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a grand old fa├žade featuringwroughtiron balconies and mosaics towards
mostly three storeys high withwroughtiron balconies and polished stone
glass roof over the tieredwroughtiron balconies decorated with fairy
a lime stone miner hewroughtabove 20 years in a
i and old tam mcgowanwroughtin dalry at the lime
and fruit trees and gateswroughtin exuberant art nouveau and
man and his canary thewroughtiron dragon gates leading to
somehow i followed him throughwroughtiron gates along the flower
i would soon return thewroughtiron gate squeaked as i
shelves for concealing the ravageswroughtby the menopause dolly had
the writer records the writerwroughtin that pit 3 or
to behaviour e g deywroughta lock o hellery efter
father and his brother tomwroughtthey were mainly taken up
archibald mcneish by name whowroughtwith his brother and his
6 p m after havingwroughta hard days work amongst
coal and my father hewroughtin the limestone seam a
few to the fore whowroughtor remember the old clon
him and old robert bailliewroughttogether as masons and builders
out of work after havingwrought12 weeks to the great
6 feet high it waswroughtin the stoop and room
an hit really widdna awroughtyou really need ta ken
heavyest man in the townwroughtwith him a mighty man
to south hook where iwroughtfor 25 years under the

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