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fek o the population tharwuidhev been nae linguistic discriminatory
cuid hev been evitit tharwuidhev been saipret domestic pairliaments
an a weird thit scotlandwuidhev lang sin syne becum
bei richt eneuch kis heiwuidhev sayed plenty areddies the
efter hou fer the bairnswuidhev tae walk tae the
i the waittergate naw awuidhev thocht at ergophobics wuidnae
juist gey hertruggin n awuidhev thocht thit life up
an ootgaen tae auld maisleewuida jalousie bei throwe yon
letter writin i maist instanceswuidbei ae wuman s darg
an predictable verra few fockwuidbei i receipt o unemployment
storie aff bi sayin magwuidbei richt eneuch kis hei
nou kent thit his gresswuidbei sneddit sae hei bade
best thing yid cuid daewuidbei tae burn the biggin
industrial communities a think itwuidbei trew tae say at
ei the skreich o daywuidfinnd uz caimin the forrest
smell o nivver feidin flouerswuidgar uz ug jeilies on
lak o soshwal skeill atwuidlet uz frae makkin guid
jeilies on bakkie bried gabswuidstaw uz the fauss taiblilie
furby shae rakkont at hewuidbe a kenspekkil feigur i
junipere wes shair at awwuidbe cantie nou fur shae
til hiz faimlie hir lasswuidbe tint tae fur shae
fur shae thocht at itwuidbe wyce ti pit the
gif shae wes arreistit thewuidbene a memmer o the
stam rattil skulls an waurwuidenschew gin shae didna gy
the distrik bot at shaewuidgie hir pleven ti clype
it wes clair at shaewuidinlow oniething ti oniebuddie gin
be tint tae fur shaewuidtak the gilt on hirsell
up bein incarcerat shae wairnedwuidye haud me bak gin
s how ye loaded thewuidwe hand loaded the wood
ken that wuid ken thatwuidwhen it was loaded ken
mrs scott kis the meenisterwuidlyke tae say ae wheen
wyte m fur t hewuidbene a sterved orphant gin
wi this knawlege the tweneswuidbene in a fell swither
hotel dinin room naw heiwuideat his piece i his
i onie airt an heiwuidfind i the wunter months
rouman waw at thai kentwuidairt thaim wastlins towart carlyle
socht ti asseir thaim thaiwuidbe sauf wi hir nae
thai telt the inglish itwuidbe wyce ti lae fyfe
faither wes feirt at thaiwuidcum upo a punzie o
cuidna yit compreise whedder thaiwuidmanish ti betrump the blak
fur the bogies an thaiwuidpolish the plate afoir the
mense o the lad atwuidsuin be a growen man
thikfauld growthe o willies atwuidsuin maze ye gin ye
sin threipit at the beastieswuidtak thair gate suin s
brae wi a mukkil firwuidahint it o whilk ye
or a mawkin in thewuidahint the houss ay thay
the hoose ahint the craikwuidwis whaur the hind s
swoup about wi a besomwuidduin bot guid ye ar
aet sic farin bot hewuidmak it fur the bogies
think o onie freins atwuidseke eftir him bot gried
he hed onie foirsicht hewuida cowpit hiz sister inti
laed on aw nicht hewuidgie hiz cuttance the morn
o thair deiriss ettil tammaswuidtyne hiz houss gin he
doun intil harden glen awuidax ee tae staund on
gethern shoutit ben til hirwuidee come ben mrs scott
amang the bent nou awuidlyke tae tak ee back
the princess gaed inti thewuidas she wes telt an
stein hed a propone atwuidpit saw inti frizzel s
a tirrivie nane o thiswuidcum about gin yeir dochter
yestrein an we kent yewuidcum by the day fur
sae feirt at the bigginwuidcum doun roun ma lugs
scotch baronial houss an weillwuidmed fine flets wi a
the threit at the wrakswuidbe kest lowss gin the
she sent jennie intil awuidnearhaund for a braith o
on he spied a bitwuidsae intil t he flang
haud o thair bits owuidan taen up thair places
they aw hid bits owuidlike geordie s that they
