salvadorwroteafter his visit to fornalutx
silence of the east shewroteit is unlikely that salvador
a nomad without fixed residencewrotesalvador i circle the seas
they seem almost within reachwrotesalvador when he reached miramar
after he bought miramar salvadorwroteto his mother come to
written record of them theywrotethem in latin so you
got up washed some clotheswrotea letter home and dozed
remember do you remember wewrotea letter to her f1049:
erm got together and erwrotea letter to the the
letter had arrived when iwrotebut carole s coming here
grave in the letter shewrotei cannot get myself to
we got a guy thatwrotein a letter an normally
few years ago henry mcleishwrotein a letter to a
berna tell us whit yiwrotein the letter zeb auntie
o the raiveled letter yewroteme when ye gaed awa
cooked meal i sat andwrotemy first letter home mum
outlined in the letter hewroteto me in my capacity
the morning very quietly [censored: forename]wroteletters and i dozed before
rosé in the evening wewroteletters mum had written to
in moscow on saturday wewroteletters popped into town to
letters in june 1875 hewroteto fanny sitwell my father
self effacing letters she alsowroteto koteliansky obliquely signalling her
a man caad samuel smileswrotea book aboot him the
her name now but shewrotea book called fleshmarket erm
later writes and then hewrotea book on trigonometry which
people made fun of andwrotea book that she s
does the book the archdukewroteabout catalina homar after her
called fleshmarket erm before iwrotefleshmarket close but her book
the last book that iwrotefleshmarket close they changed that
in they they ll havewroteit in the book but
east word robert fergusson whowrotehis scots poems in 1773
complicated than that robert burnswrotein three languages depending on
encouragement of robert graves whowrotethe introduction teknosis was what
period were robert kemp whowrotethe other dear charmer the
robert graves intuited that andwrotethe white goddess here he
i read scots and iwrotea scots short story i
read that novel before iwrotepsychoraag erm f963: right yeah
next lack of visual imagerywrotedolly the words spewing from
men were the ones whowrotedown the words from the
all emotional involvement he actuallywrotethe final words sitting on
of those words when hewrotethe song in the eighties
of the scottish literary rennaissancewrotethe words that give hope
incontrovertibly yes why because hewrotethese words which i will
wrang a wrong wrate vwrotewuids n woods wul v
wrang a wrong wrate vwrotewumman n woman wul v
of pluto democratic civilization graveswroteafter finishing his valedictory biography
it after that when iwrotethe song i knew i
tribute after her death hewrotethey that it would be
employer and patron mrs dunlopwroteto burns after he had
i got from folk whowroteto me after reading my
just after the election shewroteto me urging me to
after graeme s death rickywrotewith james blunt and ronan
didn t reach you iwroteyou about a week after
much as i dae iwroteyou just after you left
far as i know neverwroteconsciously for young children though
men who don t iwrotefor children who witness who
children was sunday as mabelwrotei had to walk about
responded in scots the childrenwrotein their jotters in scots
and children to hide iwroteit for the women no
the road in class childrenwroteon a slate with a
suggestions next day the childrenwroteout answers to the question
the following day the childrenwrotetheir recipes independently pupil writing
radiation experiments fiona i nearlywrotedown her real name my
man it s his namewrotehere clear as ye can
him why not indeed iwrotethe artist s name in
me in an article hewroteunder the name o russell
of the city there youwroteyour name age sex nationality
what she told me orwrotedown for me is unique
i we- i actually justwrotedown steaming sloshed erm f1024:
helpfully suggested that the audiencewrotedown their queries on scraps
have olive f1023: well iwrotedown well i we- i
towards me found my notebookwrotedown your phone number alice
she just f1187: mmhm f66: wroteit down i mean she
with these past years iwroteit down through a miasma
writers in america the audiencewrotethe names down religiously mystical
than just saying everybody whowrotein scots nineteen twenties was
not deeply jealous 17 mclennanwrotein september to smith who
eighties and early nineties whowrotein that mode because they
i don t know whowroteit i ll need to
in from the authors whowroteit then we typed it
sympathised with the student whowrotemelt blast you in yard
april 15 1876 35 whowrotenot without a distinct element
to the question of whowrotethe ballads is that it
fraser tytler a scotsman whowrotethe first english language prose
fraser tytler a scotsman whowrotethe first english language prose
grippy and alexander reid whowrotethe lass wi the muckle
that of the person whowrotethe minute michael russell the
out to mister blaikie whowrotethem carefully into the wee
do i find them whowrotethem why are we doing
who is sitting standard gradewroteto me i believe that
by our language that hewrotea play called pygmalion in
t be called upon carswellwroteto a friend about her
