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n witheredgrass winnok n windowwuidena wooden wuids n woods
s fuitsie fuitsie thrills wiwuidenbaurs that shoogle ower the
thrie o the seivin strangwuidenkists an she skourit thaim
this place the r seivinwuidenkists aw kuivert wi ooder
thirtie o men wi plainwuidenrungs intil their hauns aa
lowpin up an doon wavinwuidenrifles abuin thair heids an
fire gie it laldie fowerwuidenrifles pyntin ower the tap
men shoot em doon fivewuidenrifles pyntit up tae the
aw at aince asyde thewuidenchaipel ah see the yill
raip lyin on the barewuidenflair ower in ae corner
roond the streets birlin awuidenrattle if thare wis onie

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