thair boat the bits owuidwad then be yaised for
thair mither whae sayed yewuidbe gaun ti fyfe the
europaen uill cairtel thon hempieswuidbe oleit ti gie ye
pit a stoukie ontilt awuidgie an aissil tuith ti
ingland sae the border gairdswuidgie him withgate than the
whan we wes littlins hewuidgie z lang lagamachies about
yow hed fowre legs awuiddreive yow awa an aa
takkin a dander i thewuidah telt ye o an
darg an gey affen awuidjalousie at it wur thaim
hir vou ti m anwuidprotek thaim frae the k
in the hert o awuidbut she gaed up til
whan thay cam til awuidhere the war a wee
littil princess cam til awuidlanesum an ourie it wes
til a steid in thewuidwhaur stuid a graund castel
awaw whaur he kent awuidfin it lik a wrate
o autumn liggs lourd owerwuidan ben an cleuch it
an hecht at the preisonarwuidbe set doun at the
roberton schuil ilka yeir sheiwuidhae mei fesh hir doun
so it ran doun thewuidoh it ran awa aff
frizzel wes asseired at johnwuidbe hame belyve an wes
wastmeinster wes med at scotlandwuidbigg a nyow ceitie i
aw pit out or hewuidbe keilled alang o m
wood m642: aye peel thewuidf643: and i used tae
in m642: aye ken thatwuidken that wuid when it
m642: right in ablow thewuidm608: uh huh m642: and
huh m642: the wui- thewuidwas wool do ye no
ivverie wheen saiconts hir heidwuidkeep bobbin roond the end
at the stance the surveyarwuidtak me ti the howgate
ae plan o action atwuidenshuir the hainin an promoval
ae maitter o fack awuidleifer speak ma hamelt langage
it ist i e sheiwuidsay it s ae grand
oot an cam ti thewuidan lost himsell lyke his
at wesna comploutherin wi tammaswuidbe twyned frae the guid
i guid border lallans anwuidseldom gif ivver speak ochts
pad i tuik throu thonwuidwhan i socht the monument
wund sang in the aikwuidwhan the ice bund seas
attemp ti unnerstaun mibbies johnwuidken he priggit at the
naebody seen them in thewuidken let them haul too
frae pase an aff wewuiddaunner weirin banisment crouslie lik
and it run doon thewuidlike that f643: it was
was all made o thewuidm608: [inaudible] aye f643: that
the brie frae the greenwuidwhit ither aunsert the callant
used tae drag roon thewuidjohn it slipped its chain
see they horses in thewuidyears ago john ye used
swatch o twa shankitrie whaewuidbe a tattie bogil wi
o labour sic is ainwuidfind i urban industrial communities
a roupin burd o paradysswuidnivver here o aqual richts
wee deevilock face in thewuido t that would change
ma place airs o cannelwuidsee helmstock o the mascorn
brace o whuskies an wewuidwaarm wir dowps afoir a
nae amount o nyow technologiewuidwun the vissiers roun an
the prelatioun o a computeirwuidye beleve he is nerr
of a mile doon thewuidit run awa every day
lyin that way so thiswuidhad tae go this way
lying that way and thatwuidwas lyin that way so
end that was ly- thewuidwas lying that way and
beacon fyres thirlman aw thewuidis that platchin weit wi
leukin doon at the bitwuidhe hid fund an thinkin
at follaes baurlies an whitweywuidwe ful the nichts in
up spangit a suppone yewuidcry the gemm whitten wul
like ye re loadin thewuidm608: that s a lot
me whitwey ye canna halpwuidye hae a drink na
we had tae cut thewuidto three feet nine three
ah sit in a greenwuidah lowse ma bonnet an
the hale maitter an itwuidaye ligg atwein mither an
a skiff see in cannelwuidcoble yuan an xiang watters
the threi on t thumwuidspend the hail day thegither
lorry was there and thewuidwas goin away up higher

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