scots song lyric which iwrotefor james macmillan an american
back in scots the bairnswrotein their jotters in scots
time like i never everwrotestraight off in scots i
and the poetry that hewrotewas in a manufactured scots
between language and culture hewrotea textbook on linguistics which
appeared weekly and he justwroteaa kind o reminiscences and
war yeah and he justwroteaa the it appeared weekly
ahead of his time hewroteabout this dop- doppelganger what
not because the books hewroteafterwards weren t successful but
number forty six bus hewroteall those he was a
god was mozart when hewrotecul mor the nurse brings
is he de man atwrotedat f961: [inaudible] mmhm yeah
on 18 february 1994 hewrotefrom new zealand dost must
hundreds of songs that hewrotehe collected hundreds more he
it was here that hewrotehis masterpieces in their melancholy
i addressed this matter hewrotei do however continue to
fa died in 1974 hewrotein 1971 that the cheenges
artistry yet recognised that hewrotein a scottish linguistic form
the best advice when hewrotein his address to the
1869 william gall of atherbwrotein the notebook he used
a simply beastly style hewroteindirect and roundabout and stiff
jekyll and hyde but hewroteit before jekyll and hyde
mmhm mmhm mmhm f1073: hewroteit was a weekly column
started in 1925 when hewroteme in april 94 he
well he is well hewroteme the other day seeking
not a nationalist however hewroteo would i had seen
crest of a hillock hewroteof binniaraix which emphasises the
he agree with what burnswroteon the hand of nature
about her illness he neverwroteor visited her in a
he could get it andwrotepastorals epics and all manner
wi feint a care hewrotepoem an caimbed his hair
take him in he alsowrotepoetry look lisa tells me
as oliver brown and hewrotesome good wee books and
nothing more my old boywrotethat in the tribute he
on [censored: forename] s behalf hewrotethat pretend one saying [censored: forename]
his sea of dreams hewrotethat this temple was for
jungle in hambantota subsequently hewrotethe village in the jungle
at the time that hewrotethem they were perhaps considered
of scotland [click] erm hewrotethis history for mary queen
themselves onto tape initially hewroteto 44 primary schools inviting
health and community care hewroteto encourage sue ryder care
on leaving the post hewroteto him in a goodbye
chine chopin loved palma hewroteto his friend julian fontana
this as a solution hewroteto mcintosh in february 1951
disliking it and david [censored: surname]wroteto tell me he s
phil gallie mentioned that hewroteto the then minister for
cliffs and you know iwroteabout medieval france and and
mm [laugh] yeah m762: zolawroteabout the peasants coming to
that stupid drunken bitch youwroteabout was once the matron
that often the males shewroteabout were very disrespectful to
with male lives she neverwroteat length about women writers
members will recall the ministerwrotehelpfully to me about the
a a novel that iwrotein france but about a
general direction of the goulashwrotesomething about bawling too loud
school in airdrie north lanarkshirewrotethat europe was about promoting
about all this before iwrotethe novel now i m
his encouragement of her fictionwroteto carswell about some poems
amendment at stage 2 iwroteto him about it amendment
filing cabinet and forgotten iwroteto the health board about
earlier this year dr brysonwroteto the scottish executive about
worked out why so iwroteoff to the erm to
postgraduate of mine [censored: forename] [censored: surname]wrotea thesis on the way
[censored: forename] p s the [censored: surname]wroteand send their greetings your
that job and the [censored: surname]wroteto tell me that my
still be fought but iwroterefuge because i m angry
because i m sure iwrotesomething that was for fiona
see its client list iwrotean article on it when
thought of that when iwroteit actually f963: [laugh] m762:
but i knew when iwroteit f963: [laugh] [laugh] m762:
i did mean it whenwrotethat i didn t feel
i said well when iwrotethe application form it was
the tumultuous day when chopinwrotethe raindrops prelude the ninth
best for so when iwrotethis stuff i didn t
1982 michael matheson when iwroteto the deputy minister for
as the poem my fatherwrotewhen i was born i
me was good but iwrote19 songs for this record
serious or not uncle billywroteand also sent me a
me lilian lilian but youwroteand said you d fallen
card mum it was carolewroteand told me it was
as morgan an jude sarahwroteto me an said we
how did you know shewroteto me della hur sojourns
m1013: great fun m1012: iwrotea poem caed doon oor
drama of that and iwrotea very good film script
a few days later shewroteagain i can see we
matter it s time iwroteagain i returned from philly
the [laugh] one that iwrotean it s nae right
village in the afternoon iwrotechristmas sorry new year cards
m999: aye f1001: aye iwrotechuck as well mmhm yeah
himself at any rate rlswrotecolvin in june i am
lavvy [laugh] f1001: well iwrotedoon the lavvy as weel
like the way william alexanderwrotefor his period i have
of love become warped iwrotefor my sons for all
