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century ad 5 draftit suwu2nd century 6 a lassie
from the chinese of suwu2nd century draftit thay mairrit
wadna dae him ti zhuwuan the ithers he says
sair they besocht him zhuwuan the ithers michtna gar
haun an then ti zhuwuan them he gied his
ten days or sae zhuwuan them hed gotten thegither
monie wis the tears zhuwuan them loot faa at
back an forrit wi zhuwuan them sae s in
the strenth ti see zhuwuan them the thriesome wir
it wisna lang afore zhuwuan them wis commandin their
in ti tell him zhuwuan yang chun are here
toun owre an owre zhuwuan yang chun besocht him
the baith o ye zhuwuan yang chun gaed ben
the heid o them zhuwuan yang chun i the
outcome o it says zhuwuan yang chun says whit
yett whan he spied zhuwuan yang chun shankin up
on the hill whaur zhuwuan yang chun wir switherin
cries an a greitin zhuwuanswers him wi this us
yon day it wis zhuwuat said ti chen da
dinna gang brither says zhuwubut bide ye here at
o t he read zhuwuchen da an yang chun
abune them aa is zhuwucried the lang drauchtit general
wadna dae aither says zhuwufor gin chen da hissel
strenth here brither says zhuwuis that no blytheness for
be dune nou an zhuwukneels doun an says til
gie them the letter zhuwulookit in it an wis
strenth an sat doun zhuwusays an it hedna been
says yang chun an zhuwusays ay a ve heard
in ti his lug zhuwusays it maun be siclike
chen da back an zhuwusays til him dinna you
winna fear us answers zhuwushi jin wis that blythe
wi t nou sae zhuwuspeirit at them an they
chief amang them wis zhuwuthe lang drauchtit general wha
trait the thriesome wi zhuwuyang chun an chen da
day wis weirin late zhuwuyang chun an chen da
letter o biddin for zhuwuyang chun and chen da
18 fowk derns thair luivwuti 404 549 eildon tree
ower from the chinese ofwuti 464 549 fowk derns
6 1993 6 tint luivwuti 157 87 bc lallans
hame from the chinese ofwuti 157 87 bc sixth
of liu ch u emperorwuof han 156 187 back
of liu ch u emperorwuof han 156 187 tyme
the dottilt keing o thewusun a tent nou serrs
perr a strikers in europewull get a couple a
baker s shoap ther anwull get some rolls an
fright on hearing this pompitiewuw wul ye o mercie

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