featured in a magazine iwrotefor occasionally and i reckoned
01 at 16 55 jimwrotegreat news christian i saw
eh hot so i justwrotehot i ve done the
has happened since i lastwrotei applied for and received
a mannie fae devon eencewrotein an aatagraph album i
for it now eh iwrotein english and then translated
i noticed some authors wr-wroteit mo- er somerset maugham
the 5th of january iwroteit on a blank page
was the same i vewrotenowadays it s darts cause
tae be honest but iwrotepavement in so f1054: that
do you like them iwrotestraight back i div like
fell asleep almost as iwrotethat last sentence and now
yes ehm unwell yeah iwrotethat m1007: yeah m1055: yeah
but in glasgow where iwrotethem with a 50 50
was nineteen sixty four iwrotetil her an that was
november 1993 dear joan iwroteto chrissie a little while
months beforehand aideen and iwroteto each other for six
to assess the impact iwroteto every local authority and
to write zeb oh iwroteto her first needed my
ll settle in fine iwroteto her last week well
to which you refer iwroteto jack mcconnell and asked
is white and black iwroteto mary later the entire
for education and young peoplewroteto msps on friday i
of private individuals and wewroteto schools i am pleased
such a substantial budget iwroteto the equal opportunities committee
still to be announced iwroteto you convener to explain
and the three novels iwroteunder a pseudonym so i
evening at [censored: forename] s iwroteup an illustrated tour of
02 at 9 31 jimwroteyes i like these and
i have forgotten what iwroteyesterday so i have to
as last year the clerkswroteto the board requesting clarification
right [inaudible] no she justwroteall the rest of them
be hoosekeeper till im shewroteback sayin she widna bit
in the public world shewrotefew formal critical essays and
seventies er was that shewrotein a a a male
course the piece that shewrotein half an hour wasn
through e germany and shewrotethat it was desolate part
to s s koteliansky shewrotethis morning through the newspaper
auntie berna noh say shidwroteti um how could she
the cosla transport spokesman shewroteto all members including the
22 of rebecca west shewroteto florence mcneill too much
02 at 16 17 jimwroteyes she has been in
fairm even since frieda morrisonwroteher commentary in sang on
her f1049: mm m1048: wewrotelike this like five no
of the man of feelingwrotethat the ladies of edinburgh
henderson in scottish vernacular literaturewrotescottish vernacular prose as well
fact readin theory william burroughswroteaa aboot language as a
of aberdeen for forty yearswrotehis epic poem the brus
berna ah ken whit ahwrotepause aw they years back
the convener of the scvowrotein his annual review of
london to make his fortunewrotevery little in the vernacular
long ago one of themwroteit is equitable that individuals
gascoigne a minor elizabethan poetwrotethe first critical essay on
on 8 november david mcletchiewroteto the first minister asking
was the way big peoplewroteso that was my that
of my life george sandwrotethat the carthusian monastery at
fit a lad in canadawrotea north east exile bob
from the surviving correspondence stevensonwrotehotly to the publishers in
1888 of robertson smith henleywrotein 1889 all scotland held
www wsws org vilani peiriswrotein an article dated 28
then convener of the scvowrotein the scvo s annual
with the prague circle andwroteprinciples of phonology in which
in the 1980s meg batemanwrotesome fine poetry in gaelic
are in the gallery theywrotethat the scottish qualifications authority
orleans charles d 24 rlswroteto colvin in november no
a number of governing bodieswroteto the local authorities in
cause ah telt um tiwrotehim ah did silence della
century visitor to the islandwrotethat galatzo was once covered
is there james vi thenwrotethe reulis and cautelis against
searchlight from fiona ye vewroteit doon here that yer
boy got the chalk andwroteon the blackboard beef brose
packed up to go alicewrotea note for mike livingstone
to mind rowland mr thomsonwrotea play mrs boyter long
executive of lothian nhs boardwroteagain to the chief executive
349 stevenson and smith bothwrotefrequently to correspondents from the
23rd february 1935 ray mitchellwroteto mr and mrs gray
fact on 11 september wewroteto mr sheridan to explain
you raised the question wewroteto the northern lighthouse board
as one contemporary jewish reviewerwrotethere is indeed no other
there that the enigmatic geniuswrotea murder on the orient
pamphlets that eh oliver brownwrotebetween nineteen thirty and nineteen
palace website 7 professor walkerwroteof the 1700 act this
could be no appeal parentswrotedemanding a re mark and
a captain armstrong of innerleithenwrotethus hills are variously named
the great tune colin dewarwrotefor the dance the doric
russian philosopher mikhail bakhtin bakhtinwroteon numerous topics including psychology
hid faalin seats tee wewroteon wid framed slates using
bein focht ere jonsar eckwrotewe are lookin humbly on
02 at 12 46 jimwroteeleanor lawson phonetician extraordinaire will
an robby silence della bernawroteyi pause hoodid shi ken

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